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When it comes to high-quality strollers, few can match Maclaren. Would you call them the ultimate dad-buggy or are there other options for women as well?

Founded by a mother and father team, Maclaren has a long history of drawing inspiration from the everyday hardships of being a parent. The brand is well-known for its lightweight strollers, which are ideal for parents who are often on the go. Let us tell you all you need to know about this company.

Keep your Maclaren stroller’s interior spotless if you have one. A vacuum is your best bet for accomplishing this!

With the help of an expert professional, we’ll explain exactly how to vacuum a Maclaren stroller in this blog post. To ensure that your Maclaren stroller is free of dirt and dust, follow these steps:

Who Is Maclaren?

Owen Finlay Maclaren was inspired to build a revolutionary stroller in 1965 after he visited England.

A visit from his daughter, who was using a large buggy to deliver his granddaughter, convinced him that a lighter option was needed.

When it comes to aircraft design, Maclaren is known for his lightweight, load-bearing designs employed on the Spitfire.

5 Tips on How to Vacuum a Maclaren Stroller - Krostrade

His first stroller, based on this understanding, became the prototype for today’s umbrella pushchairs. Strollers like this one fold up like the landing gear on a Spitfire plane, making them ideal for traveling.

Maclaren has stayed true to its unique design, and this is evident in the current line of strollers they manufacture. As a result, the original Baby Buggy has been designated a design icon and is now on display at two art museums in New York and London.

Some of the company’s most attractive strollers were created in collaboration with high-end designers and luxury businesses. Lacoste, Philippe Starck, Jill Stuart, Burberry, Lulu Guinness, BMW, and Juicy Couture are just a few of the designers who have collaborated with the brand.

Maclaren Today

Maclaren has risen to the top of its field. It is committed to creating items of the highest possible standard, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Active parents — commuting moms and fathers — are the target audience for all of the company’s products.

Stylish and practical, these strollers harken back to the 1960s and 1970s, making them appear almost nostalgic. The company’s strollers still follow the original design, but they now available in a variety of colors, designs, and fabrics as a result.

What Parents Say About Maclaren Strollers

Maclaren’s strollers appear to be popular with parents. Maclaren claims to make strollers for city dwellers who rely on their own vehicles and public transportation.

Several parents have commented on how convenient it is to fold the stroller when commuting on public transportation, such as the metro or bus.

It would be nice if certain strollers were a little lighter for some reviewers. Nevertheless, Maclaren has manufactured certain exclusive lines like as the Quest, which are light as a feather. Maclaren

Also apparent from user feedback is that the textiles used are of the highest quality and that the strollers are extremely durable.

Maclaren’s customer service is also lauded. Its customer service is quick to reply to any concerns that may emerge with the delivery of the strollers.

The Complete Guide On How To Clean Maclaren Stroller

You’ll need these things:

  • Detergent with a Low pH Value
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Towel-Warming
  • Sponge

Cleaning Procedures

Seat covers can be removed from most Maclaren strollers. Disengaging the straps from the stroller frame’s rear is the first step in removing the attachment. In most cases, strap attachment ends made of plastic that snap into the frame are used.

Slotted screwdrivers work well for this since they allow you to spin and slide them into tight spaces in stroller frames.

To remove the seat cover from the stroller, unsnap it from the side arms of the stroller frame (if necessary for your model) and then remove it.

You may be able to remove the complete seat or only the seat pad, depending on the type you have. Remove the canopy by either unscrewing it from the stroller’s frame or by releasing the connection clasps. Remove any plastic trays that are attached to the stroller and clean them on their own.

How To Clean Maclaren Stroller Seats, Fabric And Canopies

Your Maclaren stroller’s fabric will last longer and shrink less if you wash and dry it by hand. Clean Maclaren chairs, fabric, and canopies with these instructions.

  • Using a light detergent and lukewarm water, wash your hands.
  • Before placing the fabric in the sink, shake or vacuum the fabric to remove any loose dirt.
  • To remove stains, use a mildly abrasive cloth or brush.
  • Using a gently scrape, dampen the non-removable cloth and wash it on the frame. Despite its removable canopy, the Maclaren stroller’s internal frame must be cleaned with a damp sponge.
  • The final step is to rinse the detergent with clean water and hang any loose fabrics outside to dry..


