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Fixing a crack in wood is as simple as filling it with wood filler. When water has damaged the drawers made of pressed wood, this is the best method for fixing them. The condition of your boards is of no concern; they are readily reparable.

What Is Pressed Wood?

Pressed wood is made by combining various wood scraps and glue. This material is typically known as particle board and is widely employed in the furniture industry.

Due to its lower price, pressed wood can be used as a viable alternative to plywood. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including paneling, dividing walls, and furniture.

This type of wood is gaining popularity as a result of the proliferation of discount furniture stores like IKEA. Many people prefer this material since it is convenient to carry around and lasts for a long time.

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Benefits Of Using Pressed Wood

You probably have pressed-wood cupboards and drawers. For several good reasons, it’s a top pick:

1. It’s eco-friendly

Since it’s manufactured from offcuts like sawdust and sawdust, it eliminates the need for cutting down trees.

2. Pressed wood is consumer-friendly

This wood’s popularity stems in large part from its low price. Almost no other wooden items can be found at such a low price.

It’s long-lasting because it’s sturdy and doesn’t deteriorate easily. Thermoacoustic comfort is simple to use, as is cleanup. You won’t have to worry about any acoustic seepage.

3. It’s easy to transport

Because of its reduced weight, pressed wood is much simpler to transport. It will also save you money!

Step-By-Step Process On Fixing Water Damaged Pressed Wood Furniture

Because of its reduced weight, pressed wood is much simpler to transport. It will also save you money!

Because of its reduced weight, pressed wood can be moved more quickly and with less effort. The added benefit is financial stability.

Quick action before mold growth is essential, and else the process is simple and may be finished with little effort.

Step #1. Dry the drawer

Towels can be used to remove excess moisture from wet furniture. You can speed up the drying process by using a hairdryer or electric fan, but make sure to keep them at least a safe distance away from the wood.

Step #2. Remove the swollen areas

Use some sandpaper with a medium grit to smooth out the bulging parts of your drawer. The wood needs to be sanded down to a nice finish using fine grit sandpaper. This repair should be enough if the damage isn’t too severe, but if it is, you’ll need to invest in extra maintenance.

Step #3. Remove the other damaged areas

Pull out the rest of the broken drawer hardware with a knife. Get rid of all the little splinters of wood. Clean the wood thoroughly with a vacuum and then allow it to air dry if moisture remains.

Step #4. Apply some wood filler

To prevent water from leaking through the cracks in your roof, apply a water-resistant filler. Use a scraper to smooth out the surface.

Step #5. Finish up the wood

Before applying a watertight finish, smooth the drawers using fine-grit sandpaper. Water damage to pressed wood boards can be easily fixed, but if the damage is considerable, it’s best to replace the plank entirely. To repair your drawer, just use veneer glue to secure the replacement part.

Tips To Avoid Water Damage In Pressed Wood

Pressed wood is easily fixed, but it’s still best to keep your pieces out of the rain. If you take the necessary precautions, securing your boards won’t be a problem.

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1. Avoid heavy moisture areas

One must use caution while installing pressed wood drawers. Because of the constant presence of water, dampness is always an issue in the kitchen and bathroom. Keep your furniture at least a few feet from the windows and the sink.

2. Avoid putting nails and screws

Warping could occur if screws or nails were used to make holes in the wood. Because of these crevices, moisture can easily seep into your board, fostering the rapid growth of mold.

3. Apply a sealant

When exposure to moisture is unavoidable, an acrylic sealer should be used to protect the wood. This coating will completely seal your drawers, preventing any moisture from entering.

4. Do not use the wood outdoors

Use of pressed wood in outdoor applications is strictly prohibited. It won’t be weatherproof no matter how much sealer you use.

Will Your Insurance Company Cover Damaged Pressed Wood Drawers?

Pressed wood boards will require more significant repairs if they are damaged. When funds are low, furniture quality often suffers.

The contents of your drawer? Can you tell me if your insurance will pay for it? The answer is conditional upon the degree of damage to your furnishings. If a pipe rupture is the source of the issue, the cost savings will be substantial.

If you live in an area prone to flooding due to storms, you should consider purchasing separate flood insurance. Unfortunately, mold can affect your insurance coverage, and not all companies will pay for it. If you have any doubts about a given coverage, you can consult with either an attorney or a reliable contractor.

Is Plywood Good For Making Drawers?

Drawer box bottoms are almost always composed of plywood, even if the drawer boxes themselves are handcrafted. Instead of using multiple hardwood boards to build a drawer box, a single sheet of plywood can serve the purpose. Plywood is dimensionally stable, strong, and has a flat surface. There is much less expansion and contraction compared to solid wood, and it retains its shape better.

