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A wedding dress with sleeves can be sleeved in four different ways. If you decide to go sleeveless again after the wedding, this guide will show you how to do it with removable details and even no-sew sleeves.

Browse our blog for more information on how to alter your own wedding dress. It’s not uncommon for brides to find their wedding gowns to have a too-high V neckline.

Can You Add Sleeves To a Wedding Dress?

“Can I add sleeves to my wedding dress?” is a frequently asked question. You got the answer you asked for from your fiancé, and it’s YES! It’s easy to bring a favorite dress style to life with a few simple tweaks. Even if you don’t like the sleeves on your gown, you can find a way to make them work for your event. We’ve put together a list of 11 inventive yet simple methods to add sleeves to your favorite dress. Beaded cap sleeves and removable straps are just some of the options we offer.

For those of you who haven’t yet worked out why you might want to add sleeves to your wedding dress, here are a few of the most common reasons why.

Why You Might Want To Add Sleeves To Your Wedding Dress

It Is Cheaper

Ssh! Do not reveal this information to anyone else; it is a secret. There is a flaw in my reasoning here, however. The cost of a bridal gown can be reduced by including sleeves. As previously stated, selecting the ideal sleeves is not an easy task at all. If you want the perfect dress with the perfect sleeve, you’ll have to spend some money to have it made just for you. Make a great dress even better by having your choice sleeves added to it, and voila! Customized and personalized attire at a fraction of the cost!

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Dress Style

Sleeve length does make a difference to the overall aesthetic of a dress, whether you like them or not. Get the right sleeves, and you’ll be able to transform any dress into a specific theme, aesthetic, style, or mood. The lace bolero sleeves, startling elegance, and refinement of a casual wedding gown are among the most popular wedding gown trends. Or, as I prefer to call it, an air of casual sophistication.


That open-back sleeveless dress? Spectacular, although it may not be appropriate in a place of worship. The sleeves are there to help you out in this situation; they’ve got your back, to put it simply. Sleeves with detachable sleeves are an excellent option. For your wedding photos, sleeves like these could be a fun way to change things up a bit. Make it appear as though you’re wearing two or three different outfits at once. That’s a cheat you should put to the test.

It’s much less expensive and time consuming than having the complete gown remade. So, here are some bridal sleeve ideas and how to incorporate them into your wedding gown.

Ways On How To Add Sleeves To A Wedding Dress

Best sleeve types for a wedding dress

The sort of sleeves your tailor recommends for your wedding dress can be discussed with them. Cap sleeves, puff sleeves, or off-the-shoulder sleeves are all options for sleeve lengths that are both basic and beautiful.

When choosing sleeves for her wedding dress, the bride might take into account her own preference or the modesty requirements of her culture, religion, or the location where the wedding will be held. Once the dress is connected, the tailor can begin making adjustments to it.

Wedding dress alterations may be done by anyone with basic sewing skills, so long as you’re willing to put in the effort. The sleeves, on the other hand, should be done by a seamstress if you’re not confident in your sewing skills.

Straps for the wedding dress

For a more simple solution, you can just use straps instead of sleeves. As a result, it’s a wonderful option if you have a limited amount of time to alter the garment.

Straps on pre-made sleeves will be used by your seamstress, allowing you to take the sleeves off if you so like. Lace applique is another option if you only need a little bit of coverage on the shoulders.

The straps of a wedding gown can be embellished with lace appliques. Additionally, you have the option of going with just a single strap if you’d prefer.

Detachable details

Straps aren’t the only way to add sleeves to a wedding dress that can be taken off and replaced. Additionally, brides can effortlessly attach and remove their own sleeves, which is a convenient feature.

For example, the tulle sleeves are available in a variety of shapes, allowing you to acquire the greatest fit for your upper body. To alter your sleeveless wedding dress, simply insert your arms through each removable sleeve.

Lace cover-up sleeves are an alternative to tulle sleeves. Anyone can feel like royalty thanks to the final look’s ability to make them feel gorgeous without overdoing it.

Add on accessories

Finally, the bride can cover her shoulders and arms with a variety of different accessories. Again, picking the right color and design to match her wedding dress is essential.

Caplets and boleros are an alternative for those who don’t have the time or access to sleeves that can be taken off. Sleeves can be added to a dress without looking out of place by using caplets or capes.

Because they come in so many different shapes and materials, it should be simple to choose a bolero that complements your outfit. And the best part about them is that you may be able to repurpose them for future events.

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Off-Shoulder Lace Sleeves

It’s short, sweet, and to the point. This can be made for you in less than three days by your bridal tailor. Even under 24 hours, I bet, he says with a pleasant smile. It’s simple and quick to construct, but it still looks and feels high-end. Lace sleeves live up to their image as feminine and elegant, especially when worn with an off-the-shoulder top. It exudes a freshness and innocence akin to that of a newlywed bride. Cap sleeve or a little more off the shoulder? It’s up to you. You can turn it on and off whenever you want with only a few pins, whatever it is.

Lace Applique Straps

Just breath-taking. Stunning. In the event that you’d like to add sleeves to your strapless wedding gown but prefer lace, then this is the option for you! Lace applique, which sits just above your shoulders, is a style that can be tailored to suit your needs. It’s up to you if you want to wear it or tuck it into your gown. One-strap sleeves are also an option; we’ll inform you it’s a flexible choice.

Lace Cover Up Sleeves

Sliding down the arms and complementing the entire garment, this detachable sleeve screams “your Majesty.” Lace cover-up sleeves can be quickly and easily put on with a few office pins. Then, you may sew it on like it came with the gown once you’ve had your bridal tailor take precise measurements of your body.

