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If you’re looking for a stroller that allows you to push your child about with just one hand, go no further than the Maclaren Quest. But finding the correct recline settings is tricky, especially if you’re trying to do it while your infant is still in the pram. For your convenience, we’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial on how to recline a Maclaren Quest stroller.

Who Is Maclaren?

Owen Finlay Maclaren was inspired to build a revolutionary stroller in 1965 after he visited England.

Due to the weight and bulk of his daughter’s stroller, which she was using to transport his grandson, he realized the need for a lighter option.

When it comes to aircraft design, Maclaren is known for his lightweight, load-bearing designs for the Spitfire.

His first stroller, based on this understanding, became the prototype for today’s umbrella pushchairs. Strollers like this one fold up like the landing gear on a Spitfire plane, making them ideal for travel..

Maclaren has stayed true to its unique design, and this is evident in the current line of strollers they manufacture. New York’s Museum of Modern Art and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum have both included the original Baby Buggy in their permanent collections.

How to Recline a Maclaren Quest Stroller - Krostrade

Some of the company’s most attractive strollers were created in collaboration with high-end designers and luxury businesses. Lacoste, Philippe Starck, Jill Stuart, Burberry, Lulu Guinness, BMW, and Juicy Couture are just a few of the companies that have worked with us.

Maclaren Today

Maclaren has established itself as a market leader. It is committed to delivering the best products available, both in terms of design and safety. All of its products are designed with working parents in mind.

The strollers have a classic 1960s style that is almost nostalgic in appearance. They are both fashionable and practical. Though they still adhere to their original design, strollers today available in a wide range of colors, designs, and fabrics.

What Parents Say About Maclaren Strollers

It appears that Maclaren’s strollers are popular with parents. The majority of parents agree with Maclaren’s claim that its strollers are designed for those who live in metropolitan areas and rely on public transportation.

Several parents have commented on how convenient it is to fold the stroller when commuting on public transportation, such as the metro or bus.

For a few reviewers, a lighter stroller would be a plus. Nevertheless, Maclaren has manufactured certain distinct lines such as the Quest, which are incredibly light for their size and strength.

It’s also obvious from customer feedback that the strollers’ textiles are of the highest quality and that their longevity is exceptional.

Maclaren’s customer service is highly lauded for its responsiveness. Parents appreciated how quickly their strollers arrived and how responsive the company’s customer service was in the event of any concerns.

Steps on How to Recline a Maclaren Quest Stroller

Do not recline the stroller while the youngster is in it. See how much room they have between the back of their head and the seat. Measure For optimum results, you should have more than two inches (approximately five centimeters) of clearance. A long vehicle ride or stroll across town can be made more pleasant and safe by folding any excess fabric on both sides.

How much does the Maclaren Quest weigh?

Maclaren Quest strollers typically weigh around 11 pounds.


If you’re searching for a stroller that’s both lightweight and easy to carry around town, the Maclaren Quest is a great option for you. The wheels on this specific model have a four-wheel suspension, allowing it to glide over any terrain with ease.

A padded seat that reclines back to 120 degrees (excellent for naps!) is one of the many features of this chair. In addition, the leg rest may be moved forward to accommodate your child’s developing height. What’s the most appealing aspect of this stroller, in your opinion? There are barely 16 pounds in it!

How to assemble Maclaren Quest stroller

The frame, wheels, and a few other components for putting together a Maclaren Quest stroller are all included. There are large, clear images for each phase of the process:

Take everything out of the box – there will be two boxes in there – and set them aside.

Affixing all four wheels and managing the seat backrest canopy bars on either side is accomplished in the next step, which is to put together the front right side wheel (which is explained in detail here).

Finally, you’re ready to embark on your journey!

How reclining Maclaren Quest Stroller works

While simultaneously reclining the seatback handlebar with one hand, push down on the handlebar placed at its highest point on top.

Using the levers on the left and right side of the car, lower the right wheel and raise up the left one so that the wheels are oriented in the direction of travel. This will make it easier for you and your baby to maneuver the vehicle.

Press the plastic button under each wheel mechanism to secure it in place.

Your Maclaren mission will be unlocked when you hear a click sound. In other words, all four wheels have been fastened so that the vehicle can handle any type of terrain!

