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Among the most popular and best-quality strollers on the market, Chicco Viaro strollers are made by Chicco. We highly recommend reading this article if you own one or know anyone who does.

Chicco Viaro Stroller: How Do I Fold It Up? Is there a way to reduce it to a manageable size without causing any damage? You’ll find everything you need to know here! These step-by-step instructions will make folding your Chicco Viaro Stroller a breeze.

Steps on How to Fold a Chicco Viaro Stroller

With the wheels facing away from you, place your Chicco Viaro Stroller against a wall. Remove any attached accessories, such as car seats or water bottle holders, after you’ve folded out the seat.

This is the second step. Lift the handlebar toward your body until it makes a click. One hand will be able to simultaneously push down on both handles at the same time.

As you elevate each wheel, hang on to it so it points in different directions, like the tires of a bicycle. Now, while pressing down on both handles, raise them simultaneously.

How to Fold a Chicco Viaro Stroller: Step-by-step Instructions - Krostrade

The stroller should now be compact enough to be carried by one person! Is there anything I could have done better? Did you understand what I was saying? What went wrong and how can we solve it if that’s not the case?

How do you buckle a baby in a Chicco stroller?

Find out what kind of buckle your Chicco stroller has. Three-point harnesses are common on some models, whereas one or two points are more common on others. You’ll need to know which one it accepts before you can proceed.

How to Buckle Baby in Chicco Stroller with Three-Point Harness

In order to make it simpler for the baby’s legs to pass through the opening in the seatbelt (or strap), begin by lifting the backrest and pulling down from below.

If necessary, place your kid in the seat of the stroller and make sure they’re facing the buckle in the right direction.

Pass the strap over their chest with one hand while keeping the other on the baby’s back—don’t forget!

Pull the belt’s two ends through the buckles, making sure they’re not twisted together, as shown in Step 4.

This will make it easier for you to buckle up if you construct a loop with one end of the seatbelt (or strap) and tuck it into its own buckle. This time around, you can either take them out from underneath or from where you started knitting or braiding before. This is known as ‘locking,’ and it keeps your child from falling out while you’re carrying them around. What a brilliant idea!

How do you fasten a Chicco stroller?

In terms of stroller options, the Chicco Viaro is an excellent choice for parents who prefer to store their stroller flat when not in use. Do you know how to put it on?

Before you do anything else, make sure that you pass the strap around your child’s torso. Make sure the ends aren’t twisted as you pass them through the buckles.

Second, make a loop with one end and tuck the strap under the buckle—this will make it easier for you to buckle up. This time around, you can either take them out from underneath or from where you started knitting or braiding before. “Locking” is the technical term for preventing any possible slippage while in use.

Put the strap around your child’s chest and secure it with the buckle. Using a second hand or the back of the stroller (to avoid catching any wheels), fold in half from left to right on top of the first closed side.

There should be no gaps or slack straps—you don’t want anything protruding out of baby’s seat while putting them in it! In order to ensure that all four wheels are tucked away properly before closing, simply push them to the same side as where you put your folded material in.

Types Of Chicco Strollers

  • a complete method for travel

This type of stroller is meant to be used by your child from the time he or she is a baby all the way through childhood. Because it grows with your child and can be used until your child reaches 60 pounds, this stroller is a little more cumbersome than the others, but it can also be used with an infant car seat with a simple click. It features a wide range of settings for the canopy and reclining positions, making it a versatile and comfortable option. It also has a parent tray, cup holders, and an extra-large storage basket.

  • Pushchair with a low mass

An umbrella stroller is a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-maneuver stroller that weighs less than 20 pounds. Toe-activated brakes, swivel wheels, many recline modes, ample storage, an integrated carry handle, and the ability to be folded and stowed all make it an excellent choice.

  • Stroller with two seats for two people

It’s obvious from the name that this stroller is made for families with many children who need to use the stroller at the same time. Infant car seats can be installed in either of the two adjustable canopies that come with this stroller. It’s lightweight, foldable, and equipped with an all-wheel suspension for convenient storage.

  • Running with a pram

For parents who enjoy hiking, jogging, or running with their young children, this is a great option. Hand controls, an adjustable suspension, and different recline modes are all included in the three-wheeled design. Car seats and 5-point harnesses can be attached to it.

  • Stroller with frame

The metal frame of this stroller makes it easy to fold, carry, maneuver, and store when on the go. It’s meant to be used with a car seat for babies. There are cup holders and a storage basket for beverages, keys, and phones in the tray.

