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If you follow the instructions in this guide, using a Pliko P3 Stroller will be a breeze. This book goes into great detail on using a stroller, as well as what you may do with it afterward.

History of Peg Perego

Peg Perego has one of the most elegant starts of any stroller company. Currently serving as CEO, Lucio Perego was born in Italy in 1949. His father, Giuseppe Perego, felt it was crucial to give his son a “new start.”

One of Perego’s greatest carriages was constructed using rubberized materials rather than sheet metal and wicker. Convertible systems were also introduced in this stroller, making it possible to switch between a stroller and a carriage.

How to Open a Pliko P3 Stroller - Krostrade

The 1960s were a very productive decade for the company. The firm produced several high-quality baby carriages at this time.

Peg Perego also produced the America and Atlantico models. The chassis may be folded up and stored easily in a car.

Over the next two decades, the company expanded steadily:

  • It was in the 1970s that Peg Perego made the pivot from handcrafted to mass-produced goods. The revolutionary Go-Go stroller made it possible for a stroller to fold as easily as an umbrella.
  • In the 1980s, a double-handled stroller called the Pliko exploded into the market. The company also introduced a 12-volt riding toy for kids.

Family Values

The company’s dedication to family values is reflected in its wares. Every stroller, high chair, and car seat was designed with consideration for families and their children’s safety and comfort.

Double strollers with individual chairs are frequently utilized so that both children can relax. Such strollers include easy-to-use folding mechanics and large canopies to protect your child from the sun, much like the Booklet series.

Some of the things that parents like best about the company are examples of what I mean.

Peg Perego was established almost seventy years ago, and the company continues to innovate new strollers to meet the needs of parents.

Why Choose a Peg Perego Stroller?

The Italian-born company Peg Perego aims to streamline parental duties without sacrificing flair. This business caters to both city dwellers and suburbanites alike.

The safety of our children is of the utmost importance to us. Now that your infant is safely buckled into the stroller, you may relax. Peg Perego uses high-quality Italian materials and innovative design to create their products.

Many parents have a strong preference for strollers. The assembly process is often lauded for its seeming ease of execution.

Strollers that fold up into themselves are a great space-saver, and many parents value the added protection they provide for their children’s seats and upholstery.

Warranty and Where to Buy

You may get a wide variety of strollers from this brand at online retailers. Unfortunately, their popularity has resulted in a shortage of many.

Peg Perego can also be found at Target and specialty baby stores like Buy Buy Baby. Go here to shop for stroller add-ons directly from the maker.

All Peg Perego strollers come with a two-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. The product must have been purchased from an authorized retailer of Peg Perego in order to be covered by the warranty.

It would appear that Amazon is a legitimate vendor. However, it is essential to ensure that Amazon is the vendor and provider of the stroller. If you buy a pre-owned item, the warranty will be null and void.

If you have a Peg Perego product, you can register it on the company’s website.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Peg Perego pulls out all the stops. The website has a contact form, FAQs, answers to common queries, and more.

For Peg Perego, client satisfaction is of the utmost importance. If you’re looking for contact information, a form to fill out, frequently asked questions and more on the official website, click here.

Steps on How to Open a Pliko P3 Stroller

When it comes to Peg Perego, nothing is more important than happy customers. Here you can find the official website, where you can get answers to frequently asked questions, a contact form, and more.

All of steps three through five are discretionary unless any part of step two cannot be accomplished.

You may need to lift on one side of the handle so that your left or right foot can travel beneath the bar and then draw back as hard as possible if a barrier prevents you from completing step 2.

If you are unable to complete step 2 due to an obstruction, try lifting on one side of the handle so that your left or right foot may travel beneath the bar, and then drawing back as forcefully as possible.

If it doesn’t work, try lifting both sides and pulling them apart while pressing down on the handlebar with all four hands (each wrist should be pressing down on the handlebar).

If, after seven tries, you still can’t get the stroller open, unbuckle the straps at the ends of the seat and move them forward until your foot is able to fit under both handles.

Step six is achieved when you can lift each side with one hand and press down with all four hands at once. Since it is no longer attached to the frame, the seat may be moved all the way back to remove it.

As soon as you get the kid out of the way, you’ll have easy access to the Pliko P-fold POP’s and unfold buttons.

How to Close a Pliko P3 Stroller

You’ll need to use all four hands to pull the seatback in and then to push down on both handles to lock the stroller.

Second, slide one foot under each of the chair’s handles by pulling the feet of the end seats forward. Step six is achieved when you can lift each side with one hand and press down with all four hands at once.

Since it is no longer attached to the frame, the seat may be moved all the way back to remove it. In the absence of a child, closing this Pliko P-POP is also a breeze.

To raise the seat on both sides at once, use all four hands to press down on the frame of the seat. If the handle is difficult to open, try pushing down on it. When you do this, you won’t have to push as hard, which is good news for your wrists and lower back.

You should be able to take apart this Pliko p-pop with some effort.

Can you wash Peg Perego high chair cover?

Finding the zipper in the back is the first step in fixing a Peg Perego high chair’s cover. Second, remove all contents, save for the baby’s safety padding and blankets, from the bag.

