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The Maclaren Quest is the best option if you want a stroller that you can operate with one hand. However, adjusting the recline settings while holding your infant in the pram can be difficult. Here is a detailed guide on how to fold and recline a Maclaren Quest stroller.

Who Is Maclaren?

After a trip to England in 1965, Owen Finlay Maclaren was inspired to create a new kind of stroller.

His daughter was using a heavy and cumbersome stroller to move his grandchild, and he saw the need for a more lightweight alternative.

Maclaren is well-known in the aviation industry for his innovative, lightweight, and load-bearing designs for the Spitfire.

Using this knowledge, he designed the earliest version of what would become modern umbrella strollers. This type of stroller is great for traveling because it collapses like the landing gear of a Spitfire airplane.

With their latest stroller lineup, Maclaren has maintained faithful to their original concept. The original Baby Buggy can be seen in the permanent collections of both the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

How to Recline a Maclaren Quest Stroller - Krostrade

High-end designers and luxury brands worked with the company to make some of the most aesthetically pleasing strollers on the market. In the past, we’ve collaborated with brands including Lacoste, Philippe Starck, Jill Stuart, Burberry, Lulu Guinness, BMW, and Juicy Couture.

Maclaren Today

The company Maclaren is now widely recognized as the industry standard. It is dedicated to providing high-quality goods that meet or exceed industry standards for both aesthetics and security. All of its offerings are made with busy families in mind.

The strollers look like they were taken straight out of the 1960s. Both trendy and functional, they are a must-have. Strollers have changed little since their inception, but now come in a dizzying array of hues, patterns, and materials.

What Parents Say About Maclaren Strollers

It would seem that parents prefer Maclaren strollers. The majority of parents agree with Maclaren’s claim that its strollers are designed for those who live in metropolitan areas and rely on public transportation.

Many parents have mentioned how helpful it is to be able to fold the stroller for use on public transportation.

A lighter stroller would be preferable to some reviewers. However, Maclaren has produced some standout lines, like the Quest, that are surprisingly lightweight given their size and strength.

Customer reviews also show that the strollers’ fabrics are of the greatest quality and last for a very long time.

Maclaren’s support staff has been praised for how quickly and effectively they resolve issues for customers. Parents were pleased with the timely delivery of their strollers and the company’s responsiveness to their inquiries.

Steps on How to Recline a Maclaren Quest Stroller

It’s unsafe to recline the stroller with a child inside. Check the distance behind their head and the back of the chair. Measure More than two inches (about five centimeters) of clearance is recommended for best performance. Folding any excess fabric on both sides might make a long car ride or walk across town more comfortable and secure.

How much does the Maclaren Quest weigh?

As a general rule, Maclaren Quest strollers are lightest at roughly 11 pounds.


The Maclaren Quest is an excellent choice if you need a stroller that can be easily transported from place to place. This model’s four-wheel suspension makes it capable of smoothly traversing any terrain.

This chair has numerous convenient features, including a padded seat that reclines back to 120 degrees (perfect for naps!). Furthermore, the leg rest may be shifted forward to account for your child’s growing stature. What do you think is the best feature of this stroller? It weighs only about 16 ounces!

How to assemble Maclaren Quest stroller

Frame, wheels, and other parts needed to assemble a Maclaren Quest stroller are provided. Each step of the procedure is accompanied with a huge, high-quality image:

To begin, please remove all contents from the box (there are actually two boxes inside).

Next, assemble the front right wheel and proceed to attach the remaining three wheels and manage the seat backrest canopy bars on either side (which is explained in detail here).

You are now prepared to begin your journey.

How reclining Maclaren Quest Stroller works

You can recline your seat back by pushing down on the handlebar at the top while using the other hand to adjust the height of the backrest.

To set the wheels facing the direction of travel, lower the right wheel and raise the left wheel using the levers on the left and right sides of the vehicle, respectively. You’ll have less trouble steering the car and keeping an eye on the infant if you do this.