13 Best Chicco Strollers

1. Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel System – Driftwood

Among the features that set this Chicco travel system apart is the fact that the premium KeyFit 30 infant car seat may be utilized right away. Convertible from a stroller to a lightweight car seat carrier that can be belted in through the child tray without an adaptor by removing canopy and seat components. It has a one-handed compact fold design and can stand on its own without the handle touching the ground. Huge storage basket with 2 organizer compartments and large treaded tires come standard on this UPF-rated canopy. It also has a pull-out visor and a zip-open mesh ventilation system. You can wash the seat pad in the washing machine.


  • So simple to clean
  • Fabrics that are easy to remove
  • At the very bottom of the scale
  • Canopy that can be adjusted.
  • Adjustable 3 recline positions
  • Adjustable There are three different ways to recline.
  • Included is an infant insert that may be removed.
  • Cup holder zip pouch for parents
  • Easy-grip, 3 position push handle
  • A three-position push handle that is easy to hold.
  • Three-position, easy-to-handle push handle


  • Folding does not secure.

2. Chicco Liteway Stroller – Fog

It has an aluminum frame with an easily adjustable 4-position backrest, which can be done with one hand, and a removable and adjustable canopy with a mesh window for ventilation. It also features an adjustable footrest for additional support and comfort. Storage latches allow it to be folded and stored in a handy carry handle. With a weight of 18.8 pounds, it boasts 5.5-inch front lockable swivel wheels and 7-inch rear wheel diameters. Convenient, toe-tap brakes keep the stroller in place while parked. This stroller also comes equipped with a storage basket, a cup holder, and padded handles.


  • Soft, washable fabrics
  • Exceptional agility
  • Good height and ergonomics
  • As much as 40 pounds


  • It is possible to remove the shoulder straps from the waist harness.

3. Chicco Viaro Travel System – Black

The Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat is included in this travel system stroller, which boasts a lightweight aluminum frame and a sleek 3-wheel design. Because of the convenient button and pull-strap placed under the seat, it can easily be folded with with a single hand. An adjustable two-panel canopy and a multi-position reclined seat are included. It also contains a large storage basket that can be accessed from both the front and the back, as well as trays for children and adults with cup holders. This vehicle has a padded push-handle for enhanced comfort, and its suspension and treaded tires offer a smooth ride.


  • Front wheel rotation
  • Brake using your toe.
  • An 18-pound weight
  • Fits youngsters up to 30 lbs. in weight.


  • Folded mode is not secure.

4. Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller – Q Collection

The Chicco KeyFit and Fit2 car seats can be attached to this stroller with a simple click-in connector. Hand-operated brake and swivel controls are standard on the distinctive control console. Its 27.5-pound weight and FlexCore suspension with foam-filled tyres provide smooth movement and a restful night’s sleep for your child. As an extra bonus, the mesh backrest allows for better ventilation while reclining the seat. It boasts a spacious storage basket, an adjustable handle, and a soft parent tray with two cup holders that can be folded with with one hand.


  • Extra-large canopy that can be extended.
  • Canopy with peep-holes
  • The front swivel wheel can be locked.
  • brake on the back of the vehicle
  • Foot-activated suspension system.
  • 50 lb. maximum weight capacity


  • There is no shade on the peek-a-boo window to keep the sun off of your infant.

5. Chicco Bravo For 2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller

Designed for two children, this Chicco baby stroller can fit one in the front seat and one in the back seat or platform for larger children to stand or ride in. An adjustable canopy, five-point harness, removable child tray with two cup compartments are included in the Chicco KeyFit or Fit2 car seat, which can be installed by folding the front seat forward. To allow your child to stand on the platform, which has a backrest and easy-to-grasp handles, you can fold the back seat. To make it easy to store and maneuver, this stroller folds up into a small, one-handed design. This stroller features a huge storage basket that can be reached from both the front and back.

Amazon.com : Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller, Iron : Baby


  • Tires with treaded rubber
  • A complete halt is in effect.
  • Wheels that swivel in the front
  • Brakes that can be applied with a single touch
  • With a cushioned handle
  • The diameter of the rear wheel is 9 inches.
  • A tray with two cup holders for parents.
  • Soft, wet towel can be used for cleaning.
  • Additionally, the fold handle can be used as a hand-carrying handle


  • Holders for cups may be a little more substantial.
  • The driver’s seat in the front isn’t able to recline.

