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Buying a new Kolcraft Double Stroller is an excellent investment for any family. The instructions for opening a Kolcraft Double Stroller can be tough to follow, so here is our How To Open Kolcraft Double Stroller Guide with all the information you need in one spot!

5 Benefits of Using Double Strollers


In order to start a family, you will need a substantial amount of money to cover everything from electricity costs to medical expenses to a child’s schooling. Investing in a double stroller now can save money in the long run because the stroller can be used for future children. In addition, the nanny does not have to buy a second stroller to take care of the newborn and the older child.


As much as we know about the responsibilities that mothers and even babysitters have, do you really believe that they can do all of these family errands when they have two children to care for? When it comes to strollers, double strollers are your best bet because you can put both of your kids in the stroller and take them with you as you perform home chores, removing the burden of your child from you. This is why a double stroller is the best way to travel with two little children while not exhausting yourself too much.

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Hassle-free travel

You may frequently find yourself running errands for the family’s next dinner gathering or getting to an appointment on time due to the hectic nature of your daily schedule. Clearly, having to deal with two toddlers at once makes things difficult and requires a great deal of effort. Most double strollers available nowadays are tough to fold; however, if you have a double stroller, all you have to do is open it up. There’s also the fact that it’s really easy to tote your infants about with you everywhere you go—and voila! An instant bonding experience for the two of them. A travel system, which combines a double stroller and an infant car seat, is an excellent option for longer outings.

Wide array of style and versatility

The double stroller comes in a variety of forms, allowing it to be used by twins and other children of different ages. For example, a tandem double stroller allows the guardian to seat one child before the other, preventing arguing, one child keeping the other awake. tandem double strollers are also easier to fit through regular doorways because they are smaller. When it comes to fashion, you have a wide variety of options.

Strong and long-lasting

Because their major function is to carry two children at once, double strollers are especially strong and robust.

It’s true that twin strollers have certain advantages, but you should first evaluate your own situation. Buying a single baby stroller is the better option if you plan to have a kid in the near future, or if you plan to wait a long time before having another one. Remember that children are a gift from God and should be treated as such; treat them as if they were your own offspring.

Kolcraft Cloud Double Review

Our Analysis and Test Results

Kolcraft, a third-generation family business in Chicago, was founded in 1946. When Leo Koltun’s son joined the company in the 1950s, he transitioned it from crib pads to crib mattresses. Introducing the Carri-Cradle®, Kolcraft’s pioneering newborn rocker/carrier. By 1987, the company had added high chairs and play yards to its product portfolio. When Tom Koltun, Tom’s grandson, joined the company, they expanded swiftly, bringing in new items and establishing partnerships with other businesses. When Kolcraft teamed up with Sealy® Technology in 1993 to make the largest crib mattress producer in the United States, they did it as a joint venture.

Performance Comparison

Weight and Folded Size

According to the weight and folded size metrics, The Cloud Double came out on top. With a foldable volume of 8,541 cubic inches, this stroller weighs 21.2 pounds and is one of the most compact options. The Cloud is a great option if you need to store your stroller in a small area.

Ease of Use

For ease of use, the Cloud Double received the lowest rating. Because of its 3-point harnesses and lack of a storage bin, the Cloud was unable to compete with competing strollers on the market.

Fold and Unfold

Unlike other folding chairs, the Cloud Double does not self-stand or lock on its own. With flip-flops on, we were able to do the fold release and the manual lock with ease (above right).


Triple action brakes on the Cloud Double require all three pedals to be pushed before the brakes are fully engaged. We’re concerned that busy parents will forget to set all three pedals, even though they’re averagely easy to set and release and even sandal foot-friendly.


The lack of a storage bin on the Cloud Double feels like a glaring omission, given that two children necessitate more storage space than one. While they may have made this decision to save money or even weight, we believe most parents would rather spend a little more for storage so they don’t have to carry things about with them all of the time anyhow. On the frame near the left handle, there is a single cup holder on the Cloud.


With no peek-a-boo windows, the Cloud Double has identical canopies for each seat. Despite the stabilizer bar, they are fragile and lost their shape quickly throughout our testing. Although the pop-out visor reduces visibility, the canopies could be useful if the sun isn’t as bright.


The crotch straps on the Cloud Double are so lengthy that they cannot be adjusted. While 3-point bets are less risky than 5-point bets, we do not suggest them. Adjusting the straps with a wriggling baby on board is frustrating because the buckle has a double loop through it that takes effort to make smaller.


Leg rests are missing from the Cloud Double, making it difficult to recline while a child is in the seat. To recline, you must first undo a strap and then reattach it to the frame, which we believe will be difficult to do while traveling with a napping baby. The recline, on the other hand, isn’t deep enough for a comfortable slumber.

Ease of Setup

We assembled the Cloud in less than 11 minutes, and we didn’t use any equipment at all. The extra assembly time was caused by a manual that was badly structured and had three languages for each step instead of distinct parts for each language.

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In terms of maneuverability, the Cloud was among the group’s worst performers. Rather than providing traction on uneven terrain as you might expect, its exaggerated tread on the plastic wheels generates wobble and vibration in the handles. Strollers with dual wheel designs, which place six wheels in front, tend to veer off course when the ground isn’t perfectly flat. On flat ground, pushing straight ahead isn’t tough, but turning and negotiating in tight areas is a challenge. Squeezing the handles together was a need to move it through doors, and repositioning the wheels after they got stuck on baseboards required considerable strength.

