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Here are three ideas to consider if you’re struggling to fill little jars as wedding favors. Also discussed will be the norms and customs surrounding wedding gifts for the guests.

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We produced a basic guide on how to make acrylic wedding invitations so you could see what we mean.

Best Ideas On What To Put In Small Jars For Wedding Favors


Jars of various sizes are perfect for use as wedding favors. There has been a recent trend of brides giving out baked goods to their guests as a token of appreciation.

After all, sweets and pastries are universally loved. Cookies, pretzels, candies, and chocolates in miniature jars are some ideas for wedding favors.

Guests can have fun making cookies out of playdough if you want to keep them occupied. Instead of the typical cookie or candy, wedding guests would be delighted to receive a jar of homemade jam or jelly.

If you’re not sure if your guests will appreciate sweets, you can always offer them the tea in jars as an alternative. Both the tea strainer and the tea stirrer are merely extras.

Mason Jar Wedding Favors and Labels - Fillmore Container


Tiny jars would make a lovely container for candles. Candles placed in these jars can be presented as party favors to guests who can take them home and use them as decoration.

Your visitors may set the mood for a relaxing and romantic evening by using these favors, which can also be scented. It’s a wonderful idea for DIY candle lovers to use as wedding favors or as gifts for the hosts.

When constructing your jar candle wedding favors, don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. Wedding-themed items like ribbons, ropes or stickers can then be added to the wax jar to complete the look of the jar.


Candles aren’t the only choice for ambiance lighting in mason jar wedding favors. More creativity can be had if the containers are equipped with lights or holders for lights.

If you’re having a rustic, outdoor wedding, these favors are just what you’re looking for. You can even adorn the jar with a fairy design for a backyard wedding.

Jars with string lights inside make lovely bridal favors. In addition, if you want to impress your visitors with something particularly special, you might find inspiration in the work of others that has already been done online.

Personalized Mason Jar Mugs

These unique mason jar wedding glasses are sure to be a hit with your guests. In addition to being a fantastic accessory for your wedding, their adaptability and portability make them a must-have. They’re cute enough to utilize as wedding favors that guests will want to take home with them when the ceremony is over. They’ll treasure them, and they’ll think of you, every time they use one. Due to their expensive cost, these jars are more appropriate for intimate weddings with fewer guests.

Mason Jar Night Lamps

You want wedding favors that aren’t the same old thing. Mason jars make great nightlights. These inexpensive night lights will be the talk of the town for weeks after a party you host with them. These would make great housewarming gifts for friends and family members. More than that, it will come in handy if there is ever a blackout! The lamp’s little LED light is powered by the sun, and the durable build means it should survive for years.

Mason Jar Tea Favors

This one-of-a-kind keepsake is a wonderful keepsake for wedding guests. This set includes a stainless steel heart-shaped tea strainer, a jar of tea, a honey stirrer made from wood, and a linen bag to store the strainer and honey pop. Those getting married who appreciate a good cup of tea would be thrilled to receive this present. To ensure that no two people receive the same tea, we offer several different options.

Whether you’re planning a vintage or rustic wedding, this smores chocolate chip cookie mix will be a hit with your guests. There is a vast variety of alternatives available for tailor-made and one-of-a-kind flavors. Each jar bakes a ton of buttery biscuits and fills them with three kinds of chocolate to please everyone’s sweet tooth. Yum!

Mason Jelly Jars

These old-fashioned mason jars are a great way to cut costs on wedding favors. Visitors will value your consideration. Jams, preserves, marmalades and jellies can be stuffed into these jars to your heart’s content. To put it simply, you may use them to keep everything from herbs and food to miniature gifts. We’re confident that your guests will enjoy these just as much as we do, no matter what you chose to put inside!

Mason Jar Vases

If you’re searching for something easy yet classy, a mason jar vase makes a beautiful wedding favor. Every single person who sees it will be blown away by its beauty and originality. As a keepsake of your special day, your guests can display their favorite blooms on this decorative wall hanging.

Save the dates favors

These small jars filled with sand, pinecones, glitter, and your own unique message are the perfect finishing touch to a country-themed wedding. These country-themed wedding invitations have all the trimmings and may double as Save the Dates.

Mason Jar Place Card Holders

Your guests will be grateful that the treats they get also act as their place card holders. Simple and beautiful jars of preserved flowers. Each candle holder is completely unique, guaranteeing that it will stand out beautifully among the rest of your wedding decorations.

What Do You Put In Wedding Favor Jars?

  • Flowers
  • Pens
  • Toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner.
  • Essential oils used in aromatherapy
  • Concentrated fragrances in miniature bottles
  • You can find the seeds of many different herbs out in the wild.
  • Lip glosses and nail paint are provided to the bridesmaids.
  • Packages of miniature alcoholic beverages for the best men.

How Do You Decorate A Glass Jar For A Wedding?

Glass jars can be used for more than just holding loose candy at a wedding. Determine how to decorate the mason jars based on the wedding’s theme and color palette.

19 Affordable Mason Jar Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love | WeddingInclude | Wedding Ideas Inspiration Blog

Whether it’s the outside or the inside of the jar, you may add a personal touch with paint, twine, ribbon, lace, or stickers in lovely typefaces. If the wedding glass jars will be used to hold food or drink, they can be customized with handles or engraving.

  • At the reception, have the glass jars with candles set out for guests to use.
  • Decorate your wedding’s backdrop or gazebo by hanging lamps you made from glass jars.
  • miniature flower arrangements in clear vases
  • It’s up to you whether to use the jars at each table or hang up the place cards on the wall.

What Do You Give For Wedding Favors?

The “wedding favor” is the token of appreciation given to guests by the bride and groom after the ceremony. Both the hosts and the guests can benefit from these mementos, which serve dual purposes.

