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If you’re having trouble putting your stroller together, use the Click Connect Stroller Assembly Instructions. Everything you need to know about putting together the click connect stroller may be found here. This is followed by a step-by-step walkthrough of putting the stroller together.

Benefits of a baby stroller:

When you’re on the go, holding your infant all the time is both convenient and exhausting. As it is not safe to put him down, you can’t. What next? Your only option is a baby stroller. Using a baby stroller to transport your youngster when he exhibits a desire to explore the world is a practical solution. This moveable bed may be used for both a newborn and an older child. With both hands free, it’s possible to stroll around town with a baby in tow.

Ensures Safety

A stroller is usually a better option than trying to hold your youngster in your arms. It shelters the baby from harm and keeps it protected from the elements. With a stroller, your baby will be entertained and protected while out and about.

Easy Travelling

The most obvious advantage of a baby stroller is its portability. Taking a baby on a trip is a difficult undertaking. When a child is still learning to walk, many parents prefer not to take any trips until that time comes. They won’t have to worry about stumbling around anymore thanks to the convenience of a baby carriage. It makes moving around with a baby much easier.

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You may put a stroller to many different uses. Strollers can provide parents with a lot of conveniences when utilized correctly. All types of environmental hazards, from sunburns to frigid winds, can be prevented by a child’s poncho when they’re on the go. These portable changing tables are available in several baby strollers.

Carries Baby Accessories

When you have a baby, you’ll need diapers, baby food, bibs, and other things to help you care for the little one’s needs. All of these goods can be stored on a separate rack on the back of a stroller when traveling. It has a lot of room for infant gear.


It’s easy to take a baby stroller with you when you travel. They’re also practical and easy to move, so they’re a good option. Innovation is a byproduct of time. Advance strollers on the market may be folded into smaller sizes, making it easier for parents to store them.

Only a few of the benefits of owning a stroller were mentioned here. They’re numerous. Buying one for your child is a simple decision because it saves you a lot of physical exertion and allows you to go anyplace with or without your child.

Steps on Assembling Click Connect Stroller

The first step is to open the packaging and verify that all parts are included. This is where you’ll find the number of screws needed for each component, as well as the length of time they should be screwed into the board (with a Phillips screwdriver). Please contact customer care immediately if any of your components have come free or have not been securely wrapped during shipping. We may need to replace them.

Second, attach the wheels to the ends of the frame using two screws, one on the inside and the other outside of the axle, so that they may rest firmly against the side frames.

As a last step, you’ll apply four plastic caps to each of these ends to prevent dirt from getting in. Overtightening these screws might cause the plastic caps to shatter, so be careful not to overdo it.

A seatbelt and two metal supports will be attached to either side, with an extra bar inserted between them, in the third step.

These sections are all screwed together, but they all have varying lengths, so you need to make sure they are all installed correctly based on how far apart your frame is now. Use the Allen wrench that comes with the kit to tighten down any exposed threads on the bolts once they’ve been inserted.

How do you Fold a Graco sit and Stand Stroller?

Removing the baby car seat is as simple as undoing the two straps that hold it in place and snapping off the “L” bracket that holds it in place.

Step 2: Uncheck the “Side-by-Side Seating” box — To unlock a section of seating for an adult or older child, press both buttons together until they release from each other and separate.

Stroller frame folds into sit-stand position as you lower the handlebars. All four wheels will come to their lowest positions, allowing for easy folding of your Graco sit and stand travel system stroller.

Step Four: Include a Storage Bag! It’s simple to fold a Graco sit and stand, but where will you put it when you’re done? The folded frame of the Graco sit and stand stroller fits neatly into a zippered storage bag included with the stroller.

Adjust your handlebars, the final step in the process. Your handlebars should be positioned differently depending on how you want to utilize them. To lift the handles, push them toward one another and release them until they click into place as indicated below if this is for an older child.

It is possible to raise the back seat of your Graco sit ‘n’ stand Stroller so that it is still at or near eye level with adults who are seated in front of him or her in the vehicle (as shown). The same procedure should apply whether you’re loading one or two children.

How to put a carseat in a shopping cart

Place your drink in the basket’s cup holder or the shopping cart’s back door. Move the seat belt around the frame, so that one end is threaded through the loop at either side (or whichever way you want).

