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The stroller you received at your baby shower may be too cumbersome to carry around all the time. What if you’re planning a trip soon and need a simple way to get your child from A to B?

For those times when you need to be mobile with your baby, umbrella strollers are an excellent choice. They’re compact and won’t take up much space in your car’s trunk. This is an excellent option if you’ve been looking for an alternative to big, heavy strollers.

We’ll go over some of our top picks in this article. For your convenience, we’ve sifted through the plethora of umbrella strollers on the market. According to professionals and parents like you, we’ve narrowed down the best seven options.

You may learn how to fix an umbrella stroller frame and how to avoid needing repairs in the future by reading this blog post.

Having a broken umbrella stroller may make it feel like the only alternative is to discard it. This, however, is not the case! Repairing your umbrella stroller doesn’t require replacing the complete frame.

What Is an Umbrella Stroller?

They’re lightweight strollers with a compact fold and an umbrella-style handle. When you’re on the road or in a crowded area, they’re an excellent choice for occasional use. Their footprint is smaller than a traditional stroller even when they are in use.

The same safety standards apply to umbrella strollers as they do to other strollers. Locking mechanisms are simple and most come with a harness to keep your child safe.

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The same features seen on larger strollers are available on umbrella strollers. When you’re on the run, you don’t want to be without anything to keep your family comfortable.

Umbrella Strollers

As the shortcomings of the standard stroller became more apparent, the creators understood that a more compact model was required. The first umbrella stroller was invented in 1965, and it has been a lifesaver for both parents and children ever since. It is possible to fold the metal frame of these strollers, making them smaller and lighter than ordinary strollers. The following are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using an umbrella stroller.


  • Umbrella strollers are smaller and more lightweight than regular strollers. It’s considerably simpler and more convenient to store and transfer them this way.
  • Because this stroller folds up into a small size, you can simply store it in your car or take it with you if you’re on a lengthy road trip or vacation.
  • An umbrella stroller is significantly less expensive than a traditional stroller. To save money while still getting your youngster the proper transportation, consider an umbrella stroller.


  • The biggest issue with the umbrella stroller is that it lacks enough room for larger children, thus parents don’t feel at ease using it.
  • In most umbrella strollers, the baby is forced to ride in a seated position because the seat does not fully recline. Therefore, neonates and babies who are unable to hold their heads up can’t use it. When your child is at least four months old, you can use an umbrella stroller.
  • You’ll need to bring an extra bag on your outings because umbrella strollers don’t have much storage space.

Different Types of Umbrella Strollers

Traveling with a young child is made a lot easier with umbrella strollers. What are the different categories and what distinguishes them? Let’s take a closer look at it:

Everyday Umbrella Strollers

If you’re going to use your stroller every day, there’s no need to forgo comfort or convenience. As a result of their small weight, these can be used as a parent tray, sunshade, and even cushioning. It’s possible to purchase extras from some brands.

Consider how easy it is to use while buying for a stroller for your everyday needs. Having two wheels that swivel instead of a single one makes it easier to turn and less unpleasant to navigate.

These strollers take up more room and are heavier than their travel-friendly counterparts. It’s well worth the effort to have a home that you can depend on every day.


  • Extras such as storage and parent trays.
  • Effortless and cozy.
  • Space-saving.


  • Compact, but not as small as a travel model.
  • Compared to a standard stroller, this one is less durable.

Umbrella Strollers for Travel

Are you looking for a travel-related product? When not in use, these umbrella strollers can be folded down to a small footprint. Some can even fit in the overhead compartments of airplanes.

These travel models, which are extremely light and narrow, sometimes lack features like sunshades or additional storage. Add-ons on these strollers are likely to be less durable than those found on normal strollers.

How to fix a car seat in a stroller

Discard the stroller’s car seat and set it down on a flat area. To install a new canopy on baby trend jogging strollers, begin by removing the umbrella stroller frame screws using an Allen wrench or screwdriver. Then, using pliers to replace broken umbrella tines, raise the canopy.

To make an ice cream cake from scratch, reinstall the screws, use the same tool you used to remove them, and make sure they are tight enough by applying pressure where necessary.

How do you fix a bent stroller wheel?

