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Your wedding will have a certain number of bridesmaids. When you begin the process of arranging your wedding, this is likely to be one of the first things on your mind. If you’re one of those brides-to-be who has always dreamed of going down the aisle with a handful of your best pals, you may not have to think twice about it. It’s a difficult choice for some people, though.

We’ll walk you through the process of deciding how many bridesmaids to have and how to select them in this article.

What Is the Average Bridal Party Size?

The size of the wedding is a major factor in determining the number of bridal party members present at the ceremony. According to Worthington, the typical number of participants is between three and five, but there are a variety of variables to consider when deciding how many individuals you should have. According to Worthington, the size of the wedding location, the number of people in attendance, the number of close friends and family members you want to play a part in, and the atmosphere you want to create all play a role in the number of bridal party members you have.

How Many Bridesmaids Should You Have? Here's Our Take

How to Decide Bridal Party Size

The people in your bridal party are the ones you want to be the first ones to see you walk down the aisle. In addition, “it’s also the people brides want to rely on, laugh with, and cry with during their entire wedding experience,” she explains. In other words, choose five buddies who make you feel that way, and stick with them! With one “ride or die” pal, you’re all set! Don’t let anyone pressure you into making a decision that doesn’t make you happy when determining how many of your friends to include in your wedding party. There are no guidelines.

Choose those who you know you can count on for support as you begin your life together as husband and wife.

There Is No ‘Correct’ Number

You don’t have to have a set number of members in your bridal party to have a successful wedding. If you’ve been to other weddings where the guest count was odd, even, or a specific number, like five, you’re under no obligation to follow suit. For those who don’t want one, you can skip the bridal party entirely. When it comes to the amount of people who will walk you down the aisle, there is no hard-and-fast rule that you must follow.

Do yourself, Worthington urges. Make your own decisions, not based on what you’ve seen others do or what a “normal” person does.” If you want less or more people at your side, it’s your day.

The Wedding Party Doesn’t Need to Be Even

It’s only when the bride and groom are about to walk down the aisle that anyone notices that one side has less than the other.

Role of the Bridesmaids

Nowadays, the bride is the solitary light blazing during her wedding, thanks to modern tradition’s transition from obscuring her by her bridesmaids to allowing her to shine on her own. As a rule, bridesmaids have always been ladies who were picked to care for the bride, a job that has not altered much over time.

Your sister-in-law, niece, and other family members may serve as bridesmaids in today’s society. You can count on these folks for emotional and, in some situations, monetary support. To help you organize the wedding and any other pre-wedding celebrations, your bridesmaids will also assist the maid of honor in organizing the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. On the big day, they’ll help make sure everything goes according to plan.

Having bridesmaids has both benefits and drawbacks, as you’ll see next.

  • Advantages

Being surrounded by your closest friends on your wedding day is a huge perk of having bridesmaids. With their encouragement and support, the day will be even more memorable. It’s a comfort to know that someone is looking out for you and making sure that everything goes according to plan on your wedding day.

Having someone to lean on for emotional support is a huge benefit of hiring an event planner. Doubt and worry may wreak havoc on your ability to commit to a long-term relationship, especially if you’ve never done it before. When you’re going through the planning process, you’ll need the support of your closest friends. They may also take on some of the duties so that you have some time to relax and recharge your batteries.

  • Disadvantages

It can be difficult to decide who among your closest friends and family members will be in your bridal party. Including everyone isn’t realistic, and your decision will likely be unpopular with some of your pals. It is one of the key reasons why some brides decide not to have any bridesmaids at all.

Bridesmaids can be so different in personality that it can be difficult to manage them all. This can be alleviated by scheduling social events that don’t revolve around the wedding, such as a lunch date with friends. This social time can help them get to know one other better, which can lead to a more harmonious group.

While your bridesmaids will cover the costs of their outfits, hair, and makeup, you’ll be on the hook for any personalized presents you decide to give them. This is a drawback. According to the number of attendees in your queue, it might get rather expensive.

How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

The number of bridesmaids in a wedding can be as many or as few as the bride desires. As many as a dozen maids of honor may accompany some brides on their big day, while others may have none at all. A typical number of bridesmaids is 3, however it is completely acceptable to have as many as 12.

Here’s how to decide on your wedding’s number of bridesmaids and their personalities.

How Many Bridesmaids Should You Actually Have?

1. Consult Your Budget

Let’s start with the money first. Wedding party members are an expensive luxury. Don’t ask your pals to be your bridesmaids before consulting your wedding budget; each one will be an added expense.

