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The Peg Perego stroller is the newest and most innovative car seat available in the market. It comes with a lot of features that make it one of the best options to consider when buying a new car seat for your child. The Peg Perego is designed to open from either side, making it easier for both parents and caregivers to use. How to Open Peg Perego Stroller? See what follows!

Why Do You Need A Baby Stroller?

The Peg Perego stroller is the most up-to-date and cutting-edge car seat on the market today. There are numerous characteristics that make it one of the greatest selections when purchasing a new car seat for your kid. Designed for both parents and caregivers, the Peg Perego can be opened from either side, making it easier to use. Stroller Opening Instructions for the Peg Perego Continue reading to learn more!

If your child is too small to walk yet, or if you just want them to be more mobile and safe when they’re out and about, you’ll need a stroller. Shopping with your infant is much easier, as is long distance travel, when you have a child’s stroller. Strollers are a wonderful means of transporting your infant in safety and comfort while you’re on the go.

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What Age Can Baby Sit In Stroller?

It is undeniable that strollers aid parents in numerous ways. But how old should a baby be before he or she can ride in a stroller? Strollers, on the other hand, are appropriate for infants up to children aged 3-4 years. It indicates that there are numerous sorts of strollers depending on the age of the child. Bassinet strollers allow parents to carry their babies as they sleep in them. Furthermore, parents can purchase seat strollers for newborns who are able to support their heads on their own or are happy to sit.

History of Peg Perego

One of stroller history’s most beautiful beginnings is that of Peg Perego. Lucio Perego, the current firm president, was born in 1949 in Italy, where it all began. Giuseppe Perego, his father, intended to build a “new place” for him.

Rubberized materials were used instead of sheet metal and wicker to make one of Perego’s finest carriages at the time. The first stroller to feature a convertible system, allowing it to be converted from a stroller to a carriage, was the Baby Trend Revolution.

The company’s growth continued, and the 1960s were a particularly fruitful decade. The company created a number of high-quality baby carriages at this time.

America and Atlantico are examples of other models from Peg Perego’s stable. These could be transported in cars thanks to the use of a foldable chassis.

The corporation grew steadily over the next two decades.

  • In the 1970s, Peg Perego made the switch from manual to industrial production, which helped the company grow. Go-Go was the first foldable stroller with an umbrella-style folding mechanism.
  • The Pliko double-handled stroller was introduced in the 1980s and quickly became a top seller. For the first time, the business has also launched a 12-volt toy for children.

Family Values

The products of Peg Perego reflect the company’s commitment to its core ideals of family values. Families and children’s well-being have been taken into consideration when developing each stroller, high chair, and car seat.

Each youngster is able to recline independently in a double stroller’s independent seat. These strollers include wide canopies that shield your child from the sun, as well as simple folding mechanisms, like the Booklet strollers.

Just a few examples of what parents appreciate most about the company.

Despite creating strollers for nearly 70 years, Peg Perego is innovating to meet the changing demands of modern parents.

Why Choose a Peg Perego Stroller?

Peg Perego’s goal is to make life easier for parents while also incorporating elements of Italian design into its products. Whether you’re a city slicker or prefer the serenity of the suburbs, this company has something for you.

We place a high premium on protecting our children’s well-being. You may rest easy knowing that your baby is in a safe and secure stroller. Products from Peg Perego are built to last because to the use of robust materials and cutting-edge trends.

Strollers are a favorite of most parents. Many people point out that the assembly process is simple, claiming that it is straightforward.

Many parents appreciate the convenience of the strollers folding inward, which helps keep the seats and fabric clean.

Warranty and Where to Buy

Online, you’ll find a large selection of strollers from this manufacturer. However, due to their widespread appeal, supplies of many are frequently scarce, but more are on the way.

Target and baby boutiques like Buy Buy Baby also carry Peg Perego. To purchase stroller accessories, you can go to the manufacturer’s website directly.

Starting the day the device is purchased, Peg Perego strollers have a two-year limited guarantee. If you purchase a product from a Peg Perego or authorized dealer, the warranty applies.

It appears that Amazon is an authorized retailer. The stroller, however, must be purchased and supplied through Amazon. The warranty does not apply if you purchase a used item.

Your product can be registered on the Peg Perego website.

Customer Service

Peg Perego goes to great lengths to ensure that its clients receive the best possible service. Contact information, a form to fill up, answers to frequently asked questions, and more are all available on the official website.

The company will also help you locate the necessary parts. Videos and instruction manuals are just two examples of the resources that are available.

It is possible for even the most well-known brands to experience product recalls at some point in time. There is always current recall information available on the website, so you can be assured that your product is secure.

