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Joovy is a manufacturer of a wide variety of baby products, including strollers, car seats, and other accessories. Their double stroller is called a Joovy Caboose Ultralight Double Stroller. Carefully following the steps outlined in this blog post will guarantee that your Joovy Double Stroller is spotless and suitable for use with your young children.

What is the Joovy double stroller?

The Joovy deluxe double stroller is a parent’s ultimate pushchair. Two large compartments can contain all of your belongings, plus there’s a toddler tray and cup holders for the adults. Even a 55-pound toddler or one who is 90 inches tall can use it with ease.

It collapses into a compact, lightweight unit and features a sturdy steel frame with wheels that can be quickly removed and locked in place. The Joovy Deluxe Double Stroller is what you need!

Why Do I Need a Double Stroller?

Mothers of twins understandably see the need for a double stroller, but many parents who have twins within a few months of each other opt to use only one stroller in an effort to cut costs. On rare occasions, this may happen.

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On our family outings, my husband normally takes care of our older child while I push the stroller.

But what do you do if you have two little children and no other adults around? Can you run while pushing a stroller? Can I take both of my kids shopping, or are they too young?

You can save money in the long term by selling your current stroller and putting the money toward the purchase of a twin stroller. You won’t regret it; trust me on this.

Let’s examine the different double stroller options available.

Double Strollers: Safe Use Guidelines And Tips

When shopping for a double stroller, parents naturally worry about their children’s safety because they will be using it frequently throughout the day as their children grow, learn, and explore the world around them. Whether it’s a cutting-edge video monitor or a beautiful diaper bag, everyone wants the best tools to help them get through the day and stay energized and prepared for anything may come their way, even if safety is always paramount. When we take our kids out and about, our own mode of transportation is just as important as ever, but the stroller market also has a lot to offer.

The invention of the double stroller revolutionized the lives of families with more than one young child or twins. Attempting to push a stroller with one arm while also holding a newborn is dangerous for everyone involved. Wearing a newborn in a sling or body harness while also pushing a stroller may seem like a smart idea at first, but it won’t work for long. As a long-term solution, double strollers have come a long way, and now there are many different types to choose from to suit different interests and ways of life.

Product-design risks are quite rare, despite the fact that stroller recalls continue to occur often. Due to rigorous quality control during production, double strollers are guaranteed to be risk-free. If you, like us, are worried about your children’s safety, you should check a product recall list like this one before buying a double stroller.

Why Double Strollers Are Just As Safe As Single Strollers

Despite the lack of data suggesting that double strollers are inherently safer than single ones, there are still some basic guidelines and notions that we, as responsible parents, should remember to ensure the wellbeing of our children and prevent any untoward incidents.

Double Strollers Can Be More Stable

It’s important to keep in mind that a stroller’s stability increases with a wider base. The double stroller is no exception to this rule. It is our responsibility to avoid putting our children in a position that the product does not support, such as placing them in a double stroller configuration that the product does not support because tipping can be a very big hazard.

In your search for a twin stroller, keep in mind that not all models are created equal. Because of their proximity, children can share the same footrest and seat height as well as enjoy a shared field of vision when seated side by side. The slimmer, more maneuverable tandem kind requires parents to position one child behind the other, limiting both their visibility and their ability to sit comfortably. Some double strollers can withstand being pushed while jogging or running, however this is not the case for the vast majority of strollers. When shopping for a twin stroller, it’s important to think about where you want the kids to sit, as this is often implied by the design.

More Room For Storage

The need for, and use of, storage space makes another piece of crucial safety advice. Bringing along children automatically necessitates more luggage. To accommodate anything from food and crayons to diapers and wipes, many of us now travel with many totes in addition to our usual purse or backpack. Again, prudent judgment and an understanding of basic physics are needed to keep our new double stroller from tipping over. An accident can occur even if a purse is dangling from the stroller’s handlebars if it’s too heavy and causes the stroller to lean or tip.

Safety With Toys And Attachments On Double Strollers

It is important to make sure that any toys, entertainment, or sun visors that are attached to the stroller are also secure, so that they do not move and put the children within in danger.

Protecting Babies From The Sun In Strollers

Make sure you look in every direction to make sure the light won’t blind your kids as they play outside. Even if we think we’re fine, things might change rapidly in the skin and eyes. It’s not just the strollers that can get dangerously heated in the sun; anything made of dark fabric or metal will. Take extra precautions so that you and your kids don’t get burned.

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Always Supervise Babies And Children In Strollers

For a trouble-free trip, always have your kids fasten their seatbelts in the double stroller and always use the hand brakes. Be sure your kids are out of the way and safe before you stow the stroller. Alternately, make sure your kids are out of harm’s way and out of sight before putting away the stroller. Until we get the hang of it, loading and unloading a stroller may be a bit of an awkward dance, and pinching little fingers isn’t uncommon.