To lock in place, press the plastic button located directly under each wheel mechanism.

When you hear a click, it means your Maclaren expedition is ready to begin. That is to say, the vehicle’s four wheels are securely connected, allowing it to traverse any surface.

The stroller’s versatility lies in its capacity to transform from a standing position with the wheels aligned vertically, like a bicycle, to a reclining position with the wheels aligned horizontally, like a jogger.

The longer piece of the hood is intended for when your baby is sitting up straight in their seat, while the shorter section allows you to keep an eye on them even when they are leaning back and relaxing.

How do I close the Maclaren Quest arc?

The Quest has elasticized straps that can be adjusted to ensure that your child is always in a comfortable and secure fit. Check that the straps around your child’s waist, shoulders, and chest are snug, and if they are, loosen them slightly.

To recline, press down on both handles at once (one on each side of the seat) and hold until the seat is horizontal. If you want to recline at your own pace, all you have to do is touch a single handle to move it to the appropriate position.

Overly tightening the straps can make the child uncomfortable or make it hard for them to breathe, in addition to making it difficult for them to get in and out of the stroller in the reclining position. Squeezing both handles together causes a click when the lock engages.

How to secure a car seat with Maclaren Quest Stroller

To recline a stroller, grip both handles (one on each side) at the same time until the seat is horizontal, then let go. Overly tightening the straps can make the child uncomfortable or make it hard for them to breathe, in addition to making it difficult for them to get in and out of the stroller in the reclining position.

Don’t forget to squeeze only one handle, too! To secure the locks, grasp one handle in each hand and press down firmly with the other until you hear a click.

What Should I Look For in a Maclaren Stroller?

When it comes to umbrella strollers, I think Maclaren is the best option. There is a wide range of options open to them. Each one is little and intuitive to use. Even though you can’t go wrong with a Maclaren Stroller, here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re shopping.

Criteria #1: Do you like the style?

A common nickname for Maclaren strollers is “dad strollers.” You can get this on some wacky website. Why? They are better suited for dads because of their straightforward style. There shouldn’t be any floral prints or ruffles on a Maclaren. Yet it would be a mistake to assume they are exclusively useful for parents. It’s not hard to see why Maclaren strollers are so well-liked. If you value a well crafted automobile, a Maclaren is an excellent option.

Criteria #2: Is it big enough?

Compact strollers are Maclaren’s specialty. The results of this are a degree of uncertainty when it comes to storing necessities. Umbrella strollers with ample space for your belongings are a must if you tend to lug around a lot of gear. There are Maclarens where passengers will feel cramped.

What Sets Maclaren Apart?

For the 2021 Maclaren, the words “compact,” “light,” and “safe” spring to mind. That is the crux of the issue for Owen Finlay Maclaren’s business. For over 40 years, they’ve worked to make their strollers among the lightest available. All of their strollers must pass a comprehensive safety test before they are sold. Because of this, it’s more probable that parents will go forward with a purchase.

lightweight construction plans

When it comes to foldability, Maclaren strollers are among the best on the market. It’s made for parents who are always on the go and don’t have time to fuss with a bulky stroller. Even their so-called “travel system” is more lightweight than its rivals. It looks and feels nothing like a regular form of transportation.

Simple as that.

Maclaren prioritizes simplicity of usage. This is why they’ve made pushing the stroller so easy. You can fold them up and put them away in a bag with only one hand, and you can use them with ease on any surface. Their small stature makes them ideal for use in cramped quarters.

Superior Rules for Protecting People’s Health

If they have an umbrella stroller, you already know they’re sensitive. It’s not the case with Maclaren strollers. All Maclaren strollers are put through a rigorous safety evaluation before they are released to the public. This stroller meets the international standard for child safety, so parents may feel good about buying it for their precious little ones.