Only the front wheels of this stroller have suspension, and the bottom seats are inflexible and lacking in padding. We anticipate that the lack of leg rests and restricted recline will make this stroller uncomfortable for its users. Even though the foam-covered handles are an improvement over the plain plastic ones, the vibration they create due to the ineffective tread is likely to lead to early tiredness in pushers.


One of the lowest quality scores was given to the Cloud. This stroller has an antiquated design with a lot of flex and features that are difficult to use. The stroller has a fragile and rickety feel about it because to its lack of padding, mesh seats, and exposed fasteners. Additionally, the lack of 5-point harnesses and a storage bin gives the stroller a “less than” vibe, implying that it isn’t designed with quality or attention to detail in mind.

Steps on How to Open Kolcraft Double Stroller

Your Kolcraft Double Stroller has two latches on the front that you’ll need to open in order to put it away. It is possible to open and close the stroller using only the top latch, but using the lower latch prevents the wheels from moving when it is opened and closed.

Step 2: Find these two latches and pull them in opposite directions until they click into place. Step 3. The Kolcraft Double Stroller will now be able to be folded flat once again, with both sides of the stroller being released.

The next step is to apply these instructions to reassemble your Kolcraft Double Stroller. To do this, pull in opposite directions until you hear a clicking sound. Now all you have to do is store your Kolcraft Double Stroller away until the next time you need it!

Steps on How to Fold Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller:

Make certain that the front wheel locks are unlocked in Step 1. Each side has a grey lever that may be lifted and pushed outward to open the stroller from the inside.

To complete the second step, press down firmly on both levers until they lock into position (kind of like how a seatbelt buckle works). To begin folding your Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller for storage or travel, just loosen the tension on each side of the stroller.

Take infant car seats off and unhook any other attachments that may be linked to your baby gear with hooks or straps. Lift one handlebar as high as possible while the other handlebar remains on the floor. Then, firmly push down on both levers until they click into position (kind of like how a seatbelt buckle works).

Tip 4: To remove the strain in the front wheels, pull them toward you and push your hands inward. Before folding, make sure that all of the accessories have been removed. You’ll need to lift one handlebar to its maximum height before you do anything else.

In this step, you’ll use your hand to crush the side’s frame and wheels together. Then fold the bar in half and refold it for storage or travel! Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller: Follow these procedures to assemble each of the four pieces.

How to Assemble a Kolcraft stroller

After purchasing a Kolcraft stroller, you must open the box and remove all of its contents before you can assemble it. In most cases, Kolcraft strollers are made up of three parts: two frame halves and a seat/child restraint base.

Remove all of the packaging off the items to be shipped to ensure that they are not damaged in transit. As you can see in the image below, you need to join the front and back halves together to complete the assembly (the arrow points towards where they should be connected).

It’s simple to lock the Kolraft Double Stroller; just press down on both latch buttons simultaneously until they click into place.

How to clean a Kolcraft stroller

Any family can benefit from purchasing a Kolcraft stroller. To how frequently should the fabric be cleaned? What’s the best way to clean it? Stains are difficult to remove. Is there anything that needs to be cleaned on the frame and wheels, such as the plastic parts that need to be cleaned with soap and water or cloth wipes followed by wiping dry with another towel?

Cleaning your Kolcraft Stroller on a regular basis is the greatest way to ensure that it always looks its best!

Using a mild detergent and tepid water is the safest way to remove most sorts of stains from clothes, including those produced by food spills and diaper leaks (or buy pre-mixed stain remover). To remove the stain, soak the area for at least 30 minutes.

How do you make it recline? How can I change its height? How does this work with a car seat? How should I position my child in relation to me and the stroller’s sunshade?

As long as your child weighs no more than 50 pounds (23 kilograms), the adjustable backrest on the Kolcraft Double Stroller will keep him or her comfy.

When adjusting the backrest, just pull out the side handles placed on each arm rest, tilt them backward or forward as needed, and then lock them into position by pressing down on the handles.

How to unfold a combi stroller

If you’ve already folded up the front wheel and are ready to flip over the back wheels, you can do so by lifting the frame off the ground and bending down toward both sides at the same time until you have enough leverage on either side near the base, then gently pushing upward with your hands to cause all four wheels to spring upwards and find a new home on the ground.

Alternately, you can lift the back wheels out of their cradles and slide them into place in front of you before flipping them all the way up, and then gently push each side until you hear a click that indicates the locking mechanisms have engaged. This second option may be more difficult due to the weight of the vehicle.

Lift one end so that the wheel rests at eye level when standing behind either side of the frame, while pulling outwards towards yourself, following this same action for each individual wheel along with any other unlocked latches or hinges found near where they should be positioned according to gravity; this is the third option.

How do you get mold out of a stroller?

There are a variety of approaches you can take here. If the stain is simply on the fabric of your stroller, you can use a spray bottle filled with vinegar to evenly coat the affected area.

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If necessary, repeat the process until there is no more moldy residue. Let it lie for about 15 minutes to properly soak into the material before cleaning it down gently with water and soap.

If you have access to a sink or tub, you can rinse thoroughly by submerging under running water after you’ve cleaned out any excess dirt or other debris.

Bottom Line

Given its reasonable price tag, this stroller is a top pick for parents looking to take their children on vacation. Despite its simple construction, this stroller has a plethora of useful features, including ample storage, sturdy canopies, a simple, self-standing fold, and enough of parent/child trays.

With the exception of the limited recline, the non-adjustable handlebar and the lack of an option to use a car seat, there are few negatives to this stroller.

It’s a decent travel stroller for a reasonable price, and you won’t have to worry about it breaking while you’re away from home.