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It’s tempting to just throw away a dried-out bridal bouquet. Alternatively, you may use it to create perfume, scented candles, or decorative sprays for your home.

These are all easy projects, and we’ll go into more depth about them below. Would you wish to repurpose any more items from the wedding?

Here are some creative ways to reuse a bridal gown. Feel free to read our assortment of wedding-related blogs for more details.

The Importance of Flower Meanings

It’s a good idea to learn the symbolic significance of wedding flowers so you may include them into your big day in a way that’s meaningful to you and your partner. Knowing the meanings of flowers and flower symbolism is essential when making decisions about your wedding decor. Also, you’ll need to know how to do research and if or not there are certain blooms you should steer clear of.

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The History of Flower Meanings

Floriography, often known as flower language, is the art of communicating through floral arrangements. Flowers have traditionally been used as symbols, and this is true throughout cultures and centuries. William Shakespeare used floriography frequently in his writings, as in Henry VI, where Englishmen select red or white flowers as marks of allegiance.

Victorian England in the 19th century was pivotal in spreading the use of flowers as a form of written communication. This is the time period in which individuals first started using flowers to send secret messages to their loved ones. Many of the symbols we use now have deep-rooted associations with the Victorian era. “There could be various and frequently contradicting meanings to different flowers,” says Yumiko Fletcher of Hana Floral Design, “but much of what was stated in the Victorian era is still recognized significant for now.”

How to Research Flower Meanings

Many florists also recommend Kate Greenaway’s book The Language of Flowers as a necessary companion to the comprehensive resource on wedding flower meanings that we’ve prepared below. Even though it was initially published back in 1884, the content is still considered relevant and important in the modern floral field. Another great reference is the 2011 novel by Vanessa Diffenbaugh with the same title.

Flowers to Avoid at Weddings

A flower’s meaning may carry a dark undercurrent. However, the symbolic implications of some flowers, such as those associated with mourning or rejection, run counter to the joy and celebrations typically associated with weddings. Fletcher explains that while peonies were once used to signal wrath, they now symbolize bravery and good fortune in Japan. The expression “Fletcher says” comes from him. It is crucial to keep in mind that the symbolic significance of flowers varies from one country to the next.

If you’ve ever heard that petunias have a calming effect on people, you know that’s not necessarily true. Daffodils are a symbol of respect, which is not something most people would think to include in a wedding. Like the daffodil, lotus blooms are said to represent love that is not returned. Knowing the various meanings that a flower might have will help you decide if they are appropriate for your wedding.

The Importance of Color in Flower Meanings

Flowers come in a wide variety of colors, and their meanings change based on the shade you pick. Fletched says this is especially so for roses. The crimson rose, in particular, is still widely recognized as a symbol of undying love. White roses continue to represent purity and chastity. In the context of friendship, a yellow rose can also be interpreted as a symbol of envy or even infidelity. And chrysanthemums can symbolize anything from “I love you” in red to “slighted love” in yellow, depending on the color you choose.

You could want to incorporate floriography into your color palette due to the fact that different colors have different meanings for different flowers.

Incorporating Personal Meaning into Flower Arrangements

In addition to the more general meanings, couples should think about any personal connections they have to certain flowers. Your wedding bouquet, boutonnieres, and centerpiece flowers can all reflect the meanings you attach to individual flowers.

“many engaged couples want to have special flowers that are either nostalgic to them personally or as an elegant homage to a long gone family member,” says Fletcher. A “wonderful way to provide extra meaning to the wedding flowers you choose.” Hydrangeas were one of your grandmother’s favorite flowers. As a token of your respect, you could want to use hydrangeas to line the ceremony’s entrance. Do you recall the romantic moment when your sweetheart presented you with a bouquet of wildflowers while on the road? Your wedding flowers might be a nod to a special moment in your life.


For their engagement ceremonies, “many engaged couples like to have particular flowers that are either meaningful to them personally or as an elegant tribute to a long gone family member,” as Fletcher puts it. A “lovely way to give deeper meaning to the wedding flowers you select.” Your grandma adored hydrangeas, which was one of my favorite things about her. As a gesture of respect, you may use hydrangeas to line the ceremony’s entrance. Is there a special road trip memory where your lover gave you a bouquet of wildflowers? Perhaps the flowers you choose to have at your wedding are a tribute to someone or something important to you.