Thirdly, mix in some water, dish soap detergent (or an eco-friendly equivalent), and laundry bleach. Don’t soak the item completely; instead, fill the sink with enough water to cover the item.


Be careful to soak everything for at least 30 minutes before moving on to the next stage, as the time required to remove a stain from a given material can vary widely.

The Best Peg Perego Stroller Reviews of 2022

Check out these five high-quality Peg Perego strollers.

1. Peg Perego Booklet 50 Travel System

You can spice up your normal routine with this stroller if you like. Everything about this stroller screams high end: the soft pastel colors, the thick padding. It’s a chic solution for entertaining your youngster.

Its compact size makes it well suited to urban environments, where its occupants need not fear running into other people. One of the many helpful features that will keep your baby content while you’re on the go is an expandable hood.

The included Primo Viaggio car seat is ideal for infants who require a bit of extra support, and the stroller itself is great for new parents.

The Pros

Sun Protection

The expanded hood is UPF 50+ and water-repellent to protect your child from the elements.

It’s possible to unzip the back of the seat and access a mesh panel. The stroller will have sufficient airflow if you do this.

Easy Drive

The stroller’s suspension and ball bearings make it simple to push around. They permit a complete rotation of 360 degrees for the wheels. The smooth eco-leather grip makes it more comfortable to press for longer periods of time.

Compact Design

The stroller’s suspension and ball bearings make pushing and turning quite easy. They allow the wheels to rotate in a full circle. Pushing it is a breeze thanks to the eco-leather handle, which is also soft and pleasant to hold.

High-Quality Car Seat Included

The stroller’s suspension and ball bearings make it effortless to steer. The wheel can be turned in any direction. The soft eco-leather grip makes pushing the stroller a breeze.

This car seat has side-impact protection and can be set to one of six different heights for further security. The protective casing is constructed from expanded polystyrene foam.

The Cons

Not Reversible

A reversible handle is a popular feature requested by parents who want to shield their infants from direct sunlight. However, this stroller does not allow for reversal. However, your baby will be protected under the ample protection of the hood.

2. Peg Perego Booklet

Strollers are typically large, awkward to fold up, and tiresome to push around. There is nothing like this about the Booklet stroller. Simple to roll up and carry, this is a great travel companion.

Strollers are not only awkward to maneuver, but they may also be physically taxing. However, the Booklet stroller is far but the norm. You can fold it up quickly and it won’t take up much room.

The stroller is very user-friendly, and it can be readily navigated through tight spaces such as packed sidewalks or elevator lobbies, making it perfect for city living. New parents will find it more manageable, and newborns will have a better chance at thriving as a result.

The Pros

Comfortable for Child

Your youngster will be more content if their stroller is both soft and airy. The Booklet has a harness and seat that can be reclined all the way to fit a newborn.

Sun Protection

The Booklet’s massive hood will provide lasting shade for your child on sunny days. For added safety, you can choose an adjustable sunshade that offers UV protection of 50+. The large mesh net in the rear provides welcome airflow.

Easy Fold

It’s not always simple to fold a stroller. However, the Booklet only takes one hand to fold, making it a convenient option. Defends the seat and its fabric from wear and tear caused by dirt and debris.

When collapsed, it becomes a freestanding apparatus.


The design’s light weight does not indicate any fragility. Aluminum that has been lacquered is incredibly robust without being as heavy as steel, making it a fantastic material for outdoor applications. With a modest weight of about 20.6, the stroller is easy to transport.

The Cons

Tricky to Unfold

Even though you can fold the stroller with one hand, you’ll need two hands to unfold it. Several reviewers mentioned the challenge of doing so while caring for a young child.

3. Peg Perego Book for Two Baby Stroller

You’ll need a car big enough to seat two kids comfortably, whether they’re twins or one older and one younger. Self-propelled and spacious, this double stroller can take two kids anywhere.

With two infants, you can utilize two Primo Viaggio car seats. When traveling with multiple young children, it’s always a good idea to pack a little extra of everything. This stroller has a lot of room for storage, making it ideal for big families.

The unusual wheels of the stroller make it possible to travel across almost any surface with ease. Everything was planned with the new mother of twins in mind.

The Pros

Independent Recline

Twins share certain external similarities, yet they are not the same individual. While it may be difficult to find a quiet place to sit while your child sleeps, you won’t have to worry about that with this stroller. In other words, it simplifies things.

The two seats can be moved separately to accommodate your child’s individual preferences. You can see what’s going on through the window without alerting your companion.

Can Hold Two Car Seats

Using the included car seat adapters, this stroller can accommodate two car seats, one on each side. Because of this, your newborns won’t be in danger.

Car seats are not included of this deal.

Smooth Ride

The stroller’s Soft Ride wheels can accommodate uneven ground with minimal shaking, ensuring the safety of your child.

Compact Fold

It’s reasonable to assume that a double stroller will be bulky and heavy. Not here, not now. The Book for Two, like other strollers from Peg Perego, can be folded with a simple pull on a handle.

It won’t take up much space when folded up because it’s so small and secure.