Before reattaching the fabric to the frame, make sure it is totally dry. If not, the dampness could lead to the growth of mildew. Before you put your child in the stroller, make sure the connecting ends of the seat straps lock securely in place with an audible click.

How To Clean Maclaren Stroller Frame

The corrosion caused by salt can weaken the frame, making it less able to withstand wear and tear. Simply wipe down the Maclaren stroller frame with a damp cloth.

  • After utilizing the frame in snow, saltwater, or any other situation that can produce salt buildup, rinse it with clean water. This prevents it from rusting.
  • To clean the stroller’s frame and wheels on a regular basis, use a clean wet cloth or a multipurpose cleaner.

Keep scouring pads and abrasive cleansers at bay. Each time you clean the frame, use a mild disinfectant to sterilize or wipe it down.

How To Clean Maclaren Stroller Plastic Pieces

The seats and canopies of Maclaren strollers are held in place by a number of plastic clips, and some models come equipped with plastic trays, cup holders, and other accessories. You may easily clean your stroller’s plastic parts by following these instructions:

  • Using a mild abrasive cloth or dish sponge, scrub these parts in hot water with liquid dish soap.
  • After cleaning, the plastic parts should be rinsed and dried with a cloth or allowed to air dry.

After each usage, just wipe down the stroller’s parts with a multi-purpose cleanser and a disinfectant to keep them free of germs.

Steps on Vacuuming a Maclaren Stroller

Unzip the stroller’s back zipper to see how it opens in Step 1.

A footrest and air-filled tires are two examples of wheel accessories that won’t fit in a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have a device that has these capabilities, you can still include them in your shopping cart.

A level surface is ideal for placing little items, such as toys, so that they do not be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.

Place sheets over cushions before putting them upright in the bagless vacuum to prevent dirt from spreading throughout the machine. reducing the amount of cleanup required later!

Vacuuming can begin only when the machine’s flap is closed and there is nothing else between it and the floor. You don’t want to harm or wear seams by tugging too hard when going over them.

Tips on Vacuuming and Cleaning a Stroller

If you’re vacuuming a thicker carpet pile fabric, you’ll want to go forward, but if you’re vacuuming a thin fabric carpet, you’ll want to go backward and turn off the brush roll to avoid snags. Before you begin removing dirt from wood floors, put down an area rug first!

Remember that if you use the same settings for a long length of time without switching to a new one every few minutes, you’ll end up with buildup in your pipes. When the long tube stops sucking dirt and starts blowing air, you’ll know it’s happening.

In order to establish a better seal on all surfaces and avoid clogs altogether, vacuum using an empty bag when possible.

How to Clean a Maclaren Stroller

How do you preserve a Maclaren stroller?

No matter how much you use it, be careful not to let the youngsters get too carried away with it. Wait to vacuum them off until after playtime, for example, if you’re at the beach. If left on for an extended period, saltwater can permanently harm the fabric, so this is a good precaution to take.

If you’re taking your baby on an outdoor excursion like a picnic or a camping trip, you may want to consider using a “allergen shield” to safeguard his or her health from exposure to airborne allergens.

When some parents keep a backup stroller in the house to use while cleaning or doing other tasks, others prefer to have a second stroller for emergencies.

You can also use a damp rag to get into those hard-to-reach places with your vacuum cleaner’s attachments.

After vacuuming every surface, if dirt is still visible on any fabric, use water to wipe it down. This aids in the removal of dry particles from clothes so that they do not reappear after drying.

Using soap on porous furniture, such as this, can cause long-term harm due to the ease with which liquids enter the material. Instead, use pure water to thoroughly rinse the item.

When water and a moist rag fail to remove any mold, grime, or sand from the seat, try using vinegar. A protective barrier, such as a plastic wrap, can help prevent your furniture from being damaged by spills in the future.

You’ll be able to avoid liquid damage to your upholstery by preventing it from penetrating its porous material and seeping through the cracks between your cushions. This may also make cleanup easier because removing hot spots is usually all that’s left after things cool down enough instead of tackling everything at once when nothing was initially blocking them.

How do you collapse a Maclaren double stroller?

When folded, the Maclaren double stroller may be dismantled in a matter of seconds.

