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The bride’s name should come first on the wedding invitation if there is any doubt about whose name to put first. Before you start preparing your wedding invitations, read on for some dos and don’ts.

We won’t waste too much time worrying about the proper way to send out wedding invitations, but we will go through the rules nevertheless. In addition, our wedding blogs are a great resource for anyone preparing for such a significant event.

Managing the property could fall under your purview as well. Then read how to decorate a wedding arch with fabric.

Whose Name Goes First On Wedding Invitations Bride Or Groom

On wedding invitations, the maid of honor’s name comes first. The groom’s name will come after that.

Moreover, while the groom’s name is always included on wedding invitations, the bride’s name is often left out. As a result, if there are two brides or two grooms at a wedding, there will be a disagreement about who will marry.

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In addition, it is more common for the groom’s name to appear on wedding invitations than the bride’s. Therefore, there will be a fight over who gets to marry if there are two brides or two grooms.

Why Does The Bride’s Name Go First?

Putting the bride’s name first on the invitation has been linked to the “ladies first” mentality. Most brides and grooms still follow this tradition even in modern Western wedding invitation protocol.

Since the bride’s parents are usually the ones who host the wedding, it makes sense that her name would be listed first on the invitation. In some cultures, the bride’s name is traditionally included first on the marriage certificate because the bride’s family pays for a larger portion of the ceremony.

What About Same-Sex Weddings?

There may be some difficulty in deciding who should make the first move in a same-sex marriage. Let’s look through some potential options!

Personal preference

A personal preference can be discussed and settled upon after pair discussion.

If you’re talking about same-sex marriages, don’t be shy!

Alphabetical order

It’s easy, fair, and transparent to select who goes first by printing names in alphabetical order.

It won’t take more than a minute, and then everybody can leave without any problems.


With mutual agreement, the order of a person’s names can be changed to whatever the individuals choose. In cases where there is a tie in terms of education, the more prestigious name could be used.

Individual income is also a consideration, with the wealthiest person typically receiving top billing.

However, this could potentially offend the opposing viewpoint. Decisions that take into account ranks and salaries should be discussed in advance.

When Should The Wedding Invitations Be Sent Out?

Typically, wedding invitations are sent out six to eight weeks before the big day.

That’s the most time that visitors should have to free up in their schedules. Some of them might need to travel, which calls for more planning.

However, there is a risk of them being lost, forgotten, or not obtaining the responses you had hoped for if you send them out too early.

Save-the-date cards can be given with or without specifics about the wedding, allowing attendees to simply “save the date” without committing to any plans.

Six to eight months in advance, this is done.

How Are The Guests Informed About The Dress Code?

The invitation specifies the appropriate attire for the event.

Write “black tie,” “cocktail event,” or “casual clothing” on the invitation’s lower right corner to indicate the appropriate attire for the event.

The tone of the ceremony or the invitation’s typeface might also provide guests clues as to the formality (or lack thereof) of the reception.

Where Is The Return Address Placed On A Wedding Invitation?

The back of the envelope is where you’ll find the return address.

Where Should The Date And Time Lines Be Placed?

Immediately after the couple’s names. Formal occasions require that everything be written down in full and that numerals be avoided.

Should There Be Any Hosts Lines?

The parents of the bride usually foot the bill and throw the wedding party.

The couple, or the bride’s parents, may send out the invitations. It’s more of a matter of taste these days.

The reception for Natalie and James’ wedding will be hosted at the house of “Mrs. Richard Bradshaw and Mrs.

Divorced parents, parents who have remarried, and parents who have passed away all have unique etiquette considerations that are not covered here.

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How Much Should You Spend On Your Wedding Invitations?

There is a wide variation in invitation prices, but typically between $400 and $650 is the norm for a wedding. Depending on factors like the number of visitors, the chosen design, and the quality of the materials, the price of this service can go up or down.

Genuine lace, Swarovski crystals, and real pearls are all available for some designs. If you want to save money on invitations, make them yourself using ready-made templates from online marketplaces.

The costs of production, delivery, and all applicable taxes remain on you.

Should Registry Information Be Put On The Invitation?

No, the invitation should not contain any information on the registry.

What Order Do Names Go On Wedding Invitations?

  1. No, the invitation should not contain any information about the registry.
  2. Absolutely no registry details should be included on the invitation.
  3. A toast to the newlyweds
  4. Time and date as of now
  5. Location
  6. Reception
  7. RSVP

On the other hand, if you want to go the modern route, you can arrange the names of your guests like this:

  • Letter-by-letter classification of vocabulary
  • The correct way to say people’s names
  • The names on the invitation should be written in an attractive font.

Do Groom’s Parents Names Go On Wedding Invitation?

You may include the names of the groom’s parents on the invitation if they are being featured more prominently than the bride’s. In certain ceremonies, the hosts are the groom’s parents or the bride and groom’s parents.

Though it is not required, including the names of the groom’s parents on the invites is a pleasant touch. There are further factors to think about, such as how the parents of the bride and groom’s names should be written on the wedding invitation.

