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Pregnancy jeans can be made from any pair of denim. It’s easy and won’t take you more than ten minutes to complete. In the later months of pregnancy, when your tummy begins to swell, these are ideal.

How To Diy Maternity Jeans

  • Jeans
  • T-shirt or tank top with a slouchy fit (the stretchier and thicker the better).
  • Thermogenic (I used one about 1.5 inches thick)
  • Sewing machine, thread, pins, and scissors, of course.

When I made my first pair of homemade pregnancy pants, they kept slipping down, so I had to do a few things to fix that. At the outset, I didn’t make any alterations to the back; instead, I left the entire rear waistband alone. As a second step, I inserted elastic into each piece of stretchable fabric. The jersey can’t keep up with the weight of full-length denim.

Lay your jeans out on a flat surface to dry. To get to this point requires a great deal of effort.

Zipper, metal rivets at the top of the pockets (I didn’t do this last time and broke my needle when it hit one), and front belt loops can all be removed by carefully cutting a half circle. Make sure you don’t go any lower than necessary, as the lower you go, the longer the shirt you’ll need to conceal your stretchy fabric.

DIY Maternity Jeans: Turn Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans Into Maternity Wear

Slide the inside of your tank top or shirt down over the top of your pants until it reaches the hem of your jeans.

Make a half-circle cutout in your jeans and pin the tank top to it.

Close the opening (where you’ve pinned and then around the backside also) with a tight zig-zag stitch.

Remove your pins, and presto! You’re done! Jeans for expecting mothers.

However, pregnant jeans that fall down every ten seconds are a no-go. It’s awful. Add some elastic to the mix.

Pull your tank or top all the way up over your jeans. Please be generous if you’re creating them early in the pregnancy. Mark them approximately two inches higher than where you want them to strike your tummy.

Put your trousers back on and carefully cut off the shirt’s top where you designated it to be removed. In order to get your jeans to fit properly, turn them inside out.

If you’re using 1.5-inch elastic, fold the shirt’s top edge over 1.75 inches. Be sure to compensate for the thickness if you’re using something different).

With a three-inch opening on one side, insert the elastic and sew it shut with a small zig-zag stick all the way around.

Cut your elastic to the required length, allowing an extra inch at the top for wrapping around your tummy.

Thread the elastic through the opening and stitch the two ends together by pinning one end to the elastic and the other to the opening.

Close the opening with a stitch and trim any frayed ends.

It’s real, folks!

Steps on How to Turn Regular Jeans into Maternity

You’ll have to:

Jeans Made of Denim (make sure they fit you)

– A pair of scissors is required.

– This is a discussion.

Unbutton and unzip the pants, if necessary, to make sewing along the sides simpler after you cut the holes. A button or zipper on either side of your planned cut can cause problems while sewing. Make sure these are removed before cutting.

Step two: Cut off any buttons and remove any sewn-on pockets from the front.

Trim your pants so that they still fit over your hips by cutting a straight line down the front of your pants and leaving an inch or two below the crotch area.

Cut along the seams where they are sewed to provide for room as the baby develops!

Step Five: Once you’re satisfied with the fit and appearance of your pregnancy jeans, sew up the sides.

Creative ways to turn your regular clothes into maternity fashion

You’ll need maternity clothes at some point throughout your pregnancy, but before then, you can get away with a lot of what you already own. Pregnancy belly bands made from old T-shirts and elastic hair ties are two of the most popular maternity fashion hacks. To make pregnant tunics, you can simply add maternity leggings to a dress. You can also make empire-waist maxi skirts out of old maxi skirts.

At the very least, you’ll need some maternity clothing while you’re between 12 and 18 weeks pregnant. Buying a lovely maternity dress is an excellent investment, but it’s unnecessary to spend your entire savings on a new wardrobe. There are many easy ways to transform some of the items in your closet into a few fashionable maternity clothes with some creative thinking and a little DIY skill.

