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If you’re a morning runner who’s scared about having to stop when the baby comes, you’re not alone. For those of you who are looking for the greatest brand of jogging stroller, here are a few recommendations.

BOB is a well-known manufacturer of dependable jogging strollers. We’ll give you a little history of the company, as well as a look at the four greatest BOB strollers.

You can give your child the freedom of exploration while keeping them safe and secure with a Bob stroller. The question is, how do you take it apart? It’s actually quite simple, but there are a few procedures that must be followed in order for it to go as planned. A Bob Stroller can be used in this manner.

What Is BOB?

A year after they first met, Roger Malinowski and Phillip Novotny came up with the idea for BOB. Malinowski was a specialist in the bicycle industry, while Novotny was a technician for an aircraft.

The YAK was a modified cruiser bike that Novotny was selling when they first met. Malinowski instantly realized that Novotny’s product had the potential to be a lucrative business opportunity. Their collaboration resulted in the YAK trailer, which revolutionized the way bicycles carry gear.

In the beginning, they came up with the moniker “Beast of Burden,” but the name wasn’t quite a success. They changed the name to BOB, a catchy acronym that immediately caught the attention of onlookers.

There was no stroller for jogging till Malinowski and Novotny had started children. The BOB Sport Utility Stroller was their first example. Superior suspension, polymer wheels, and an easy-folding frame are all trademarks of BOB.

How to Use a Bob Stroller: Collapsing Instructions - Krostrade

They enlisted the help of their own children to test the stroller’s durability in a real-world setting. They were able to test the buggy’s durability by flipping, pushing, and jumping on it.

People loved it so much that they immediately wanted a twin version. It was as a result of this that the Duallie was created in 2001. In 2005, the business came up with a swiveling front wheel to improve turning performance.

BOB Today

Running strollers by BOB have been around for about two decades and are suitable for a wide range of parents. BOB was acquired in 2011 by Britax, a British manufacturer of children’s equipment.

Since 1939, Britax has been a part of the industry. With the help of BOB, it has grown into a major player in the industry today.

The local BOB store is dedicated to supplying families with high-quality strollers. As part of its mission to assist parents in leading active lifestyles, it offers the option for them to bring along even the newest member of the family.

BOB Strollers Parent Reviews

BOB has a loyal following of customers. Parents give the strollers high marks for their sturdiness and ease of use while running.

The swivel function of the wheels is particularly praised by parents who do not run. They’re great for running errands or even going to the shopping because they’re small and light. Many have praised the ease with which the vehicle may be turned and steered.

One of Britax’s strollers sold before to 2015, which had a removable wheel, made news because the front wheel, which might injure the runner and passenger, would sometimes fall off.

All Britax vehicles sold after 2015 had enhancements made by the company. There haven’t been any further injuries since then.

On the internet, customer service has a mixed reputation. The service was excellent, according to several parents: rapid responses and useful advice. It’s also reported as worthless by others, who say they didn’t get an answer.

What are the Benefits of Baby Strollers?

Ensures Safety

The stroller is always a better option than carrying the infant in your arms. In addition to keeping the baby secure from outside dangers, it also keeps the newborn protected from harm within. When you’re out and about with your infant, a stroller is a great option for both their amusement and safety.

Easy Travelling

To put it simply, this is the primary advantage of a baby stroller. Taking a baby on a trip is a difficult undertaking. Many parents wait until their child is able to walk before embarking on a trip. Because of this, people can put their fight to rest with a stroller. It makes it easier to move the baby from one location to another.


There are a multitude of uses for a stroller, including transporting babies. When utilized correctly, a baby stroller offers a great deal of convenience to new parents. All types of environmental hazards, from sunburns to frigid winds, can be prevented by a child’s poncho when they’re on the go. Convertible baby changing tables are available for several strollers.

Carries Baby Accessories

Diapers, baby food, napkins, bibs, and other such accessories are all part of having a baby. All of these items can be stored in a separate rack on the stroller when it is being pushed around on the road. It has a lot of room for infant gear.