The ability of this stroller to switch from an upright posture with wheels positioned vertically, similar to a bicycle mode, to a reclined position with wheels positioned horizontally, similar to a jogger mode, is important to its ease of navigation.

Two-stage hood: The higher half is designed for when your baby is sitting erect in their seat, while the shorter section allows you to keep an eye on them even while they are resting back enjoying some me-time!.

How do I close the Maclaren Quest arc?

The Quest’s adjustable, elasticated straps keep your child snug and safe. Make sure the straps are secure around your baby’s waist, shoulders, and chest; then, if necessary, loosen them a tad if they are too tight.

To recline, hold down both handles (one on either side of the seat) simultaneously until the seat is horizontal, then release the handles. A single handle can be pressed until you reach the desired position to recline independently.

If you over-tighten the straps, it might create discomfort or breathing difficulties, and it can also make it difficult for the child to get in and out of the stroller when it is in the reclining position. For the lock to engage, squeeze both handles together until they click into place.

How to secure a car seat with Maclaren Quest Stroller

If you want to recline a stroller, you can do so by holding both handles at the same time (one on each side) until the seat is horizontal and then releasing. If you over-tighten the straps, it might create discomfort or breathing difficulties, and it can also make it difficult for the child to get in and out of the stroller when it is in the reclining position.

Make sure you press down on a single handle as well! With one hand on each lever and the other pressing down on both handles at the same time, hold until the locks click into place.

What Should I Look For in a Maclaren Stroller?

Maclaren is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of the umbrella stroller world. A vast variety of choices are available to them. Each is tiny and simple to operate. Some things to bear in mind while you shop for a new Maclaren Stroller, even though you can’t go wrong.

Criteria #1: Do you like the style?

Many people refer to Maclaren strollers as “dad strollers” when referring to them. This can be found on the odd website. Why? Since their design is more simple and ideal for dads. A Maclaren isn’t supposed to have any fancy patterns or frills. But don’t limit yourself to thinking they’re only for parents. It’s easy to see why Maclaren strollers are so popular. Maclaren is a great choice if you appreciate a well-designed vehicle.

Criteria #2: Is it big enough?

Maclaren is known for its ultra-compact strollers. This means that storing essentials can be a bit of a gamble. If you have a lot of stuff in your umbrella stroller, you’ll want to make sure you get one with enough storage. There are some Maclarens that don’t have adequate room.

What Sets Maclaren Apart?

Three characteristics come to mind when thinking about the 2021 Maclaren: compactness, lightness, and safety. In terms of Owen Finlay Maclaren’s company, that’s what matters. Their strollers have been developed to be some of the lightest on the market for over 40 years. All of their strollers are subjected to a stringent safety evaluation. As a result, parents are more likely to feel comfortable making a purchase.

Designs that are light in weight

Maclaren strollers are some of the most compact strollers available on the market. They are designed for the busy parent who doesn’t want to deal with a large, cumbersome stroller while on the go. It’s even their “travel system” that’s lighter than the rest of the pack. It doesn’t even seem or feel like a typical mode of transportation!

No Complexity

Maclaren’s main focus is on ease of use. Because of this, they have designed their strollers to be simple to operate. They can be folded and packed with with one hand, and they may be readily operated across any terrain. Their compact size allows them to fit into confined locations with ease.

Exceptional Health and Safety Regulations

With an umbrella stroller, you’ll know that they are a little delicate. Maclaren strollers are not like that. Prior to being put on the market, each Maclaren stroller undergoes an extensive safety test. This stroller has a global safety standard that parents may feel secure in utilizing for their beautiful children.

Minimalistic Design

Elegantly Simple Style

Simple, One-Handed Folding

Maclaren’s also have a one-hand compact fold, which is a huge perk. You don’t have to deal with any cables, fasteners, or other equipment when you fold this way. The stroller may simply be folded up and you’re on your way. To transfer and fit into tight locations, simply use the handy carrying strap.

Canopies that are both waterproof and UV-resistant.

Last but not least, each of these products has been constructed with a waterproof rain cover and a UPF 50+ canopy. Protecting a newborn’s delicate skin is a top priority for the makers of Maclaren. Keeping that in mind, they made sure that their canopies could withstand all kinds of weather, from the sun’s glare to the rain’s downpour.