Take off the seat and fold it up together with its armrests so they’re pointing up on top of the buggy frame before you begin. Apply pressure to both sides of each handlebar until you hear a distinct ‘click.’

You may now lift the stroller into whatever storage area you have available without having to worry about how accessible it was before collapsing.

The Best Maclaren Stroller Reviews of 2022

Because there is so much to choose from when it comes to Maclaren, it was difficult to pick just five. The top Maclaren strollers, on the other hand, were found thanks to user reviews and professional suggestions. Among them:

1. Maclaren Techno XT Stroller

Best Maclaren Stroller for Newborns

Maclaren’s Techno XT stroller takes extra precautions while transporting a newborn. All the necessities for carrying a newborn are included in this award-winning design.

It’s a joy to drive, even on bumpy roads, because it’s so easy to control. The seat can be reclined in four different settings. It can be used from the time your baby is a newborn until the time he or she is a toddler.

Both the footrest and the lock on the memory position footrest can be adjusted fully. It also features a large sun cover and a variety of handle options.

The Pros


It has Maclaren’s infant safety system built in. In order to activate the system, you must fully recline your seat. Doing this produces a cocoon-like environment for your baby that provides additional support and safety.

If you want a bassinet, you can attach Maclaren’s Carrycot to the Techno XT. While the seat is fully reclined, the cot is securely attached to the frame.

Smooth Ride and Good Suspension

Maclaren has integrated all-wheel suspension to ensure a smooth ride when transporting vulnerable newborns. It’s supposed to smooth out a bumpy road and give you better control.

Maclaren’s hubless aerodynamic wheels were designed to help you steer better.

Excellent Ride for Toddlers

Maclaren’s innovative safety system and an adjustable footrest make this chair suitable for toddlers. A removable seat liner is machine washable for spills and crumbs, and the elevated seat keeps longer legs off the pavement.

The Cons

Heavier Than Preferred

We expect nothing less from Maclaren, given their reputation for making ultra-lightweight strollers. A basic weight stroller, the Techno XT weighs roughly 13.58 pounds, making it less than ideal for heavier children.

2. Maclaren Volo Dylan’s Candy Bar Stroller

Best Wind Resistant Stroller

Check out this Candy Bar stroller if you’re looking for a stroller that can handle all weather conditions. Premium wind-resistant rain cover is included in the package. To protect your baby from rain and wind, but also from harmful rays of sunlight, this is an excellent choice. In order to protect your child from the hot, sunny days of summer, this UPF 50+ sun canopy includes a built-in sun visor.

This stroller comes in green, blue, white, and black and white. With so many options, you may find one that fits your personality.

With a weight capacity ranging from 20 to 55 pounds, this stroller is ideal for babies as young as six months old. Finally, the mesh seat with a single-position recline makes this chair ideal for use throughout the year.

The Pros

Nice Designs

We’ve already explained that there are four different alternatives for design. Every single one of them is adorable, fashionable, and bright. Some of the patterns include lollipops, stripes, and retro spots.

Good for Older Babies

This is a one-stop shop for children between the ages of 20 and 55 lbs. At six months old, it can last all the way through toddlerhood. Allowing kids to see the world from a seated posture, the single-position recliner can satisfy their curiosity.

Protective Cover

To put it simply, this stroller cover is perfect for every occasion. Your child will be protected from inclement weather with this wind and water-resistant jacket. In the summer, the UPF 50+ design protects them from the sun’s harmful rays. There will be no more wailing and moaning from your children since they’ll adore this as much as you do!

The Cons

Single Position Recline

Many parents prefer this since it keeps their children comfortable and awake, but if your child needs a nap after a long day, this is not the best option. The stroller seat cannot be leaned back. If they like to sleep flat on their back, this could be a problem.

3. Maclaren Quest Stroller

Best Maclaren Umbrella Stroller

This stroller from Maclaren is a popular among parents who are always on the go. At 12.2 pounds, the Quest is one of the lightest laptops on the market. As a trademark umbrella pushchair, this one folds into a compact package that is ready to be carried.

The Quest stroller can be used from birth. It has four settings for reclining, one of which is horizontal.

As an added measure of protection for newborns, Maclaren incorporated its own safety system.

The Pros

Perfect for Commuting Parents

Parents on the go who need a lightweight stroller with a lot of functions might consider the Quest series.

