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One of the most popular strollers on the market is the BOB Revolution. Your kid will have a comfortable ride in this stroller thanks to its all-wheel suspension system, which is compact and easy to store. Folding a BOB Revolution Stroller is made simple with the help of this guide!

What is a Bob Stroller?

If you’re a first-time parent, you might be perplexed by the concept of a Bob stroller. So, let’s have a look at what’s available. Stroller manufacturer Bob gear, or BOB as they are formally known, makes strollers. These jogging strollers are what the company was originally known as, hence their moniker “Beast of Burden.”

The idea of taking off right after giving birth and greeting a new member of your family may be frightening to some parents, but this is something that many women and men look forward to doing. While some parents choose to jog with their children in the stroller, many others prefer to do so since it provides an opportunity for bonding.

Revolution Flex 3.0 LEGACY — BOB Gear

Others simply enjoy jogging and have to bring their infant along because of childcare issues. Regardless of the reason, Bob strollers are one of the best jogging strollers on the market.

In addition to jogging strollers, Bob also manufactures a variety of other products. This is what they do well, yet they also produce normal strollers. Strollers are the most popular of Bob’s extensive variety of products, with four models available.

You can run as a Bob single, jogging single, or double, or as a double jogging single. We’ll start with the Bob single stroller and walk you through the process of collapsing it.

How to Collapse a Bob Stroller

Bob Single Stroller

Bob makes a wide variety of strollers, the most of them are designed for a single child. It’s a relief to know that no matter what model you have, all Bob single strollers will fold in the same way. Check out this guide on folding a Bob single stroller.

  1. Remove everything from your stroller, including you and your baby’s belongings.
  2. As soon as you find a red tab on either side of the handlebar and press down on it with both hands, you’re done.
  3. When you press the tabs in, lift the handle bars up and then forward.
  4. Strollers come with a red handle projecting from the back of the stroller, which can be pushed in the opposite direction to dismantle the stroller.

Bob Jogging Stroller

Bob jogging stroller is an exception to this rule because it is designed for running. Because jogging strollers are typically larger and more bulky than conventional strollers, they must be collapsed in a different manner than regular strollers. But don’t be fooled by their bulk; even when collapsed, they’re still rather manageable. To do so, follow these instructions.

  1. Adjust the handle on your stroller to its highest position.
  2. With your left foot, apply the brake (rear parking) simultaneously.
  3. To move the seat forward, engage the stroller’s levers.
  4. You can use the red handle on the back of the stroller.
  5. Connect the red buckles together to lock the folded stroller in place.
  6. Close and latch both buckles together to secure the foldable stroller.

Bob Double Stroller

A Bob double stroller is a good option if you have more than one child. The Bob double stroller comes in a number of styles, but they always fold in the same way, much like the single stroller. Following this instruction will show you how to fold your Bob double stroller.

  1. Remove everything from your stroller, including you and your baby’s clothes and diaper bag, before you leave the house.
  2. Press the red buttons on either side of the handle inward with both hands.
  3. The stroller will begin to descend as you move the handlebars upward and forward.
  4. The stroller will fold up if you pull the red handle at the back toward you.
  5. When you’re ready to move or store the stroller, use the straps on the stroller to secure it.

Bob Double Jogging Stroller

Finally, a double jogging stroller is an option. For those who own a Bob double jogging stroller, follow these procedures to fold it up for storage or transit.

  1. Your stroller’s parking brakes should be locked in position.
  2. Remove your child from the stroller and remove your items from the stroller. Make sure to inspect the pockets.
  3. Unlock the seat retention strap by searching for it and finding it.
  4. While pressing the handlebar levers, slide the handlebar forward at the same time
  5. Push the red handle to the bottom.
  6. Use a jogging wrist strap buckle to keep the stroller in place when it’s folded up.
  7. Remove the wheels if you need to store it in a smaller space.

Steps on How to Fold a BOB Revolution Stroller

As soon as the safety strap is unclipped, you can begin reclining the footrest. To unfold the stroller, you should be able to push up on the handle, squeeze it together in front of you, release the bottom clasp, and then raise up to do so.