A Simplified and Elegant Approach to Design

An Effortlessly Chic Simplicity

To Fold With One Hand

The fact that Maclarens can be folded down into a little package with just one hand is a major plus. When folded in this manner, no additional hardware, such as cables or fasteners, is required. It’s possible to quickly and easily collapse the stroller and take it with you wherever you go. Use the convenient carrying strap to move it and squeeze it into small spaces.

Totally watertight and sunblocking canopies.

Each of these items is finished off with a UPF 50+ canopy and a weatherproof rain cover. Maclaren’s creators place a premium on ensuring that the baby’s sensitive skin is not compromised in any way. With this in mind, they designed canopies that would be impervious to both the sun’s rays and the rain.

What Types of Strollers Does Maclaren Make?

Maclaren, a manufacturer, specializes in umbrella strollers. You can choose from a variety of strollers, including tandem models, that can accommodate multiple children. However, double strollers are rarely depicted. As far as I can tell, the Maclaren Twin Triumph is the only option for parents looking to transport two children at once. This is a great option for families with two small children. Single-child households enjoy greater flexibility.

Our Picks for the Top Maclaren Strollers of 2021

If you’re seeking for the best umbrella stroller on the market, the Maclaren is one choice to consider. And then there’s the matter of taste. Only the top three names on the original list remain. All of the items in this best umbrella stroller list were selected after extensive research and consideration of reviews and recommendations made by other parents both online and offline. When weighing my alternatives, I made sure to consider each stroller’s unique set of characteristics. Check out these featherweight wonders.

Maclaren Quest Stroller Black | Kidinn

Maclaren Mark II (Most Lightweight Model)

In order to keep up with their busy lifestyles, parents need a reliable stroller that doesn’t weigh too much yet can still go everywhere they go. The convenience of a stroller that folds up and fits in the car trunk is a must for this family. There’s no need for the extra bells and whistles that come with the more expensive version. The Maclaren Mark II’s success can be attributed to how easy it is to use. A few arguments in favor follow.

Most Lightweight Stroller

A mere 7.94 pounds are required to push the Maclaren Mark II Stroller throughout town. In fact, it’s commonly regarded as the world’s lightest full-size reclining stroller! The fact that it’s so small and light makes it a go-to for a slew of parents. Instead of lugging around a heavy, cumbersome stroller, go for this compact and easy-to-fold alternative.

Maclaren Quest Stroller (Best Value)

Some parents place less importance on size than others. They still require or desire certain capabilities. If you’re a parent searching for a stroller with a ton of features but not a ton of weight, the Maclaren Quest may be your best bet. Here are some of the most persuasive arguments in favor of always having a Quest Stroller on hand.

Suitable for Newborns

In contrast to the Mark II, the Quest is designed to manage babies as young as six months of age. This is due to the fact that the Newborn Safety System has been implemented. The technology creates a safe and comfortable environment for newborns. As a result, new parents can travel with their babies and not worry about anything.

4-Position Reclining Seat

In contrast to the Mark II, the Quest is designed to manage babies as young as six months of age. This is due to the fact that the Newborn Safety System has been implemented. The technology creates a safe and comfortable environment for newborns. As a result, new parents can travel with their babies and not worry about anything.

Streamlined Single Suspension on All Wheels

The Quest, unlike the Mark II, can be used on infants as young as six months. That’s because of something called the Newborn Safety System. Using this technology, newborns can be kept in a secure and soothing environment. Thus, new parents can take their infants on their first trip without any apprehensions.

Extra Accessories Included

The included extras are a nice touch that you and your kid will enjoy. Invest in a high-quality wind-resistant rain cover to ensure your baby stays warm and dry no matter how rough the weather gets outside. There is a tether strap provided for your safety and comfort. You’ll never need to buy a new component for this stroller because so many are included.

Removable and Washable Seat

Babies and toddlers are very dirty. Nothing on the seat will stay dry no matter where they sit. Because of the difficulty in cleaning various stroller materials, a crusty and unpleasant residue is often left behind. In contrast, this one is one of a kind. The stroller’s seat is easily removable and clean, so it will look like new even after lots of use.


