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As previously said, most strollers are designed for smooth sidewalks, not rough terrain, making them less than ideal for off-the-beaten-path family adventures.

If you’re a parent with numerous small children, you’ll need a stroller-wagon hybrid if you want a practical method to enjoy the outdoors.

Evenflo is a market leader in kid safety items such as car seats and strollers. No surprise that they have a vast selection of wagons to choose from since the company has been around for a long time. The Evenflo Wagon with Storage beneath the Seat is one of those wagons. Folding an Evenflo wagon is easy if you follow the instructions in this article.

What Is A Stroller Wagon?

Babies and small children can travel in wagons designed specifically for stroller use. A stroller with the added bonus of fun and adventure for your youngster is what you get with them.

What Are The Benefits Of A Stroller Wagon?

Foldable wagons are being purchased by parents for a variety of good reasons.

For outdoor activities, stroller wagons are designed with all-terrain wheels that can handle uneven roads and sand.

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Wheelchair wagons help children with impairments to take part in activities that they would not otherwise be able to.

Sporting events benefit from the portability of foldable wagons with canopies, which also serve to limit noise and excitement.

Stroller-wagon hybrids, on the other hand, can be pushed as well as pulled, allowing caregivers more flexibility in how they move their children.

At What Age Can A Baby Ride In A Stroller Wagon?

Unless your baby can sit up and use a safety strap, a stroller wagon is not suggested for children under the age of six months.

In contrast, many tactical strollers have accessories that make it easier for parents of young children to move both a toddler and a newborn at the same time.

What Should I Look for in a Stroller Wagon?

When searching for a stroller, there are a few factors to keep in mind. If you’ve done your research, you should know exactly what features you absolutely require and what you can do without. Consider the following factors before making a final decision.


There are certain stroller wagons that are enormous and heavy. At the trunk of your car and in your house, they take up a lot of space. If you’re going to buy a stroller wagon, make sure you have enough storage space. Fortunately, the product description usually includes dimensions.

Weight Limit

With larger children, this functionality can be crucial. Make certain that the stroller wagon’s maximum weight capacity fulfills your requirements. As a result, it’ll see a lot of action before your kids outgrow it!


On a hot day, canopies are an excellent way to reduce your exposure to the sun. Infants and small children have very sensitive skin, therefore it’s important to use a wagon with a canopy that blocks UVA and UVB radiation. There are a variety of stroller wagons to choose from. As for the canopy, some come with a removable one, while others have a built-in one. Stroller wagons without a canopy are also available.

Ease of Use

Consider the type of terrain you’ll be driving the stroller wagon on before you get started. Some stroller wagons have wheels that can handle sand, dirt, and snow, while others have tires that are only suitable for tarmac. To avoid making things more difficult for ourselves as parents, don’t skip this stage.

Safety Features

Brakes are standard on all of the stroller wagons on our list. Choose a vehicle with self-locking brakes to avoid accidents. Double locks are preferable to one-wheeled locks. When riding in a stroller wagon with an older newborn or small child, a safety harness is recommended. The most secure choice is a 5-point harness.


Pockets on stroller wagons may be used for storing things. The size and the quantity of them can be different. ‘ Water bottle holders are standard on certain models, but larger pockets for snacks and other items are available on others. If you’re utilizing pockets, make sure they’re evenly distributed over both sides of the stroller to avoid tip-overs. A traumatic brain injury occurs in one-quarter of all stroller falls.


Pulling the stroller wagon can be accomplished using either the stroller handle or the wagon handle that is included on some versions. Some models, on the other hand, only feature a handle that serves two purposes.

Car seat adapters

Infant car seats and older children can be safely transported in the same vehicle with the help of car seat adapters. The wagon’s seat can be used by your child, while the infant car seat can be used by the baby.


If you get a wagon stroller with stain-resistant material, you can make cleaning a lot easier.

How To Fold An Evenflo Stroller Wagon

Start by pulling down on each red tab on either side of the wheel’s bottom, then releasing it to re-close the book-like flaps.

This will allow you to fold your wheels over one another for storage by unlocking two hinges that hold them in place. In order to know if they’ve been unlocked, you should hear a sound.

Another release is located in the middle of each side, unlocking two hinges on the bottom of the wagon, and locking it in place so that you can fold the wagon up from those sides. Pull this release and raise them so that their back wheels are now horizontal.

As in closing a book, fold the wagon in half lengthwise by pulling it from one end to the other and folding it over on itself, as in step 3. This is the final step, and it involves folding the wagon’s sides into a “L” shape so that the bottom of the wagon may be freed.

