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In order to increase the functionality of your Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller, you should consider unlocking the wheels. You’ll be able to move around more easily as a result of this. You may unlock a Chicco Keyfit caddy stroller by following these three simple steps in this blog post.

Who Is Chicco?

Pietro Catelli founded the Italian firm Chicco in 1958. Catelli was an inventor and a medicinal device developer at the time.

After the birth of his son, he widened his product line to include baby items. He tried to provide parents with wholesome options.

A wide selection of baby gear was added to the baby product line soon. Clothing, breastfeeding accessories, infant care products, toys & strollers are all included under this category.

The focus of the business is on new discoveries. Chicco’s “Happiness Lab” collaborates with professionals and parents to develop new goods.

Chicco claims to have a keen eye for how its products benefit and aid the development of newborns.

Parents and newborns around the world benefit from the company’s dedication to them.

Chicco conducts a lot of good work, and it’s involved with a number of charitable groups. One of these is the Mission Bambini, which cares for sick children in nations with limited access to healthcare. It is the mission’s goal to perform cardiac surgery and train local physicians in its techniques.

Chicco Today

Chicco is well-known in the United States and has an impact in over 120 nations. On the suburbs of Milan, it presently holds its headquarters. The goal of the company is to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller - demo - YouTube

Chicco’s global success can be attributed to its all-inclusive strategy. The company’s strollers are reasonably priced without sacrificing any of the stroller’s quality or features. If you’re searching for a stylish, functioning buggy that won’t break the bank, we recommend this firm.

What Parents Say About Chicco Strollers

Chicco’s parents are raving about him. Its strollers are widely praised for their elegant design and abundance of features. Plenty of zipped pockets for storing valuables are included in the design.

Several reviewers praise the product’s ease of folding and standing on its own. This means that the strollers may be easily stowed away or packed into a car’s trunk.

Parental interest is also piqued by the wide range of products available. Frames and umbrella-style strollers, double strollers, stand-on doubles and jogging buggies are just some of Chicco’s offerings. The input from parents shows that all of them routinely do well.

Parents rave about how easy it is to maneuver the strollers. They’re a joy to drive, and they’re particularly adept at negotiating tight turns.

However, not everyone is happy with Chicco’s response time. Parents have complained that the company takes too long to react to requests for replacements and questions.

Where Are Chicco’s Strollers Made?

The majority of Chicco’s products are manufactured in China, despite the fact that the company is Italian. This is a key distinction between Peg Perego, a direct competitor, and its Italian-made strollers.

In spite of this, Chicco has seen considerable success, particularly with their infant car seats, which are among the best on the market. The Keyfit 30 in particular is currently one of the top models available in the United States.

What Strollers Work with Chicco Keyfit 30?

Keyfit 30 is a versatile car seat for infants. All Chicco strollers are compatible, as well as Bugaboo, Mamas & Papas, UPPAbaby, BOB, and Britax strollers. But you’ll have to get a car seat adaptor to go with it.

Why We Recommend Chicco Strollers

Chicco is a favorite of ours because, despite the fact that its strollers are on the more inexpensive side, they don’t skimp on style. You may find anything from black and gray to neutrals and various shades of blue in this collection’s designs and colors. On the website, you’ll find the broadest range of options.

Machine washability is a major selling point for these materials. When it comes to Chicco strollers, the seat liners may usually be removed and washed in the washing machine. When it comes to cleaning products, this isn’t something you see on every brand.

Chicco’s attention to the tiniest, most unexpected elements is certainly a plus. Every one of its strollers comes with a parent tray with cup holders. The compartments in some are well-designed, allowing you to keep all of your tiny extras in one place.

On most of the buggies, there are tiny zipped compartments. Useful for keeping valuables, such as cash and your cell phone, safe.

Taking your pocketbook along for a walk is superfluous. Surely, the less baggage a traveler has to haul, the better?

Chicco’s strollers are built to last for many years, even after the guarantee period has expired. As a result, if your tires or seat need to be replaced because of wear and tear, you’ll be able to find them here.

Chicco Stroller’s Price Range

For most families, Chicco’s strollers fall within a reasonable price range. The joggers and all-in-one travel systems are among the more expensive options. These are more affordable than Chicco’s competitors, and they’re meant to last. They also come with built-in car seats for babies.

What are the Benefits of Baby Strollers?