Steps on How to Open the Peg Perego Stroller

Using your thumb and index finger on one hand, approach the site you wish to open. The weight of the stroller should be supported by these two fingers while gripping either side of the handlebar. Pull them outwards with both hands to free them from their shackles.

The Peg Perego can be opened from the left or right side, depending on your preference.


You can try using a shoehorn to push down on the lever at the hinge end and then lift the handles until they come loose if this doesn’t work.

When lifting, be sure to have a tight grasp on one set of handles while lifting up. One side of the handlebar will come loose, allowing you to hold it with both hands.

Continue to pull on the handlebars until the stroller fully opens up. The peg Perego can be opened from either the left or the right side, depending on your personal preference.

A shoehorn can be used to push down on the lever at the hinge end, and then raise up on the handles until they are free. – Lift upwards while retaining a tight grasp on one set of handles.

How do you fold a Peg Perego YPSI stroller?

Once you’ve folded the stroller’s seatback, use one hand on each side of the stroller.

Step 2: Slightly bend your knees, then lift with both hands and bend your elbows to get this position. You should be able to lift the front-wheel off the ground now that you’re moving upward from below.

The third step is to bring in one arm first, followed by the other, until they meet at about chest level, and then repeat. To draw all four wheels in into the fold’s center, slowly pull upwards and rearward in this manner, similar to opening a door that closes other doors behind it.

What should I avoid when assembling my Peg Perego stroller?

Avoid using tools while putting together your Peg Perego stroller, since they could damage the material. When pulling on handles, make sure your grip is strong and, if the assembly is too difficult to handle, call customer care for assistance.

Adjust the bassinet’s straps so that their length reaches about 80 centimeters for a newborn weighing up to 13 kilograms to secure the bassinet (28 pounds).

Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments, pull firmly until the fit is snug but not so tight that it restricts circulation or causes discomfort. This will keep the baby’s motions as he or she sleeps more clearly audible to parents. Avoid re-tightening these once you’ve secured them, since this can cause the straps to get tangled.

How to break down a Peg Perego stroller

The first step is to pull on the stroller’s handles to unlock it. Step 1:

Second, remove any straps that are securing it in place. Don’t worry if you don’t have the strength to perform this with just your hands.

This is what holds all four wheels together, and removing it will allow you to separate them from one another. Alternatively, you can use a second peg about three feet away from the first to break the four sections apart.

How to remove Peg Perego canopy

Step 1: Grab the fabric at each end of the canopy with both hands and firmly pull it down.

A metal bar with clamps on either side should now be visible. Use an Allen key or screwdriver to remove the four (four) screws keeping it in place.

How do you put together a YPSI bassinet?

Attach each of the bassinet’s four legs one by one. The Peg Perego can be opened from the left or right side, depending on your preference. A shoehorn can be used to push down on the lever at the hinge end, and then raise up on the handles until they are free. Using one of the handles to hold onto.

The Best Peg Perego Stroller Reviews of 2022

Peg Perego strollers are a great option.

1. Peg Perego Booklet 50 Travel System

If you’re looking to add a little extra glam to your everyday life and routine, this stroller will fit the role. Everything about this stroller oozes luxury — from its light colors to the soft padding. Style and comfort go hand in hand when it comes to your baby’s clothing.

You can add a dash of glamor to your everyday life and routine by using this stroller. This stroller exudes luxury, from its pastel colors to its plush padding. It’s a stylish way to keep your kid happy and content.

The Primo Viaggio car seat that comes with this stroller is perfect for newborns who need a little extra support.

The Pros

Sun Protection

In addition to shielding your child from the sun and rain, the extended hood features a visor that can be pulled down.

Back of seat may be opened up to show a mesh net. The stroller’s ventilation will be improved as a result.

Easy Drive

The stroller’s ball bearings and suspension make it easy to steer. They enable a complete 360-degree turn of the wheels. In addition, the comfortable eco-leather grip won’t strain your hands, making it easier to push.

Compact Design

You may take it with you everywhere you go because to its small size. Because it folds inward like a book, it’s simple to do so with with one hand.

High-Quality Car Seat Included

You can use the Primo Viaggio 4-35 car seat to keep your youngster secure while strolling and driving. It’s easy to remove and transport from the stroller to the automobile.

Side-impact protection is one of many safety features available on this car seat, which can be adjusted to a total of six different settings. Expanded polystyrene foam is used to make the energy-absorbing shell.

The Cons

Not Reversible

Many parents want a reversible handle so they can keep their babies out of the sun. This stroller, on the other hand, cannot be reversible. The hood, on the other hand, is roomy and will keep your infant safe.

