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There are four different ways to wear a shawl at a wedding. To begin, we’ll go over several ways to drape, knot, twist, and loop a shawl so that you may choose the right one for your wedding.

If you’re going to be in a conservative atmosphere where you don’t want to expose too much skin, knowing how to properly wear a shawl will come in handy. If you’re selecting what to dress to a religious wedding, for example, you can use these strategies.

Wedding How To Wear A Shawl With A Dress


To wear a shawl to an event like a wedding, drape it. It will appear classy and attractive, but easy enough to wear with most dresses and blouses.

You can wrap the shawl over your shoulders and let the ends fall into your elbows. It’s also possible to tie the fringed ends of your shawl across your back to hold them in place.

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The shawl looks more like a bolero when it’s tied around your waist. It’s possible to wear a shawl around your shoulders, but only with one end draped over the opposite shoulder and dropping down to your back if you don’t like draped fashions.


The shawl will stay in place better if you tie it rather than merely drape it. This eliminates the need to constantly alter the material and the risk of it appearing unkempt in random photographs.

The shawl can be worn over your shoulders and tied in front of your body with most wedding clothes. To maintain a refined appearance, avoid tying a big knot.

The fringed shawl can also be tied in an Italian knot by first folding it as much lengthwise as possible before folding it widthways. Then, wrap the shawl over the neck and secure it by passing the ends through the loop.

When wearing a shawl for weather protection, this would be ideal.. Alternatively, if the Italian knot doesn’t work with the outfit, fold the shawl in half.

Do the same on the other side to secure it in place. You now have improvised armholes that will be useful in the cold weather as well.


To add some color to your wedding attire, will you be wearing a colorful shawl? Style it with a nod to the French couturier look.

Fold the shawl in half lengthwise, then in half again, and then in half again. Then, tie a knot in one end and slip the other end through the loop you just made.

You’ll need to grab the other end and bring it in front of the loop, then bring it back through the loop. After making the necessary adjustments, this style is complete.


Looping your shawl instead of French twisting it may be an option if your shawl is too large for a twist. Dress up your basic shirts and tees with this style of shawl for semi-formal weddings.

Wrap the shawl around your neck and secure it with a knot. Ensure that its ends are dangling down, then take one of them over your torso.

Allow the shawl to fall naturally after you’ve tucked it within the loop around your neck. If your blouse or dress has a deep V-neckline, this is a great way to conceal your chest.

You may have the same concerns as a bride when it comes to exposing yourself. Wedding dresses can be altered in a variety of ways.

Do You Need A Shawl For A Wedding?

When attending a wedding, it’s optional to bring a shawl, but it’s a lightweight fashion piece that you can carry with you simply. When compared to shawls, coats and jackets take up more space and aren’t quite as understated to wear.

When attending a wedding, keep in mind that it is proper etiquette not to overshadow the bride. In comparison to a coat, a shawl will not make you stand out in the crowd, but it will keep you warm during the season and in the evenings.

Another reason to wear a shawl on your wedding day is to dress up your gown. Wedding attire that exposes the shoulders or breast could be seen as disrespectful to the faith or culture of the bride and groom, for example.

In addition, a coverup is only appropriate for a formal function or for a wedding location that inspires reverence, such as a church. Finally, by wrapping a shawl around your sleeveless dresses and blouses, you can transform them into more wedding-appropriate attire.

Is It Okay To Wear A White Shawl To A Wedding?

If you’re going to a wedding, don’t wear a white shawl. There is a possibility that you may unintentionally offend the bride by wearing it, depending on the style.

Weddings aren’t the same for everyone. You can ask her yourself or go with a more neutral option so that it doesn’t draw attention to itself.

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Is this information useful? You now know four different ways to wear a shawl to a wedding.

You can wear the shawl in a variety of ways, including draping, knotting, twisting, or looping it to enhance your wedding gown, maintain your modesty, or keep you warm during cold-weather events. Please feel free to ask any further questions in the comments section below.