Keeping your hand in between the higher and lower bars, thread the remaining length under the bottom bar and tighten it up. Then, wrap it around the top bar and thread it again. To attach the straps against the metal buckle hooks on the underside of the seatbelt, raise the buckles and click them into place with your thumb and forefinger.

As many times as necessary, repeat the procedure. If the store offers many carts, you may need more than one.

How to put a carseat in a Graco click Connect double stroller

Step One: Remove Wedge Inserts and Open Seat.

Two wedges can be removed from the bottom of the stroller frame on the left side. These act as a deterrent for those who want to use an infant carrier but don’t want to put their little ones on their laps.

To save time if you’re using this with older children, simply pull them straight out from the frame on both sides until they come loose.

Stroller Seat Must Be Removed Before Car Seat With LATCH Connection Can Be Lower

Lift the front edge of the stroller seat to remove it from its clasp, then fold it down so that it is in line with the back axle bar of the vehicle. The next step is to raise the car seat’s base on both sides until it is just above the slots below where your wedges were removed previously.

Pull the strap connecting the two together at the lower center downward with one hand while holding one of them stationary (where the click-connect system is).

To ensure that this step may be completed successfully on both the left and right sides independently, connect the left side first by releasing the bottom tabs. With the car seat in its slots, all that’s left is to secure it with two straps around where the base links to a hinge just below.

How to put a carseat in a Duoglider stroller?

The Duoglider stroller can accommodate a car seat. In order to secure your device, make sure the base is pulled down and release the bottom tabs on each side of the base. When you’re putting your infant in their new car seat, a recline footrest should aid with how far back the seat reclines!

How to fold a Duoglider stroller

In order to dismantle the Duoglider stroller, all you have to do is flip up the handle and press on each side of the base. Hands on the rear of the frame or a car ramp for joggers are also effective ways to get under the seat.

To lock the straps together, push firmly against them until they snap shut after they’ve been unfolded to the proper length and then draw the strap down from the top center near the hinge. Now you may put the Duoglider away for the winter.

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3 Best Graco Strollers Reviewed

1. Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller

The Graco Modes is one of the most popular Click Connect strollers. This is the most versatile stroller, as it can be used from infancy all the way up to toddlerhood.

Versatile: It has three different stroller modes, and 10 different riding positions for people, making it incredibly adaptable. Each of the three available “modes” is designed to accommodate a different age group of children. The Graco car seat can be installed in a single motion thanks to the Click Connect feature.

The Seat Attachment

The stroller has a carriage seat attachment that may be used as a rear-facing infant seat or a flat recliner for older children. This is where the five-point harness comes in handy for keeping your little one safe and secure while on the go. The leg rests and reclining positions of the forward-facing toddler seat can be adjusted. If you so desire, the five-point harness can be converted to a three-point harness.

The Graco Modes include a slew of other appealing characteristics. A tray for parents comes with a cup holder and covered storage. Additionally, the child’s tray pivots, making it easier to reach your little one. Additional goods can be stored in the lower basket.

Extendable Canopy

Expandable canopy and lockable front wheels make the stroller easier to operate. The Modes have an automated lock and can be folded with just one hand when you’re done strolling. With a weight range spanning from infants to fifty pounds, this stroller can be used for quite a few years.


  • Expandable canopy and lockable front wheels make the stroller easier to operate. The Modes have an automated lock and can be folded with just one hand when you’re done strolling. With a weight range spanning from infants to fifty pounds, this stroller can be used for quite a few years.
  • An extended canopy and lockable front swivel wheels are also included with the stroller. You can fold the Modes with one hand and lock them when you’re done walking. This stroller can be put to good use for a long time because of its wide weight capacity, which accommodates infants all the way up to fifty pounds.
  • 23.5-inch circumference
  • 27.5-inches long
  • A maximum of 50 pounds is permitted.

What We Like

  • Options for many reclines, leg rests placements and riding modes make this chair extremely adaptable.
  • Three-point or five-point harnesses can be utilized by adjusting the height of the harness straps.
  • Grco products can be purchased at this location Seats that connect with the click of a button are known as Click
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like

  • Over time, plastic wheels may lose their sturdiness.
  • When switching between modes and cleaning, some assembly and disassembly are required.

Unique Features

  • There are three distinct modes for using a stroller.
  • There are four different ways to lie down.
  • ten different ways to ride
  • There are three different positions for the legs to rest in.
  • With a lot of room to spare.
  • The front wheels are locked.

