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If your wedding dress has a too-deep V-neck, there are two ways to fix it. To cover up the bridal gown’s exposed neckline, you’ll use a complementing fabric.

Wedding dress modesty hacks will also be covered in this post. If you’re interested in learning more about wedding dresses, check out our blog for posts on how to accessorize your gown.

How To Alter A Too Deep V-Neck Wedding Dress And More

Step 1. Prepare a coordinating fabric

  • Make your deep V-neckline more modest by wearing a fabric that conceals the exposed area.
  • Make sure the fabric doesn’t look out of place in relation to the wedding dress’ overall style and material.
  • Lace can also be used to provide modesty to the neckline in a subtle way.
  • Using the bridal dress’ neckline as a reference, cut your fabric in the shape of the gown’s neckline.
  • Size it appropriately to ensure adequate coverage, but allow an additional half-inch for seams.
  • The hem should be on top of this new neckline, so test how it would cover the area.
  • Apply a suitable finish to this piece’s rough edges.

Step 2. Sew the fabric piece to the dress

  • Lay the bridal gown flat after it has been turned inside out.
  • The seam allowance should be positioned so that it covers the neckline of the bridal gown.
  • Set the sewing machine to the stitch type and size you like.
  • Sew a scrap of fabric to see how the stitching will look when worn with the bridal gown.
  • When you’ve completed sewing the lining to the dress’s lining, tie off the thread.
  • Reverse the dress to reveal the inside.
  • For increased security, stitch the neckline to the modesty panel.
  • Finish the thread by tying a knot in it.
  • When you’re done, use a pressing cloth to neatly remove the bridal gown.

How Do I Make My V-Neck Wedding Dress More Modest?

Secure the dress with tape

A double-sided fashion tape can be all you need to cover up your V-neck wedding dress if stitching a fabric panel seems needless. By tying the dress to your body, you can prevent the neckline from exposing too much skin.

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Tape the dress neckline to your chest where you want it to stay put. Peel off the other side of the tape once you wear the dress and press the fabric over it.

Layer a camisole or wear a stylish bra

V-neck wedding dresses don’t necessitate that you immediately sew or apply a fabric strip to make them more modest. Instead, a silk or lace camisole can be worn underneath to provide more coverage.

Choosing a camisole that is also shaped to complement your figure while you wear the dress is a good idea. In the event that camisoles aren’t your thing, there should be bras that can achieve the similar effect.

Use accessories

If your wedding gown has a V-neckline that isn’t too low-cut, consider accessorizing with chic pieces that serve a purpose. When it comes to enhancing the dress’s visual appeal, stacked necklaces or even ones with attention-grabbing motifs might be used.

Since most necklaces can be adjusted in length, strategically placing one should be a cinch. Alternatively, if the V-neck dress tends to open, you can secure it with an excellent brooch or pin that also serves as an ornament or element to your entire style.

Can A Wedding Dress Be Too Revealing?

Nowadays, more and more brides choose to stray from traditional wedding practices in small but significant ways. Because of this, if you feel more comfortable in your wedding dress, you can wear it.

However, keep in mind the type of wedding you’re planning, as well as the location and culture of the event. A venue like the church can be offended, thus you don’t want to insult your guests.

If a modest dress doesn’t suit your taste, consider adding mesh, lace, or strategically placed slits to give it a more edgy look. Nonetheless, you should discuss with your designer about the elements that will make you look your best without making you appear gaudy.

Are you attending a religious ceremony? For a church wedding, find out what attire is appropriate for modesty and appearance.

How Do You Change A V-Neck Dress Too Deep?

If the V-neck dress’s neckline is too deep, you can sew one to the neckline or use a removable fabric panel. In addition, two alterations to the dress can be made to further conceal your cleavage:

Add closures

While wearing the dress, make a note of the area that needs to be sewed shut. Since you’ll be stitching snaps, you’ll need to make these marks on the bottom and underside of the fabric.

When you sew the snaps to the marks you drew, make sure they fit exactly. You can wear the dress open on some days and close it on others, depending on the situation.

Shorten the straps

Alternatively, you can raise the neckline of a V-neck dress if it’s too low. You can still wear a V-neck dress, but the cleavage will be less exposed if the dress straps are shortened.

The straps on the back of the dress can be cut to shorten the dress. Once you’re satisfied with the revised length, sew the straps back on.

What Is the Average Cost of Wedding Dress Alterations?

The median cost of altering a wedding gown is from $150 to $600. Up to $1,000 might be spent on designing your gown or updating your mother’s gown. Other seamstresses may charge you for specific alterations rather than a set cost at some bridal shops.

The cost of altering your wedding gown is directly proportional to the scope of the work required. For example, some wedding dresses only need to be hemmed for length and altered on the sides in order to fit properly.