Ensures Safety

Carrying a child in your arms is never a good idea. Always use a stroller. In addition to protecting the baby from harm, it also serves as a protective barrier. With a stroller, your baby will be entertained and protected while out and about.

Easy Travelling

The most obvious advantage of a baby stroller is that it makes it easier for parents to get around. When you’re on the road with a newborn, you’re in for a tough time. Many parents wait until their child can walk before taking any trips. In contrast, with the help of a baby stroller, they may put their battle to rest. It makes moving the baby from one location to another a breeze.


You may put a stroller to many different uses. There are many advantages to using a baby stroller correctly. It’s not only convenient, but it also protects the child from all types of natural dangers, such as sunburn, frigid wind, and dangerous UV rays. Some baby strollers can be turned into portable changing tables for the little ones to use.

Carries Baby Accessories

Diapers, baby food, napkins, bibs, toys, and so on are among the many things that accompany the arrival of a new baby. All of these goods can be stored in a separate compartment on a stroller. It’s big enough to hold infant gear.


Strollers for babies may be folded up and carried almost anywhere. In addition, they are a viable option that is also very easy to transport. Innovation is a byproduct of time. Modern strollers can be folded down to a smaller size for ease of storage by their parents.

Only a few of the benefits of owning a stroller were mentioned here. A lot of them. The fact that it requires less physical effort to carry and may be used with or without a baby is a good enough incentive to buy one for your child.

Steps on How to Unlock a Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller

Your Chicco KeyFit Caddy’s red release lever may be found on the stroller’s backside. In a classic stroller or grocery cart, this is where your feet would rest. The location and shape of the mechanism will resemble that of a bicycle wheel quick-release mechanism, but it will be much smaller.

After you hear/feel an audible click indicating that both rear wheels have been released from their locked state, use one hand to lightly push down towards the ground while using the handlebars for leverage.

Make sure all four back doors are unlocked before proceeding (two per side). In order to test whether the front wheels are free-rolling, pull them out and swivel them as much as you can.

In the third step, pull on both sidebars (the same ones you use to lock) until one or both pop out of their locked spot, allowing your stroller frame to fold flat.

The final step is to pull the handlebars back slightly so that the rear wheel locks are parallel to each other instead of at an angle, as seen in the image below.

You can lock your Chicco KeyFit caddy stroller again by following Steps One through Four above, but reverse the direction when it comes to the rear locks.

When folding your stroller, as previously stated, be careful because the frame is constructed of steel rather than aluminum and can injure you if you are not careful.

As with the rear locks, make sure to always use both sidebars to secure your stroller. This should be done for each wheel before pushing or rolling on any uneven terrain.

How To Open a Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller

The first step is to unlock the side locks. In order to get to your stroller’s right-hand lock, you must first release the lock on the left wheel, which is only accessible from the rear wheel.

Fold or “drop” all four wheels so that they face directly backwards, as shown in Step 2. As a result, it will be easier to fold and unfold when necessary.

To secure the sidebars, get hold of them where they link to the tires (left bar connected to left tire; right bar connected to right tire). Pull outward while pressing downward with little to no power.

The final step is to gently lay your hands together to create a single point that will make folding much easier.

Step Five: As you hold these two points together, slowly fold upward (or “roll-up”) to produce an umbrella shape.

Unfolding and unlocking should be a breeze if you follow the five stages in order! Many parents, in fact, believe that they can accomplish this role with little work or stress. Automatic locks, which can be activated with the push of a button on nearly all Chicco strollers, are to blame for this.

What is the difference between Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit 30?

The “Keyfit Caddy Stroller” was unveiled at ABC Kids Expo in October 2014 and became on sale in December of the same year. Chicco built a base specifically for this device so that it can be used with most infant car seats. For optimal sun protection, it has an extended canopy that can be rolled up and stored in the storage compartments on both sides of the frame.

However, despite the fact that it has many of the same characteristics as earlier versions, this new design is distinct.

With the new model, for example, the swiveling wheels allow for greater maneuverability and flexibility compared to the fixed wheels of prior models.

Best Strollers That Fit Chicco Keyfit 30: A Must-Read Guide

How to collapse the Baby Jogger City Mini GT

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT folds and collapses with the same ease. The first step is to make sure that both of its wheels are freed. To perform this duty, lift the brake levers placed beneath each of the two front tires and simultaneously push them down while pulling upwards on the handlebars of your stroller.

All three parts should be able to come together into a single entity if done quickly enough. To avoid damaging the components of your folded baby jogger city small gt, be sure to push or carry it by its mainframe, not by any other part, such as an extended sunshade (if applicable).