The Quest umbrella stroller folds easily with one hand, making it ideal for single parents who frequently travel by car. Once folded, it becomes a little ensemble that can be carried via the handle attached to the side of the frame.

Suitable from Day One

Having a single stroller that you can use from the time your baby is born until your child is a toddler is a great idea. Infants benefit from additional support provided by Maclaren’s new born safety system. When the seat is fully reclined, your child will be tucked away in a comfortable cocoon.

The stroller is still there for you and your child when they grow into toddlers. Maclaren raised the seat, making it easier for a child’s legs to grow longer.

Large Visor with Peek Hole

The delicate skin of a baby is particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun. Protect your child from the sun with Maclaren’s wide-brimmed visors. At the very top, there’s a peek-a-boo hole that doubles as a vent for hot days.

Recline Seat and Leg Rest Lock

Four recline positions can be selected with the flick of a wrist on the seats in this collection. If your child doeszes asleep and you need to shift your position, you won’t wake them up because it’s so simple to do it.

Additionally, they feature extensible leg rests with Maclaren memory position technology integrated into them as standard. After folding and unfolding, this locking mechanism locks the setting in place.

The Cons

The Seat Doesn’t Sit Completely Upright

Parents have noted that the seat never sits erect, therefore your child will always have a tiny slump in his or her posture when using the seat. This may irritate some, particularly if your child enjoys gazing out the window.

4. Maclaren Mark II Stroller

Best Maclaren Stroller for Travel

It’s light, yet it’s also big. Both requirements are met by Mark II. Only 7.94 pounds are required to push this full-size stroller.

Maclaren’s lightest stroller, perfect for parents who have to commute. They’re also useful.

Maclaren removed all of the heavier components and replaced them with lightweight but sturdy components. It’s built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use and will last for many years.

The Mark II design harkens back to Maclaren’s earliest days. In spite of its antique design, it incorporates current technology and safety measures. This incorporates a five-point safety harness, an elevated seat, and a large sun canopy for protection.

The Pros

Ultra-Light Materials

This is why Maclaren used lightweight textiles and aircraft-grade aluminum tubing to create their strollers.

Designed to withstand heavy use, the materials can carry your child until they are able to walk unassisted. Furthermore, the chassis is made of aircraft-grade aluminum tube and won’t budge. It can fit a youngster weighing up to 55 kg.

Classic Appearance

With its retro design, this stroller is ideal for those who enjoy the 1960s. The stripy seat liners, which are supplied separately, go well with this.

Antimicrobial Handles

A big visor, a five-point harness, and an adjustable seat are all included in the stroller. However, the antibacterial handles were the element that drew our attention the most. These are made of easy-to-clean, long-lasting closed-cell foam.

The Cons

Wheels Touch the Canopy When Folded

When you fold the stroller, the wheels come into contact with the canopy. As a result, the visor becomes dusty and needs to be dusted.

5. Maclaren Major Elite Transport Chair

Best Maclaren Stroller for Disabilities

The Maclaren Maclaren Major Elite Transport Chair was created for children with disabilities. You may wish to consider a Maclaren stroller for your child with disabilities if you’re looking for one.

As a result, it’s a sturdy and long-lasting alternative for children up to 110 pounds. Depending on their weight, older children may be able to use this method.

Children will like the padded seat and footrest, which add to the overall comfort of the vehicle. Lightweight despite its solid construction. You can easily move this around because it weighs just 14.7 pounds.

The Pros

Great for Day Trips

When it came to day travels, parents thought this stroller to be an excellent option. This bag is perfect for a whole day of exploring outside the house, thanks to its solid and long-lasting construction. Going to the park, for example, counts as outside time. This is a must-have for parents who enjoy long walks with their children.

Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver

Even with your youngster strapped in, the chair is a breeze to move around. The chair weighs less than 15 pounds, making it easy to move. It was a breeze for parents to zip about town with them!

Gives Parents Peace of Mind

Because of this stroller, parents were able to take their children out and about more often. Because of this, they have a greater sense of security. Durability and safety are ensured by the bicycle’s aluminum frame and brakes. Your child will be secure and safe while wearing the harness and footrest. As a parent, what more could you want?