What Types of Strollers Does Maclaren Make?

Umbrella strollers are the specialty of Maclaren, a firm that makes them. They offer both single and double strollers for your perusal and convenience. Double strollers, on the other hand, are scarcely shown. The Maclaren Twin Triumph is the only double stroller they offer. For families with two young children, this is an excellent alternative. Families with just one child have a wider range of possibilities.

Our Picks for the Top Maclaren Strollers of 2021

One option to consider while looking for the top-rated umbrella stroller on the market is the Maclaren. And then there’s personal preference. There are now only three candidates left on the list. The goods in this best umbrella stroller list have been chosen based on feedback and recommendations from other parents, both online and in person. I also took into account the individual features of each stroller when evaluating the options available. Consider these lightweight marvels.

Maclaren Quest Stroller Black | Kidinn

Maclaren Mark II (Most Lightweight Model)

Having a lightweight stroller that you can rely on is essential for parents who are constantly on the go. Strollers that can be folded and stored in the trunk with ease are essential for this family. All the gizmos you’d find on a more expensive model are unnecessary. When it comes to the Maclaren Mark II, simplicity is key. Here are a few reasons why you should consider it.

Most Lightweight Stroller

A mere 7.94 pounds are required to push the Maclaren Mark II Stroller throughout town. In fact, it’s commonly regarded as the world’s lightest full-size reclining stroller! The fact that it’s so small and light makes it a go-to for a slew of parents. Instead of lugging around a heavy, cumbersome stroller, go for this compact and easy-to-fold alternative.

Two-Position Reclining Seat

An ultra-lightweight stroller with any kind of reclining is difficult to come by. The reason for this is that most people find it difficult or impossible to enable the model to recline without increasing the model’s weight. In contrast, the Mark II is unique. This innovative product features two reclining positions to ensure that your youngster (weighing between 20 and 55 pounds) is comfortable at all times. In addition, the seat itself is completely breathable with a matching seat liner, which enhances your child’s well-being.

Extendable Sun Canopy

For your child’s safety, it’s important to keep an eye out for the weather. A sun cover that can be extended is a wonderful thing to have. Your ability to extend and retract is available at any time. An integrated sun visor provides additional shade and protection for your child as they grow older.

Cheapest Stroller

If you’re on a tight budget, you probably don’t want to see a big price tag on the thing you’ve always wanted. When it comes selecting products for your child, this is very important to keep in mind. Interestingly, the lowest-cost stroller on this list is the Maclaren stroller. Parents on a budget who still want the best for their children will appreciate this as a great option.

If you’re looking for a high-performance stroller that’s easy to manage and quick to set up, this is the one for you. From the age of six months to six years, it can be used safely. You’ll adore how easy it is to fold and close this little treat, which can be taken anywhere. The inexpensive cost will appeal to parents as well.

Mothers love the easy-to-use harness, quick fold, lighter weight, and canopy on this stroller, according to the numerous good reviews it has received. Some mothers complained that there wasn’t enough leg room for their older children. It was difficult at times since they couldn’t rest their legs on the foot bar.

Maclaren Quest Stroller (Best Value)

Being small isn’t everything to some parents. There are still some features that they want or require. The Maclaren Quest might be the greatest option for parents looking for a lot more functions without having to carry about a lot more weight. Some of the most compelling reasons to keep a Quest Stroller in your inventory are listed below.

Suitable for Newborns

In contrast to the Mark II, the Quest is designed to manage babies as young as six months of age. This is because of the Newborn Safety System’s incorporation. This technology protects neonates in a cocoon of safety and comfort. As a result, new parents can travel with their babies and not worry about anything.

4-Position Reclining Seat

Once again, the Triumph Quest tops the Mark II in terms of recline. Instead of only offering 2 options for reclining, there is 4. This makes it possible for your baby to feel at ease regardless of their age or the activities they wish to engage in. If your baby wants to take a nap, then recline the seat using the handy one-handed adjuster. If your baby wants to indulge in the world around them, then simply set them up and let them enjoy the ride. There is also an extendable leg rest so the stroller can easily grow with your child. Talk about luxury and convenience in one!