Before moving on to the next step, make sure your kid is securely buckled into their car seat or rocker. Removing the wheels is as simple as gripping each end of one and pulling straight outwards until it comes off.

Fold the frame inward towards yourself so that you may grip any part of the bar that has been pushed inside if necessary by pressing down on either side of the frame where there is a groove near its top edge (this will make folding simpler)).

Pull the bar with one hand while pushing down with the other pulling arm on the frame at the end.

This is the fifth and last step, which is to draw the bar up in front of you until two latches are holding the bottom together. Lift these two remaining latches from their grooves by pinching them between your thumb and fingers and then releasing them.

In order to make your stroller fit into a smaller space, try pulling up on the frame towards the top edge from either side, but do not let go!

After folding the stroller, you’ll be able to see how it’s made up of three separate sections: one inside, one outside (where you’re sitting with your baby), and one folded section.

How to fold a Bob Rambler Stroller

To remove the seat and either side of the frame, pull up on the cloth at that end, and then untie the strap (or straps) that are holding them in place. The inside of the bar is now exposed, so fold the bar toward you to cover it.

Fold this segment in half and tuck it beneath the sections that follow it, securing the folded ends within the new shape. Just like before, the outside portion should have one protruding edge, but it should be shorter in length due to the fact that some of it has been tucked out of sight!

To open your stroller back to its original form, just follow these instructions in reverse order: Push each piece back to its original position and secure each strap or strap in place.

Finally, fold the cloth over once more to bring it back to its original shape, like you did at the beginning of this process.

Pull up the how-to bar so that the edges are nicely tucked underneath each other before finishing. This final step should reveal two new loops on either side that were formed by pulling the previous loop under itself. These merely require a basic knot to be secured to each other for additional safety (or bow).

How to break down a bob stroller

The BOB is an easy-to-use, risk-free alternative for new parents with their first kid. When you need to tear down and get out of the way quickly, the simple design can be your savior.

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Stroller fabric cover from behind can be unzipped by releasing side release tabs (push in with your thumbs and index fingers) on how bottom edge where it joins to the wheel frame (push in with your thumbs and index fingers).

To shrink the length of the stroller even further, pull upwards on both sides as if you were trying to fit it in the middle of a table or chair, but don’t let go! You’ll now see all three sections of the stroller: the frame and material, the individual wheels, and the fabric cover.

In order to make it flatter, fold the stroller frame inwards toward the interior material, as if you were folding a steel chair inward to save space.

When a truck picks up a large metal trash can from Childs, it swings out from underneath it, so do the same with the folded stroller on top of the wheel frames (which should still be attached). You may now remove each wheel one at a time while grasping the underside edge of the fabric.

How do you fold a BOB stroller car seat adapter?

In order to make it easier and safer for your kid to get in and out of the BOB Revolution SE stroller, you may use a BOB stroller car seat adaptor.

Remove the strap from the top handlebar on one side while holding on to the tab or velcro that attaches the adaptor to the frame with your other hand to fold the adapter back up again. Now, hold on to both sides of the straps – this will ensure that they don’t fall apart!


What is red strap for on Bob stroller?

Specific to 2011 and subsequent BOB Duallie Strollers, the Anti-Fly Out Device Attaches the bottom of the duallie seat to the swing arm frame’s horizontal bar located between the rear wheels.

Can you hose down a bob stroller?

Spraying down the seat with a hose is a great way to get rid of most messes. Be careful not to harm the seat with abrasive cleaners or detergents. To get rid of soap, make sure you thoroughly wash the dish with fresh water afterward. Allow the stroller to dry naturally, ideally in a sunny spot.

Are BOB strollers waterproof?

Specifications of the product. Your child will stay dry and toasty thanks to the jacket’s wind- and water-resistant construction. Vents are strategically positioned to allow for airflow. The process of attaching a secure attachment is simple and fast.

Can you pressure wash a stroller?

Rinse the stroller with a high-pressure hose or pressure washer. A stroller-friendly “DIY vehicle wash” is a good alternative if you don’t have a pressure washer. The stroller will last longer if you let it to air dry in the sun. Do not leave the stroller outside to dry during the citywide yard sale on Saturday.

How do you inflate a BOB stroller tire?