Here are eight maternity fashion tips that expectant mothers swear by. (And here are seven tips to save money on maternity clothes when it’s time to go shopping for new looks.)

Make your own pregnancy belly band

When it comes to pregnant fashion, the belly band is a must-have. It’s a soft, elastic piece of cloth worn over the waist (and beneath your shirt) to cover and smooth out the appearance of unzipped or unbuttoned pants. In the first trimester, when you’re gaining weight but haven’t yet fully popped, a belly band is a cost-effective alternative to buying maternity clothes.

A belly band can be purchased, but you can also build your own by snipping off the top of a tight and stretchy T-shirt, camisole, or tank top and sewing it together.

Use a hair tie to make a maternity pants extender

Don’t get rid of those too-tight pants and shorts just yet! First, try this tried-and-true method: Halfway through the buttonhole of your jeans, thread an elastic hair tie or rubber band through the buttonhole and back through the tail. Once it’s snug, use the loop to secure the button.

I Can Make That Maternity Pants From Any Used Pants : 7 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Voila! This is your own pregnancy pants extender.

Buy an inexpensive waistband expander online if your hair tie is too thin if you’re worried about your homemade loop coming undone in public. They’re easy to find and frequently cost less than a tenth of a cent. However, they are manufactured of a more durable substance than their DIY counterparts.

Turn your regular jeans into maternity jeans

Are you in the mood to get creative? To make pregnant jeans, cut the waistband from a pair of denim and stitch on a panel of knit ribbing or an old flexible T-shirt or tank top.

It’s easy for a skilled tailor to add a panel or sew elastic into the side seams of your pants if sewing isn’t your thing (or you’ve got more essential first trimester checklist items to attend to). It’s also possible that you’ll find it quicker and more convenient to just add a new pair of pregnant jeans to your shopping cart and call it a day.

Buy bra extenders to make your bras last longer

As your breasts expand throughout pregnancy, you’ll need to buy a new bra size numerous times. Bra extenders are a good option to consider while you’re in the early stages of your pregnancy, since they can add a few inches to your current collection of bras. A pair costs about $5, comes in a variety of colors and hook counts, and may be purchased online or in your local fabric store.

As your body begins to produce breast milk, your cup size will expand as well. A nice nursing bra or maternity bra is a wise purchase at this point.

Add leggings to turn a dress into a maternity tunic

Wearing your pre-pregnancy maxi dresses or other loose-fitting designs for the duration of your pregnancy is a major perk. Congratulations! Slightly shorter dresses can get a little too exposing as your tummy swells. Wearing a pair of maternity leggings is an easy and cost-effective alternative.

Unlike conventional leggings, maternity styles feature panels that extend over the growing belly, as well as additional support throughout the wearer’s pregnancy. Not only will they let you change dresses into tunics, but they’re also wonderful for sitting around, working out, and just feeling comfortable in general. During your third trimester, you’ll be grateful for the comfort you’re getting now.

Shop your closet for maternity fashion

In your closet or dresser drawers, there are definitely more “maternity garments” than you realize. Look for looser pieces, including peasant shirts, tunics, maxis, and anything with an empire waist, on a bedroom shopping binge. When it comes to concealing a growing baby bump, these will be ideal.

As your belly grows, wrap dresses and tops with ties can be easily adjusted to fit around and over your expanding torso. Oversized cardigans and blazers can be layered over loose-fitting shirts and tanks.

Borrow clothes from your partner

Visit secondhand stores, check out local parent groups on social media, and ask your mom friends if they have anything you can borrow or have. When it comes to apparel, you may also want to check out your partner’s closet, especially if they wear larger sizes than you do.

Take, for example, an enormous button-down shirt: Wear it open with a pregnancy tank top, or button it up, belt it just below the bust to enhance definition, and combine it with maternity leggings for a lovely menswear-inspired ensemble. maternity tank top.