Customer Reviews

Customers are generally pleased with this stroller, which develops with your child and keeps them safe and comfortable at the same time. For both parents and children, it has a tray and cupholders that are convenient. Parent trays, basket storage, and quick folding are all big hits with parents and caregivers.

Some stroller owners, however, were not pleased with the plastic wheels. They have a tendency to squeak and may not be able to withstand long-term use. In addition, steering with just one hand is more difficult with the four-wheel layout rather than the three-wheel setup.


  • Versatility
  • Collapsible and portable
  • Lots of storage

Lots of storage

  • Many places to put things.
  • With four wheels, it’s difficult to control with one hand.


All click-connect car seats can be used with the Graco Modes stroller. The infant and toddler seats may also be locked into place with ease. There are no off-brand adapters for the Graco Modes stroller, therefore it is not compatible with any other car seats.

Available As a Travel System

Consider the Modes travel system if you’re looking for a superb baby goods package. The Modes stroller, Graco’s SnugRide 35 Click Connect infant car seat, and a suitable base are included in the bundle.

With the SnugRide 35’s Click Connect, you won’t have to bother about adapters or changing goods while on the go.

Why is the Graco Modes a Great Stroller?

When compared to other strollers, the Graco Modes is an excellent choice for a family on the go. You get three strollers in one, so you can adapt to your child’s changing needs.

To link the Modes stroller to a Click Connect-equipped Graco car seat, there are no tools required. First, your child will be safe and secure in an infant seat and then a toddler seat after the car seat stage.

2. Graco Click Connect DuoGlider Double Stroller

The Graco DuoGlider Stroller is another popular choice for parents with more than one child. As with the Modes, it is equipped with Click Connect, which shares many of its features.

The seats are arranged in a “stadium-style” arrangement rather than side by side in this compact twin stroller. Graco Click Connect car seats may be quickly and easily attached to each seat using the seat’s built-in Click Connect feature.

The two kid seats can be connected once your child is able to use the stroller without their car seat. In addition to the recliner, each of them has a canopy and a footrest. Both seats can hold children up to forty pounds. The back seat can be used as an infant bassinet if you have children of different ages.

The Modes stroller’s great features are available in the DuoGlider as well. A large storage basket and front swivel wheels with locking capability are part of the package, as are cup holders for children and parents. Upon completion of your walk, the stroller folds down and can be securely locked shut for transport or storage.


  • Weight: 29.5 pounds
  • Inches tall:
  • Width: 20.5”
  • Width: 20.5”

What We Like

  • Width is 20.5 inches
  • There are Click Connect car seats and kid seats available for every seat.
  • Everything you love about Graco Modes is here in one package

What We Don’t Like

  • As big as it is when unfolded
  • The storage basket is difficult to reach when a car seat is mounted in the back.
  • Both child seats do not have the same amount of reclining space.

Unique features

  • Footrests, a canopy, and a tray with cup holders are standard on both child seats.
  • For infants, the rear kid seat folds flat.
  • It is possible to use the car seat canopy and stroller canopies together when a car seat is installed.

Customer Reviews

This stroller’s two-child capacity and similar features to the Modes stroller make it a favorite among parents. Having the ability to fold down the rear seat for a younger child while the front seat remains upright is a big plus.

Customers complained that they couldn’t adjust the positions of either seat. Rear-facing or facing each other are not permitted for any seat. Parents also complained about the plastic wheels’ quality, just like they did about the modes.


  • Seating in a stadium style
  • The ability to convert the back seat into a bassinet for a little child.


  • Inability to change the seat’s orientation
  • Plastic tyres
  • When a carrier is attached, it is difficult to get to the basket.


Dual infant car seats are compatible with the DuoGlider. It also features two detachable or attachable child seats. Graco does not produce an adaptor, thus other car seats cannot be used.

Car seats manufactured by companies other than Graco may be compatible with an adapter bar from a third party manufacturer. However, your Graco product guarantee may be voided if you do this.

How Does it Compare to Other Dual Strollers?

The Graco DuoGlider received a mixed bag of reviews. A combination of a car seat and a kid seat was convenient for parents, who appreciated the ease with which they could connect their infant car seats to each other. Graco’s addition of numerous comfort and storage features was also a big hit with the customers.

Most owners, on the other hand, thought the seats lacked sufficient adaptability. There is no way to reverse the seating arrangement. Additionally, there is only one recline position (with varying degrees of recline) and no way to adjust the footrests. As a final note, parents expressed concerns about the wheels’ quality, saying they were difficult to control over rocky terrain.