6. Chicco BravoFor2 LE Standing/Sitting Double Stroller

There are a few variations between this Chicco stroller and the Chicco Bravo For2 stroller that we just evaluated, but the price difference is negligible. The Chicco Bravo LE has a reversible mesh seat insert and an enlarged visor on the sun canopy, making it ideal for summer use in hot, sunny climates. With a zipped storage area, you can keep your wallet, keys, and phone in one place. In addition to that, it differs from the original Bravo model in that it has a removable snack tray and an additional seat cushion. It’s foldable with one hand, includes a multi-position recline backrest, a child tray with two cup holders, a parent tray, and a large storage basket, much like the original.


  • Peeking-through-the-the-hole
  • Suspension for each wheel
  • Hand grips made from soft, comfortable foam
  • Wheels with swivels make steering simple.
  • Handles that can be extended for taller parents


  • There is no option for a reversible seat.

7. Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

To accommodate two Chicco Key Fit or Fit2 baby car seats, just fold the front and recline the back seats of this double Chicco stroller. For two children, it has two conventional padded stroller seats, each with its own canopy that can be adjusted and removed. There’s no need for two hands to fold the stroller. The front seat has a padded arm rest and removable cup holders, while the back seat has a padded handle with three positions and a parent tray with two cup holders. There’s a back-accessible, extra-large basket with a zipper for your convenience. Your infants will enjoy a comfortable ride on any terrain thanks to the vehicle’s all-wheel suspension.


  • Front swivel wheels that lock in place
  • Easy-to-operate back brakes
  • It has a mass of 34 kg.
  • Tyres made of EVA foam
  • For added convenience, the stroller frame may be moved.


  • Due to its size, some may find it challenging to maneuver.

8. Chicco 2020 Goody Light Stroller

When folded, the Chicco Light Stroller folds itself in a matter of seconds thanks to its revolutionary folding mechanism. It folds up little and may stand on its own when not in use. Being able to store the baby in the trunk of your car and ride in public transportation or up and down flights of stairs has never been easier. It has a wide and comfy seat, a three-position reclining backrest that can be brought to a sleeping position, and is perfect for children between the ages of one and four or 22 kilograms in weight.


  • Leg rests that can be adjusted
  • Straps with padded shoulders
  • Abdominal strap with padding for comfort.
  • Protective bar that folds up


  • Backrest size may be a concern for some.
  • There is no peek-a-boo window in the canopy.

9. Chicco Shuttle Frame Stroller

You get all the benefits of a full-featured travel system without the added weight of a stroller seat with this Chicco model. All Key Fit and Fit2 infant car seats that use a click-in attachment can be used with this adapter. The folding mechanism is activated by a handle that is easily accessible. Folding it up allows it to stand on its own, and the handle makes it easy to carry. It has a parent tray with two cup holders, a phone holder, and a huge storage basket with a zipper for all of your baby’s necessities. It has an all-wheel suspension, weighs just 15 pounds, and can carry 35 pounds.


  • Compact and light in weight
  • The handle is easy to grip.
  • Swivel wheels to ensure a smooth ride
  • For safe parking, hit the rear brakes with your toes.


  • Only a couple inches deep, the cup holders

10. Chicco Activ3 Jogging Travel System – Crux

The Key Fit 30 infant car seat that comes with this Chicco stroller makes it even more convenient and versatile. With a padded stroller seat, reclining backrest with many positions, 5-point harness, and an extended canopy with a tinted peek-a-boo glass, you’ll never have to worry about your kid being sunburned when running in this stroller. All-terrain 3-wheel design with dual Flex Core suspension and foam filled tyres make it easy to navigate on all kinds of terrain. While jogging, you can manipulate the front swivel wheel and the rear parking brake from an ingenious control console with hand-operated adjustments. It’s lightweight and portable, and it folds up into three small packages that make it simple to store and travel.


  • Padded arm bar that can be removed
  • Handle that can be adjusted
  • Extra-large basket for storing items
  • Wheels with an easy-release mechanism
  • Two cup holders on a padded tray for parents.


  • It’s possible that some people will have trouble getting the stroller open.

11. Chicco KeyFit Caddy Frame Stroller

All Fit2 and Key Fit baby car seats have a secure, click-in attachment on this sleek, lightweight car seat carrier. One-handed folding, front swivel wheels, and all-wheel suspension ensure a bump-free ride on the road. A tray with two cup holders and a huge, extensible, zipped storage basket with front and back access are also included. Parents of varying heights will appreciate the ergonomic, padded, height-adjustable push handle on this stroller. The Chicco stroller’s aluminum frame weighs only 11.6 pounds and can support a maximum weight of 35 pounds.