  • People whose parents are divorced or who have been through a separation
  • After their divorce, either or both parents remarried.
  • Mixed-race stepfamily with biological mother and father
  • Remembering a parent or parents who have passed on
  • A physician is like to a parent.

Do You Put People’s Names On Wedding Invites?

Invites to a wedding don’t include guests’ names. The card merely stated the hosts’ and guests’ names.

  • On wedding invitations, the names of the attendees are not printed. Both the host and guest couples’ names were printed on the card.
  • Single adults (both sexes)
  • Couples in authoritative positions
  • The Offspring of a Family

What Is The Etiquette On Wedding Invitations?

Western wedding etiquette

In the West, the bride’s name typically appears first on the invitation, followed by the groom’s. According to Western society, “women first” is an important rule.

Eastern wedding etiquette

Traditional Western wedding invitations order the bride’s name before the groom’s. It is widely accepted in Western culture that women come first.

It should be made clear that not everyone must follow religious customs. Traditional weddings, for instance, usually list the bridal party members’ names before the groom’s.

However, the following are some additional etiquette guidelines for sending out wedding invitations:

  • However, the following are some additional etiquette guidelines for sending out wedding invitations:
  • There are, however, a few more rules of politeness to follow while sending out wedding invitations:
  • Consider inviting a few extra people to your event.
  • Consider inviting a few extra people to your event.
  • You might want to think about inviting some extra folks to the party.
  • Please provide the return address of the receiver on the envelope.
  • You should put the register details up on your website.

How Much Time Should Be Given For RSVP?

The average amount of time guests need to decide if they can attend your wedding is five weeks.

It is reasonable to presume that anyone who has not responded within five weeks will not be going.

Do Ceremony Guests Need To Be Invited To The Reception?

Etiquette dictates that all guests at the ceremony should be invited to the reception that immediately follows.

It’s not a good idea to only invite guests to the ceremony and not the reception, which can be awkward and rude.

Wedding Invitation Tips

How to Choose Wedding Invitations

It’s not a good idea to only invite guests to the ceremony and not the reception, which can be awkward and rude.

Have a Pro Address Your Envelopes

When ordering invitations, make sure you have quick access to the envelopes (or as soon as possible). Since most stationers include return address printing in the price of their suites, it’s possible that a calligrapher will have an advantage if they’re printing your envelopes themselves, rather than relying on a stationer. Addressing your envelopes by hand using calligraphy isn’t strictly necessary, but the results are stunning and leave a lasting impression. As a general rule, it’s advisable to outsource envelopes unless you’re an expert at handwriting. In order to minimize sloppiness or blunders, divide the project into several sittings and work on it one at a time. It’s easy and inexpensive to use printed labels, but it’s more formal and intimate to write down each address by hand. Handwriting (or hiring a calligrapher to do so) the names and addresses of your guests on the envelopes demonstrates that you truly care about inviting them to your wedding. If you don’t have the cash to employ a scribe and your handwriting is less than legible, you can still print out the addresses using digital calligraphy software.

Don’t Forget the Rest of Your Suite

In addition to the invitations, you can also order menus, programs, and thank-you notes at the same time. Ordering everything you need from your local stationer at once could save you both time and money. If you want to make little design changes for each piece of stationery without sacrificing the overall style, you can (by switching the dominant color or alternating between two patterns, for example). In addition, don’t forget about the tiny things like welcome bag letters and favor tags.

Remember Your Thank-Yous

Keep track of who has confirmed their attendance by using either a guest list manager program or a spreadsheet. In a separate column, tally all the presents your guests bring you. Start writing your thank-you notes as soon as the wedding presents arrive so you don’t get behind. After the wedding, you have two weeks to thank your guests for their gifts. You should give yourself a month to sort through any presents you get after the holiday.

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Put a Stamp on It

Even though it’s obvious, it’s easy to forget: If you want visitors to mail back answer cards, you should provide them with stamped (and addressed) envelopes. In this approach, they can reduce their postage costs. You can put your address on the return envelopes instead of the host’s if your parents are hosting the wedding, but you’re keeping track of the guest list. There are custom stamps available at The Knot Shop to complement your design. Be cautious to double-check rates before adding stamps to make sure you have enough to cover the cost of your package.


This may sound obvious, yet it’s easy to forget: If you want people to mail in their response cards, you’ll need to provide them with stamped (and addressed) envelopes. This method of sending mail will reduce their costs. You can include your address on the return envelopes instead of the host’s if your parents are hosting the wedding, but you’re keeping track of the guest list. In addition to your custom wedding invitations, The Knot Shop has custom stamps to go with your invitations. Be cautious to double-check rates before adding stamps to make sure you have enough to cover the cost of your delivery.

It might sound obvious, yet it’s easy to forget: If you want people to really mail back the response cards they fill out, you should provide stamped (and addressed) envelopes. As a result, they will have more money to spend on other aspects of their mailing campaign. If your parents are hosting the wedding but you’re in charge of RSVPs, feel free to use your own address instead of theirs on the return envelopes. Your search for the perfect stamp to complement your design ends at The Knot Shop. To avoid overspending on postage, it’s important to verify current stamp prices before purchasing postage.