A twisted stroller rim The screws holding the umbrella in place can be tightened or the damaged umbrella tines can be replaced to repair an umbrella stroller. For a detailed how much rice makes one cupful technique on how to fix your stroller wheel, see how to make an ice cream cake from scratch.

Steps on Repairing an Umbrella Stroller

Step 1: Make sure your stroller’s umbrella holder is working properly. To open and close it, you should press a button on the side. If you can’t do it with one hand, there’s something wrong. Before pursuing any other options, see if it can be adjusted in any way.

A tennis ball placed in front of the spinning wheels will tell you whether the bearings need to be replaced if the ball slides away from you as if it were ice instead of keeping static. If this is the case you will need to replace the bearings.

Step 3: Apply lubricant to all hinges to correct any squeaks or rattles that may occur during use. Metal on metal friction is often to blame for this, and a small amount of lubricant will go a long way toward alleviating it.

Strollers that are difficult to collapse could have issues with their ability to lock into place snugly enough to prevent harm while being stored or carried. Any problems here can be resolved by simply tightening the screws.

Before using the umbrella again, double-check that all bolts are securely fastened.

How To unlock the wheels on a stroller

Locked or stiff wheels are the most typical cause of an umbrella stroller not moving. It may take some time to unlock and reactivate them, but there is a method:

The first step is to unlock a wheel by pressing on it with your foot while continuing forward.

It’s a little more difficult to separate the wheels if they’ve been locked together due to corrosion or rust. In order to avoid damaging anything, this must be done with care (particularly while removing and re-applying).

You’ll need a pair of needle nose pliers for this task, which necessitates at least two free hands – try looping a shoelace around each side of your fingers. As you turn the pliers, apply slight pressure and pull so that both wheels can spin freely.

While spinning one wheel with your foot, tap it to release any remaining rust or corrosion. Do the same on the other.

Keep an umbrella stroller out of direct sunshine to prevent moisture from building up inside and causing problems in the future. For additional protection against rain rot and salt oxidation in coastal areas, spray some WD40 into each side near the base before reassembling.

How do you take the wheels off a Cosatto giggle?

The first step is to assemble the stroller without removing any of the wheels.

Remove the side of your stroller by turning one wheel until it comes loose. On the other side, repeat the procedure.

Loosen each screw halfway before removing it completely with a screwdriver on both sides. As a result of this, each half will be able to pivot up and out of the way with no resistance.

Take off the remaining handles by releasing their hinges just as we did at the beginning, but in reverse order; start with those where only one handle is still attached rather than starting with the single handle and working backwards to the other side. Step 4. Remove the final two screws holding the handles in place.

It’s now time to remove and re-insert the loosened handles. Finally, fold the sides back to their original position by using either your hands or a screwdriver as leverage.

You’ll be able to see how the screws hold each end of the four-piece L-shape frame together, including the two at the bottom corners, which we’ll discuss later.

How to Choose an Umbrella Stroller

Consider the following factors when purchasing an umbrella stroller for you and your family:

How You’ll Use Your Stroller

Using an umbrella stroller as your primary mode of transportation? Consider the qualities you’ll need to get by on a daily basis. If you’re looking for a stroller that doubles as a travel stroller, keep that in mind.

The Age of Your Child

With an older child, you’ll have no problem finding an umbrella stroller that works for you. However, younger children may have a more difficult time locating these units. To ensure your child’s safety, always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended weight and age ranges.

Where You’ll Use Your Stroller

Umbrella strollers, on the other hand, aren’t for everyone. Ensure your model steers effectively if you intend to use it for extended periods of time or in crowded settings. Having a difficult-to-use stroller will do you no good.

Storage Availability

When folded, umbrella strollers often take up less space than a normal stroller. When room is at a premium, look for a model that folds down little.

Budgetary Constraints

Umbrella strollers are available in a wide range of pricing ranges. If you remove all of the extraneous features, you’ll save money. Do you need a stroller that you can use every day? To get the features that matter most to you, you’ll have to shell out more money. You can cut down your alternatives by establishing a budget ahead of time.

Wheels Make the Stroller

A stroller’s wheels can make or break it. Your stroller won’t get you where you need to go unless you have a reliable set of wheels.

Wheels made of hard plastic are common on umbrella strollers, limiting the places they can be used. Wheels that don’t pivot can make turning more difficult.

Consider vehicles with suspension systems and two wheels if you want a smooth ride. This will not only make your baby’s life easier, but it will also improve your own.