Baby’s Breath

The scent of baby’s breath is a symbol of innocence and new beginnings in many cultures. Fletcher, though, argues that it can also stand for undying love.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise are a common sighting at tropical weddings, and they symbolize fidelity.


Weddings in tropical locations often feature birds of paradise, which serve as a symbol of faithfulness.


Carnations, like gerbera daisies, have different meanings for different colors. White carnations are a traditional token of enduring love. Red roses are a timeless symbol of remembrance. Remember that presenting a new couple a bouquet of yellow carnations may be interpreted as a sign of rejection because to the negative emotions they evoke.

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Chrysanthemums, or mums, are a symbol of perseverance and optimism.


Dahlias are traditionally used in weddings because of the respect and beauty they exude.


Daisies can be interpreted in a variety of ways.


Eucalyptus is widely utilized as a filler in wedding decor due to its defensive characteristics.


To sum up, ferns represent mystery, authenticity, and magic.


Gardenias are a symbol of innocence, sweet love, and beauty.


Ivy, a symbol of everlasting love and loyalty, is a lovely addition to wedding decorations.


Colored Jasmine might have many meanings depending on their context, but they are all beautiful. White jasmine represents friendship, while yellow jasmine stands for propriety, grace, and elegance.


Lavender is the perfect wedding flower since it represents loyalty, love, and devotion.


White lilacs represent innocence and naivete. However, purple lilacs represent the joy of new beginnings.

Lily of the Valley

Fletcher explains that another well-known flower associated with the month of April is the delicate lily of the valley. A pretty little bouquet of flowers represents the return of joy. That’s such a thoughtful gift for the happy couple!


The meaning of lilies is highly contextualized by their color and variety. Calla lilies and other similar flowers have become synonymous with stunning beauty. Instead, tiger lilies stand for success and a sense of personal pride.

Olive Branch

The olive branch has long been recognized as a symbol of peace in the world of flowers and plants.


When given as a gift, an orchid immediately connotes class and refinement.

Passion Flower

Incorporating the floral symbolism of your wedding into your decor doesn’t have to be limited to just fresh flowers. Flowers and floral themes can be used to allude to the meanings behind individual blossoms. Passion blossoms, which appear in this piece, are a symbol of belief.


Peonies are associated with joy, propriety, and sublimity by many.


Fletcher said the ranunculus is one of her favorite flowers. “Small frogs” is the literal translation of the Latin words “rana” and “unculus.” They were likened to spring frogs since they were common in the spring and lived close to water. Alluding to one’s appearance, “charming” is used here in the same way.


Roses can express a wide range of feelings due to the variety of colors they come in. Red roses are a popular gift because the color red is symbolic of passion and sophistication. White flowers, traditionally, have been associated with virtues like innocence and purity. Happiness is represented by pink flowers, while awe and wonderment are represented by orange ones. Similarly, yellow roses can signify happiness, joy, and friendship.


Rosemary is a symbol of remembrance. Rosemary is a beautiful and fitting addition to a memorial table where pictures of loved ones who cannot attend the wedding due to death can be displayed.


The common green vine smilax has become a symbol of attractiveness.


When translated literally from Greek, the name Stephanotis means “joyous wedlock.”


To me, you’ll always be beautiful and irresistible, and that’s what Stock means to me.


It’s often understood that tulips represent ardor and affection. Yellow tulips signify “there’s brightness in your smile,” while red tulips express love and devotion.


It’s a sign of hospitality because of the warm welcome it conveys.

What Can I Do With My Dried Out Wedding Bouquet?

Home decor

The use of dried flowers in interior design is an option worthy of consideration. The dried flowers from a wedding bouquet can be displayed in a variety of creative ways, including floral wreaths and framed arrangements.

A wire hoop can be made at home or bought at a craft store. Make a bouquet out of dried flowers, but be sure to hide the wire in your design.

Pick out some dried flowers and tuck them away in a book for a few weeks to make a more memorable keepsake. After that, put them in a frame and decorate it with additional small tokens and mementos to make a very unique wedding gift.

Art and crafts designs

The wedding bouquet can be dismantled and the individual components used for other purposes. Make some extra pressed flowers to use as decorations in journals and scrapbooks, or to give a special touch to a wedding photo album.