Streamlined Single Suspension on All Wheels

The Triumph Quest once again outperforms the Mark II in terms of recline. Four reclining positions are available instead than only two. Regardless of how old or what they want to do, your baby will feel safe and secure in this environment. If your child needs a nap, simply use the one-handed adjuster to recline the seat. If your baby wants to take in the sights and sounds of the world, just put them in the car seat and let them have at it. A fold-out leg rest allows you to effortlessly adapt the stroller to your child’s growing needs. What a wonderful combination of luxury and ease!

Extra Accessories Included

You and your child will also appreciate the additional accessories that come with this model. Even if it’s windy and raining outdoors, your baby will stay warm and dry with a high-quality wind-resistant rain cover. For your convenience, a tether strap is included. In addition, this stroller comes with a wide variety of replacement parts, so you’ll never be without one.

Removable and Washable Seat

Children under the age of two are filthy. No matter where they sit, they’ll get everything on their seat wet. Because some stroller materials can be difficult to clean, a crusty and nasty substance is left behind. However, this one is unique. The seat is completely detachable and washable, ensuring that your stroller’s fabric remains in excellent condition even after extensive use.


This variant is lighter than the Techno XT below it. This product weights only 12.2 pounds, whereas the Techno weighs 13.5 pounds. This isn’t a huge deal, but for some customers, it’s the difference between making a purchase and not.

Final Thoughts: The Quest is a good pick if you’re looking for portability and more features all in one package. The aluminum frame aircraft architecture ensures that the strollers are still lightweight, but they also include additional amenities like a reclining seat and cutting-edge wheels. As a grow-with-me product, this tiny stroller is ideal for children as young as six months old.

This stroller received mostly positive feedback. The only complaint was that the harness was a little more difficult to use than the others in our research. When you’re in a hurry, connecting the harness isn’t the easiest task. However, the leg room, the size, and more were all praised by everyone else.

Maclaren Techno XT (Most Advanced Features)

You may not notice the difference between the Quest and Techno XT strollers if they were compared side-by-side. Everything from the extra rain cover and pricing to the harness is the same. Despite their similarities, there are some key distinctions between the two types of strollers. Let’s get deeper into this.

Redesigned Hood with Custom-Fit Apron

The canopy on the Quest may not be enough for some parents. As a result, the stroller’s hood has been redesigned to provide the best possible shade and protection for your child at all times. In addition to the extra storage pocket for storing necessities and accessories like your phone, the custom-fit apron is a huge benefit when it comes to keeping your infant safe. Purchase a Maclaren Universal storage caddy for even additional storage space. Use the peek-a-boo window to stay in constant contact with your kid.

One Step Brakes

While the sleek wheels and brakes may look the same, they are not the same. The Techno stroller comes with a one-step brake system that is simple to use. Your stroller’s brakes will be more easily accessible thanks to this feature. That’s just icing on the cake for the Maclaren products’ remarkable array of safety features.

Elevated and Comfortable Seat on an Aerodynamic Frame

The Techno XT has a raised seat that raises your child above the ground, allowing them to see more clearly around them. In addition to the leg rest, head hugger, and shoulder pads, the seats are built for comfort. Babies as little as a few days old can now travel in total safety and comfort. The chairs are attached to aerodynamic frames, allowing for maximum mobility and ease of usage.

Extendable Handles

The Quest does not have extended handles. Pushing a baby around with these handles makes it easier for anyone to do it with ease. You can move them up when Grandma wants to ride around the block with the baby. A child’s size can be adjusted to fit Dad’s needs when they’re old enough. Allows you to do things that other models can’t.

Finally, even though the Techno XT is more expensive, it is definitely worth the money. So many extras are included, such as the one-handed compact fold, the fantastic new canopy with peekaboo window, the storage area for supplies, and the elevated seat for baby’s comfort. This is why this stroller has so many features. This is the best stroller in terms of size, features, and configurations.

This stroller received overwhelmingly positive reviews. I couldn’t find anything bad to say about this product.

Maclaren Techno XT Stroller

Maclaren’s Techno XT stroller takes extra precautions while transporting a newborn. All the necessities for carrying a newborn are included in this award-winning design.