It’s worth spending a little more money on some stylish maternity lingerie, but you may also find that your partner’s pajamas—think big tees, sweatpants, and boxer shorts—are wonderful as well.

Turn a maxi skirt into an empire-waist maternity skirt

It’s as easy as it seems to apply this pregnant clothing trick: By pulling them up, you may transform your maxi skirts into empire-waist ones.

You may find that a maxi skirt looks awkward when it’s tucked in under or over your bump, but when it’s tucked in higher and matched with an outfit like this, it’s totally new and adorable.

For the holidays, all you need to wear is a cozy sweater and a pair of comfy boots or sneakers. See a selection of the greatest shoes for pregnant women.


Can you wear your normal jeans when pregnant?

As Prabhu explains it, even though they could be uncomfortable, tight clothing will not harm the baby in any way. You can show off your baby bump in maternity jeans or slinky dresses, but there are plenty of other alternatives when it comes to pregnant women’s wardrobes today.

How can I avoid buying maternity jeans?

Pregnancy jeans don’t need to be purchased if you simply buy a larger size of your usual pants.

At what week do you start wearing maternity clothes?

Pregnancy jeans don’t need to be purchased if you simply buy a larger size of your usual pants.

Does wearing tight clothes affect pregnancy?

You’ll save money on maternity jeans if you just wear your usual clothes.

What are the benefits of making your maternity clothes?

When you make your own maternity clothes, you have the freedom to be as creative as you want!

What is the maternity pay period?

You can take a term of paid leave to give birth to and care for your child while receiving maternity pay.

How much maternity pay will I receive?

Depending on the government agency that oversees maternity benefits, you can expect to receive 39 weeks of maternity leave. Employers may rest easy knowing that their workers won’t be laid off because of their pregnancy, thanks to these benefits.

Some employers offer additional payments such as bonuses or special benefits in terms of flexibility or work-life balance once an employee returns from her pregnancy leave. It all depends on what your work provides and how generous they may be!!!

When you should stop working when pregnant?

Once a woman returns to work after a maternity leave, several companies reward her with bonuses or unique perks related to flexibility or work-life balance. It all relies on what your employer provides and how generous they may be!

When will my maternity leave end?

At least two months after either of the following:

The date of your expected birth

The day and time of the baby’s birth (whichever is earlier). In the event that you need more unpaid time off, the amount of paid time off you had before the birth of your child will determine how much further time you can take off.

Once again, you should consult with your supervisor for advice. They’ll also be able to advise you whether there are any upcoming deadlines for these tasks. Be sure to remind your supervisor how much you appreciate their help and support at this crucial time!

Steps on How to Turn Jeans Into Maternity Jeans - Krostrade

Where can I go for more information?

If you have any concerns or questions about your maternity leave, you should get in touch with your company’s human resources department. If you have any questions, they should be able to answer them for you. If GOV.UK still hasn’t answered your questions to your satisfaction, you can always contact them directly!

Ask acquaintances who have recently had children for advice as well – they may have some helpful tips to share! While we recommend avoiding the use of the word “baby” (since it can be misconstrued), if you must, there is a helpful blog post here that explains the rationale behind the name change.

How do I get my maternity allowance?

Depending on where you live (i.e., province/state), you can receive these monies in a variety of ways. Alternatively, some employers provide their employees payment plans in the form of wage deductions throughout your pregnant leave if they qualify for it under certain conditions such as level of seniority in employment, such as filling out an application online or through a local office.

Contact your company’s human resources department or labor standards office if neither applies to you and you believe there are additional solutions available.


With the ability to transform almost any denim into a pair of pants with zippers and buttons that operate as well as my normal pants, I’m grateful for having this option available to me. These are great post-baby jeans because of the subtlety of their concealed stretch pockets (usually I wear a blouse that goes over the pockets and not tucked in). As a “jeans girl” myself, I think this is the right solution for you as well if you’ve been looking for appropriate maternity solutions.