Safety Considerations

A Sense Of Warning

A child in a stroller should never be left alone in one. It is more common for light-weight strollers to tip than their heavier equivalents. Keep an eye on your youngster at all times and keep your hands on the stroller.

Umbrella strollers, even if they’re mostly used for travel, should be safe. Strollers with harnesses and full approval should always be preferred. Make sure your brakes have a simple locking mechanism.

The same safety rules apply to umbrella strollers as they do to more hefty ones, despite their lighter weight.

Factor in the Fold

Pulling up on a release and collapsing the stroller with an umbrella stroller can be tricky when you’re carrying a youngster and other items. To get the most out of your stroller, choose a type that folds effortlessly, especially if you frequently travel.

Height Is Important

Take into account the feelings of everyone else as well, not only your child. Examine your own level of comfort when pressing, as well. The handles should hang at a comfortable height for you.

Check the size of any umbrella stroller you’re considering because they may not be as tall as you think. Find out the appropriate size for you and your partner (or other caretakers) if your heights differ. With the proper height of a stroller, it is possible to avoid the pain of back, shoulder, and neck in children.

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The Best Umbrella Strollers of 2022

Here are seven of the best umbrella strollers on the market right now.

1. Summer Infant 3D Lite Umbrella Stroller

Best Umbrella Stroller for Everyday Use

When it comes to this umbrella stroller, you won’t have to sacrifice either comfort or convenience. Despite its sturdiness, it doesn’t skimp on storage capacity. Ten pounds can be held in the undercarriage compartment’s deep mesh pocket.

The aluminum frame is lightweight, and a carrying strap frees up your hands for children and other things, making travel easy. This stroller weighs just 13 pounds, making it one of the lightest on the market.

The stroller may be dismantled in three simple steps. When you lift the handle and depress the lever with your foot, the bed will automatically collapse. It’s ready to go when you are.

The Pros

Everyday Features

Many of the features seen in larger strollers are included in this stroller, including a reclining seat that can be adjusted in three different ways. The seat and straps are padded for your comfort.

Although it has a lightweight frame, this stroller nevertheless has all of the essential functions you’ll need on a daily basis. The adjustable canopy and pre-set reclining choices ensure a comfortable ride for your child.

To ensure your child’s safety as they grow, the five-point safety harness comes with three different height settings.

Perfect for Traveling

The stroller has a footprint of just over 13 inches. To fit in a trunk or a small place, it measures 41in by 8.8in by 10in when unfolded. You may sling it over your shoulder with the provided carrying strap, which is just 13 pounds.

While the collapsing mechanism is easy to operate, most people will require both hands to fold it. When you’re at the airport or through security, you won’t be slowed down by this bag’s speedy decomposition. When you’re moving the stroller, the large storage space in the undercarriage region helps keep your hands free.

It’s Tall

This stroller is taller than most normal strollers on the market, at 41 inches. This is one of the few lightweight alternatives that can be comfortably pushed for lengthy periods of time. You won’t have to stoop over or lean over in order to get in and out of the car because of the increased height.

Excellent Maneuverability

A variety of surfaces are better gripped thanks to the pivoting texture-coated double wheels. The stroller’s responsiveness and agility will serve you well even in densely populated areas.

The Cons

No Lap Bar or Snack Tray

Many of the functions you’d find on a larger stroller are included in this one. However, because it lacks a food tray or a lap bar, your child will have more freedom to lean away from the stroller. A properly adjusted five-point harness will help keep you from falling over.

Your youngster will also be able to raise their feet onto the stroller without the use of a lap bar. Remove their shoes while in the stroller if they’ve been playing in muddy or unclean areas.

The Seat’s Shallow

There isn’t a lot of cushioning under the seat. Children that are taller than average may have to sit more erect, diminishing their level of comfort. Your child may not want to spend a lot of time in the stroller if they don’t have a comfortable spot to rest and sleep.

2. Chicco Liteway Stroller

Good for Younger Children

Designed for youngsters who weigh between 10 and 40 pounds, this stroller has many of the features you’d expect in an everyday stroller. Seat, back, and strap padding ensures that this is a comfortable ride. Because it is made of robust material, it can be cleaned by hand and dried in the open air with no problem.