It’s easy to drive and has a comfortable ride, even on rocky roads. There are four different ways to recline the seat. It can be used from the time your baby is a newborn until the time he or she is a toddler.

Additionally, the footrest is fully adjustable and has a memory position lock that remembers your preferred position. In addition, it includes a large sunshade and a variety of grips.

The Pros


It has Maclaren’s infant safety system built in. When the seat is fully reclined, the mechanism can be deployed from beneath it. In this way, you create a protective, cocoon-like environment for your baby, which provides additional support.

If you want a bassinet, you can attach Maclaren’s Carrycot to the Techno XT. Despite the fact that the seat is entirely reclined, the cot is securely attached to the frame.

Smooth Ride and Good Suspension

Maclaren’s all-wheel suspension ensures a pleasant ride while transporting delicate infants. It’s made to smooth down uneven terrain while also giving you more control over your steering.

Maclaren used hubless aerodynamic wheels to help you steer even more effectively.

Excellent Ride for Toddlers

Toddlers will like the five-point harness system, which includes Maclaren’s proprietary safety system as well as an adjustable footrest. Longer legs are protected from the pavement by the elevated seat, which has a machine-washable seat liner for crumbs and spills.

The Cons

Heavier Than Preferred

When it comes to lightweight strollers, Maclaren is renowned. A basic weight stroller, the Techno XT weighs roughly 13.58 pounds, making it less than ideal for heavier children.

Additional Specs

Maclaren Volo Dylan’s Candy Bar Stroller

A stroller that can handle rain, sleet, and snow is the Candy Bar. It comes with a high-quality rain cover that is wind-resistant. To protect your baby from rain and wind, but also from harmful rays of sunlight, this is an excellent choice. It has a built-in sun visor to protect your child from the sun’s rays on hot summer days.


Green, blue, white, and black and white are all colors offered for this stroller. Regardless of your personal preferences, you can choose one that fits your style.

Incredibly versatile, this stroller can accommodate children from six months to 55 pounds and is ideal for frequent use. Finally, the breathable mesh seat with a single-position recline ensures all-year comfort.

The Pros

Nice Designs

There are four possible layouts, as previously noted. One can’t help but fall in love with all of them. Some of the patterns include lollipops, stripes, and retro spots.

Good for Older Babies

This is a one-stop shop for children between the ages of 20 and 55 pounds. When a baby is six months old, it can last for up to two years. They may observe the world from a sitting position thanks to the single position recline, which may pique their interest.

Protective Cover

This stroller cover does everything you could possibly want it to. Protect your youngster from the elements with this wind and rain resistant poncho. UPF 50+ protection ensures their safety in the summer, as well. They’ll adore this as much as you do, so there will be no more crying and fussing about being uncomfortable!

The Cons

Single Position Recline

Many parents prefer this since it keeps their children comfortable and alert, but it’s not ideal if your child needs a nap after a long day at school. You can’t recline the stroller seat. If they prefer to sleep on their backs, this may not be the best place for them to do so.

Additional Specs

Maclaren Major Elite Transport Chair

For youngsters with special needs, Maclaren created the Major Elite Transport Chair. You may wish to consider a Maclaren stroller for your child with disabilities if you’re looking for one.

It can support youngsters up to 110 pounds, making it a long-term investment. As long as they don’t over the weight limit, this may work for older children.

It’s a kid-friendly ride thanks to the padding on the seat and footrest. Lightweight despite its robustness and durability. This weighs just 14.7 pounds, making it easy to move and transport.

The Pros

Great for Day Trips

When it came to day travels, parents thought this stroller to be an excellent option. This is ideal for a long day out of the house because of its strong and long-lasting design. Even going for a walk in the park is acceptable. This is a must-have for parents who enjoy long walks with their children.

Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver

Even if your youngster is in the chair, it’s a breeze to move around. The chair weighs less than 15 pounds, making it easy to move. It was a breeze for parents to hop in the car and go places with them!

Gives Parents Peace of Mind

This stroller was well-liked by parents since it made it easier for them to get out and about. However, it’s the ability to use the convenient features that offers them extra peace of mind. This is a long-lasting and safe bike because of its aluminum frame and brakes. Your child will be safe and secure thanks to the harness and footrest. Is there anything more a parent could ask for?

