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A newborn wrapped in a white blanket with pink and blue striped edges is a common sight in infant photos. In the United States, this blanket is often the first thing a new parent sees when their newborn baby is delivered to the family.

The hospital receiving blanket may be necessary, but there are many good arguments for replacing it as soon as possible. These inexpensive cotton blankets are a must-have on any baby registry because of their versatility (from covering up a baby’s mess to becoming a precious keepsake).

What is a receiving blanket?

The first blanket a new mom uses to “welcome” their baby is called a “receiving blanket,” and the word has stuck. Is it too soon to thank the guy who just brought you this package?

These blankets are typically 30 inches by 40 inches in size and are woven from flannel cotton. Although they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, the traditional white hospital gown remains the most popular option.

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The presence of a receiving blanket in the home can help calm a fussy newborn or a sick child.

They are cheap and can be purchased in bulk for less than $10. As will be seen in the next sections, it is recommended that you have four or six receiving blankets on available.

Why a Baby Blanket is So Important

Numerous websites provide lists of “must-haves” and other necessities for a new baby. They are helpful for expectant parents of all stripes. Baby blankets are bound to be on these lists, whoever compiled them. Baby blankets are an absolute necessity for parents. We have listed five of the most important reasons why baby blankets are so important.

  • A newborn’s first experience outside the protection and comfort of the womb can be frightening, but a baby blanket can help ease that transition by providing a familiar and comforting object to hold and feel close to. Babies love to be wrapped in security blankets because they make them feel safe and secure. These work really well since they are able to snugly enswathe the baby while yet providing the comfort of a traditional baby blanket. In this case, a swaddling blanket would work perfectly.
  • Swaddling a baby can aid in improved sleep, which is crucial to the infant’s health and development. When a baby is swaddled, they feel safe and secure, which helps them go off to sleep. A child’s physical and mental development are both enhanced by an easy bedtime routine, and parents’ stress is reduced as a result. A swaddled infant is more likely to fall asleep more easily, which is healthy for both of you.
  • Babies can benefit from both the tactile and visual stimulation provided by a baby blanket. Myriad baby blankets also come with graphics or patterns that are instantly engaging to infants, in addition to the many colors and designs available. Compared to a white blanket, a baby is more likely to pay attention to and enjoy a blanket with lots of different colors. Babies love to snuggle up in a baby blanket because the different textures provide them with beneficial tactile stimulation. A baby’s blanket may seem trivial, but it actually helps develop their senses and aids in their growth.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to keep their babies warm till they reach the age of 18 months to 2 years. Baby blankets are crucial for keeping a child warm while it’s chilly outside. The use of a baby blanket is a terrific approach to keep your infant warm. A baby blanket is easy to remove if your youngster gets too hot while playing outside on a warm day. It’s much easier to do this instead of layering and taking off clothes. The blanket is easily removable and can be used or not.
  • It’s a Tribute to a Loved One – Having a baby is a transient experience, and having a toddler can feel even more ephemeral. It’s natural as a parent to want to hold on to mementos that mark important developmental stages. A baby blanket is a wonderful memory to have because it serves as a wonderful reminder of your child’s first few years. Even if your kid doesn’t have his or her own unique security blanket, this is still a sweet and easy way to keep a piece of his or her childhood close at heart.

What makes a receiving blanket different than a swaddling blanket?

A Memorial to a Deceased Family Member – Time spent as a baby, and especially as a toddler, seems to fly so quickly. As a parent, you’ll want to keep mementos that mark important developmental stages. Having a baby blanket as a memento might bring back fond memories of your child’s infancy and toddlerhood. Even if your kid doesn’t have a “security blanket,” framing a photo of the two of them together is a sweet way to keep their childhood close at heart.

Wrapped babies of all shapes and sizes fit snugly in swaddling blankets that are meant to stretch to fit the baby’s body and come in a variety of materials for varied weather situations.

Babies of all sizes and shapes can be wrapped safely and comfortably in swaddling blankets, which are designed to stretch to conform to the baby’s body and come in a wide range of materials to suit different climates.

What can you do with receiving blankets?

If you want to add these to your registry, keep in mind that they should be useful for more than just the first newborn photo. Without a question, they fit that description.