2. Peg Perego Booklet

Strollers can be heavy, cumbersome, and exhausting to push around, making them a nuisance to store and transport. This is not the case with the Booklet stroller. It’s easy to fold and doesn’t take up much space.

Booklet Travel System | Travel Systems | Out and About | Peg Perego United States

A number of Peg Perego’s innovations, including as the enlarged hood and superior steering, have been included into the new model. An adapter-free car seat for babies called a Primo Viaggio fits directly on the retractable anchors and can be used right away. You will have to pay for a car seat separately.

The stroller is ideal for urban environments, as it can easily be maneuvered down crowded sidewalks and up narrow elevator shafts. It is intended to make parenting easier for new parents as well as to improve the quality of life for infants.

The Pros

Comfortable for Child

Your child’s stroller needs to be cozy and ventilated to keep them happy and healthy. To accommodate a baby, the Booklet’s harness and seat can be entirely reclined.

Sun Protection

The Booklet hood is huge and can shield your child from the sun for a long period of time. There’s also an extended sun shield that provides UVA/UVB 50+ protection. There’s also a large mesh net at the back for ventilation.

Easy Fold

The Booklet hood is huge and can shield your child from the sun for a long period of time. There’s also an extended sun shield that provides UVA/UVB 50+ protection. There’s also a large mesh net at the back for ventilation.

You may shield your kid from the sun with the Booklet hood, which is quite large. There’s also an extended sun shield with UVA/UVB protection of at least 50+. Ventilation is provided by a wide mesh net in the back.


It’s important not to equate the thinness of the design with flimsiness. Lacquered aluminum, which is strong but not as heavy as steel, is used in its construction.. Even though the stroller weighs only at just 20.6 pounds, it’s a breeze to handle and push.

The Cons

Tricky to Unfold

Strollers aren’t as easy to fold and unfold as they appear to be. While cradling a baby, some consumers found it difficult to do so.

3. Peg Perego Book for Two Baby Stroller

If you have a baby and a toddler, or even twins, you’ll need a way to move them. Because this double stroller is able to move on its own, it can easily accommodate two youngsters.

You can attach two Primo Viaggio car seats if needed for newborns. Having more than one child when going out means you need to pack extra of everything. This stroller has a large storage compartment, excellent for large families on the go.

The Pros

Independent Recline

Two Primo Viaggio car seats can be used for newborns if necessary. When you have more than one child, you’ll need to bring more of everything when you go out. Conveniently holds a lot of gear, making it ideal for large families on the trip.

Depending on your child’s preferences, the two seats can move independently. When you move one, it won’t affect the other, and the peek-a-boo window lets you rapidly see how they’re doing.

Can Hold Two Car Seats

Adapters let you to use this stroller with two Primo Viaggio 4/35 car seats, one on each side. This will ensure the safety of your newborns.

There are no car seats included in the price.

Smooth Ride

Soft Ride wheels on the double stroller adjust to any terrain and eliminate shaking to keep your children safe and happy.

Compact Fold

Isn’t a double stroller hefty and bulky? Not in this place. As with other Peg Perego strollers, the Book for Two folds using only one handle.

Because it’s small and safe, it won’t take up much room when folded.

The Cons


It’s only natural that a double stroller would be more cumbersome than a single. This buggy weighs 30.8 pounds, making it difficult to load and unload from a vehicle. It seemed heavier than it actually was, according to some mothers.

4. Peg Perego YPSI Travel System

Traveling with a baby is never easy, but you can make it less of a hassle using the right equipment. Whether you’re going overseas, or merely driving to the local park, you need a stroller that’s easy to transport.

With the right equipment, traveling with a baby can be less of a hassle. A lightweight stroller is essential whether you’re jetting off to a foreign country or simply driving to the park.

In order to make the experience of traveling with a newborn easier, it is important to use proper equipment. A lightweight stroller is essential whether you’re jetting off to a foreign country or simply driving to the park.

The Pros

Easy to Fit Car Seat

In order to make the experience of traveling with a newborn easier, it is important to use proper equipment. A lightweight stroller is essential whether you’re jetting off to a foreign country or simply driving to the park.

Make your travels easier by using the correct equipment while bringing a baby along for the ride. A lightweight stroller is essential whether you’re jetting off to a foreign country or simply taking your child to the park.

Comfortable for Mommy

It can be awkward and difficult to push a stroller that doesn’t fit your height. It is possible to adjust the height of the handle on this stroller.

The handle, which is made of eco-leather and is gentle to the touch, is very comfortable to grasp.