Pull on both red tabs on either wheelbase to unlock them, then press outwards away from one another like opening a book until they click firmly once more.

How do you take apart an Evenflo stroller?

The Evenflo stroller is an affordable and practical option for traveling with your child.

When dismantling an Evenflo stroller, there are only four steps to follow. The frame of the stroller is the first thing to look at. The wheels attach to the frame through two metal hinges on either side of the frame.

If the hinges aren’t too tight, an adjustable wrench or a pair of pliers can be used to unscrew them. Then, after removing the screws, carefully pull up on the hinge’s opposite side (the left hinge in this case) until it pops free, as illustrated below:

Step two: Fold both backrests all the way down.

Take out the hinges by gently pulling up on the metal frame of the seat. The stroller will now be in one piece with no loose parts. You may now disassemble this for easier storage and transportation.

If you want to put it back together, just follow these procedures in reverse order. Before continuing to step three, you must first reconstruct the seatback on top of the lower piece as seen below:

Use an adjustable wrench to secure both hinges back into position (or by hand). To see how well your new Evenflo wagon works, fold down all four seats and take it for a spin around the neighborhood. That’s how basic it is.

How to fold an Evenflo Sibby stroller

The first step is to remove the headrest from its pocket by unzipping the seat cover’s zipper.

Two hex bolts on each side of the handlebar must be unfastened to remove it. The handlebar can be stored away for future use. Adjustable stroller frame base straps can be undone by looping the lower cross-brace below them around the adjustable strap and then retightening the strap so that it will not loosen again.

You can use this loop as an effective buckle if you need to by sliding a black stopper piece up or down within it.

Another latch with three Velcro pieces attached to it can be found by moving your hand down the inside of the back panel ( see photo).

Step four: Release the lower cross-brace by opening the lock and pushing upwards.

You’ve just folded your Evenflo wagon like a pro! You may now put it back together and store it in its bag until you need it again.

Once the stroller has been dismantled, begin by putting the rear panel in place, making careful to push a black stopper/buckle up against the straps at the base of the stroller frame, as shown in these photographs (see below).

Tighten bolts starting from the inside out, wrapping handlebar around stroller body slightly above top cross bracing until both ends meet (see illustration below).

The stroller can now be used as normal.

When you’re done folding, just pull up on one of the bottom cross braces to release the back panel and place it on the ground. It has been reduced in size so that it may be carried or stored more easily.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Stroller Wagon

As you can see, even before purchasing my own, I did quite a bit of study on stroller wagons. Make sure it’s within your budget and has all of the features you need before you buy. I was also looking for a product that offered good value for the money. When making an online purchase, I think it’s critical to take the time to browse through user evaluations. It’s the only way to get a true sense of what you’re getting into unless you’ve actually used it yourself. In the process of generating this list, I went a step farther. The following are my top picks from among all the possibilities. This list has something for every parent, and I hope you find the right one for you.

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Our Top Picks for the Best Stroller Wagon

#1: Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon (Best Value)

A maximum weight of 110 lbs. is permitted.

34 x 19.37 x 34.6 inches are the measurements of the wagon.

6 months to six years old is the ideal age range.

This one appears to be the most popular among parents, based on my extensive study. It’s a terrific deal for the money, and it comes with everything you could possible need. You can put it to a number of uses as a safe and reliable stroller wagon. To find out why this particular model is at the top of our list, keep reading.

It has two 5-point harnesses that may be adjusted in height.

Children should be strapped into safety harnesses when using this stroller wagon. The harnesses are adjustable in height as an additional advantage. As your child develops, you can continue to utilize this stroller wagon. It’s a feature you won’t find on any other stroller.

It’s Quite Light.

At 32 pounds, this stroller wagon is a breeze to carry. Aluminum, one of the lightest metals, is used in its construction. You won’t have any difficulty bringing this stroller along on your next outing. It’s also long-lasting, so you’ll have peace of mind.

This Item Comes Equipped With Additional Features

The Keenz 7S is the only wagon on this list that come equipped with as many options as this one. Because you won’t have to buy anything else, I think this is a worthwhile investment. What are you going to buy? In the event that you wish to move the canopy or while it is not in use, you may store it in the canopy storage bag, which includes a storage cover and a cup holder.

What else does the Keenz 7S have going for it?

  • Capabilities to push or pull
  • Automatic braking with a single touch
  • Handlebars that can be adjusted
  • Washable and reusable interior components
  • Sunscreen with a built-in mesh layer


  • You can’t use a car seat adaptor for an infant car seat.
  • It’s a hefty price.