The following are some examples of appropriate uses for a receiving blanket:

  • Swaddling. In the NICU, they can be used to wrap newborns safely and comfortably. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the early stages, this strategy makes it easy to calm and cuddle your newborn.
  • Rewrapping refers to putting a newborn who has been cleaned back into its original wrappings. After a shower, the fabric feels great against the skin and helps keep you toasty warm.
  • Protect your child from the elements with a stroller cover. In case you need to protect your child from the elements, such as the sun or a downpour, keep one in the stroller’s basket.
  • Breastfeeding modesty covers. They can be folded up and stored in a purse or diaper bag for discrete use during nursing sessions on the go. They are also useful for cleaning up dribbles and spittle.
  • Diaper changing tables, for those who need them. Whether you’re utilizing a public restroom’s unsanitary changing table or your friend’s bed during a play date, these make it easy to create a sterile changing area.
  • Board games, in other words. Because of their compact size, receiving blankets may accompany you wherever, from a friend’s house to the park.
  • If your child has a tendency to become messy as they eat, we have extra-large burp towels just for them. Certain infants are masters of the projectile vomit, and thus these burp cloths may seem adequate to them.
  • Lovey-dovey, I’m here to guard you from harm. There is nothing more comforting than a blanket that a child has had since birth.

Your goal as a parent is to provide your child the freedom to learn about the world through his or her fingers. Uses other than those for babies include:

  • You can make a quilt, stuffed animal, or cushion into a keepsake. If you don’t have any sewing skills, you can always pay someone else to do it for you.
  • The use of banners and garlands as decorative accents is widespread. You don’t have to be particularly crafty to use scraps of blankets to make attractive wall hangings or rugs.
  • There are dirty clothes lying around everywhere. They have many more applications than just diaper duty.
  • Put on an apron or a drop cloth when you’re working on a craft. Young children’s messes persist well into adulthood. Both glitter and finger paints can be easily cleaned up after being rescued.
  • When kids are sick, it’s best to protect furniture with disposable coverings or utilize mess trays. If you want to make cleanup easier after someone is sick with a stomach virus, you can put up a receiving blanket shield over the couch.
  • Donations to animal sanctuaries are always appreciated. To put it another way: they’re not exclusive to human infants. They will make shelter cages more hospitable and less of a chore to clean.
  • In case of a leak or other unexpected event, you’ll be prepared. When two Starbucks napkins won’t cut it, the blanket comes out!

Receiving Blankets Can Also Be Used For The Following:

  • Accessories for the interior design of a room

In the hands of an individual with a high degree of creativity, a receiving blanket can be put to use in an infinite variety of novel ways. If you aren’t already, consider this your introduction. Simply simply snipping it into different shapes and lengths, you may use it to create bows and other decorative accents.

  • Paper towels are used for cleaning

No matter how many you already have, more cleaning cloths are always welcome. In addition to mopping up spills in the nursery, these blankets can be used for a variety of other cleaning tasks around the house. It’s like a multi-tool in disguise!

  • Aprons for messy craft projects.

Art projects may be messy even for adults, let alone young children. If you don’t want them to have more paint and sticky stuff on them than on the paper, it’s important to protect their clothing.

Newborn Receiving Blankets Soft Baby Swaddling Blanket Newborn Infant Muslin Cotton Swaddle Bath Towel Ca K - Receiving Blankets - AliExpress

Disarray of glitter? When I think about the possible outcomes, I get cold chills. If you don’t want to get this blanket soiled with art projects, you can always use it as a cleaning cloth. Absolutely fantastic, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Donation

These blankets could be donated to a homeless shelter or animal rescue if that is more your style. Improved animal comfort is guaranteed. Additionally, this will facilitate cage cleaning at the shelter.

  • Covers for furniture

Covers for furniture

  • Furniture slipcovers

There will be more mess made by children in the car than there now is. Infinite options exist, such as eating, sleeping, and creating art in an automobile.

This blanket is a perfect illustration of an emergency vehicle cloth, allowing for a wide variety of activities to be carried out in the car by youngsters.

How To Use Receiving Blankets Safely

You, like many other parents, may assume that this blanket’s intended purpose is obvious from a glance, but you’d be wrong. Of course, one should always err on the side of caution.

A few things to watch out for will help you stay safe:

  • Be cautious to tuck in these blankets tightly when putting your baby to sleep.
  • Wrap them around your baby’s head and neck, but not the neck itself.
  • Avoid wrapping your infant in a blanket during his or her first year of life.
  • Don’t continue swaddling if your baby starts to fuss.

Make sure your blankets are thin and made of cotton to avoid getting too hot. Before making a purchase, think about the material, size, and texture of the receiving blanket you want to buy.

10 Best Baby Receiving Blankets For Your Little One

1. Cotton Flannel Receiving Blankets by Luvable Friends, Set Of 7 (For Boys And Girls)

  • The package comes with seven flannel blankets. It measures 30 inches on each side.
  • Crafted entirely from cotton
  • Soft enough for a baby’s skin.
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Affordable, premium package

Among all the flannel blankets I’ve seen, this one is the finest. These shorts are both comfortable and fashionable thanks to their composition of 100% cotton. These are my fave patterns I’ve seen so far.