Versatile Seat

The YPSI’s seat is a big draw for parents. The seat can be removed, reversed, and folded on top of the chassis. You get to choose whether your baby should be facing you or the world.

The Cons

Limited Weight

The YPSI’s seat is a big draw for parents. The seat can be removed, reversed, and folded on top of the chassis. You get to choose whether your baby should be facing you or the world.

Additional Specs

5. Peg Perego Book Cross Baby Stroller

Many parents appreciate the YPSI’s seat. On top of the chassis, the seat may be removed, reversed, and folded. Your infant can either face you or the rest of the world.

If you’re on a tight budget, a stroller that can grow with your child is a necessity. Fits newborns up to 55 lbs., which is around the weight of a 6-year-old on average.

In addition to the standard features, the stroller includes a dynamic brake and a swiveling front wheel.

The Pros

Easy to Maneuver

Because of the front wheel swivel, this lightweight stroller is a breeze to maneuver. The suspension and ball bearings ensure a comfortable ride. On some terrain, the wide treads may cause a little wriggling.

Braking System

It can be difficult to keep a stroller under control when going downward. The rear wheels can be slowed or stopped by pressing the handle on this Book Cross. When you are standing, you can also lock it in a closed position.

Large Hood

The big canopy will shield your child from the sun all day long. For easy monitoring of your sunshine, it has a little peek-a-boo window.

Large Storage Compartment

Though it’s small, the stroller has a lot of storage space. Family trips will love it.

The Cons


The wheels’ wide treads cause the stroller to sway somewhat when traveling over smooth terrain.

Additional Specs

Peg Perego Accessories

Peg Perego’s strollers come with a wide variety of accessories that may be purchased separately. For convenience or luxury, it’s often necessary to have an additional function.

  • The two-wheeled board called the “Ride With Me Board” is fastened to the stroller’s rear. Stand on the stroller board if your older youngster is too tired to walk.
  • For many people, the addition of a cup holder to a stroller is a necessity. This one attaches to any Peg Perego stroller frame with a single snap, making it simple to remove when not required.
  • Plastic covers the front and sides of Peg Perego’s stroller to protect it from rain. The lengthy straps and vented sides keep your infant safe and secure.
  • Peg Perego has devised a big net that wraps around the buggy to protect the child from mosquitoes. Because of the wide transparent window and totally breathable netting, your child will be able to see and interact with their surroundings while wearing this carrier.
  • Handle Extenders: A hurting back is frequently caused by a short handle. You’ll gain an additional 5.75 inches in height with these extensions.
  • The child tray can be connected to the Booklet 50, Booklet, and Book Cross strollers, as well as the Booklet 50. Snaps into place with a dishwasher-safe, removable antimicrobial liner.
  • The YPSI Travel System is compatible with this bassinet. An adjustable headrest, detachable mattress, and hood are included. Although the bassinet is safe for your infant to sleep in overnight, it’s only suitable up to the age of nine months.
  • Peg Perego stroller footmuffs are compatible with this footmuff. The padding will keep the wearer warm and stop heat from escaping when the weather is really chilly.
  • It is possible to strap the Borsa to the stroller or carry it over one’s shoulder like a traditional bag. This diaper bag features a changing mat and numerous storage compartments.
  • The parasol weather hood protects you from the sun with a UPF rating of 50+ and is simple to install to your buggy. The YPSI, Book Cross, Book, Booklet, and Booklet 50 are all compatible.

Peg Perego Stroller Comparison Chart

12 Benefits Of Baby Strollers

Baby Strollers Are Convenient

A baby stroller is an excellent choice if your youngster is eager to see the world around them. When your child begins crawling, it’s hard to keep an eye on them. You must always keep an eye on your infant when you are out and about. Strollers have the advantage of serving as a temporary fix to the problem. Strollers are useful for babies of all ages, from newborns to toddlers. As their baby grows out of the infant seat, parents will find it more difficult to get around. Your hands are free while you stroll with your kid in a stroller. As a result, stroller use among new parents has become a fad.

Baby Stroller Ensures Safety

You can now go everywhere with your child in a stroller, thanks to the invention of this product. This helps to prevent any mishaps and also protects the infant inside the container. In the early years, a stroller is a better option than carrying your infant in your arms for keeping them safe. There are a variety of safe and excellent strollers for babies and toddlers on the market. You can keep your baby happy and safe while they are unable to walk by using a baby stroller.

Baby Stroller Makes Travelling Easier

The stress of traveling with a baby can be overwhelming. Traveling with small children can be a hassle for many parents, so they choose not to do it. Baby strollers, on the other hand, eliminate this worry. When traveling with a baby, a stroller is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor trips. Baby strollers are the ideal option to baby carriers and baby walkers. Using a stroller while traveling with a child makes the process much easier and faster. Infants can be carried from one location to another without having to be held by their parents, thanks to these carriers.


