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The Rainiers, a New York City-based photography team, advises expecting mothers to book a maternity photo shoot between 28 and 36 weeks into their pregnancy. By the end of the eighth month, you’ll have reached your due date, which can occur as early as the seventh month of pregnancy. The best time to flaunt a baby belly is during the third trimester!

It’s easier for expectant parents to stand or pose for photos when they’re 28 to 36 weeks along, so take advantage of this time window. Late in the pregnancy, your clients will be able to visibly display their bulging bellies to the world!

When to Take Maternity Photos

The Rainiers, a New York City-based photography team, advises expecting mothers to book a maternity photo shoot between 28 and 36 weeks into their pregnancy. By the end of the eighth month, you’ll have reached your due date, which can occur as early as the seventh month of pregnancy. The best time to flaunt a baby belly is during the third trimester!

When to Take Maternity Photos - Photon Grill

It’s easier for expectant parents to stand or pose for photos when they’re 28 to 36 weeks along, so take advantage of this time window. Late in the pregnancy, your clients will be able to visibly display their bulging bellies to the world!

Holding a Maternity Photo Session Earlier Than 36 Weeks

When it comes to taking maternity photos, there’s no rule that can’t be broken. However, every woman’s body evolves differently, therefore there are times when maternity photos can be taken earlier than the optimal timeline.

  • In the second trimester or around 13 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, schedule the maternity shoot for your client who is pregnant with multiples, even if the babies are still weeks away!
  • High-risk pregnancies are on the rise, thanks to advances in medicine that allow more individuals to postpone having children until later in life. The second trimester is the optimum time to photograph a high-risk client’s maternity, even though most of these pregnancies go nicely.
  • Maternity images can be used for announcements and other printed materials if they are taken no later than the beginning of the third trimester, or about weeks 27 to 28 of pregnancy, for the family. Your turnaround time will dictate how long the timeline is.

Maternity Photo Session Tips

In order to best showcase a woman’s figure and her round, pregnant tummy, photographers need to know the best times to capture maternity images.

Help the Mother Prepare for the Maternity Session

Your client should be able to move freely and comfortably during the pregnancy photo shoot.

To have a healthy pregnancy, it’s crucial that expectant mothers are given advice on skin care and sleep hygiene, so don’t overlook these suggestions. Make sure they know not to come to their maternity photo shoot in anything too tight. In your maternity images, this can leave blemishes that are difficult to remove.

Preparing a wardrobe of pregnancy-friendly clothing is essential. Always select clothing that highlights the subject’s figure in the most flattering way possible. Avoid distracting patterns and stick to simple or solid designs instead, so that the bump can clearly shine through.

No matter how far along a woman is in her pregnancy, you can help her look and feel her best in images with hair and makeup style.

Use the Proper Equipment

The Rainiers use Canon and Profoto equipment for their maternity photography. Here’s what they recommend for a great maternity photo shoot:

  • The Canon 5D Mark III.
  • Both the Profoto B2 and the Profoto A1 are available.
  • F1.4 lens at the focal length of 35mm
  • Zooming in and out with the 24-70mm f2.8

Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More!

In terms of photography items, albums and framed prints are the Rainiers’ most popular offerings.

Customers will buy more from you if you teach them how to do simple pregnant and family poses.

Photographing a newborn is an apparent next step once the baby is born and cleared by the doctor. Construct photo packages that capture the entire family’s life story.

10 Maternity Photos Everyone Should Take

1. Beach Beauty

Why it works: The beach is a lovely setting for pregnancy photos because of the tranquility and dramatic lighting.

As a Naples, Fla. family photographer, Rochelle Shucart has some advice: “Nice and soft photographs are ideal immediately around sunset.” “Any earlier than that, and I wouldn’t recommend having images taken.” She dressed the part with her own nautical shirt and hat. With a softly lit sky in front of her, this photo was taken just as the sun was setting.

There isn’t much of a learning curve here. If you follow Shucart’s suggestion and wait until dusk, it’s impossible to go wrong.

2. Heart Hands

It’s natural to show your affection for your baby with a heart because you already feel that way about him or her.

Shucart’s insider tip: “Natural light near to a window” was used to illuminate the scene. “I made sure the rings were visible by layering Dad’s and Mom’s palms over her belly.” As the photographer points out, practically any image can be turned black and white with photo editing software. If you want to add contrast to your black and white images, she says.

The difficulty level is easy. The love in this shot is accentuated by a close-up photo frame.

3. Big Sister/Big Brother Bonding

Do we really need to explain how it works? Make sure to capture the enthusiasm of older children when their siblings arrive—before any rivalry develops!

Photographer Chelsea Donoho, who is based in Kansas, offers this advice: “Play with kids during photo shoots.”. You should let your children be as creative and silly as they can be while encouraging them to take lots of pictures of anything they come up with. If they’re having a good time, the images will show that. “And don’t forget the munchies!”