Strollers of all heights can use this stroller, which stands at 40 inches. The aluminum frame is lightweight and foldable. After folding the stroller, an automated clasp keeps it in place, and a carrying strap makes it easy to travel.

The Pros

Suspension System

Back-up wheels are slightly larger than the front-facing tires. A suspension mechanism makes the stroller more comfortable to use.. The front wheels can be locked for a better ride for your tiny passenger when jumping across surfaces.

Custom Comfort

Comfort and visibility are ensured by many reclining positions, an adjustable canopy, and a peek-a-boo glass.

The stroller comes with a cup holder for the parents near the foam-covered handles.

You may tailor your child’s trip by adjusting the footrest, canopy, and recline of the stroller. You may adapt the seat to meet your child’s requirements and preferences as they grow. The harness can also be adjusted to fit your child’s height.

Toe Tap Brakes

When you want to lock the wheel, all you have to do is press the foot brake pedal. Place your toe under the pedal and tap upward to restart the vehicle. For maximum safety, each back wheel has its own brake.

Compact Fold

Despite the fact that it’s quite large while open, a 3D-style fold makes it more portable. It’s lightweight and convenient to carry around thanks to the accompanying strap. When unfolded, the stroller is 46 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 11.75 inches high.

The Cons

Not a Long-Term Option

Your child will outgrow this stroller quickly, perhaps even before they’re ready to stop using a stroller altogether, due to its weight limit of 40 pounds.

Heavier than Expected

When compared to other strollers on the market, this is still a relatively light option. However, it’s not the heaviest of the bunch either. Those with back issues or those traveling alone with children may find the additional weight to be a hindrance.

3. GB Pockit Air Stroller

Best Compact Umbrella Stroller

Weighting in at just 10.4 pounds, the manufacturer says this is the world’s lightest folding stroller. If you need a backup or a caregiver, this is a great option because of its small size.

This stroller, despite its size, is fully functional and ready to serve your needs. As young as 6 months old, it can be utilized with babies weighing up to 55 pounds.

It’s easy to pack and takes up little space, making it perfect for short excursions and weekend getaways alike.

The Pros

Tiny Fold

If you don’t want to sacrifice features like underfloor storage and a protective cover, you can’t get much smaller than this. Even though it can carry a lot of weight, when folded it measures 11.8 inches by 7 inches by 13.8 inches. It’s ideal for stowing in the overhead compartments of airplanes.

Large tote bags, backpacks, and diaper bags are all good places to find it.

Quick to Fold and Open

This stroller folds compactly and quickly, making it ideal for parents on the go. Traveling through airports or train stations? This is a lifesaver. If you need to fold or unfold your stroller, you won’t disrupt traffic by stopping.

Higher Weight Limit

Your child will be able to use this stroller far into his or her teenage years, thanks to its weight capacity of 55 pounds. For those late-night or long-distance journeys, its lightweight and compact fold come in handy. Having a plan B in case your youngster gets tired of walking is a good thing to keep in mind.


The adjustable harness is padded for your child’s comfort, and a little canopy shields them from the sun. This vehicle is designed to be easily steered with one hand and provides a pleasant ride.

This stroller is sensitive and light to steer thanks to its four sets of swiveling double wheels (the front wheels can be locked if necessary).

With this stroller, you’ll be able to traverse all kinds of terrain. There is no better way to enjoy a day in the park than on a robust bike.

The Cons

Small Sunshade

In terms of size, the canopy is modest. Although it will shield your child from direct sunlight, there isn’t a lot of flexibility with this hat. Unless the sun is directly overhead, your youngster may be exposed and need another form of shade.

4. Cosco Umbrella Stroller

Best Classic Umbrella Stroller

An umbrella stroller like this is a great option if you’re looking for something simple to help you get through the day. It comes with a sunshade and a number of Disney-themed prints. There is a footrest, but no undercarriage storage, making it safe for youngsters up to 40 pounds.

The seat is supported by a cross brace beneath the frame. It weighs less than 9 pounds, making it easy to fold and store when on the road.

The Pros

Great for Occasional Use

This stroller stores easily between uses and doesn’t take up much space. For short journeys, it’s ideal because it provides the essentials you need to keep your child safe and secure. This is an all-purpose ride that can be used in any location thanks to its harness, brakes, and sun shade.