Baby Strollers Can Be Multi-Purposes

When it comes to transporting children, strollers are an excellent choice. Parents can get a lot of value and comfort out of a stroller if they use it correctly. Baby strollers not only make it easier for parents to take their children outside, but they also provide protection from sunburn. Several strollers come with sunshades that protect the child from dangerous UV radiation. As an added convenience, several of the best baby strollers can be transformed into portable changing tables for babies.

Baby Stroller Helps You To Carry Baby Accessories

When strolling with your infant, a baby stroller can be your best friend. Strollers include large storage areas that make it easier for parents to keep their children’s necessities in order while they are on the go. It can hold diapers, baby bottles, and other child-related items. You may even stow small suitcases in the storage areas of high-quality, extra-roomy baby strollers, making travel a breeze.

Baby Stroller Offers Portability

It’s a common misconception among new parents that storing a stroller in the house will take up a lot of valuable storage space. Or they think that carrying the stroller from one place to another will be difficult. This, however, is not the case. Strollers for babies are practical and easy to transport. Strollers have evolved significantly in appearance throughout the years. You may now take them with you and store them in smaller spaces. Even the largest strollers can be folded down to a small, portable size with the help of stroller folding innovations. Baby strollers are popular, in part, because of their portability. Because it’s lightweight and tiny you can take it with you everywhere you go, they find it easy to use.

Baby Strollers Are Comfortable For Babies

Strollers are a must-have for new parents and their infants. They make it easier for parents to travel with their children. They also provide safety and protection for the baby. If you’re going for a walk or going shopping, make sure your kid is comfortable in his stroller and that he can stay in it for the duration of the trip. As a result, when shopping for a stroller, it’s crucial to focus on features like comfort and convenience. Strollers with adjustable seats and a canopy to shield the little one from the weather are the best.

Baby Strollers Are Durable

Investing in high-quality baby strollers ensures that your investment will last for years to come. You can do this by paying attention to a few aspects that contribute to long-term performance while purchasing the stroller. When shopping for a baby stroller, look for one built of durable, high-quality materials. One of the most important purchases you will ever make for your child is a stroller, which will serve you for the first few years of their existence. It’s also possible to utilize the same pram if you have another child in the future.

Baby Strollers Will Help You Enjoy Happy Time With Baby

If you want to take a stroll with your infant, you’ll need a stroller. You’ll learn more about your baby while letting him or her breathe in the fresh air and take in the scenery. Besides helping you bond with your newborn, strollers will also relieve some of the weight off your shoulders. They’re a great method to stay in shape and get your daily workout. In order to get in better shape and keep your infant in good health, walk with him or her in a stroller.

Baby Strollers Are Cost-Effective

To put it another way, a baby stroller is extremely cost-effective because it can be used for a long time and is really durable. What counts, though, is that you make the appropriate decision when buying the best baby stroller for your child. When it comes to strollers for babies, parents can now choose from a wide variety of reasonably priced, high-quality strollers. However, you must be very careful while making the final decision, because if you buy a stroller at a low price, it may not last you long. As a result, choose a stroller that is economical, but not at the expense of material quality.

Baby Strollers Help To Avoid Back Pains

We’ve all experienced the exhaustion of even a short period of time spent holding a baby in our arms. When a baby is fussy, he will specifically deny that he is lying on your bed. In order to get about, parents must stroll with their children in arm. Back and body aches might result from prolonged holding of a newborn in the arms. As a result of this solution, the importance of a baby stroller is highlighted. When this occurs, parents can place their children in a stroller and take a break. It is possible to go shopping with a stroller without having to worry about lugging the infant and his or her belongings in your arms.

Baby Stroller Gives Parents The Peace Of Mind

Of course, if you have a baby in the house, you’ll need to take extra care and keep a close check on him. This is where strollers come in helpful for parents with little children. They not only make it easier for your children to roam around, but they also help to keep them safe. As a result, the security that comes with owning a baby stroller is priceless for parents.

Peg Perego Si: Yes! A Lightweight Stroller with Serious Suspension! | PEOPLE.com

Keep Rolling

You can see why Peg Perego is so popular with parents in North America as well as Europe. From its humble beginnings in 1949, the company went on to become a major player in its field.

With each new product, the company introduces new features and designs. It aspires to serve all kinds of families. The greatest Peg Perego strollers have a lightweight design, simple folding, and excellent movement.

Make sure to carry a camera or phone with you whenever you use a stroller so that you may capture those precious family moments.