To locate a set of seven high-quality receiving blankets for this low a price is like finding a unicorn. I still see her using the elephant-themed baby blankets I gave her at her shower some years ago.

Some of the patterns (like the fox) can be worn by either boys or girls, while others are clearly intended for one gender or the other. There is nothing more adorable than their pink baby blanket in my opinion.

Once you’ve waded about in this beautiful pile of blankets, you’ll want them all.

2. Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby 7-Pack 100% Cotton Receiving Blankets (Unisex)

  • Soft, breathable cotton that is perfect for lounging in.
  • It’s perfect for swaddling, burping, and snuggling.
  • Carters quality, everyday low costs, and tagless packaging are all available only to Amazon members.

One of the most comfortable and practical options for a newborn of either gender is a blanket made of 100 percent cotton. These shoes are the epitome of style and comfort. You can also use them for swaddling, burping, and cuddling your baby. Even better, you get seven of them!

3. Burt’s Bees Baby 100% Organic Cotton Receiving Blankets, Gift Set Of 2 (Unisex)

  • Burt’s Bees Baby Blankets, 2-Pack
  • It measures 29 inches by 29 inches.
  • One-by-One Ply Ribbed
  • Swaddling will be a breeze with this soft and breathable blanket.
  • Soft, organic cotton that has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the greatest outer layer for a newborn.

Organic fabrics are usually the safest and most comfortable choice when shopping for baby gear, as I learnt the hard way (and pretty much anything else). For a baby’s sensitive skin, this is of paramount importance.

These organic cotton blankets are great for infants and toddlers of either gender. Given how lightweight and airy they are, you’ll wish they came in adult sizes. (I really really wish that they would.)

4. Tadpoles Organics Set of 3 Flannel Receiving Blankets (Unisex)

  • including a total of three throws
  • Non-hazardous to human and animal health.
  • This item is offered in a choice of two color palettes.
  • The model number is brbboc.

You can get a set of three of these luxuriously soft blankets in one of two colors (white and chocolate). I wish I could actually eat one of these blankets because of how delicious it looks. They are perfect for you if you prefer natural materials and uncomplicated designs.

5. Carter’s 4-Pack Flannel Cotton Receiving Blankets (For Boys And Girls)

  • 100% cotton from overseas suppliers
  • Cotton flannel is soft and comfortable next to a newborn’s skin.
  • Swaddle and burp your baby in this soft blanket.
  • Huge, comfy blankets measuring 30 by 40 inches
  • Machine-washable necessities for mother and newborn

One hundred percent cotton makes these brightly colored blankets both energizing and comforting. The minute I laid eyes on the exquisite patterns, I was in love (blue whale, fox, froggies, ladybug, sports elements, white sheep, and many others).

These cute animals would be perfect for a nursery or as a diaper changing pad cover. You can choose to believe me or not.

One of my favorite things about these blankets is the way the edges have been carefully polished. Polished edges avoid fraying and add to the blanket’s longevity.

It’s safe to assume that any mother shopping for a baby blanket is hoping to find one that will last for quite some time (and not just a few times).

6. QTECLOR Newborn Receiving Blanket Headband Set (Unisex)

The skin of your infant will appreciate the softness and comfort of Milk Silk Fabric, which is made from 100% natural materials. It’s a nice, cozy, and breathable temperature.

  • The Anti-startle Design of the Bionic Eggshell Since their neurological systems are not fully developed, newborn newborns feel insecure when separated from their mothers.
  • Snug-up One blanket and one headband in one convenient package. It’s the best way to announce the arrival of your adorable new baby, and it’s also the perfect baby shower present and photo prop!

If you’re searching for the prettiest present for a baby shower, you’ve found it! A breath of fresh air, these blankets are wonderful. The use of milk silk in the production of the clothing is an additional perk. This kind of cloth is ideal for cleaning a baby’s sensitive skin.

Think about how cute your kid will look in pictures while they’re wearing that headband. A baby in a headband is guaranteed to make my heart melt.

Floral, elephant, and feather prints are just a few of the many options available. These blankets are made from sacred fabric, and their designs reflect a spiritual inspiration.

No human being would be able to say no to such combination. I may have gone a little overboard, but I think you get the point: I’m obsessed with this show.

7. Spasilk Unisex Baby 4 Pack 100% Cotton Flannel Receiving Blanket (For Boys And Girls)

These four plush receiving blankets are perfect for wrapping a newborn in when you bring them home or for usage in a variety of other ways, such as a crib, playpen, car seat, or even just your arms.