In order to have a bridesmaid in your wedding, you will need to pay for:

  • Her gown
  • It’s all about the accoutrements for her (such as a clutch bag or hairpiece)
  • Her bouquet and/or corsage (if applicable)
  • Her canapés, wedding breakfast, and reception buffet were all delicious.
  • As a token of appreciation for your bridesmaids (to say thank you)
  • Transport for your bridesmaids, if they are getting ready with you at the same time.

As an additional wedding-day expense, many women choose to have their bridesmaids’ hair and cosmetics professionally done. To put it another way: You’re responsible for making sure that your bridesmaids appear the way you want them to (dressed in a specific dress, with the right hairstyle, or with the right nail polish).

2. Examine Your Venue

Choosing the amount of bridesmaids in your bridal party is easy once you know how much money you have to spend. You can get a sense of how many bridesmaids you should have based on the size and layout of the wedding venue.

A registry office or a tiny country hotel, for example, may not have a lot of space for your wedding ceremony. How many of your bridesmaids will actually be able to stand up with you in the available space? As long as you don’t mind their taking a seat once they’ve reached the end of the aisle, this doesn’t matter. Is it unusual to have only two bridesmaids at a wedding in a grand ballroom? It’s also a good idea to think about your wedding photos and what your bridesmaids will wear. When it comes to having a bridesmaids’ party, an even number is preferred by many brides. As a result, wedding photos won’t look skewed, and the bride will be perfectly in the middle. With an odd number, it is possible to get around this by having the bride sit down and a bridesmaid stand behind her.

3. Consider Formality

The formality of a wedding can have an impact on how many bridesmaids ‘look right,’ even if you don’t realize it. Generally speaking:

  • The number of bridesmaids in a black-tie wedding normally ranges from six to ten, with at least one flower girl and ring bearer/page boy present.
  • Between two and six bridesmaids are common in semi-formal to formal wedding ceremonies.
  • Elopements, casual weddings, and register office ceremonies may have as few as one or two bridesmaids, but they can even have no bridesmaids at all.

Consult the preceding principles if you want to adhere to tradition. However, keep in mind that this is merely a guideline.

Even if you’re having a very formal wedding, you’re not required to have at least six bridesmaids. In some cases, it may be preferable to have only two of your closest friends at your side rather than a multitude of strangers. If, on the other hand, you’re planning a casual beach wedding with a large group of close friends and a large budget, go ahead and invite a dozen bridesmaids! On your big day, what you say is what sticks.

4. Think Friendship Dynamics

It’s time to figure out how many bridesmaids you need for your wedding, as well as how many you can afford. The next step is to figure out who you’re going to ask for this estimate.

You’ve undoubtedly been thinking about a few people at this point. As a rule, brides select their sisters and a select group of close friends to serve as their maids of honor. Consider the dynamics of your social group before making a decision.

Let’s imagine you’ve decided to have four bridesmaids, because it’s an even number, as an example. It’s not as if you don’t have sisters or close pals. Why take the chance of offending someone by omitting them? In order to avoid any misunderstandings, it may be advisable to ask everyone – or to have a smaller number of bridesmaids (ask your sisters and not your friends, for example).

5. Pop the Question

Your best friends will be your bridesmaids if you want them to do so! Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards are a lovely way to show your friends that you appreciate them.

The number of bridesmaids you have will be determined by this. No one can promise that everyone you ask will say yes, after all.

Try not to take it personally if someone declines to be a bridesmaid for your big day. You have to put in a lot of effort, and women who have children or have busy careers (or live far away) may not be able to do so. They may be refusing because of social anxiety, for example. It’s not everyone’s notion of a fun time to be in the spotlight.

In the event that any of your preferred bridesmaids decline to be in your bridal party, you should have a “B-list” of potential replacements ready to go. To avoid insulting them, don’t wait too long to ask them, but don’t wait too long to ask them.

How Many Bridesmaids Can You Have?

Choosing how many people to include in your guest list is completely up to you. One method is to choose a number based on the anticipated number of attendees. Large wedding parties may be acceptable if you’re planning a formal wedding with more than 200 people. Adding flower girls to the ring bearer could be an option in this situation.

In contrast, if you want a small, intimate gathering of no more than 100 guests, you may want to consider a guest count of no more than five or even none at all with just your maid of honor. Most brides choose between four and six bridesmaids on average. As for the number of bridesmaids, it isn’t necessary to match it to the number of males in the bridal party. While having an even number of people on either side may appear well-organized, don’t get too hung up on it.