The Best Chicco Stroller Reviews of 2022

Chicco has a wide range of excellent strollers, so we combed through customer reviews and expert recommendations to narrow down your search. The best Chicco strollers are here.

1. Chicco Shuttle Frame Stroller

Best Chicco Stroller Frame

Chicco’s ultra-light stroller frame is designed to make the first few months of motherhood easier. Using click-ins, it is compatible with all Fit2 and KeyFit infant car seats.

The advantages of a travel system without the extra weight are provided by a stroller frame. When it comes to the first six months of a baby’s life, many parents prefer a stroller.

The frame itself can be folded into a compact package. It has a parent tray, two cup holders, and an easy-grip handle. For added security, the front wheels can be swivelled.

The Pros

Easy to Use

When you’re a first-time parent, strollers and car seats can seem a bit overwhelming. Chicco made certain that the frame was simple to utilize for its customers.

Infant car seats can be installed using a simple click-in procedure. After a little practice, it only takes a couple of minutes and keeps your beautiful bundle safe.

One-Handed Fold

The frame has a foldable handle for easy storage. The frame retracts with a simple one-handed pull. The handle can then be used as a carrying handle.

The frame may stand on its own after it has been folded. The compact design of the stand-alone unit makes for easier storage.

Parent-Friendly Features

Chicco delivered on its promise to provide us a little bit more, and we couldn’t be happier. The handle has a tray for parents, as well as a little pocket.

This is a generously sized pocket. Reviewers have claimed that they can put the vertically-oriented iPhone X inside the case.

Two cup holders for water and other beverages are included on the tray. Chicco included a huge storage basket under the seat for all of your necessities. It’s big enough to hold a diaper bag and a few groceries.

The Cons

Cup Holders Are Shallow

Some mothers complained about the cup holders’ depth. Bottles can easily fall out because they’re shallow.

2. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Best Chicco Travel System Stroller

If you’re on a tight budget, a travel system is the way to go. When your child is just a few months old, you can begin using this technique. The Bravo Trio Travel System from Chicco is a standout.

You get an excellent stroller with Chicco’s trademark one-hand folding technology. Full suspension and swivel wheels also enhance the buggy’s maneuverability.

It comes with a KeyFit 30 infant car seat, which can be easily attached to the stroller when the backrest, seat, and canopy are removed from the stroller frame.

The Pros

The Best Car Seat Included

Chicco incorporated one of the greatest car seats, the KeyFit 30, in this travel kit (3). Including the vehicle’s foundation, everything is included. In the case of an accident, this child safety seat does an excellent job of protecting your child.

A baby weighing between 4 and 30 pounds is perfectly safe in the KeyFit 30 seat. It comes with all the necessary tools to guarantee that it is properly installed. A RideRight Bubble level indicator and a LATCH system are included.

Excellent Stroller

The Bravo stroller under the car seat may be rapidly converted into a frame for easy transit.. The backrest, seat, and canopy all come apart in one piece, making it easy to install the car seat.

When the buggy is parked, the brake can be applied with a single touch.

Adjustable Handle and Parent Tray

There are three different positions for the handle, making it easy to find a position that works best for you and your vehicle. Additionally, a convenient parent tray with a tiny compartment and two cup holders is included on this model.


When your child reaches 30 pounds, the stroller will continue to be safe for your child until they are a toddler. Cup holders for the passenger and a wide sun shade are included in the buggy.

The Cons

Stroller Feels Wobbly on Uneven Surfaces

Despite the smooth ride, some users complained that the stroller was unsteady when pushed over rough terrain.

3. Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller

Best Chicco Jogging Stroller

It’s hard to beat the convenience and portability of a good jogging stroller, which can be used for a variety of activities beyond than running. Fast-paced families who enjoy outdoor activities may appreciate the Chicco TRE. It can be used at a park, on a trail, or even on a race day.

The buggy is built on an aluminum frame, which provides sturdiness without weighing it down. With pneumatic 16-inch rear tires, the stroller is a breeze to maneuver.

The stroller must include a large handle, a hand brake, and a suspension system called FlexCore. Unzipping a zipper allows you to access a mesh window for ventilation in the sun canopy.

The Pros

Great for Going Fast

The Chicco TRE may be able to help you go along a bit more quickly. It’s a breeze to get around thanks to the slick wheel design. Adjustable dual FlexCore suspension allows you to alter modes with your foot as you traverse different terrain.