Can Long Sleeves Be Added To A Wedding Dress?

When a wedding dress is adjusted after the first fitting, long sleeves might be added to make it more comfortable. Three fittings before the wedding are standard practice for the tailor while creating a wedding gown.

As soon as you know you want long sleeves, make sure to let your tailor know so he or she can add them in and you can see how they appear. Ask the tailor whether it’s possible to have the sleeves from the other dress in the shops added to your chosen one.

In the event that your gown cannot be altered, you may opt to wear long sleeves that are detachable for the ceremony. After the wedding, you may take them off and go sleeveless with ease because they fit like gloves.

To that end, learning how to bustle a wedding gown will help you remove the train of your gown in an elegant manner at the reception.

How Do You Cover Arms In A Sleeveless Wedding Dress?

You may want to consider a sleeveless wedding dress with detachable sleeves or straps to protect your arms. In addition to a wedding dress topper, a bridal bolero, and a wedding jacket, you can also use other fashion accessories.

As a result, if you think the sleeveless wedding dress is wonderful as it is, you won’t have to make any alterations. As an alternative, if you need to cover your arms throughout the wedding, you can simply wear accessories.

In the style of wedding you’re having, it can be impolite to reveal your arms or shoulders, for example. When it comes to dresses, sleeveless isn’t the only option, since many dress shops have sleeves that can be worn or removed.

What is The Average Price For Wedding Dress Alterations?

The cost of altering a bridal gown will differ depending on the boutique’s location (city or state) and the shop’s specifics. Most bridal boutiques charge by the piece for wedding dress adjustments, no matter where you live. As a result, you only pay for the services that you require.

A Word of Advice from the Pros:

A boutique that charges a flat amount for altering should be avoided. They’re just charging everyone the same amount for wedding dress modifications (usually between $500 and $700). For example, if you are tall, you may not require a hem. When it comes to wedding dress adjustments, why should you have to pay an ordinary price? If you don’t need it, don’t have to pay for it. By charging a flat rate, retailers take advantage of brides who don’t require as many adjustments but nevertheless spend money on gowns that do.

These are the typical costs associated with altering a wedding gown. As a general guideline, you may expect to pay between $80 and $120 per hour at a boutique.

Average  Wedding Dress Alteration Fees

A bustle, a hem, and probably some alterations to the sideseams are all that most brides require in order to get the perfect fit.

  • $175-$250 for hem (depending on the number of layers and complexity of work, lace hems being the highest)
  • Front and back seams – $30 – $75 each (beaded bodices or intricate lace patterns may even go higher, because the beading may need to be taken apart carefully and then re-made)
  • From $20 to $40.
  • Gowns with long or wide trains require multiple bustle points in order to lift the train off the floor, which can cost between $40 and $150. This is because of the fabric’s weight.)

You can see that the average cost of wedding dress modifications is between $270 and $590 for these basic alterations. Wedding dress changes can quickly rise to close to $1,000, which does not include steaming, if more special work is required.

Custom Work Can Be Done For Additional Fees

  • $50-$250 to add straps (Again, depending on the complexity of work, adding straps can become very costly. If you want some intricate design or straps that are hand beaded, the prices may go up, and the cost of materials may be extra.)
  • $40 to $80 for Sleeve Shortening (per sleeve, and can cost more depending on the amount of work)
  • Addition of Sleeves: $200 – $400
  • Changing the Neckline – a minimum of $250.00
  • Making a Corset Out of a Zipper Will Cost You At Least $150
  • This is a difficult one to estimate, as cost depends on what you’re having done, the sort of fabric it’s made from, and whether or not it’s beaded. Changing the back design However, you need budget at least $200 for this service.
  • Adding time to the train will cost at least $250. (can cost more if the train is really long, wide, has lace or ruffles).

How To Eliminate The Cost of Wedding Dress Alterations

Avoid the most common mistakes by following these simple guidelines:

  • Corset backs allow for minor weight fluctuations without requiring any adjustments. You may achieve the same slimming and cinching effect without spending any more money by simply tightening or relaxing your corset.
  • To minimize hemming expenses, consider wearing higher or lower heels. Buy a new pair of shoes instead of hemming your gown in the event that your dress is excessively long or short.
  • Add a lace boléro instead of sleeves to your outfit. For example, a beautiful lace boléro might add sleeves to a strapless wedding dress for church.

However, hiring a professional designer to create your wedding gown from scratch will save you time and money on alterations. That’s where JoSaBi Mariées (yours truly) varies from the mainstream designers described above. We know each bride has a unique figure. As a result, we don’t have a sizing chart, and each garment is made to order based on the customer’s measurements. Our method has been refined to the point that we can offer fully customized wedding dresses for as little as $1.350.

When it comes to wedding gowns, we don’t create a collection for brides to choose from and a standard size chart to go by. Instead, we make each gown based on your wishes and inspiration. You and your personal wedding dress consultant work together to design the best gown for you, based on your measurements. Your wedding dress, on the other hand, is made to fit your body rather than the other way around.

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When it comes to designing your wedding gown, the sky is the limit! With our team of experts at your side to guide you through the design process and answer any questions or concerns you may have, designing a personalized wedding dress has never been easier or more rewarding. Taking your measurements is an important part of the wedding dress fitting process, and your personal consultant will help you do it. It’s a simple process, and we’re here to assist you at every stage.


It’s done! There are four techniques to add sleeves to a wedding gown that you’ve just learned about.

Removable accessories can be used in place of sleeve attachments. When it comes to changing your dress, it is preferable to book your fitting as soon as possible.