The Cons

Parts Sold Separately

It’s a shame that some of the coolest features aren’t included. When it comes to convenience, for example, the basket and sunshade are not included.

Squeaky Wheels

Squeaky wheels were a major source of irritation for parents. It’s possible that your child may despise them, too. This stroller has a significant downside, so keep that in mind before you buy it.

Maclaren quest pram / pushchair buggy in TW8 Hounslow for £35.00 for sale | Shpock

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to Maclaren products. Among other features, nearly all of its strollers are compatible with the company’s custom seat liners. Here are a few examples:

  • Padded seat liners for all Maclaren strollers are available as an optional extra for your little one’s convenience. All of Maclaren’s seat liners come in a variety of patterns, including the Union Jack and the New York City map. All of them can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • An excellent accessory for both single and double pushchairs, the Maclaren Universal Storage Basket is a must-have for any Maclaren stroller. Large mesh pockets stretch down behind the stroller and are ideal for storing toys, clothing, and other necessities. In addition, there are two bottle pockets and smaller compartments for your phone or other valuables.
  • Maclaren’s add-on sunshade is a great option if you’d like to shield your child from the sun. Whether or not the stroller already has a canopy, you can connect this huge canopy to it. In order to keep your child safe, the shade is made of UPF 50 water-resistant cloth that folds with your stroller.
  • Store your stroller safely and cleanly with Maclaren’s lightweight storage bag. In addition to the company’s strollers, it is also compatible with the majority of other umbrella strollers. Even though it has a handle, it’s not meant to be checked in like standard luggage because of its unique design.
  • Maclaren Cup Holder: If you’re constantly on the run, a stroller with a cup holder is a must-have accessory. You may use this one in the dishwasher because it’s made of durable material that can hold a bottle, can, or cup. It can be purchased in silver or black and is attached to the stroller chassis.
  • Maclaren’s universal raincover provides a high-quality barrier to shield your child from rain, snow, and wind. A phthalate-free material is used, and it’s clear so that your baby can see out and you can see in. The Triumph, Quest, and Techno XT are just a few of the strollers it’ll suit.
  • Maclaren’s universal stroller footmuff is a good option for parents who want to keep their newborns warm in the winter. It’s easy to put on and take off, and it’s composed of soft microfibre fleece. It can be used with babies aged six months and older.
  • Maclaren Mark II Footmuff: Maclaren offers this footmuff for cold days with the Mark II stroller. Soft and warm fabrics make it ideal for babies ages 6 months and above, creating a cozy cocoon. It’s machine washable and zips off effortlessly when you get home.
  • While the Mark II stroller can be customized as well, the liners for it come in a different size. The Hexagon Midnight Navy is one of many Mark II seat liners offered by Maclaren. These liners not only look wonderful, but they also provide an extra layer of padding for your child’s comfort.
  • Maclaren Carrycot: A carrycot is required if you plan to use your Maclaren stroller right out of the box. Maclaren makes a similar one that’s suitable for newborns weighing up to 20 lbs. It has a huge sun canopy and an apron to keep your child safe from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • It’s usually a good idea to bring food with you on family outings. Maclaren recommends its pannier as a safe place to keep it. For hours, it will keep your provisions cool and fresh in this insulated container, which is also aesthetically pleasing.
  • After a rainy stroll, Maclaren features disposable tire coverings to save the trunk from becoming a muddy mess. As well as being simple to put on, they serve to protect the buggy’s hood while folded. You receive ten disposable coverings in the package.
  • Using Maclaren’s disposable storage covers will keep your stroller as clean as possible and safeguard the items around it. They come in a set of three and are designed to be easily placed on top of your folded stroller. When you’re on the road and don’t want to deal with cleaning, this is a great option.
  • An easy-to-use net that keeps pesky flying insects away from your infant while you are out and about is this mosquito net. Because it’s composed of a thin, transparent material, you can easily see your child while wearing it. Maclaren strollers, even its doubles, can be outfitted with the nets.

Our Verdict

Maclaren has been in the stroller business for more than 50 years, always improving and creating new models based on the original design.. It’s noted for its lightweight, easy-to-fold, long-lasting, and classic-looking pieces.

Add-on accessories are also available from Maclaren. It’s a brand that stands out as a unique and high-quality option while shopping for a stroller.