The hand-activated front-wheel function is another useful feature. The buggy’s front wheel may swivel if you’re navigating a crowd by pressing a button on the handle.

Durable Frame

A jogging stroller frame made of aluminum is a great choice. It’s little and light, yet it’s also incredibly strong. It’s reassuring to know that even at higher speeds, the buggy will hold up.

A modest 28.5 pounds go a long way with the TRE. As jogging strollers typically weigh more than 30 pounds, this is a light one. Folding it up and putting it in the trunk is a cinch.

Waterproof Fabrics

All of the materials used are water-resistant. ‘ Even when it’s raining, it’ll keep your young one dry and warm. When the sun comes out, the full-coverage sun canopy protects your infant.

Car Seat Compatible

Fit2 and KeyFit baby car seats, which are available separately, can be used with this stroller. To utilize the stroller right away, simply remove the present seat from the stroller and attach the car seat to the frame that’s exposed.

Remember to Pay Attention

It’s not a good idea to go for a jog while carrying an infant car seat.

The Cons

Takes up Space When Folded

Folded, it’s a little on the large side, according to a few reviews. It’s not a good fit for a compact car.

4. Chicco Liteway Stroller

Best Chicco Umbrella Stroller

An umbrella stroller is ideal for city dwellers and commuters because it folds up into a small, lightweight container. The aluminum frame of the Liteway Stroller folds up easily into an umbrella form, making it perfect for taking the bus or train.

The backrest may be adjusted to three different positions to accommodate a sleeping or awake child. When you don’t need the canopy, you can remove it from the table. Rear-wheel suspension and swiveling front wheels are available as options.

A huge storage basket is hidden beneath the seat, perfect for storing all of your essentials. Additionally, Chicco includes padded handles and a cup holder.

The Pros

Effortless Fold

It couldn’t be simpler to fold up the stroller. Folds into an umbrella form when you pull the handle back. The handle can then be used as a lever for transporting items or as a latch for automatic storage.

Adjustable Backrest

The backrest is entirely adjustable to accommodate babies of different ages. It has three positions you can choose from based on your baby’s age and whether or not they’re awake or asleep. They’ll be safe and sound in the five-point harness when you go for a walk.

Comfortable Handles and Storage Basket

For the driver, the Liteway Stroller has a plethora of conveniences. The padded handlebars make it easy to hold on to the stroller for lengthy periods of time. Lastly, there is the enormous storage basket, which is ideal for storing all of your daily necessities.

Rear-Wheel Suspension and Superior Steering

A top-notch suspension system on the rear wheels makes it possible to take the stroller off-road. With the swiveling front wheels, you’ll have a lot more control over your vehicle in congested situations.

The Cons

Difficult to Assemble

Some parents have complained that putting it together is a little difficult. This means the canopy and cup holder could fall off after folding. To many, reattaching everything when unfolding was an unneeded nuisance.

5. Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller

Best Chico Stroller for All-Terrain

This stroller works well on any surface, whether you’re strolling or jogging. Budding cyclists will like the cushioned suspension and foam-filled tires.

With a simple footswitch, you can fine-tune the FlexCore suspension to suit the terrain. For example, if your youngster is finding it lumpy, you can change that around for them.

It’s a good idea to pack some snacks for your child if you plan on spending a long period of time away from home. In the event that kids make a mess, we appreciate the fact that the seat pad can be removed and washed.

The Pros

Control Console for Parents

You’ll notice a special control panel just next to the handle. This enables the swivel wheels to be turned, which is useful on windy routes. The console can also be used to activate the brake.

Reclining Seat With Backrest

Now, your child will never again complain about feeling uncomfortable. When customers want to relax, they can recline their seats to various positions, ranging from a sitting position to a reclining one.

The backrest also features a 3D air mesh design for maximum airflow. ‘ On a hot day, this is ideal!

Quick 1-Hand Fold

This function will be especially appreciated by parents. It’s very easy to fold up with one hand. It’s perfect if you’re on your own with a sleepy, scream-inducing infant. There’s no need to panic!

Additionally, the tray and spacious storage basket make this chair ideal for parents who need extra storage space.

The Cons

Plastic Parts Feel Cheap

The price of this stroller is high, however the quality isn’t. The plastic design was criticized by some customers as being flimsy and lacking in quality. Because of the cost, some people might expect a lot more than they get.