As compared to the base model Techno XT, this variation is more lightweight. When compared to the Techno’s 13.5-pound weight, this one is a lightweight at just 12.2 pounds. While not a deal breaker for most, this may sway the decision of some buyers.

To sum up, the Quest is a great option if you need a lightweight device with a lot of extras. Aircraft-style aluminum frames keep the strollers light, but modern features like reclining seats and sleek wheels provide convenience. This lightweight stroller can be used for infants as early as six months and grows with the child.

The majority of reviewers praised this stroller. When compared to the others we looked at, this harness was the most difficult to use. Connecting the harness isn’t the simplest task, especially when time is of the essence. The space, spaciousness, and amenities, however, were lauded by all passengers.

Maclaren Techno XT (Most Advanced Features)

If you put the Quest and the Techno XT strollers side by side, you might not be able to tell them apart. There are no differences between the standard harness and the rain cover. There are some significant differences between the two stroller models despite their similarities. Let’s dig even deeper into this.

Redesigned Hood with Custom-Fit Apron

Some parents might find the Quest’s canopy insufficient. Therefore, the hood of the stroller has been improved to give your child maximum protection from the sun at all times. The tailored apron’s extra pockets for storing baby essentials and luxuries like your phone are nice, but the utmost value lies in its ability to keep your kid safe. You may get even more organized by purchasing a Maclaren Universal storage caddy. Keep in close contact with your child at all times by playing peek-a-boo via the window.

One Step Brakes

Smooth wheels and brakes may look similar, but they perform differently. The Techno stroller has an easy-to-use brake that only requires one motion. The brakes on your stroller will be less of a hassle to use with this design. That’s a cherry on top of the already impressive list of safety measures included in Maclaren goods.

Elevated and Comfortable Seat on an Aerodynamic Frame

The Techno XT’s elevated seat provides your kid with a better view of their surroundings. The seats are designed to provide maximum comfort, with features such as a leg rest, head hugger, and shoulder pads. There is now a way to safely and comfortably transport infants as young as a few days old. The chairs’ lightweight, aerodynamic construction make them easy to transport and maneuver about with.

Extendable Handles

You won’t find any extended grips on the Quest. These handles make it possible for anyone to push a stroller containing a baby about with ease. When Grandma wants to take the baby for a spin on the bike, you can raise them up. When the time comes, Dad will be able to have his child’s size altered to meet his preferences. Provides functionality unavailable in competing models.

In conclusion, the Techno XT’s higher price tag is justified. There are a ton of features that make this stroller stand out, such as the ability to fold with one hand, a storage space, a canopy with a peek-a-boo window, and an elevated seat for baby’s comfort. That’s why we packed so many extras into this stroller. When comparing different strollers, this one has the best dimensions, options, and features.

Reviews of this stroller were universally enthusiastic. There is nothing negative that I can say about this product.

Maclaren Techno XT Stroller

The Maclaren Techno XT is a safe and secure option for transporting a newborn. This award-winning design has everything a parent needs to comfortably carry their newborn.

It’s simple to operate and provides a smooth ride, even over rough terrain. The seat may be adjusted in four different reclining positions. Your infant can utilize it from birth up until the toddler years.

Moreover, the footrest may be moved to any position you like and locked in that setting for future use. There’s also a big sunshade and a bunch of different grips to hold on to things with.

The Pros


It comes standard with Maclaren’s innovative 5-point harness for added protection for infants. The mechanism is activated by reclining the seat back all the way and releasing it from underneath. Your kid will benefit from the extra security provided by the cocoon you make for him or her.

The Techno XT is compatible with Maclaren’s Carrycot, a bassinet attachment. The cot remains safely fastened to the frame even when the seat is in its most reclined position.