When to Take Maternity Photos - Photon Grill

Moderate difficulty. However, if you have the patience to shoot a number of photos, you’ll definitely end up with a winning picture.

4. Lil Pumpkin

This is why it works: Yes, you are right now the size of a pumpkin. Pregnant women who want a humorous but charming image of their developing belly can visit the pumpkin patch in the fall.

In order to show off your personality, you can take your family portraits in a pumpkin patch, your favorite park or farmers market, or even the baseball field. As a final note, don’t forget to include Dad in some of your photos.

It’s medium to challenging, but it’s not impossible. When dealing with a background, photography becomes more difficult (not to mention Mother Nature). To ward off picture bombers, be prepared to move around a lot.

5. Pretty Props

We’re not sure there are many things cuter than a pair of baby shoes, and this is why it works It may be the perfect photo, especially when paired with the baby’s gorgeous belly.

Jermaine Amado, a Denver-based family photographer, recommends using props for a maternity session with a unique purpose. Baby’s name in block letters is another popular choice for props in pregnancy photos. A book and a onesie are also popular choices. Because you’ll be using a prop in your photos, the majority of the time you’ll be focusing on the prop. You can, however, alter things up and shift the focus from the prop to the family or the tummy instead. An ultrasound image or blurry baby shoes make for an excellent sight when taken alongside the mother-to-belly be’s and her family.

Moderate to challenging in difficulty. In order to succeed with this kind of photography, you must be a skilled photographer who knows how to manipulate the focus. It’s okay if you don’t, though. It’s safe to say that those lovely props will continue to be the star of the show.

6. All in the Family

You can’t help but fall in love with this picture. There are so many kisses! The infant inside is quite fortunate.

Pregnancy images might be tricky to capture because of the age of your older child or children, explains photographer Amado. To keep toddlers occupied while they’re on their backs, you have to come up with creative ways to keep them occupied. Having a big brother or sister engage with the belly is a great way to get the whole family in a good mood on these special occasions. The simple act of rubbing your tummy while your family looks on is likely to become one of your most treasured memories.”

Moderate to challenging in difficulty. It’s never easy to deal with toddlers, but as Amado points out, if you capture their adorableness, you’ll cherish the photo forever.

7. Counting Down

This is why it works: These two photos, taken by Austin/San Antonio-based photographer Johanna McShan, show how young their big sister is, while also emphasizing how soon they will be welcoming their first child into the world.

In order to create a memorable image, a gorgeous setting, together with elegant apparel and a simple accessory like these chalkboards, is necessary.

Moderate to challenging in difficulty. The setup time for this shot is likely to be considerable (not to mention getting Baby to sit still). But what happens when everything comes together and the light is just right? Magic.

8. Simple Silhouette

McShan’s black and white outline of a pregnant woman’s body, which has so much beauty in the contour of a pregnant woman’s body, is the ultimate elegance.

Pro tip: To make the expectant mother stand out, choose a dramatic background like this entryway. There must be backlighting to generate the silhouette (touch on the lightest portion of the screen to brighten it more if you use your iPhone).

Moderate to challenging in difficulty. When it comes to shooting this stunning shot, proper composition is crucial.

9. The Name Game

With the help of a chalkboard sign, you may give your friends and family a heads-up on the name of your baby.

It’s time to focus on your outfit once you’ve got the sign and the place figured out. According to Tempe, Ariz.-based photographer Melissa Young: “Don’t wear something you’re not confident in.” “I appreciate the way long dresses and skirts work for maternity,” says the pregnant woman. Consider asking the photographer for guidance on what looks best on your body type and the location of the shoot if you’re still unsure about your costume choices.

Moderate difficulty. Photographing the excitement of the moment may necessitate multiple exposures.

10. Don’t Forget Fido

There’s no need to exclude your family’s four-legged members when you’re struck by puppy love.

For the best results, use a plain background like the one in this photo by Arizona photographer Young so that your beloved dog and your flawless stomach can take center stage.

If your dog is well-trained, this game is easy to moderately difficult.

7 Simple Suggestions For What To Wear To Your Maternity Shoot

What to wear for an important photo shoot when you’re pregnant and full of wacky hormones is an even more daunting task than choosing what to wear for everyday wear. To be honest, you’re probably going to be a little worried out about making this decision. Preparation is everything when it comes to maternity photos, which may be some of the most beautiful and intimate portraits you’ll ever shoot. There’s no need to worry about anything, is there? For your next pregnancy photo shoot, here are seven wardrobe suggestions that will make you and your growing baby bump stand out.

1. The Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are ideal for pregnancy photographs for a number of reasons, including their versatility. To begin with, it’s really cozy. When you’re expecting, you want to be as comfortable as possible, and that’s especially true when you’re having your maternity photos taken for a few hours. Being so figure-flattering, it’s perfect for pregnant women everywhere. It’s a great way to hide anything you don’t want the world to see, but it can also be used to flaunt your gorgeous baby bump. Wearing a maxi dress to a picture session is also a dramatic look. When the wind picks up, it creates a lot of movement in the still image. Wearing a maxi dress to your photo shoot is a sure bet.