Lightweight and Easy to Fold

This model weighs less than 9 pounds and can be folded and unfolded with one hand, making it ideal for travel. A stroller that’s easy to fold and easy to carry is the basic umbrella type.

Cute Color Options

Toddlers are drawn to the delightful Disney-themed prints. Your child will have a blast riding in the back of their favorite cartoon characters. Durability, care, and quick drying are all advantages of this fabric.

Nice Steering

You won’t have to compromise on maneuverability with this stroller.

With its solid construction and two wheels, it is easy to navigate. Plastic hardness and a significant inner part free of fragile spokes characterize these rims.

There are two foot-pedal brake systems on the rear wheels that can be used to stop the vehicle in any direction. It’s nimble and responsive, with a wide range of maneuverability. For your child, it’s a smooth journey in whatsoever direction you choose to go.

The Cons

No Bells and Whistles

You can travel where you need to go in style with this adorable umbrella stroller. However, it lacks many of the things you’d look for in a daily stroller.

No more storage space may be found in the undercarriage. Not only can the stroller not recline, but it also does not provide a lot of adjustment. This stroller is great for short journeys, but it’s not going to be a great fit for extended ones.

No Five-Point Harness

There is no shoulder or waist belt in this stroller’s three-point harness. There are advantages and disadvantages to this, but it’s not ideal for smaller children.

5. Dream On Me Volgo Twin Umbrella Stroller

Best Umbrella Stroller for Twins

It can be difficult to find an umbrella stroller that works for twins. As a twins-specific model, this one can be used from the age of six months. This stroller is suitable for children up to 45 pounds.

Only 23 pounds, this unit comes in a variety of color options. The smooth ride is made possible by the vehicle’s 360-degree swiveling maneuverable wheels. When needed, the ride can be made more stable by locking the rear wheels while swiveling the front wheels.

This type folds swiftly and conveniently for everyday use.

The Pros

Everyday Features

Our favorite thing about this stroller is how many extras it comes with. They’ve managed to make this stroller fit for everyday use without compromising on the level of comfort you’d expect from a larger stroller. Undercarriage storage, a large umbrella, and a footrest that can be reclined are all great features for everyday use.

In addition, the seat can be reclined and the harness can be adjusted to keep your child safe and comfortable as they grow.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

This type is easy to transport after it’s folded up. One hand is all that is needed to fold the robust iron frame inward.

Increased maneuverability is made possible by the wheels, which makes it simple to push.

Great Ride

Sliding double wheels and a swiveling suspension system make it easy to turn and navigate on any surface. These characteristics make it easier for you to enjoy the ride as the rider.

Padding in the seat and straps improves comfort for your child. Both the seat and the footrest may be reclined, allowing your youngster to choose the best position for them.

The Cons

Carseat Compatibility

Unfortunately, this stroller isn’t compatible with any car seat, so you’ll need to buy another one if you plan to use it that way.

6. Delta Children LX Tandem Umbrella Stroller

Best Side-By-Side Umbrella Stroller

With many children or twins, this stroller is a must-have. A maximum weight capacity of 35 pounds per child is supported. For single-person use only, it has two handles.

Wheels that swivel for enhanced maneuverability are made of strong plastic. Rear-wheel brakes have foot pedals while the front wheels can spin 360 degrees and absorb shock.

An all-day stroller, thanks to the two spacious storage bags and the parent cup holder. Your tiny ones are well-protected thanks to the padded seat and extra padding in the harness straps.

In addition to being JPMA- and ASTM-certified, this unit is also UL-listed.

The Pros

Not Too Wide

Double strollers might be difficult to find in congested areas, especially when you’re walking through entrances and indoor spaces. Even though this stroller can hold two children, it has a small footprint and is easy to maneuver through most doorways and corridors.

Independent Stroller Frames

Each child’s seat is supported by a distinct framework, ensuring a more personalized experience. The stroller is less likely to flip over because of the varying frame sizes. Additional stability and steering control are provided by the use of shared center wheels.

Seat Recline Options

A child’s present needs can be accommodated by reclining seats. Taking a sleep on the road is now a reality thanks to its multi-position reclining. Both children’s preferences can be accommodated simultaneously by separately adjusting the chairs.