Smooth Ride and Good Suspension

There is no need to worry about the comfort of your newborn passenger thanks to the all-wheel suspension on the Maclaren. It’s designed to balance out bumps in the road and improve steering precision.

The hubless aerodynamic wheels that Maclaren used increased steering precision.

Excellent Ride for Toddlers

The five-point harness features Maclaren’s patented safety system and an adjustable footrest, making it a hit with toddlers. The elevated seat prevents your longer legs from scraping the pavement, and the seat liner is removable and clean in the event of any crumbs or spills.

The Cons

Heavier Than Preferred

Maclaren is well-known for producing ultralight strollers. The Techno XT is a standard-weight stroller, therefore it won’t be suitable for kids who weigh more than about 13 pounds.

Maclaren Volo Dylan’s Candy Bar Stroller

The Candy Bar is an all-weather stroller suitable for use in the rain, sleet, and snow. It has a sturdy, windproof rain cover built right in. This is a great option if you want to shield your kid from the elements (rain, wind, and even some of the sun’s UV rays). A sun visor is integrated into the design to shield your child’s eyes from the sun on sunny days.


This stroller comes in green, blue, white, and black and white. You can choose one that suits your taste no matter what it is.

This stroller is perfect for frequent usage and can support youngsters from six months to 55 pounds. Finally, the airy mesh seat with a fixed reclining angle provides year-round relaxation.

The Pros

Nice Designs

As was mentioned before, four distinct configurations are doable. It’s impossible not to adore each and every one of them. Lollipops, stripes, and ’80s-style dots are just a few of the available designs.

Good for Older Babies

In other words, it’s a one-stop-shop for kids weighing 20 to 55 pounds. There is a two-year window beginning at six months of age. The single position recline gives them a chance to watch their surroundings from a seated posture, which may peak their curiosity.

Protective Cover

This stroller cover has all the features you could want and more. This poncho will keep your kid dry and warm in the rain and wind. They will be protected from the sun all summer long thanks to the UPF 50+ rating. They’ll think it’s great, too, meaning less whining and weeping over being uneasy.

The Cons

Single Position Recline

Many parents find this to be the best option because it helps their children remain aware and comfortable throughout the day, but it isn’t the best choice if your child needs a nap after a full day at school. The stroller doesn’t have an adjustable seat back. They can be uncomfortable sleeping here if they prefer to lay on their backs.

Maclaren Major Elite Transport Chair

Maclaren developed the Major Elite Transport Chair for children with disabilities. If you’re shopping for a stroller for your special needs kid, Maclaren is a brand to consider.

It’s a good long-term investment because it can hold up to 110 pounds of kid weight. It might work for older kids as long as they don’t go over the weight limit.

The cushioned seat and footrest make it an ideal vehicle for children. Despite its strength and longevity, it is surprisingly lightweight. The light weight of just 14.7 pounds makes this extremely portable.

The Pros

Great for Day Trips

Parents viewed this stroller as a superior choice for day trips. Having a sturdy and long-lasting construction, this is perfect for a day spent exploring the great outdoors. Taking a stroll through the park is quite normal. Those who take their kids on long walks regularly will find this indispensable.

Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver

Assuming your child is strapped into the chair, getting about won’t be a problem at all. The lightweight design of this chair makes it simple to transport. Their parents could easily load them into the car and take them anywhere.

Gives Parents Peace of Mind

Parents found it less of a hassle to take their children for walks using this stroller. But it’s the accessibility of those helpful features that gives them the most comfort. The metal frame and disc brakes make this a sturdy and reliable bike. The harness and footrest will keep your youngster safe and sound. Can a parent ask for more?

The Cons

Parts Sold Separately

A few appealing extras are available for an additional fee. This can be a problem because neither the basket nor the sunshade are provided.

Squeaky Wheels

Squeaky wheels were the source of much frustration for the frustrated parents. It’s possible that your kid won’t like them. Consider this a warning before you buy the stroller, as it is a serious drawback.