2. A Belt

Wearing a belt is a terrific method to draw attention to your stomach. The belt should be worn just below your breastbone, at the point where your stomach begins to protrude. It cinches your hips and tucks in your slacks, giving you a more defined midsection. With every shirt or dress, no matter how slinky or fitted, you can never go wrong with a belt! If you want to include something cute but don’t want to draw attention to it, this is a perfect solution.

3. Solid Colors

Pregnancy photos are all about you, so don’t let anything distract you from that, such as a pattern or print. Make your bump stand out the most by wearing plain colors. Have your hubby wear a patterned shirt instead if you want to include pattern into your session. Necklaces and scarves in vibrant hues can liven up a plain outfit, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

4. Tight Clothing

If you’re comfortable with tight clothing and don’t mind flaunting your baby bump, a bodycon dress is a great option. Pregnant women look lovely in these gowns, which are a great way to show off a woman’s growing belly. When a woman gets pregnant, her body goes through an astonishing transformation. It’s the great way to honor your pregnancies by showing it off. Embrace your curves and show them off.

5. Go Timeless

You don’t want to look back on these pregnancy images in 20 years and regret whatever you wore since you’ll be able to see them for the rest of your life. It’s never a good idea to wonder, “What on earth did I do?” To avoid this, opt for a more classic and understated ensemble. There’s nothing wrong with pairing jeans with a tee-shirt and a pair of attractive boots for this. Keeping things simple is never a bad thing. Make your jewelry a little more interesting by sprinkling in charming embellishments.

6. Textured Clothing

If you wear clothing with a lot of texture, your images will look better since they’ll have more depth. Embroidered tops, lace dresses, and chunky knit sweaters are all good choices to go with jeans. In either case, the clothing’s texture will provide visual interest, which will improve the quality of your photographs. An excellent alternative to a print or pattern, this is an excellent choice.

7. Have 2 Outfits

Consider bringing two different outfits for your pregnancy shoot, one casual and one elegant. This will not only provide you a range of images to choose from when decorating your home, but it will also allow you a number of alternatives when it comes to the photos themselves. In order to have an outfit change, simply notify the photographer that you wish to do so. Generally speaking, most people will be pleased with the range of images they’ll be able to take.


Is 30 weeks too early for maternity pictures?

Maternity photography is best done between the ages of 30 and 33 weeks. The tummy bump is starting to emerge, yet the due date is still some time away. Before 30 weeks, the stomach may not be as rounded and may not show up correctly in images.

When to Take Maternity Photos - Photon Grill

Is 6 months too early for maternity pictures?

During your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, or around 30 weeks, is the perfect time to take maternity photos. This is when your belly begins to take on a more round form, making it ideal for photographing in the third trimester.

Is 27 weeks too early for maternity pictures?

However, maternity picture sessions can be enjoyed by expecting women as long as they aren’t too close to their due dates and are still able to walk around with a developing baby bump.

Is 32 weeks too early for maternity pictures?

Maternity photo shoots are best done in the third trimester, between weeks 26 and 34. (around the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy). You’ll notice a noticeable rounding of your stomach once you’ve reached your third trimester. For some people, this may take longer than others.

Is it worth getting maternity photos?

Because you won’t be pregnant forever and your pregnancy will go by faster than you expected, it’s crucial to document these precious moments. In the years to come, you’ll look back on these images as a remembrance of that magical period when you were pregnant.

What should I wear for a week pregnancy photos?

A well-fitting outfit makes it easier to view the bump’s profile and eliminates any superfluous fabric from interfering with the shot. Stretchy t-shirts, camis, and dresses are ideal for pregnant women.

At what week should you take maternity pictures?

While 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy is ideal for a maternity photo shoot, expectant moms can still enjoy a shoot as long as they aren’t too near to their due dates and can move around with a developing baby belly without feeling restricted.

What should a man wear for maternity photos?

Men should wear dark bottoms such as jeans or khakis. Plain white shirts that aren’t starched should be encouraged. Both cotton and linen are excellent options for bedding. Toss in a standard, white or black crew-neck t-shirt as well.

How do you do a pregnancy photoshoot at home?

At-Home Maternity Photography Tips.

  1. Acquiring a basic understanding of light.
  2. Self-timer, remote control, tripod, or any combination of the three.
  3. Keep an eye on the scenery.
  4. If you don’t want to show off your stomach, wear clothing that’s tailored.
  5. Make a list of potential targets.
  6. Hair and make-up are included with this service.
  7. At least 6-8 weeks before the due date, schedule your session.


As long as pregnant women are not too near to their due dates and are still able to move around with their developing baby bumps, they can enjoy a maternity photo session. The optimal time range for maternity photography is between 28 and 36 weeks of pregnancy.