Leaving People Out

Friends and family members may be disappointed to learn that they are not included in your bridal party. There are no strings attached, and if you don’t want to include any of your friends in the process, you don’t have to feel terrible.

It’s possible to avoid the loss of a friendship over the wedding in several ways. Having a lunch date with my cousin who described to me how she chose her bridesmaids was a method that worked for me. She came to me and explained it to me, which made me feel appreciated and that our relationship was important enough for her to do so.

Having a role in the wedding, such as making a speech or introducing someone else who will make a toast, is another option. You might even ask them to wear the wedding’s colors or a certain outfit to help them feel like they are a part of the festivities. The maid of honor should also invite them to pre-wedding activities like the bridal shower so that they may be a part of the wedding planning process.

How To Manage Your Team

The bridesmaids’ gowns should be one of the first things on your to-do list after you have decided on your bridal party. Your bridesmaids’ outfits should be discussed with them, as they will be expected to pay for them. You can talk about the many dress possibilities and how they will suit your wedding dress and the overall color concept.. of the wedding.

To ensure that everyone has enough time to make the purchase and to complete the necessary fittings and adjustments, settle on the best design early in the process. As you get closer to the big day, delegate some of the tasks and obligations of wedding planning to your bridal party.

Having a clear vision for the wedding will benefit the guests and the couple alike. In this way, you will prevent much of the indecision that leads to anxiety later on, and the planning process will flow more smoothly.

When it comes to planning your wedding, it’s all up to you. You are the only one who can choose who will be your bridesmaids and why.. I can only hope that you choose bridesmaids you can trust to stand by your side and support you on your special day, who care about you and are thrilled for you, and who will offer you words of encouragement and stand by your side as you embark on this new chapter in your life together.

Should The Groom’s Sister Be A Bridesmaid?

Including your fiancee’s sister in your wedding party isn’t required because it’s up to you to decide. In the end, you’ll make a decision depending on your relationship with your fiance’s family in order to prevent offending anyone..


Do you have a whole lot of sisters?

Is your social life such that you can’t choose amongst your closest friends? How many bridesmaids is ‘too much,’ you ask?

Take heart. A large number of bridesmaids is not illegal. Even while more than ten bridesmaids at a single wedding is unusual, it doesn’t rule out the possibility.

There are now 130 bridesmaids in the Guinness Book of World Records. This photo was taken in 2015 at a wedding in Yorkshire. The bride and groom also had 100 ushers, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. When it comes to bridesmaids, it doesn’t really matter how many you have.

Do You Have to Have Equal Bridesmaids and Groomsmen?

Bridesmaid and groomsmen should, according to popular belief, be represented by an equal number of persons in your bridal party. When it comes to marriage in the United Kingdom, you don’t have to worry about this restriction.

Since each bridesmaid walks down the aisle with a groomsman on her side in the United States, an equal number is critical. On the other hand, ushers (the term used in the U.K. for groomsmen) rarely, if ever, make it down the aisle. They usually accompany the groom to the front of the ceremony area, while the bridesmaids go down the aisle alone. They are a traditional part of the wedding ceremony. As a result, you shouldn’t be concerned if you have a larger circle of friends than your fiance does.

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Do You Have to Ask Someone to Be Your Bridesmaid if You Were Theirs?

No, that’s the short answer. If you were a bridesmaid at someone else’s wedding, that doesn’t mean you have to ask them to be yours. Even if it was several years ago, you may have drifted apart since attending their wedding ceremony.

Even when we’re worried about being harsh, it’s necessary to make decisions that are good for us as individuals when it comes to wedding preparation. Avoid feeling forced to include someone in your wedding that you do not want to include as a bridesmaid. In the end, it’s up to each individual to decide for themselves.

Can You Have No Bridesmaids At All?

There’s no pressure to have a bridesmaid if you don’t like the notion. Many couples wed without any bridesmaids, best men, or other wedding attendants! Registry office weddings and elopements, in particular, are popular venues for nuptials without attendants.

If you don’t want any bridesmaids, you don’t have to have a large religious service. There are no rules because it’s your wedding.


It’s done! There is no right or wrong answer to the question of how many bridesmaids a wedding needs.

Most weddings have between three and five bridesmaids, but you can also utilize the same number of bridesmaids as groomsmen if you choose. When it comes to choosing her bridesmaids and bridal party, the bride has a lot of leeway.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.