It’s only natural that a gown’s price would rise if it were more intricate or customized. You might wish to add a strap, change the neckline, or add more beading and/or embellishments to it. Additional fees may be required for some adjustments. If you’re having a bustle added to your gown after the ceremony, your seamstress will probably need to do that as well.

It’s not uncommon for brides to go through many fittings and consultations whether having a custom-made gown manufactured or upgrading a family heirloom for their big day. It will take the greatest effort and money to carry out these changes.

Potential Wedding Dress Alteration Costs

The cost of modifications might vary substantially based on where you live and how much your seamstress or bridal shop costs. The list below provides an indication of how much alterations often cost. If you bought your bridal gown online or are having a custom-made gown made, you may always go around to compare pricing before picking where to transport your stunning gown. In the following, you’ll see some samples of potential alterations and how much they might cost:

  • Take the sides of the dress in or out: $35-$50
  • Take in or out the sides of a skirt or bodice: $20-$30
  • Dress with a hem: $40-$100
  • An additional $20-$30 is required for the purchase of bra cups.
  • $40-$60 to reshape the neckline
  • Reducing or narrowing shoulders: $45-$50
  • $20-$40 to shorten straps
  • $25 to $35 for a belt or sash
  • Beading work: ~$30 an hour
  • Beading work: ~$30 an hour
  • Work with beads: about $30 per hour.

The cost of your dress’s tailoring may be more if the gown is very delicate. Bridal adjustments may be more expensive if the gown has more lace or detail.

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Get It in Writing

When you hand over your wedding dress for bridal adjustments, you want to make sure that it’s in excellent hands and that you’ll be able to see it again soon. To avoid any misunderstandings later on, be sure to go through every detail of the alterations with the seamstress before your initial appointment. In the event that something goes wrong with your wedding gown, you’ll want to make sure you have a documentation of the work that was agreed upon. The price of each adjustment service should also be clarified before you leave the dress, and you should make sure that everything is in writing.

Who Should Complete Wedding Dress Alterations?

Choosing a bridal gown modification service can be tricky, so you may need to do some research. There might be a seamstress on-site if you purchased your dress from a wedding or specialized boutique. You won’t have to stress about the schedule for the changes because they’ll provide one to you in advance of the work being done. For those who purchased their gowns online, they’ll need to find a seamstress in the region. If you want a beautiful wedding dress, don’t just take your gown to any dry cleaner or tailor. Instead, find someone who specializes in bridal gown adjustments.

How Long Do Wedding Dress Alterations Take?

Make sure you have plenty of time to have your wedding dress altered before the big day. When making modifications, it is crucial to time them correctly. The earlier you do them, the more likely it is that your wedding gown will no longer fit you properly. Keep in mind that you don’t want to rush your wedding dress purchase. If something has to be changed at the last minute, you’ll need at least a week to do so. In most cases, you’ll have enough of time to get your dress altered if you plan ahead by two or three months.

Despite the fact that you may not want to spend extra money on an adjustments professional, it is really necessary when customizing your ideal dress. Having enough time for your dress fitting and changes will allow you to walk down the aisle confidently in your wedding gown..

12 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Dress

Have a budget in mind.

Set a budget before you begin planning your wedding. Being honest with the bridal consultant about your budget is essential. According to Keith Willard, owner of Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Keith Willard Events, “Sometimes we get caught up in the moment and you have discovered THE ideal dress, and then they tell you the price”. “Ask the store not to show you anything over your budget,” advises the narrator.

Bring a few guests, but skip the entourage.

You should, of course, get a second, third, and even a fourth opinion on your gown before making a final decision. As long as he has a great sense of style, you can bring his mom, sister, best friend, or even your brother. Cut the list short, though, so that your personal viewpoint doesn’t take precedence.

Leecy Fink, owner of Celebration Bridal and Tuxedo in Lynchburg, Virginia, recommends that brides bring some of their most trusted friends and family to the appointment. Bring two to three people with you to assist you narrow down your choices. The opposite is also true: an overabundance of observers is a distraction. This is your big day, and it’s vital to keep in mind that there are a lot of opinions out there.

Reflect on your style.

Before heading to the bridal salon, it’s a good idea to take a brief inventory of your wardrobe. Before you go dress shopping, try on one of your favorite dresses from your closet.” Tali Gallo, owner of The Bridal Finery in Winter Park, Florida, suggests doing this to assist your bridal stylist get a better sense of your particular style. Consider a clean, minimalistic design dress if your closet is stocked with solids. “If you’re a fan of bold patterns, consider an off-white wedding dress with nude underlay.”

Shop with an open mind.

For whatever reason, you might not feel comfortable wearing something that looks great on a model. Because everyone’s body type and size is unique, what you think will look great on someone else may not look so great on you. Amanda Jones, co-owner of Carolina Bridal World in Smithfield and Burlington, North Carolina, advises brides-to-be to keep an open mind when looking for their dream wedding gown. It’s possible that what you don’t like may wind up being the thing that you fall in love with.