The Cons


Double-seat strollers are inevitably more cumbersome than single-seaters because of the extra seats. This stroller weighs 30.8, which can make it difficult to lift in and out of the car. A number of moms commented that it felt heavier than it actually was.

4. Peg Perego YPSI Travel System

Having the right gear might make traveling with a baby easier. Whether you’re taking a quick trip to the park or flying halfway around the world, a lightweight stroller is a must-have.

The YPSI is readily transported by folding it down to a size that fits in a car’s trunk. It has a built-in infant car seat for the protection of your newborn.

Many customers are attracted to the YPSI because of its cutting-edge aesthetic. As it tapers to a point in front, it feels more aerodynamic.

The Pros

Easy to Fit Car Seat

You’ll also receive the Primo Viaggio 4-35 along with the stroller. Adapters are unnecessary because it plugs straight into the chassis.

For initial coupling of the seat to the stroller, Primo Viaggio connectors are included. Therefore, you will only need to change the links once.

Comfortable for Mommy

Pushing a stroller that doesn’t fit your height might be uncomfortable and inconvenient. This stroller may be used by a wide variety of people because of its adjustable handle.

The soft, eco-leather grip is a joy to hold.

Versatile Seat

The YPSI seat is well-liked by many parents. It’s possible to take the seat off, flip it over, and fold it up on top of the chassis. Your child might be brought up facing you or the world.

The Cons

Limited Weight

The maximum allowed weight is 35 pounds. Similar to the mass of a child aged three to four years old. This may be a deal breaker if you expect to use the stroller for several years.

5. Peg Perego Book Cross Baby Stroller

Weights up to 35 pounds are discouraged. Approximately the same as the body mass of a child aged three to four years old. This is a major consideration if you intend to keep your stroller for several years.

This device can only support up to 35 pounds in weight. Similar to that of a 3- to 4-year-old in terms of fat distribution. This is a deal breaker if you plan on using the stroller for more than a few months.

Peg Perego Pliko P3 Compact Review | Strollerqueen!

This stroller stands out from the crowd with its swivel front wheel and dynamic brake.

The Pros

Easy to Maneuver

Easy maneuverability is ensured by the lightweight stroller’s swiveling front wheel. The ball bearings and suspension system makes for a smooth ride. When used on certain terrain, the wide treads could result in a lot of wiggle room.

Braking System

It could be tricky to keep a stroller under control when going downward. If you pull the handle, the Book Cross’s back wheels will slow down or stop completely. You may also secure it in the closed position while standing.

Large Hood

Your child will be protected from the sun all day thanks to the large canopy. A little glass window at the front allows you to swiftly check on the sun’s progress.

Large Storage Compartment

The stroller may be compact, but it boasts a sizable under-seat storage basket. Vacationing families will find it to be an enjoyable experience.

The Cons


Strollers with large-tread wheels can rock slightly on smooth pavement.

Peg Perego Accessories

When you buy a stroller from Peg Perego, you can also get a whole bunch of add-ons for it. It’s always wonderful to have a little bit more luxury or comfort than usual.

  • The “Ride With Me Board,” which has two wheels, attaches to the stroller’s undercarriage. An older kid who is tired of walking might hail a ride using the stroller board.
  • Including a cup holder on a stroller is a must-have for many parents. When not in use, it is easy to remove this from any Peg Perego stroller.
  • The transparent plastic Peg Perego rain cover entirely encloses the front and sides of the stroller. With its long straps and breathable side panels, it will keep your baby safe and sound.
  • Helpful Tool: Peg Perego’s mosquito netting system covers the entire buggy. This carrier allows your youngster to view and engage with their surroundings thanks to a large mesh window.
  • Handle Extenders: A short handle is a common cause of back pain. These extensions add a total of 5.75 inches to a person’s height.
  • A child’s tray can be attached to any one of the three strollers. A removable, dishwasher-safe antibacterial lining slips onto the tray.
  • All of the pieces of the YPSI Travel System, including the Bassinet Pop Up, fit together nicely. A hood is included in addition to the movable headrest and removable mattress. The bassinet comes with a headrest, making it ideal for infants with reflux, however it can only be used for infants up to nine months.
  • This footmuff can be used with any stroller manufactured by Peg Perego. When temperatures outside are extremely low, the wearer’s core body heat won’t be lost thanks to the padding.
  • The Borsa, from the Italian word for “bag,” can be worn over the shoulder or attached to a stroller. This bag may be used as a changing table and has several pockets for baby essentials.
  • The parasol has a UPF rating of 50+ and can be attached to the stroller with no effort. This product is compatible with Booklet, Booklet 50, and YPSI.

Peg Perego Stroller Comparison Chart

Keep Rolling

It’s no surprise that parents all around North America and Europe love Peg Perego products. As soon as its doors opened in 1949, the corporation was a powerhouse in its field.

The company’s goods keep improving as new features and enhancements are introduced. It is designed to be adaptable to the demands of families of all shapes and sizes. The best Peg Perego strollers fold easily, are easy to transport, and have superb maneuverability.

Whatever type of stroller you end up going with, don’t forget to bring along your phone or camera so you can record those beautiful moments with your loved ones.