Plywood for drawers is normally 1/4 inch thick, while thicker plywood of up to 1/2 inch may be needed for bigger drawers. The outside veneers can be matched to your drawer boxes and/or fronts thanks to the large range of hardwoods available for these products. Additionally, veneer plywood cannot be made from all species of wood. If you are unable to obtain plywood that either matches or compliments the material of your drawer boxes, you may want to consider staining and/or varnishing the wood.

How Much Will Cabinets Drawers Cost?

The size of the kitchen, the type of wood used, and the number of drawers needed are all factors in determining the final cost. Mahogany, cherry, and high-grade maple are all examples of expensive hardwoods. Costs for a major project, such as a wall-mounted entertainment center, can skyrocket when solid-cherry drawers are included. Using a less expensive but still adequate type of wood has zero effect on the end product’s look or structural integrity.

Can I Mix and Match Different Types of Wood?

It’s quite fine to use a different kind of wood for the drawer sides. In fact, from an aesthetic standpoint, this may well be to your advantage. For instance, the joinery and craftsmanship can be more appreciated when a lighter wood, like poplar, is used for the drawer box and a dark hardwood is used for the front. Using wood with contrasting textures is especially useful for making half-blind dovetail joints.

Is Poplar Good For Making Drawers

Poplar is a great material for construction of drawer boxes. Generally speaking, it outperforms most hardwoods in terms of strength, longevity, and low cost. Poplar heartwood ranges in color from a creamy white to a yellowish tan or brown. The uniform grain and user-friendliness make it a great option for novices. The popular cabinetry looks great with the added touch of Birch plywood drawer bottoms.

How to Stain Plywood Cabinets

Typically, the outer panels of budget cabinets are veneered plywood, while the inside panels are also plywood. Plywood is widely favored by carpenters due to its low cost and durability; nevertheless, not all varieties of wood blend well with the glue used to construct it. The two most crucial factors in successfully staining a plywood cabinet are properly preparing the plywood surface and selecting the appropriate stain.

  1. The surface of the cabinet can be sanded using a hand orbital sander and sandpaper with a medium grit (such as 100- or 120-grit). To get to inaccessible spots, use 120-grit sandpaper from the wood sandpaper accessory pack and an oscillating tool.
  2. A tack cloth is the ideal tool for dusting and polishing the cabinet.
  3. Long, even strokes with a paintbrush and a priming made with a solvent should be used on the cabinet. You should let the primer dry for the recommended amount of time, which is usually several hours or even overnight, before proceeding.
  4. Apply the stain with long, even strokes, such as those used for painting. The stain needs at least 24 hours to sink in and dry. If the final color isn’t dark enough, you may always apply another coat of stain.


How do you repair water-damaged veneer?

A veneer blister can be cut open with a razor blade. Yellow carpenter’s glue can be applied underneath the veneer with a glue syringe or a toothpick. Lightly press down on the blister to spread the glue. Wrap the repaired area in wax paper and secure the blister in place using a flat wood block and clamps.

Repair Water Damaged Wood

Can you water seal particle board?

Particleboard should be sealed with a watertight coating before being installed. Although this method is time-consuming, the benefits are long-lasting. The sealing process safeguards the particle board from decay due to exposure to moisture from condensation or precipitation.

How do you fix a water damaged laminate table?

Restoring Wooden Items Struck by Water You can take the damaged laminate off the rest of the piece of furniture and throw it away. The laminate panel and the furniture should be dried thoroughly in an airy, low-humidity area. Apply new contact cement to the piece of furniture, and swap out the damaged laminate panel.

Can water damaged MDF be sanded?

Medium-density fiberboard baseboard should be replaced if it has been damaged by water. However, if the damage is not too extensive, you can attempt repair. Swells can be sanded down to an acceptable level if the MDF hasn’t dissolved or separated too much.

How do you remove white spots from veneers?

Use liquid furniture polish and a rubbing cloth to remove the white spots. If it doesn’t work, try cleaning the dirty area down with some denatured alcohol. Too much alcohol will spoil the finish, so use it with caution.

Does paint seal particle board?

Paint on particleboard must first be primed properly. Particleboard should not be primed with a water-based primer like latex because it will expand and warp the wood. Before painting, the surface must be primed with either an oil or lacquer primer. It is possible to use latex, oil, or lacquer paints after the primer has dried.

Can you put kilz on particle board?

After the shelves have dried completely, protecting the particle board surface with a stain-blocking compound like “Kilz” or another stain-blocking solution will assist prevent re-growth. Kilz paint is widely available at home improvement stores.


Drawers made of pressed wood are easily fixed if they get wet. If the damage to your furniture is modest, it may be fixed easily and will appear like new again. All pressed wood needs to be kept dry at all times.