No Tray or Cup Holder for Baby

This design was made with the parent’s snacking in mind, but not the child’s. To avoid boredom, there is no tray or cup holder for the baby. After that, they’re all over the place. It’s never a good time.

6. Chicco Mini Bravo Lightweight Stroller

Best Lightweight Chicco Stroller

Chicco’s Mini Bravo stroller is designed to make every trip a little easier. It’s lightweight and has user-friendly features including one-hand reclining adjustments. Additionally, a mesh-paneled vented visor sun cover complements the reclining backrest.

With the Mini Bravo, you can easily navigate around busy situations. In order to maneuver around tight turns, the swivel-assisted front wheels come in handy. Additionally, it has a fold-and-carry handle that makes it easy to take with you on a trip.

This tool has a fantastic padded handle for a relaxed and comfortable hold. There are two cup holders and a Chicco parent tray included.

The Pros

Excellent for Family Excursions

In the event that you frequently take your family to the park or the mall, Chicco’s Mini Bravo stroller is ideal. Even though it’s as light and tiny as an umbrella stroller, it’s not one.

Folding and storing it in the trunk is a cinch. There are no problems getting through shopping malls or grocery stores because it is so small

Extended Sun Canopy

Summertime is the perfect time for family outings. However, your child will still require additional security as a result of this. Your kid will be protected from the sun thanks to the visor canopy’s ventilation.

Three Position Recline

The most popular feature of this product is its capacity to recline in three different positions, all with a simple one-hand switch. This is a wonderful technique to put your child to sleep.

The Cons

Front Wheels Causing Trouble

Many reviewers have praised this stroller, but the front wheels appear to be a problem for most. Squeaks have been reported by some, while others have claimed that they became stuck and could not be turned at all.

7. Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

Best Chicco Double Stroller

Consider the Chicco Cortina for families with two little children, or expecting twins. One child sits in front of the other in a tandem arrangement. It is possible to use either the Fit2 or the KeyFit infant car seats in both chairs.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Carseat And Stroller Shop, 50% OFF | www.osana.care

There is extra padding in both seats and a separate canopy that can be removed from each. There are many positions the chairs can take for each child, whether they are sleeping or awake.

The Pros

Great for Independent Babies

Nothing is predetermined; the backrest and sun canopy can be customized to the individual child’s tastes. The cup holders on the front seat give it a minor advantage.

Superb Steering

Suspension on all four wheels ensures a smooth ride for you and your passengers. In order to use the front wheels’ swivel function, you have to use your foot. The buggies may be activated in the blink of an eye.

Large Storage Basket

Chicco has expanded the storage capacity of the basket because you’re carrying two children. To keep everything safe, it’s double the size and has a zipper on the top.

Slim Design

Because it’s a tandem, the width is still minimal enough to squeeze through doorways and down small aisles without hitting anything. It’s much easier to store two kids’ stuff because of the greater length and the larger storage basket.

The Cons

You May Struggle on Uneven Surfaces

Several users complained that the stroller did not perform properly on gravel. It begins to sway and tremble. The length may be to blame.

Chicco Stroller Accessories

Accessories for Chicco strollers are available. To name a few:

  • A tiny snack tray in the stroller is always appreciated by children since it offers them a feeling of freedom. Cleaning the Chicco snack tray is as simple as wiping it down with a damp cloth. Install the car seat before putting the seat in place.
  • Chicco offers a rubber wheel kit for the Bravo stroller if you wish to go off-road with your stroller. You’ll get a set of four wheels that are simple to put together. Each of these devices can be customized with a matching set.

Where to Buy Chicco Strollers

Chicco baby strollers can be found all throughout the United States. Many retailers, including Amazon, Target, Baby R’ Us, Toys R Us, Albee Baby, and Buy Buy Baby, carry the items. In addition, the company’s online store sells products.

Chicco Website and Contact

The company’s website contains all of the information you need to make an informed decision. It has a comparison table, a buying guide, manuals, demonstration videos, and a registration in its possession..

Inquiries to the company’s customer care department will require you to be prepared with some information. Model, serial number, and date of manufacturing are all included.

1-877-424-4226 is their toll-free phone number. Furthermore, the website lists this number.

Chicco Stroller Comparison Chart

Our Verdict

Every family can choose a Chicco stroller that suits their needs and their budget. Buggies include jogging, umbrella-style, lightweight, and twin buggies.

All of them fold up easily and include convenient extras for mom and dad.