Before utilizing your double stroller, check to see if the car seats you plan to use are compatible with it. There is a risk of disaster if you blindly buy things for your growing children without considering their changing demands. If you’re looking to buy a double stroller, you should take into account the possibility that your kids will need accessories in the future. This is crucial for strollers intended for children with special needs, who may have their own medical equipment that must be transported beside them.

With these caveats in mind, you’re free to browse for a double stroller anyway you choose! If they take the time to find the right one, caregivers with multiple young children can experience a whole new world of convenience and freedom.

Why You Should Keep It Clean

All surfaces and objects that come into contact with infants must be kept sanitized and germ-free because their immune systems are still immature. Parents use strollers on a regular basis, therefore keeping them clean is a top priority.

How Often Should You Clean It?

Cleaning your stroller now will make it that much more difficult to do afterwards. If you want it to last, clean it thoroughly after each usage. If you’re often rushing, make it a habit to do this every night before bed.

This doesn’t mean you have to pull out the big guns every time. Taking care of the details will ensure your safety. Clean the tires of any mud or sand. Your child’s fingers will leave behind sticky residue on the fabric, so be sure to clean it up.

If you follow these steps, you can put off the next deep cleaning for longer.

Steps on How to Wash Your Joovy Double Stroller

Get rid of the seats and upholstery from your stroller. Disassemble it down to the metal frame so you may clean each component separately.

You’ll need two buckets for this next part. Soap or detergent (Joovy’s Double Stroller Soap is great for this) and water should be added to a pail that is halfway full. Don’t forget to put some soap in an empty bucket; that’s where we’ll re-drop our dirty chairs when we’ve scrubbed them clean.

Carefully scrub each article of clothing by hand in the first bucket of warm soapy water, and then move on to the subsequent buckets for washing and drying.

Fourth, wash the cloth in soapy water to get rid of the grime that has settled into the fibers.

Next, resoak your filthy seats in a bucket of soap or detergent, this time using a small hand brush and a toothbrush to get into the tight spaces (such around the wheels and handles).

Finally, give the seat coverings one last thorough cleaning by rinsing them in warm water and then patting them dry.

If there are still tufts of fur left after washing, you can roll them up with an old lint roller and dry the items on low heat.

If you intend to use the dryer’s dry cycle, you need set aside a good chunk of time for the drying process.

If you want your Joovy stroller to last as long as possible, it’s best to avoid putting it in hot or boiling water for cleaning and maintenance. This is because extreme heat can warp or shrink certain pieces, such as the cloth handles, rendering them unusable.

How to take the wheels off a Joovy double stroller

First, you’ll need to unscrew the front wheel from its hub. You’ll find them on the frame of your bike, on either side of the wheel, not far from where the handlebars attach. The back wheels are just as important as the front ones.

The front wheel must be taken off first by loosening and then removing the corresponding fasteners. You’ll find them on the ends of the handlebars on both sides of the steering wheel. All the more so for the rear wheels!

Your frame’s upright pole-like support piece will need to be disassembled by first removing the two bolts in front of each handlebar stem, and then wriggling the entire metal axle cap assembly free from its base plate, which is located on the underside of the upright pole-like support piece.

When you’ve taken both halves out of their box, it should resemble an Oreo cookie, minus the ooey, gooey brown filling portions. Pry up the bottom to remove the bolt head made of plastic (you can use either a flat head screwdriver or the blade of a kitchen knife if you need to)

Hint No. 6: After the bolt has been loosened, give it a good whack with your fist. You should be able to disconnect it from the plastic washer now.

This frame’s central pole-like upright support component should be washed in hot water with some dish soap (or laundry detergent, in a pinch), and a little amount of light liquid bleach. Make sure the glue is entirely dried before reassembling.

How long does Joovy double stroller take to assemble?

Without any distractions, it would take 30 minutes for two individuals to finish this, but if you two go to work, you can have it done in just 15! Keep these rules in mind and return to them whenever you feel overwhelmed.

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Sparkly Clean

That being said, you now know how to keep your child’s stroller clean and healthy for use. Do you now feel that you can handle this challenge?

Cleaning your stroller every day will make your life easier and extend its life. A stroller that has been kept clean and in good condition will fetch a greater price if and when you decide to sell it.

If you want your stroller to last as long as possible and make your life easier, you should clean it every day. You can get more money for a stroller that has been kept clean and in good condition if you ever decide to sell it when you no longer need it.

You’ll have a much simpler time of things if you keep your stroller clean, and you’ll keep germs at bay and lengthen its lifespan. It’s also worth noting that if you keep your stroller in good condition and later decide to sell it, you may expect to receive a higher price for it.