The Cons

Parts Sold Separately

There are a few nice features that have to be purchased separately. Because the basket and sunshade are not included, this can be a problem.

Squeaky Wheels

Angry parents were irritated by squeaking wheels! There is a chance that your child will not like them. Remember that this is a major flaw of this stroller when you buy it.

Additional Specs

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to Maclaren products. Strollers from the company include a wide range of accessories that can be used with the seats, among other things. Some of these include:

  • There is a lot to choose from when it comes to Maclaren products. Strollers from the company include a wide range of accessories that can be used with the seats, among other things. Here are a few examples:
  • Maclaren has a lot to offer its clients, including a wide variety of products. In addition, nearly all of its strollers are compatible with specific seat liners. These are some examples:
  • Maclaren Sun Shade: Maclaren’s add-on sunshade is excellent for providing additional shade for your child when they are out in the sun. Whether or not the stroller already has a canopy, you can connect this huge canopy to it. The shade is made of water-resistant UPF 50 material and folds inside your stroller, so you don’t have to take it off to put it away.
  • Keep your stroller safe and clean while it’s in storage with the Maclaren Lightweight Storage Bag. In addition to the company’s strollers, it is also compatible with the majority of other umbrella strollers. Even though it has a handle, it’s not meant to be checked in like standard luggage because of its unique design.
  • The Maclaren Cup Holder is a convenient addition to any stroller, especially if you’re frequently on the go. Whether it’s a can, a bottle, or even a cup, this one is built to last in the dishwasher. Both black and silver are available, and it attaches to the stroller’s chassis.
  • With its universal raincover, Maclaren provides a quality protection to protect your child from rain, snow, and wind. It’s composed of phthalate-free materials and has plenty of ventilation, so your baby can see out and you can see in. Maclaren’s Triumph, Quest, and Techno XT strollers are all compatible.
  • Maclaren’s universal stroller footmuff is a good option for parents who want to keep their newborns warm in the winter. Soft microfiber fleece makes it comfortable to sit on, and it zips on and off with ease. Babies as young as six months old can use it.
  • Maclaren Mark II Footmuff: Maclaren offers this footmuff for cold days with the Mark II stroller. Soft and warm fabrics make it ideal for babies ages 6 months and above, creating a cozy cocoon. After returning home, it may be readily removed and washed in the washing machine.
  • While the Mark II stroller can be customized as well, the liners for it come in a different size. The Hexagon Midnight Navy is one of many Mark II seat liners offered by Maclaren. These liners not only look great, but they also provide an extra layer of padding for your child’s comfort.
  • Maclaren Carrycot: A carrycot is required if you want to use your Maclaren stroller right away. Maclaren makes a similar one that’s suitable for newborns weighing up to 20 lbs. To keep your child safe from the sun, it comes with a wide sun shade and an apron.
  • Food is a must-have when traveling with the whole family. Maclaren recommends using the pannier to keep it safe. You can keep your food fresh and cool for a long time because it’s insulated, and it also looks good.
  • As an added precaution against a muddy trunk after a rainy walk, Maclaren provides disposable wheel covers. To protect the buggy’s hood when it’s folded, they’re simple to put on. Ten single-use covers are included in the package.
  • Disposable Storage Covers: Maclaren’s disposable storage covers can help you maintain your stroller as clean as possible or protect the items around it. There are three of them included, and they’re simple to put on top of your folded stroller. When you’re on the road and don’t want to deal with cleaning, this is a great option.
  • Mosquito Nets: These pesky flying pests have nothing on this net, which quickly attaches to the stroller and shields your child from mosquitoes. Because it’s composed of a thin, transparent material, you can easily see your child while wearing it. Nearly all Maclaren strollers, including doubles, can be fitted with the nets.

Our Verdict

More than half a century in the stroller business, Maclaren has developed and improved upon its initial design. For its lightweight, easy-to-fold and durable items that showcase classic designs, it’s a favorite of many.

Add-on accessories are also available from Maclaren. If you’re looking for a stroller, this company stands out as one to keep in mind.