You’ll have everything you need for a great family excursion with this mid-range stroller wagon. All of your necessities will fit comfortably inside. It’s safe, and it’s small and light enough to take with you wherever you go. It’s safe and long-lasting, and that’s exactly what you want in a product. As a bonus, the material is extremely easy to clean. This chariot is well worth the money you’re spending on it. You will not be dissatisfied.

#2: Veer Cruiser Next Generation Premium Stroller Wagon Hybrid (Best Premium)

A maximum weight of 110 lbs. is permitted.

Dimensions of wagon: 37 x 20 x 25 in.

Newborn (with car seat adapter) to 6 years old are the recommended ages.

You won’t find anything like this anywhere else. This stroller wagon is well worth the money if you don’t mind spending it. This choice, despite being more expensive, is worth it to me. Learn more about why in the next paragraphs. You’ll want to utilize this wagon as often as possible because it has so much to offer and is so extremely flexible. Let’s take a look at some of this stroller wagon’s top features.

Infant Car Seats Will Fit.

This feature is unique among the other stroller wagons on this list. Leaving the house with a newborn and a toddler has never been easier. A single stroller and a baby carrier are all that is needed. The adaptor for infants under six months old is supplied separately, but it is absolutely necessary.

It Has All-Terrain Wheels

This all-terrain stroller wagon can handle any type of road or weather. Hilly terrain can be conquered with ease by this vehicle. Using the Veer Cruiser if you live in a location where these issues are present is a no-brainer. It has been designed to withstand a wide range of road conditions.

The Veer Cruiser Next Generation Stroller Wagon Hybrid has even more options to offer..

  • Cupholders for two
  • Tray for food and drink
  • Meets ASTM specifications
  • It has been approved by JPMA.
  • Handlebar height can be adjusted.
  • The fabric is water and stain resistant.
  • Automatic braking with a single touch
  • Two 3-point safety harnesses


  • The lack of a canopy means it isn’t UV-protected.
  • It’s a significant investment.

Designed to last a long time, this stroller wagon is made of military-grade aluminum. Its sturdiness is unrivaled in the industry. The capacity to fit an infant car seat is, however, the most important selling point. This alone makes it stand out from the crowd. Because of its high price, it may be out of reach for many families. It’s worth the money, but only if you can afford it.

#3: Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon (Best Double Canopy)

The maximum weight is 120 lbs.

Its measurements are 45 x 27 x 39 inches.

Ages recommended: newborns to five years old (with a car seat adaptor).

This stroller wagon is one of the more affordable options. It’s 40% less expensive than the Keenz 7S and only a little more expensive than the Radio Flyer in comparison (our budget choice below). If you’re on a tight budget, this is an excellent option for your little ones to take to the zoo, the beach or the supermarket. This all-terrain stroller wagon has a few unique characteristics that you won’t find on any other. See if this is the best choice for you by continuing to read on.

Is Equipped With Two Canopy

For some reason, you may be questioning why two canopies are necessary. When there are multiple children in the stroller, the canopy may need to be raised or lowered depending on which child is riding. If you’re looking for a wagon with a single canopy that covers the entire vehicle, your kids may argue over it. Having this stroller wagon will bring you piece of mind. When it’s time to put the stroller away, there’s no need to remove the canopy.

Conveniently Located Storage Areas

When you’re out with your kids, the attached storage basket is a lifesaver. It’s a convenient place to keep snacks, beverages, and other necessities close at hand for your child. Much easier than going through your purse or backpack to find what you need.

Besides the Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain stroller wagon, what more does it have to offer?’

  • UPF 50+ sun protection is provided by canopies.
  • Handlebars can be pushed or pulled in either direction.
  • A tray with cup holders for snacks and beverages.
  • Tires that can take a beating
  • Canvas awnings with two color possibilities for reversal
  • Changing from a stroller to a wagon is a cinch.


  • In order to clean the snack tray, you cannot remove it.
  • Adults aren’t supposed to use this.

If you can’t afford the Veer Cruiser or the Keenz 7S, this is a wonderful alternative. Taking the kids out is made a little less stressful thanks to the extra storage and enough for two children. Toddlers from one to five years old can benefit greatly from the convenience of this stroller wagon. In general, this is an excellent low-cost item.

#4: Radio Flyer Convertible Stroller Wagon (Best Low Cost)

The maximum weight is 120 lbs.

A 53.9-by-25.25-by-35.72-inch wagon

1 year old to 5 years old is the ideal age range.

My family ended up purchasing this stroller wagon, and we’re in love with it! This is one of the most cost-effective stroller wagons I’ve ever seen. Let’s take a look at some of the Radio Flyer’s best features.