If you removed the tire in its whole, you’ll need to reinstall it on the wheel rim one side at a time. When you’re done inflating the tube, begin by inserting it into the tire’s rim hole. As you do this, make sure that the tire’s inner tube is completely encased by pressing it firmly against the wheel’s surface. VERY IMPORTANT!!!.

What’s the difference between Bob strollers?

Comparison of BOB Stroller Tire Size Variations You may get Revolution versions with 16″ rear wheels and a 12″ front wheel if you’re looking for a runner’s bike. A rambler stroller only has 12″ wheels in the front and back, and while it can handle some uneven terrain, the Revolution’s larger rear tires handle the rougher terrain better.

Does a jogging stroller fold up?

Graco’s FastAction is a jogging stroller that stands out for its ability to fold compactly. One-handed folding makes it simple and fast. (Unfolding it is just as simple.) When folded, the stroller stands upright on its own, which is an added bonus.

How do you close a stroller?

Squeeze the levers at the bottom of the handlebar frame on either side. Using the handlebars, propel yourself forward and out of the seat of your pants. The red handle should now be on top of the folded seat if you’ve pushed it in the right way. The stroller will fall apart if you pull on it.

Why do jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel?

When running at a high pace, it’s best to have the wheel fixed to ensure stability. In addition to jogging, these versions can be used in everyday life. Car seat adapters and additional carry cots can be fitted to many of them to make them suitable for babies from the time they’re born.

How much air should be in a BOB stroller tire?

The maximum tire inflation pressure for plastic BOB wheels is 30 pounds per square inch (psi). The valve stem is imprinted with the maximum inflation pressure on the wheel.

Do BOB strollers recline?

We’ll refer to this as the “Recline Strap,” and it’s an adjustable strap that runs below the seat. Seat uprightness may require a length adjustment of the product-supplied strap.

How do you get mold off a BOB stroller?

Use a hard bristle brush to remove the mold. Lemon juice and salt can be used to get rid of any remaining mold. Spraying a solution of two parts water to three parts white vinegar on larger mold spots works well. Spray the entire area and then use soap to clean the stroller. Afterwards

How do you deep clean a stroller?

Use an enzyme or cloth stain remover to treat more heavily stained areas.” In order to get rid of stains, dampen the cloth with water and a mild detergent of your choice, depending on how dirty it is. Gentle scrubbing removes dirt and filth without damaging the fabric.

How can I dry my stroller faster?

Ask a Disney cast member for towels so you can use the stroller until you get back to your hotel room, if necessary. Then, bring the stroller inside and turn on the air conditioning. We dry them this way.

Can you steam clean a stroller?

Strollers sometimes have hard-to-reach spots that collect dust and filth. As you can see in the picture, the strong steam jet thoroughly removes all the dirt and grime that has built up over time.

What is so great about Bob strollers?

You may run with your baby in a BOB Stroller while you stroll over rough terrain, and your child of any size will have an enjoyable ride in this stroller. My favorite feature of newer cars is their extra-large tires, which make navigating uneven pavement and walkways much easier.

Can you use a bike pump on Bob stroller?

All BOB Gear pneumatic stroller tires are compatible with this on-the-go tire pump. Even in difficult-to-reach areas, pump hoses that are flexible provide a good seal with the valve.

Can you use a bike pump on a stroller?

Stroller pumps aren’t designed for regular bicycle pumps. It’s time to double-check the pressure in your stroller’s tires for a worry-free ride and longer tire life.

Do BOB strollers expire?

Strollers don’t expire, which is great news for parents who didn’t know. There are safety measures on strollers that are designed to keep infants protected. The stroller, unlike car seats, does not have an expiration date shown by a sticker or other information on the stroller.

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Do all BOB strollers have brakes?

It’s not possible to add a hand brake to Revolution models that don’t come with a parking brake. With the exception of the Pro, all other models lack a hand brake. The shocks for my BOB Stroller from the model year are no longer available.


It’s much simpler than you’d think to collapse a Bob stroller. Keep this in mind when folding your stroller: Bob single strollers fold the same way, except for Bob jogging strollers, so keep this in mind. You don’t have to search any further than this instruction to learn how to fold up your Bob stroller, so don’t waste your time elsewhere.