Gifts for guests at a destination wedding should be in keeping with the event’s theme, so items like thank-you letters, photographs, and other mementos of the wedding’s location are always appreciated. Your guests will also appreciate consumables such as food and décor.

An additional source of inspiration is amusing wedding favors. Guests could take home a bag of cookie mix or a packet of seeds to plant at their leisure.

Is It Okay To Not Have Wedding Favors?

Since the newlyweds are the ones in charge of the ceremony’s customs, skipping wedding favors is perfectly acceptable. Wedding favors are an option for couples who are strapped for cash.

It is possible to show your appreciation for your visitors without breaking the budget by setting up a receiving line instead of a gift table. All attention at the reception can be directed toward the enjoyment of your guests.

In place of traditional favors, many modern couples opt to provide guests with a wedding welcome bag. Guests at your event will appreciate practical items like these, so keep that in mind when deciding what to put in their goody bags.

Are Favors Necessary for Destination Weddings?

Guests still anticipate being welcomed in some way, even at destination weddings. Guests that travel far to be a part of your wedding celebration should be honored with a thoughtful gift. Again, you are not required to stick to my suggestion. But wedding planners might factor in time for a gift opening.

Candy, keychains, and golf balls with a monogram aren’t as useful as they previously were. Think about the guests who will actually use the wedding favors you give them.

Think up something original that has to do with the place you’re visiting. Distribute beach towels and sunglasses to guests for your beach-themed nuptials. Maybe you’d rather a jar of honey produced by bees right in your own backyard.

It’s best to keep things straightforward. It is customary for guests to take home a wedding favor before leaving. You can show your appreciation without breaking the bank if you don’t go overboard. It’s hard to go wrong with edible presents. Boxes of candy or a bottle of party mix are two examples of affordable wedding favors.

What is the Point of Wedding Favors?

One guaranteed way to show your appreciation for your loved ones’ unending support is with wedding favors. All the guests, not just the ones closest to the celebrant, can utilize these cards to show their appreciation for being there.

The days of the monogrammed bottle opener or the knickknack are over as wedding gifts for today’s couples. None of us need to tell you that practical wedding favors need not cost a fortune or even be very flashy.

Presented at the wedding, the favor is a memento of the happy couple’s special day. Visitors will appreciate being given a unique keepsake to enjoy long after the event is over.

Weddding favors are a great way to inject some fun and excitement into the celebration. We can throw in some glow sticks, streamers, and party treats as well. Your guests will have a great time with them anywhere from the dance floor to the dinner table.

Ultimately, the goal of giving wedding favors is to spread joy and happiness among your guests.

Creative, unique, and affordable wedding favors are becoming increasingly popular. Guests are being informed of the charity’s receipt of their donations. It’s a fresh approach for couples to tell their story.

Guests’ wedding mementos need not cost a fortune to make a bold statement. Inexpensive and unique DIY wedding favors are a possibility.

Average Cost of Wedding Favors

It doesn’t matter how much you’ve budgeted for wedding favors; they’re still essential. The wedding preparation process is fraught with potential for mishap. Wedding favors are thus not easily quantifiable.

Set a budget and stick to it before you go shopping. In terms of party favors, more is always better than less. Rarely do guests bring extras or unexpectedly show up. It would be nice if you could do something for the people who brought gifts but were unable to attend the event.

Wedding Favors on a Budget

The significance and purpose of the wedding favors should be conveyed to the guests. Make or purchase a one-of-a-kind wedding favor that your guests will actually want to take home with them when the party is over. Guests may also find instructions for making their own party favors.

How To Choose a Wedding Favor

It’s thoughtful to give guests a keepsake from your wedding that also serves a useful purpose. Follow these ideas to get an inexpensive yet heartfelt token of your appreciation for your wedding guests. As the thought is what counts, a small token of thanks is welcome.

There’s no reason not to have your wedding favors reflect the theme of the day. Miniature Oscars with labels could be given out if the event is themed around classic movies. A foldable fan is the perfect accessory for an Asian-themed wedding. A selection of French macarons would also be appropriate.

Something Useful

Guests will appreciate wedding favors that have a practical use beyond the reception. Plants, soaps, candles, and water bottles are all practical additions that will be appreciated by guests. To save money, don’t have anything inscribed. Tags attached to wedding favors can simply be personalized with the couple’s information. Photo frames can be used as inexpensive and practical place cards.

Something Edible

A delicious supper is anticipated with much excitement. Cupcakes, pastries, sweets, little bottles of liquor, jam, and other edible treats would make great favors. Think of serving dishes that are traditional in the area if the wedding is out of town. If you’ve cooked something, share the recipe.

Something Personal

Make sure the bride and husband will enjoy the wedding favor you pick out. This could be the perfect snack for marathon Netflix viewers. Choose an item that reminds you of a special time or place in your life. Put in writing the significance of the favor you’re asking for.

Personalized Printed Mini Glass Mason Jar Favors with Lids

Consider Donations Instead of Favors

Donations are becoming the standard practice. This is an excellent choice if you want to do something good for the world without having to worry about the disposal of unwanted wedding favors. Couples contribute the money they had set out for wedding favors.


Giving to charity is now common practice. This is a wonderful alternative for those who want to give back to the community while also reducing the amount of wedding favors that end up in landfills. The money that was going to be spent on wedding favors is instead donated by the happy couple.

Gift baskets with things like tea, jam, bath goods, flowers, and even plant seeds are often well received. You can’t go wrong with a wedding present that has a dual purpose of being both useful and memorable for your guests.

However, not every marriage needs to have wedding favors. If you can’t give them, at least make sure they have fun.