Lightweight and Compact

Just over 18 pounds, this two-seater stroller is lighter than other single strollers. When unfolded, it measures 37 inches tall by less than 30 inches broad. It’s a small package. It’s a great travel umbrella stroller because of its tiny footprint and light weight.

The Cons

Doesn’t Offer Great Sun Protection

There are two distinct awnings on this stroller. They may shield your child from the sun’s rays, but they aren’t particularly large.

They are not accordion-style, but rather European, and cannot be lowered for additional coverage. Another sort of UV protection is needed if you plan on spending long periods in the sun.

Challenging to Fold

While this stroller may be folded to make it easier to transport, it cannot be folded with just one hand. You’ll need two hands and the folding process takes longer than with some other models.

7. Summer 3Dlite+ Convenience Stroller

Umbrella Stroller With Best Storage

Despite the fact that this stroller can be folded in order to make transportation easier, there is no one-handed fold. The folding technique is more time consuming and necessitates the use of two hands.

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller - Teal<br> | Babies R Us Canada

Storage pockets, cup holders, and a cell phone holder are all included. Maintain easy access to your most frequently used items. Place your diaper bag in the convenient basket located under the stroller’s footrest for easy access.

It has a lot of storage space, but it’s also quite easy to put away. It’s easy to transport in and out of the car because it folds down so little. This stroller even comes equipped with a padded carry strap so that you can quickly transport it if your child decides to walk.

The Pros

Easy and Safe to Use

With this stroller, you’ll have no problem taking your child out for a day of fun at the theme park. Because it is so light, you can easily push it around all day. You may even adjust the seat’s several positions with one hand. Last but not least, a 5-point safety harness is included for the safety of your child.

Comfy for Kids

This stroller’s ergonomics were developed with your child in mind. The reclining seat has already been described as a feature that allows passengers to soak in the scenery or even take a quick snooze. The enormous canopy, on the other hand, will shield them from the sun and rain.

In addition, a retractable sun visor keeps their face and eyes protected. They can see you while you push them about because it features a peek-a-boo window.

Holds Kids Up to 50 Pounds

Whether your child is six months old or 50 pounds, he or she will be welcome here. This stroller is built to last for many years at a reasonable cost!

The Cons

Hard to Fold

Despite its tiny size, many parents have difficulty folding it up. So, if you’re already dealing with a wailing infant and no one is nearby to offer assistance, this stroller may be just the thing to push you over the edge.

Umbrella Stroller Comparison Chart


Can I Use an Umbrella Stroller With an Infant?

The majority of these strollers are designed for older children who have complete control over their neck and head movements. Although some umbrella strollers can be used with an infant car seat, the majority of them do not. Instead, there are some that come with a built-in newborn insert.

Review The Requirements

Always heed the advice of the product’s creators when it comes to age and size constraints. To ensure the safety of your child, several restrictions have been put in place.

Do Umbrella Strollers Recline?

Reclining is an option on some umbrella strollers, however it is not available on the more basic versions. If you intend to use yours on a daily basis, make sure it has this feature.

Preset recline functions are typical in these strollers, although others provide you complete control over the seat back.

There are also variants that can lie entirely flat, making them ideal for a child who is trying to get some shut-eye. It’s possible that this position could cause the stroller to tip, therefore be careful while using this feature with lightweight strollers.

How Much Weight Can an Umbrella Stroller Support?

Depending on the model, most umbrella strollers have a weight limit of between 40 and 55 pounds.

To ensure the safety of your child, many strollers have a minimum weight requirement. Do not use the stroller until your child’s weight is within the restrictions if they do not meet them.

Are Umbrella Strollers for Use on Unpaved Areas?

In addition to sidewalks and paved areas, umbrella strollers can also be used on smooth business floors. Even though they can be utilized on grass and rocks, off-roading isn’t advised.

On rocky terrain, umbrella strollers’ tires are too light to handle. Trying to find a stroller that can handle rough terrain? Instead, think about going with something with large rubber tires.

The Right Choice for You

One of the greatest umbrella strollers is worth its weight in gold when it comes to commuting and everyday mobility.

Decide exactly what you need the stroller for and how you’ll use it before you buy it to avoid any disappointment. Determine this, and you’ll know exactly what kind you need.

Decide on the type of fold you desire, as well as any other qualities you simply must have. Preparation is key to staying on track and avoiding impulse purchases.