3. Graco Pace, FastAction Jogger, and the LiteRider

The Pace, the FastAction Fold Jogger, and the LiteRider are three more Graco Click Connect strollers worth noting. Pace Click Connect is a pared down version of the Graco Modes stroller. For infants, it can be used with the Graco SnugRide Click Connect infant car seat. It differs from the Modes in that it features a locking front wheel and a sporty three-wheel design. All of the above are included: a canopy, child’s tray, parent’s tray, and a storage basket. Up to fifty pounds of weight can be accommodated in the stroller’s capacity.

The Fast Action

Pace’s sporty sibling, the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect stroller, is now available. With the three-wheel arrangement, it includes all of the Pace’s features, as well This stroller has huge rubber bicycle-style wheels on the front and back wheels. You can run or walk in them because of the extra cushioning and support they provide.

Recline in two different positions.

It’s possible to classify the Graco LiteRider LX as a high-end umbrella stroller. In order to utilize the two-position reclining toddler seat, you must have a Graco Click Connect baby car seat. With a child’s tray, a parent’s cupholder and storage bin included as well as an adjustable belt, this stroller has everything you could possibly need for your child. There are four wheels on this model, as opposed to the two on the previous two, and the two in front may rotate or lock.


  • When you’re ready, click the Connect button.
  • Toddler chair that reclines
  • Trays for children and parents
  • Canopy
  • a container for storing things


  • It’s a four-wheeled stroller, making it an umbrella stroller.
  • There are three wheels on both the Pace and FastAction Fold Jogger.
  • Rubber bicycle wheels with suspension are used in the FastAction Fold Jogger.


The Graco LiteRider was the subject of one recall. Graco issued a recall of this stroller type on November 20, 2014, owing to the folding mechanism. Children’s fingers have been sliced or amputated due to the folding hinge. Affected goods: Product dates range from August 1, 2000 through September 25, 2014 for strollers.


Customers can request a free repair kit by contacting Graco. Owners should exercise extreme caution while using the stroller until the kit arrives, making sure the hinge is secured and their fingers are kept out of the way.

Expiration Dates

You won’t discover an expiration date on strollers, unlike car seats, which have an expiration date. However, if they are used for a lengthy period of time, they may break or become obsolete. Do not use your stroller unless it is safe to do so.

Graco FastAction™ Fold Sport Click Connect™ Travel System | Graco Baby


In states where limited warranties are permitted, Graco will issue a limited warranty on its goods. All exclusions may not be applicable to you depending on where in the country you live. Graco offers a one-year limited guarantee on most of their products. Graco recommends that you contact them if a problem occurs during the warranty term so that they can either replace or repair the component.


Spot cleaning is possible on the stroller’s frame, as well as the seat cushioning. Use a damp cloth, warm water, and mild soap to clean the surface of your computer or other electronic device. The stroller should never be cleaned with bleach. Light oil can be used to lubricate noisy wheels.


What strollers are compatible with Graco Click Connect?

Graco Click Connect car seats are compatible with the strollers listed below. The specific car seat, on the other hand, may differ depending on the stroller model.

  • Modes
  • FastAction
  • DuoGlider
  • Pace
  • LiteRider
  • Joggers with Trax
  • Comfortable Cruiser
  • Ready2Grow
  • Verb
  • RoomFor2
  • Relay
  • Breeze

Are all Graco strollers Click Connect?

There are several Graco strollers that don’t have a Click Connect car seat adapter.

How do you use the Graco Click Connect stroller?

How to use Click Connect to connect your car seat is demonstrated in the video below. Remove the tray and fully recline the seat if the toddler seat isn’t removable.

Next, align the car seat with the stroller’s Click Connect port. When you hear a click, you’ve reached the end of your push-down stroke.

Do all Graco car seats fit in strollers?

Graco car seats are not interchangeable with strollers. When using Click Connect, Graco strollers will work. Many different car seats can be used with Graco car seats.

It’s possible that some Graco strollers don’t accommodate any car seat at all. Some Graco car seats are not compatible with strollers.


Their car seats and strollers benefit greatly from Graco’s Click Connect. Parents choose the Graco Modes stroller for this feature, which is available on a wide range of strollers.

The Graco DuoGlider is a great option for families with several children.

When it comes to safety and comfort, though, all of Graco’s Click Connect strollers meet or exceed expectations.