When it comes to Maclaren products, your options are extensive. A variety of attachments for the strollers’ seats are included in the price. Some examples of this are:

  • When it comes to Maclaren products, your options are extensive. A variety of attachments for the strollers’ seats are included in the price. As illustrations, consider the following:
  • Maclaren provides a large selection of products to its customers. Furthermore, its strollers can be used with a variety of different seat liners. Here are a few instances:
  • If your youngster needs more protection from the sun while outside, the Maclaren sunshade is a great accessory to have. This large canopy may be attached to any stroller, regardless of whether or not it comes with its own canopy. You can keep the shade on your stroller at all times because it is constructed of UPF 50 material that is also water resistant.
  • The Maclaren Ultralight Stroller Storage Bag will keep your stroller protected from dust and dirt while it’s not in use. It works with most other umbrella strollers as well as the company’s own. Although it includes a handle, this bag should not be treated as regular carry-on luggage.
  • If you’re always on the run, the Maclaren Cup Holder is a must-have accessory for your stroller. This is a durable dishwasher-safe option for any beverage container, from cans and bottles to cups. You can get it in either black or silver, and it will fit on the chassis of your stroller with no problem at all.
  • Your child will be safe from the elements with the help of Maclaren’s universal raincover. You can rest assured that your child’s safety is not compromised, as it is made from phthalate-free materials and features large windows on both sides. Strollers from Maclaren (Triumph, Quest, and Techno XT) can be used interchangeably.
  • If you live in a cold climate and need to keep your infant warm, the Maclaren universal stroller footmuff is a great choice. It’s easy to put on and take off, and the soft microfibre fleece makes it a pleasant place to sit. Even infants as young as six months can benefit from using it.
  • For those chilly days when you need to take your Mark II stroller out, Maclaren offers this footmuff. It’s perfect for babies over six months old, as the soft and warm textiles create a warm and safe cocoon for them to sleep in. It’s simple to take off and throw into the washing machine once you get back home.
  • Although the Mark II stroller is also modifiable, its liners are a different size. Mark II seat liners come in a variety of colors and patterns, like the Hexagon Midnight Navy option from Maclaren. These liners are stylish and functional, adding cushioning to your child’s car seat for added comfort.
  • If you want to utilize your Maclaren stroller straight away, you’ll need a carrycot. Like it, the one made by Maclaren can hold infants up to 20 pounds. It has an apron and a large sun screen to protect your youngster from the sun.
  • When taking a trip with kids, you need to make sure everyone has access to nutritious meals. If you want to keep it secure, Maclaren suggests utilizing the pannier. It’s insulated, so your food will stay cool and fresh for a long time, plus it looks excellent on top of that.
  • Maclaren offers disposable tire covers to protect your trunk from getting dirty after a rainy stroll. An easy way to safeguard the buggy’s hood when it’s stored folded away. This bundle contains ten disposable covers.
  • You can keep your stroller and the things around it clean and safe with disposable storage covers from Maclaren. There are a total of three, and they may be stored easily on top of your folded stroller. This is a fantastic choice for when you are traveling and don’t feel like cleaning.
  • Insect-repelling mosquito nets can be easily attached to a stroller to keep your youngster safe from those bothersome flying pests. You can simply keep an eye on your kid while they’re wearing it because to the thin, see-through material it’s made of. Nearly all Maclaren strollers, including doubles, can be fitted with the nets.

Our Verdict

Insect-repelling mosquito nets can be easily attached to a stroller to keep your youngster safe from those bothersome flying pests. You can simply keep an eye on your kid while they’re wearing it because to the thin, see-through material it’s made of. Nearly all Maclaren strollers, including doubles, can be fitted with the nets.

Attaching a mosquito net to a stroller is a simple way to protect your child from those annoying flying insects. It’s made of a lightweight, see-through material so you can keep an eye on your kid at all times. The netting can be attached to the majority of Maclaren strollers, including the doubles.