Fink makes the same claim again. Even if you have a few ideas in mind, keep an open mind to what the consultant recommends, she suggests. A ball gown may be the perfect fit and flare wedding dress for you, or the other way around! Even if it’s your least favorite garment on the rack, it may be the most flattering piece of clothing for your form.

Take the venue into account.

It’s important to think about whether or not you want to get married inside or outside. Check with the venue to see if they have any additional rules or regulations, especially if you’re having a religious ceremony. Most Southern churches today are quite adaptable, according to Atlanta-based Magnolia Celebrates owner Laura Maddox. “However, if you attend a more traditional Baptist or Catholic church, you will be expected to cover your shoulders. Consider a bodysuit or bolero that can be removed after the ceremony if this doesn’t fit with your ideal dress.”

Get into a “yes” mindset.

Brides-to-be often go into their consultation thinking they’ll never find the perfect gown. Try on each dress with the understanding that the next one you try on just might be your dream dress. Jordan Winfield, owner of Studio I Do Bridals in Roanoke, Virginia, advises brides-to-be to “be prepared to find your gown” when making an appointment.

You’ll never get back that “say yes to the dress” moment when you try on the gown you see yourself going down the aisle in. Instead, she advises letting go of control and simply being present in the moment. A phone call isn’t nearly as amazing as taking use of those sentiments while you’re shopping.

Be sure you can breathe.

The love of your life, not your clothing, is responsible for making you gasp. When putting on your gown, pay attention to how much air you can get in your lungs. Willard recalls witnessing a bride pass out because she was unable to take a full breath before her wedding. In addition, she could only use the restrooms if she removed her clothing fully. So be sure you can still lead a normal life as a human being. “Beauty and comfort may coexist.”

Factor in the weather.

When arranging a trip, Maddox suggests “considering the typical conditions for the time of year you are planning.” Summertime temperatures in the South can skyrocket, and spring and fall weather can have an impact on your day. This is especially true in the South, where the climate is markedly different from the rest of the country.

“When choosing your gown, keep in mind the high temperatures and humidity levels. If you’re going to a summer wedding, Maddox recommends choosing a dress that has fewer layers and is cut looser. Winter, on the other hand, is a whole distinct season. It’s important to keep in mind that most of the winter months are marked by heavy rainfall. Of course, no one can foresee the exact weather on your wedding day, but you can learn about what to expect during that time of year.

Consider how you look in photos.

Amber Anderson, head planner at Heavenly Day Events in Austin, Texas, says she always reminds her brides to take pictures while trying on their gowns. Sit down, whirl, and swing your way around.” Have a photographer or videographer on hand the entire time. To know for sure whether or not a dress is right for you, there’s no better test than seeing at it in the flesh. A good approach to test whether your gown is comfortable and easy to move in is to walk around in it a bit.

Think about how the fabric will wear.

When it comes purchasing the dress of a lifetime, there are numerous factors to consider before saying yes, including whether or not it will show sweat stains, as Willard explains. You don’t want to look at sweat stains in your everlasting images because of a hot outdoor wedding. I know it’s not very romantic.

The ease with which the dress may wrinkle is also something to keep in mind when designing it. Willard adds, “Wrinkles are another significant issue to consider.” Last-minute steaming after the wedding dress had to make its way down here in an overhead bin is something I’ve had to deal with as an event director who deals with many destination brides.” Whatever the reason for creases on your gown, you’ll want it to look its best throughout the ceremony and celebration.

Choose the right dress for you.

Even if it sounds straightforward, some brides find themselves being forced to go with the groom’s preferred color scheme. Lily Rivera, proprietor of Lily Rivera Bridal in Punta Gorda, Florida, says, “Never settle for less than the right dress for you.” All brides have an idea of how they want to look on their wedding day.” It’s not uncommon for women to make a rash decision under pressure from their friends and family, a salesperson, or the ticking clock.

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Design a custom gown.

It’s possible that finding a gown that meets all of your requirements will be difficult. Think at it this way: You may enjoy certain aspects of one outfit, but you wish it had sleeves like that other outfit. A custom item might be a good option in that instance. “Have it custom made if you’ve looked around and still don’t feel your heart skip a beat,” Rivera says.

After purchasing [the garment], contact with an expert who can help alter or enhance it for you.” A custom gown or a revised version of a current one may not be as expensive as you think. Look for a local designer who can take your ideas and transform them into a stunning wedding gown.

Remember that this is your day, no matter what you wear. To make the most out of your appointment, gather a group of friends, decide on a spending limit, and arrive early. Saying “yes” to the dress is a big step towards the perfect wedding day, regardless of whether you get the right fit at your first try-on or have a bespoke gown built.


The article was helpful, right? By stitching a fabric panel, you’ve just learnt how to alter a wedding dress with a deep V-neck.

Another option is to add layers underneath the dress, accessorize, or change the garment in any other way. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.