It’s Quick and Easy to Put Together

When it comes to following instructions and putting things together, I’m usually “challenged.” However, I was able to assemble this stroller wagon on my own without any help. It was up and running in a matter of minutes. That was one of my favorite features of this device. When it comes to following directions and putting things together, I usually have difficulty. I, on the other hand, was able to assemble this stroller wagon all by myself in a matter of minutes with no outside help. After removing it from the packaging, it was ready to use in a matter of seconds. That was one of the things I appreciated most about this product.

It Has a Zipper on the Side for a Different Use Case.

For starters, having a side zipper is a godsend when your children are older and more self-sufficient. It gives them the freedom to go in and out of the wagon on their own. As though the stroller had a bench seat, this zipper allows larger children to sit with their feet on the side of the stroller. However, for children aged one to three, a safety harness is preferable.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Push and pull handlebars are available.
  • Removable UV-protection canopy.
  • a pair of five-point harnesses
  • Pedal on the back foot
  • Folding using one’s hands
  • Essentials can be stored in the rear storage pouch.


  • Forget plastic cup holders!
  • There is no storage space available at this time.

This stroller wagon has exceeded my expectations in every way. We take it with us whenever we leave the house with any of our children. All aspects of the product are simple to use, including storage in your vehicle. It is also easy to clean when there is an inevitable mess. One of my favorite brands is Radio Flyer and their stroller wagon design is a favorite of mine. If you’re on a tight budget, this is the way to go. I couldn’t find a better wagon for the same price anywhere else. The Creative Outdoor is in the same ballpark as this, but it’s still more pricey. Other stroller models have cup holders and carseat adapters, and I wish this one did, too. In the future, we may upgrade to the Veer Cruiser or the Keenz 7S. For the time being, this stroller is perfect for me.

#5: WonderFold W4 Multi-Function Quad Stroller Wagon (Highest Weight Limit)

Those weighing more over 300 pounds are not allowed.

Towing capacity is determined by the following factors:

The ideal age range is six months and up.

Big kids will love this stroller wagon. Even though it’s a more costly product, the Veer Cruiser is less pricey. However, if you require a higher weight restriction, this is the greatest alternative available to you. It is the only wagon stroller of its sort in our top picks, thanks to the sturdy steel frame. This is a good option if your children are older. Learn more about the WonderFold W4 Quad in the following paragraphs.

It has a Weight Capacity of 300 pounds.

The WonderFold W4 is the only stroller wagon that I could locate that can hold as much weight. As a wagon when they no longer require it as a stroller, it’s the greatest option for older children. This stroller wagon is more pricey than usual, but it will last for many years. It’s worth it only for the ability to carry a lot of weight.

4 5-Point Harnesses Are Included.

There’s enough capacity for four children to be seated in this kid’s cart at one time. Most stroller wagons have a maximum capacity of two children; this one has a capacity of four. In the event you have more than two kids, this is a great option. Storage is another option for the extra room. Room for everyone.

What other characteristics are there?

  • One-step folding, collapsible
  • 8-inch front and 10-inch back heavy-duty wheels
  • Polyester fabric of the highest quality
  • Added storage and greater legroom by raising the chairs.
  • Canopy with UV protection


  • The usage of a carseat adaptor is not an option.
  • It’s a little heavier than some of the other options.

In terms of stroller wagons, this is one of the best values around. With its increased weight limit and storage possibilities, it accomplishes more than any other double stroller ever could. As a stroller or a wagon, it has one handle, although it can be used either way. For families with several children and beach vacations, this is the best option. This kid’s wagon will meet your needs as long as your budget allows it.

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon (Adventurer Gray) - Walmart.com

#6: Creative Outdoor Push-Pull Collapsible Folding Wagon Stroller (Best Utility Wagon)

Weight restriction: 150 lbs.

Dimensions of wagon: 40.92 x 22.8 x 31.1 in.

1 year old to 5 years old is the ideal age range.

The Radio Flyer wagon stroller is the most expensive on the market, but this model comes in at a close second. It’s a good value for the money, and it’s built to last. Because of the high number of excellent reviews from parents, I decided this stroller would be a good choice to round out our selection. Despite the fact that this stroller wagon doesn’t have a lot going for it, it does its job well and is safe. Learn more about its characteristics by reading on.

There is no need for assembly.

As a parent, I’m not sure whether I’m the only one who appreciates things that can be put to use immediately out of the box. Avoiding minor assembly projects is preferable to those that I do enjoy. Because it’s so light (along with the other options on this list), this stroller wagon is a breeze to transport. Put it in the car and drive off.

Its Front Swivel Wheels Rotate 360 Degrees in All directions.