  • Cute baby blankets are typically made from brushed cotton flannel, which is both durable and snuggly. It’s really comfortable and easy to work with, making it perfect for dressing a brand-new baby.
  • Carrying a baby from the car to the house, or anywhere else, is much easier with a receiving blanket.

To sum it up, if you like simple patterns, you need one of these blankets. Even if you don’t like them, it’s fine. These cotton blankets are perfect for newborns and young children.

Design options range from simple stripes and dots to intricate patterns featuring tiny zoo animals like giraffes and elephants. This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful baby shower presents one could give. If you’re shopping for someone you don’t know well and don’t know their taste, these blankets are a safe bet.

What Is a Receiving Blanket — and Do You Need One?

8. MTJJ Unisex Plush Receiving Blankets (Unisex)

  • Our baby blanket is made from a high plush ployester fabric, making it not only lightweight and easy to use, but also soft and comfortable for the little one.
  • Because of its roomy 30x40in dimensions, it will be useful much beyond the infant and toddler years.
  • The uniqueness and quality of this gift make it perfect for a newborn! Because of its portability, it can be used for cribs, naptime, and daycare. Perfect for newborns, babies, and kids of both sexes.

When looking for ways to make their kids as cozy as possible, parents should consider these blankets. The soft and lightweight polyester plush material is used in their construction. These clothes will keep your kid warm and cozy all day long without worrying about them getting too hot.

These blankets are perfect for use as bath towels or on changing tables. Also, they are great gifts for a baby shower. And yes, moms, they are easy to keep clean and tidy.

9. TILLYOU Premium Cotton Knit Baby Receiving Blanket (For Boys And Girls)

  • Thanks to the fabric’s luxurious smoothness, baby’s sensitive skin is protected from scratching and rubbing. The baby stays in the crib for an extra minute or two.
  • You can relax in the summer heat without worrying about overheating. It’s a great way to stay cool both day and night.
  • Babies between 0 and 6 months old weigh about 0.7 lb. Your infant’s body will not be subjected to any undue strain. It can be worn by premature infants, neonates, and even toddlers.

These blankets are made from the finest Egyptian cotton. It has a soft feel and comes in three distinct patterns (a grey star, jungle animals, and pink elephants) to suit your little one’s taste in decor.

Unisexual designs like grey stars and jungle animals are more frequent than pink elephants, which are traditionally associated with girls. These blankets have the uncanny ability to be both stylish and cozy. These blankets are multipurpose and would look excellent in a baby’s nursery.

10. Touched by Nature Baby Organic Cotton Receiving Blanket (Unisex)

  • Swaddling blanket made of organic cotton that is gentle and malleable.
  • Made from organic cotton that is 100 percent natural.
  • Produced using only natural, organic cotton.
  • Blankets of various sizes and prices for a variety of needs.

As implied by the shop’s name, these throws feature scenes from nature and other animals. There are several prints available, and many of them feature animals like foxes and elephants.

In addition to these, you may find some plain patterns in shades of lavender, grey, pink, white, celery, and blue.

Any expecting parent would benefit from purchasing one of these organic cotton baby blankets. You can find both elaborate and simple patterns in this section.

Indulge your little prince or princess in the regal luxury and irresistible softness of one of our premium blankets.


Why should I use a receiving blanket to swaddle my baby?

A study conducted in 2005 by Patricia Franco et al. found that swaddling enhanced the quality of sleep in infants.

When a baby is swaddled, they are less likely to wake up from sleep disruptions caused by twitching and sudden movements. It’s not unusual for someone to act in such a way.

Many parents report that babies sleep better when swaddled. Swaddling can help calm an overstimulated infant.

How long do you use receiving blankets?

Even when the newborn stage has gone and the infant no longer needs to be wrapped in the blanket, the receiving blanket can still be put to good use.

Using an old hospital blanket as a cleaning cloth is an excellent idea. A muslin blanket makes a great lovey for older kids. On a brisk stroll, a receiving blanket is an excellent way to keep your child warm and protected from the elements. You can even make a memory quilt out of old receiving blankets when your child grows up.

How much does a receiving blanket cost?

An old hospital blanket can serve admirably as a cleaning cloth. A muslin blanket is the perfect lovey for a child of school age or older. To shield your baby from the cold and wind while out for a vigorous walk, a receiving blanket is a wonderful choice. When your baby grows up, you can use his or her old receiving blankets to create a special quilt.

How many receiving blankets do I need?

For most new parents, three to six receiving blankets should suffice. This is a great spot to begin if you’re new to using a registration.

A few notes

Babies shouldn’t sleep with blankets of any kind, including receiving blankets, in their cots.

Use of a car seat or stroller requires extra care and attention to prevent suffocation or overheating.

However, when it’s time to get cozy with your newborn, you might want to use a receiving blanket.