  • Polyester is a 100% polyester material.
  • So simple to clean
  • Rear wheel toe-tap brakes that can be locked.
  • Just 11.60 pounds in weight.


  • The stroller’s seat attachment must be purchased separately.

12. Chicco Corso Modular Travel System

An adapter for a safe, click-in attachment to the stroller and a stay-in-vehicle base are included with the Chicco KeyFit30 Zip infant car seat. Convertible from parent-facing to forward-facing and back again, the infant car seat and toddler seat are ideal for babies weighing 4-30 pounds. An adjustable footrest, a canopy that can be expanded with a zipper and a spacious storage basket are all included in this chair. Flex Core rear suspension, lockable front swivel wheels, and big, treaded tyres and hub bearing-equipped wheels provide a smooth ride for your child. It has a one-handed folding design, stands on its own when folded, and is easy to store and travel.


  • Bottle holders with expandable compartments
  • The ability to move quickly and easily
  • Seat covers can be removed and replaced.
  • Washable textiles are used for the seats.


  • The basket of the stroller is too small.
  • When the stroller is closed, it doesn’t stay shut.

13. Chicco Corso LE Modular Quick-Fold Stroller

With one hand, this Chicco stroller folds into a parent-facing stroller or a forward-facing stroller. On being folded, it stands on its own and is easy to store and move around in. With the accompanying car seat adaptor, this lightweight frame stroller can accommodate all Chicco infant car seats, as well as an infant insert for newborns. Extendable with a zipper, the canopy has a mesh panel that can be flipped open and is weatherproofed. High-quality leatherette trimmings and huge foam-filled treaded rubber wheels complete the look. It has lockable front swivel wheels and an adjustable FlexCore rear suspension to make sure your kid has a comfortable ride whilst in it.


  • 100% textured polyester fabric
  • Pockets in the backrests
  • The footrest and calf support can be adjusted.
  • Storage basket with a huge opening on the front
  • 2 bottle pockets that can be expanded
  • Can hold up to 50 pounds of weight.


  • For some, the size may be an issue.

How To Choose The Right Chicco Stroller?

  • Space:

Aside from holding your infant, make sure the Chicco stroller you choose has enough capacity. To make everyone’s lives easier, there should be ample storage space for their diaper bag, pocketbook, coffee, and other essentials. Your child should not feel cramped, so make sure there is plenty of room for them.

  • Decide on the features that you require:

Every stroller has a few unique features, but everyone’s needs are different. For parents who prefer to jog or walk, they need a stroller with good suspension, and for those who take public transportation, they need a lightweight one. So do pay attention to the features of the stroller while choosing one.

Every stroller has a few unique features, but everyone’s needs are different. For parents who prefer to jog or walk, they need a stroller with good suspension, and for those who take public transportation, they need a lightweight one. So do pay attention to the features of the stroller while choosing one.

Despite the fact that all strollers have a few unique features, no two people’s needs are the same. in sunny places, parents who like to jog or walk would look for a stroller with adequate suspension, while parents who go by public transportation would want to use a lightweight stroller. So when you’re shopping for a stroller, pay attention to its characteristics.

  • Efficient use of space:

To ensure a smooth ride for both you and your child, the stroller you choose should be well-engineered. When your child sits in the seat, it should have adjustable handles so that the person pushing it can be comfortable as well.

  • Simple fold that can be completed with with one hand:

Strollers should be lightweight and easy to maneuver in tight spaces and on congested streets, and they should also be compact enough to fold up with one hand while holding the infant in the other. You can collapse and pick up the stroller with with one hand, no matter where you’re going.

  • Added capacity:

A stroller with a parent tray, cup holders, a tray for your child, and a spot to keep your phone all make your life easier.

Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Travel System Stroller, Bombay (Blue) - Walmart.com

As a parent, you need a stroller to take your child out for a walk in the fresh air. To ensure your baby’s safety and comfort while purchasing a Chicco stroller, it is important to pay attention to the features. With a five-point restraint system and a canopy that shields your child from the sun, it should be lightweight and easy to use. A bassinet-equipped stroller is a great option for outings in the park or on longer walks with the family. Finally, pushing an ergonomic stroller for an extended period of time will not strain your hands.

Consideration when buying a Baby Stroller

Types of Stroller

Regardless of the model, Chicco Standard strollers should have a padded infant seat with adjustable recline and an attached sun screen. Several newer models include a lot of storage space under the seat, as well as the ability to adjust its posture so that the infant can face forward or face their parents.