An excellent cart for traversing uneven ground. In order to avoid obstructions, the swiveling front wheel makes it easy to get about. Simply because of this, it’s ideal for trips to the park, beach, camping, or any other outside location. It has a very comfortable ride.

Other elements of the wagon stroller are…

  • Cover with an SPF of 70 that can be removed.
  • A built-in basket for keeping things organized.
  • Each tire has a brake pedal that needs to be pushed.
  • Handles that can be shifted in any direction.


  • It’s not possible to make use of a car seat adaptor
  • There are no cup holders.

This stroller wagon features two seat belts, but no 5-point harnesses for your children’s protection. If you’re taking a journey with a tiny child, avoid this. However, its primary function is to serve as a utility vehicle. Depending on your needs, you may find yourself utilizing it more for food, tailgating supplies, or beach gear. Although I am confident in the stroller’s safety, parents should keep a close eye on their children to make sure they are buckled in securely.

At What Age Can a Baby Ride in a Wagon?

At six months old, most newborns can travel in a stroller wagon. A good indication of readiness for this stage is the ability to sit up straight and unassisted on one’s own. Nevertheless, if your kid isn’t quite able to accomplish this yet, it’s best to wait. Some infants may not be able to sit unaided for another month or two until they have developed enough core strength. If you’re worried about your child’s health, talk to your doctor. An excellent option for families with an infant and an older child is the Veer Cruiser 7S. Car seat adapters allow you to keep your infant in the car seat until he or she is older. Eventually, your baby will be able to sit in the wagon on its own, as they become older and stronger.

What Alternatives Do I Have

You can check out our list of the best double strollers if you need a stroller for two children. A stroller that allows you to stand and sit is another option to explore.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Stroller Wagon?

Prices for stroller carts can vary widely. Many of the lowest prices I’ve seen are between $150 and $600. Compare the features of each option and pick the one that best suits your needs and your budget. It’s possible that the price of a product is related to the brand it comes from. If you’re a diehard fan of the brand and don’t mind shelling out a little extra cash, go for it. Fortunately, the top six products that I recommend are available at a variety of price points. To avoid more investigation, you should be able to identify the correct one for you.

Can I Bring My Stroller Wagon to Disney World?

No. Unfortunately, no stroller wagons are allowed at any of Walt Disney World’s parks. As a result, a standard stroller or a jogging double stroller is permitted. Stroller sizes are restricted, however. It is illegal to have a stroller that is wider than 31 inches and longer than 52 inches. Rental strollers are available in the parks if yours is too big. As a result of these guidelines, there will be no overcrowding and visitors will be able to enjoy the parks comfortably.

Can I Gate-Check a Collapsible Stroller Wagon?

Yes. Gate-checking foldable or collapsible stroller wagons is permitted at airports. Prior to departure, they can be utilized to traverse the airport more conveniently. As a result, your children are more protected while traveling through the airport. This list includes foldable stroller wagons, so you can utilize any of them up to the point where you depart from your gate. Strollers that are neither foldable or collapsible must be checked in with larger luggage.

Verdict: Your Best Stroller Wagon

The following information will help you choose the best baby carriage.

The Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon is the finest value for your money. As far as price-to-feature ratio goes, it’s the best value around, thanks to its abundance of extras.

The Veer Cruiser Next Generation Premium Stroller Wagon is the best option if you want a high-end stroller. If you need to travel both a baby and a toddler, this is the stroller for you. The adapter for the car seat is a godsend.

Evenflo’s Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon is the greatest alternative with a double canopy. When you can keep your children from squabbling over a canopy, life is a lot easier. Each of them can determine for themselves whether or not to utilize the stroller.

The Radio Flyer Convertible Stroller Wagon is a great option if you’re looking to spend less than $150. When used as a utility wagon, it can haul a substantial amount of weight and is ideal for transporting two or more children.

The Creative Outdoor Push-Pull Collapsible Folding Wagon Stroller is the best utility wagon available. Despite the fact that it was designed to be a stroller, many parents prefer to use it as a wagon.. This doesn’t imply, however, that some parents don’t enjoy using it as a mode of transportation for their children.

I’m confident that you’ll discover the right stroller wagon on our list when you’re ready to buy one. Making a choice should be less stressful due to the wide range of options and prices available. In the event that you know parents of multiples, this might be an ideal birthday gift for twins. Shop for parents-to-be and discover whether one of our recommended stroller wagons is on their baby registry before you buy them a present!

Each stroller wagon is slightly different, despite the fact that they all look the same. Buying the proper model for your child or youngsters is important. In addition, your children will outgrow it and it can be utilized as a utility wagon to transport beach gear when they are no longer little. It’s a good idea to think about it.