Dried flowers from your arrangement can be used in place of fresh ones in DIY invitations, greeting cards, and gift embellishments. Resins can be used in conjunction with the dried flowers to create necklaces, earrings, and other ornaments.

Scented spray

There is still a chance that the dried bouquet will retain some of its fragrant original state. Given its eye-catching nature, it might be used as a gift or for personal use.

A simple empty mist bottle, some distilled water, and the essential oils of your choice can create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Add around 25 drops of essential oils to the remaining water in the bottle, then fill the rest of the way up with water.

Fill a bottle with water and add one ounce of alcohol. After removing the flowers from the bouquet, place the stems in the bottle.

It will look better if you rearrange the stemmed flowers in the bottle. This is all there is to it if you want to make your own floral fragrance.

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Bath scent

You may make a DIY mist or bath bomb using the dried flowers from your bridal bouquet. Flower-scented bath salts and bath bombs can be very relaxing, and their components don’t have to be expensive.

Only two ingredients are required to manufacture these fragrant bath salts: Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt. Incorporate half a cup of baking soda with the salts, assuming you used a full cup of each.

You may make a lovely perfume out of the petals from your dried wedding bouquet and some essential oils. Alternately, you can make your own bath bombs if you’d rather relax in the tub.

Before adding the remaining ingredients, mix the coconut oil with the water and essential oil of your choice in a separate bowl. By layering dried flower petals in the bottom of a mold with a mixture of dry and wet ingredients, the finished product will have the consistency of damp sand.

How Long Do Dried Wedding Bouquets Last?

Dried bridal bouquets can last for a year or longer, regardless of whether the flowers are dyed. However, a fresh bridal bouquet will only look beautiful for a few days at most, if not weeks.

How Do You Keep Your Wedding Bouquet Forever?

Dry it

Because they don’t rot as rapidly, dried flowers can be enjoyed for much longer than their fresh counterparts. You can dry your wedding bouquet by carefully plucking the stems one by one.

For a week in a dry, warm place, the flowers should be air-dried upside down. The flowers could be dried in a closet.

Preserve in wax

Maintaining the beauty and freshness of a bridal bouquet for several hours or even days is entirely possible. Paraffin wax can be melted over a kettle of simmering water, and then selected fresh blossoms can be dipped into the wax.

To keep the flowers from wilting, they shouldn’t be kept underwater for too long. To dry the flowers, hang them upside down for a few days after submerging them in water.

Use silica gel

Put the silica gel in the airtight container, then set the bouquet on top. Finally, carefully add more silica gel to the petals.

Flowers kept with silica gel will retain their beauty for up to a week. If you want to preserve the flowers’ color and prevent mold growth after you take them apart, spray them with hairspray.

Additional Meaningful Flowers to Consider for Your Wedding

  • Ambrosia In the same way that you have loved and been loved, you are loved and loved back.
  • Aster is a flower that represents love, tenderness, and gentleness.
  • Tolling Irish Bells Here’s hoping everything works out for the best for you!
  • Celosia, Forever in Love
  • Cornflower’s Discreet Elegance and Delicacy
  • There was never any real love or trust between us if I am forgotten.
  • Forsythia, the joy of a child’s laugh.
  • Flowers of trust and innocence; freesias.
  • Gladiolus Characterized by kindness and integrity
  • The Hibiscus flower is both soft and beautiful.
  • Free-spirited Honeysuckle
  • Words of Iris: “Faith,” “Victory,” “Wisdom,” and “Friendship.”
  • With undying love and devotion, Lemon Blossom Fidelity
  • Magnolias are known for their endurance, high moral standards, and appreciation of the natural world.
  • Fond Regard for the Early Bird
  • Orange blossoms symbolize chastity, everlasting love, and marriage.
  • Weakly Reflecting and Having Fun
  • As Phlox once put it, “We are one in soul.”
  • Queen Anne’s Lace Haven is an enchanted, make-believe place.
  • Follow me out of here, Spider Flower.
  • Statice: In Loving Memory
  • To Protect the Innocent Veronica


And on that note, I must say goodbye. Just now did we discover the four possible do-it-yourself applications for a dried bridal bouquet.

As a first step, you can use them to make a wreath or as home decor. Perfumes and mists can be made from the petals as well.

Please feel free to ask any further questions about the bouquet’s intended use in the space provided below.