Strollers with a removable infant seat are known as “Baby Seat Strollers.” You can easily remove the base and strap the seat into your vehicle, while the frame folds up neatly in the trunk of your vehicle. Although they’re a terrific bargain for money, after your infant outgrows the car seat, they’re of little use.

Travel systems from Chicco include car seats as well as strollers. They tend to be heavy and sturdily constructed. The advantage of the is that you can continue to use them after your child has outgrown the car seat. Car seats and strollers are often included in the package deal.

Known as “umbrella strollers,” Chicco’s lightweight strollers are small, light, and easy to fold up and store. They are more suitable for toddlers and older babies because they are more stripped-down, with less cushioning, features, and reclining. Taking them on vacation or a lengthy road trip is easy due to their portability and weight.

Three large wheels on Chicco jogging strollers make for a pleasant journey for babies. They are ideal for jogging or long hikes, as their name implies. Additionally, they’re perfect for urban areas because they can readily climb steep hills and curbs. However, because they are large and clumsy, they are difficult to transport in elevators and other small spaces, and they rarely fold up.

There are multiple seats in Chicco’s Double or Triple strollers, allowing multiple children to ride at the same time. Some seats are located next to each other, while others are located behind each other. A platform at the back of several basic strollers allows an additional seat to be installed. Large families and twins will benefit greatly from these.


The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association certifies strollers, and those are the only strollers you should buy (JPMA).

Frame: Make sure your the frame of the stroller securely locks into the position you want it in. This will make sure that it won’t collapse when your precious little once is sitting in it. Also look out for sharp edges and protrusions which might hurt delicate little hands.

Frame: Make sure your the frame of the stroller securely locks into the position you want it in. This will make sure that it won’t collapse when your precious little once is sitting in it. Also look out for sharp edges and protrusions which might hurt delicate little hands.

Stroller frame: Ensure that the stroller frame is properly locked into the position that you choose. This will prevent it from collapsing while your lovely little one is sitting in it, which is what you want. Sharp edges and protrusions can injure a child’s delicate hands, so be aware of these.

Foot or hand breaks are required on all strollers. It’s critical to check the balance of these devices to ensure that they’re both stable and easy to operate. Think of what kind of shoes you’ll be wearing when you take the baby out for the first time. Is it safe to utilize the break while wearing open-toed footwear?

Your stroller should feature a sunshade or cover that can be extended to keep your youngster from overheating or becoming sunburned. Strollers with UV ray-blocking canopies are also a good idea, but not the only option.

Practical matters

Dishwasher-friendly surfaces are a need for any parent with a young child, because no matter where your youngster goes, messes will always follow. In general, surfaces should be wipeable and removable fabrics should be the rule rather than the exception.

Many items, like diapers, bottles, wipes and blankets, may need to be stored when you’re out with the infant. You don’t want to have to carry a bag around with you while you’re out and about with your child.

Height of Handles – Most strollers are designed for women of a typical height (sorry dads), and the handles should be at waist level for you to comfortably push the stroller. If they aren’t, search for a bag with a handle that can be adjusted. If your spouse is taller or shorter than you, adjustable handles can be a good option.


How do you fold up a Baby Trend jogging stroller?

Folding up a Baby Trend jogging stroller isn’t difficult. It is essential that the brakes are engaged before folding the bike, as well as any canopy or other obstructions.

Roll one of your rear wheels until they all fall into position directly if you have an inline three-wheeler (the rear wheels are at identical distances from one another).

Pull the handlebar piece until it locks into its final position with two points jutting out on either side of the folded-over front bar. Continue to roll the front wheel until it is aligned with both of the other wheels if possible.

Do all Graco strollers fold?

Not at all, Graco strollers do not fold. When folded, the telescoping handle makes it easy to transport or store the stroller in the trunk of a car.

Does Chicco Viaro recline?

Infant car seats are required if you wish to utilize Chicco Viaro from birth. The stroller’s weight capacity is 50 lbs, and it’s suitable for children up to 3 years old (more or less). With a simple squeeze of the clasp, you may adjust the backrest to any desired angle.

Where is the model number on a Chicco stroller?

White label on the frame of your product contains the model number. There are 14 digits in all. There are only ten characters remaining.

How long is the Chicco Keyfit 30 Good For?

The expiration date on the seat’s manufacturing date label is six years. The bottom of the base and the bottom of the carrier are each marked with a label. Both the expiration date and the date of production are included on these labels.