Carrying a baby stroller is a cinch. They’re also doable, and moving them is a breeze. Innovation is a byproduct of time. Advance strollers on the market may be folded into smaller sizes, making it easier for parents to store them.

Only a few of the benefits of owning a stroller were mentioned here. They’re numerous. The fact that it requires less physical effort to carry and may be used with or without a baby is a good enough incentive to buy one for your child.

Steps on Collapsing Bob Stroller

The first step is to remove the stroller’s seat. For a double Bob Stroller, both seats must be removed. You’ll save space in your car or trunk by making it easier to fold up.

Remove any attachments that are attached by clips, such as the car seat straps or baby’s lunch tray.

A long rectangular shape is formed when the stroller is folded in half, with one wheel on top of the other, and each end brought in toward the center.

Push down firmly with both hands on both ends of the rectangular shape you’ve just made until all four wheels are on the ground.

How do you fold a BOB stroller car seat adapter?

Step 1: Take out the adapters from the frame’s ends. Attachments that are attached by clips, such as car seat straps or a baby snack tray, should be removed if at all possible.

The next step is to release one side of the wheel, if possible, so that it may rotate on its axis and lay flat against the other tire for added stability. Then, with both hands, hold the ends of your rectangle where the wheels meet and press down hard until all four tires are on the ground for more stability.

Once the attachments have been detached from the attachments, you should have two rectangles in front of you; one holding two tires, and the other with just one tire on top of its companion.

3. To finish, grip both ends of your rectangle and press down hard until all four tires are on the ground for more stability.

How do you put the front wheel on a BOB stroller?

In the first step, open the handlebar clamp using just one hand. With your other hand, push down and pull back on both sides of the tire’s rim with two fingers until they snap into place (not too hard or you’ll damage it).

Step 2: To fine-tune the fit, push outwards from each side of the metal spokes underneath using your fingertips.

Before correcting the distance between them horizontally with an Allen wrench, this should be done twice on each side (a third slot can also be used if needed).

Step 3: Tie a knot in the string tied to the loops you made before and use it to secure any remaining loose ends.

The Steps to Deep Cleaning Your BOB Stroller:

Submerge your stroller in a large basin of warm, soapy water that has been poured halfway up the stroller’s height. Remove after 15 minutes of soaking.

Using lukewarm running tap water and some white vinegar (if you have any) to help remove grease and then shaking off the excess water, thoroughly rinse the item.

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Gently clean the stroller’s surfaces and crevices with a toothbrush or scrub brush, paying particular attention to any exposed fabric from the folding process (such as handles).

Hang your BOB upside down with plastic bags taped across its wheels in a well-ventilated area for at least 24 hours before using again.

Repeat steps as necessary until you’re happy with the cleanliness of your gadget!

When can I stop using the BOB stroller?

Most people quit using their BOB stroller when they no longer have children or when their children are too large to fit in it. There’s no need to get rid of your BOB stroller just because a child has outgrown it.

Replacing the fabric on your BOB frame may be necessary if it becomes worn or frayed over time (even if this isn’t primarily due to how well you’ve cleaned it!).

How do you clean a moldy Bob stroller?

After each use, the Bob stroller’s exterior should be washed with mild soap and water. Also, wipe down any surfaces, fabrics, or metal items that come into contact with your baby’s skin before cleaning them properly..

To clean the inside of the frame, wet a cloth or paper towel with warm soapy water and wipe it down. Don’t put anything else in the frame during this step!

Some locations may require more severe scrubbing in order to eliminate mold. Try adding some bleach (or hydrogen peroxide) if that doesn’t remove stubborn spots on its own.

The Best BOB Stroller Reviews

We spent a week researching the finest BOB strollers before narrowing the field down to four finalists. In order to assure that we were getting the best, we consulted with parents and experts on the subject.

1. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0

Best BOB Stroller for Infants

A great option for new moms who want to continue active even after the baby is born is the BOB Revolution Flex. In order to create a comprehensive travel system, it can be used with BOB or Britax infant car seats, as well as most other major brands (with an appropriate adaptor).

The mountain bike-inspired suspension of the stroller ensures a smooth ride over bumps and uneven trails. When you’re driving, air-filled tires help to level up the road surface.

This ensures the safety of your child thanks to Britax’s proprietary safety technology. Both in the car and in the stroller, it ensures the safety of your child.

The Pros

No Bumpy Rides

BOB is known for its suspension design based on mountain bikes. This stroller’s smooth ride and easy-to-push nature have been praised by many parents. When driving over curbs and sidewalks, having tires that are inflated comes in handy.


BOB Revolution Flex is the perfect stroller for taking your little one on your daily or weekly walks. Incorporating many of Britax’s safety features, it offers protection that goes above and above the requirements of the federal government. The inbuilt LATCH mechanism makes it easy to fasten the seat and keep it secure.

For babies weighing between 4 and 35 pounds, this car seat is suitable. The stroller can be used up to 75 pounds when your baby outgrows it.

Ventilated Canopy

The car seat has a vented cover to keep your infant cool on hot days. It covers the top of the buggy and, when paired with the visor, forms an enclosed area. Your child will be completely protected from the elements while still being able to enjoy their favorite activities.

Versatile Stroller

The Duallie has a single variant, the Revolution Flex. For parents who are always on the go and need a stroller that can handle a range of situations, this is the stroller for you.

If you have a baby, a travel system is the best option. A single stroller version is also available.

Because it’s composed of aluminum alloy, it’s exceptionally long-lasting. The front wheel of the stroller may be adjusted so that it can be used on a trail or in a busy park.

The Cons

Storage Basket Is Small

Because the stroller is so huge, some mothers find the storage basket to be too tiny. Even a small diaper bag, let alone other essentials, will not fit.

2. BOB Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller

Best BOB Stroller for Jogging

The BOB Alterrain Pro is designed to handle rough terrain and high speeds. After a baby, it’s important that a runner be able to quickly get back on the track after a long hiatus. When compared to other BOB strollers, this one is made primarily to be used as a running stroller.

BOB fitted it with light-weight wheelbases and reflective rims and trim. As a result of this setup, the buggy is able to go at high speeds over the circuit.

A handbrake is included. It’s an important safety component, given the weight of the equipment.

The adjustable handlebar is a must-have for any busy parent. An upright position allows for your child’s comfort as you jog on the route. It also has a chat window and a magnetic peak.

The Pros

Great Safety Features

To make running with your toddler easier, BOB created the Alterrain Pro. Additionally, BOB included a sun cover with a UPF 50 rating. It has a magnetic cover for the peep window.

The SmoothShox Suspension System ensures that your child has a comfortable ride that is free of bumps. BOB included a handbrake on the handle to keep the stroller from rolling away.

Adjustable Handlebar

You can adjust the handlebar to suit your preferences. While you’re walking, you may easily alter the settings.

Excellent Seat

Unlike other strollers, this one isn’t meant to be used for sleeping. While the seat is still upright, it is padded with breathable material, ensuring that your child’s comfort is maintained.

The Cons

Not for Everyday Chores

A jogging shoe like the Alterrain Pro is not meant to be worn every day. Due to the fact that the front wheel is fixed, the buggies don’t have as smooth of a turn as other buggies do.

3. BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller

Best BOB Stroller for Travel

BOB’s Rambler is perfect for errands, a quick jog, or a day excursion with the family in tow. It’s a smaller, lighter version of previous BOB strollers, with a weight of around 25 pounds, which is relatively light in comparison to other strollers.

Incredibly strong, the structure is capable of supporting a weight of up to 75 pounds. When not in use, it can be stowed in the trunk of most cars thanks to its small size and ease of folding.

With the help of the Rambler, a family outing is a breeze. The swivel feature of the front wheel can be locked or unlocked as needed.

Everything that BOB has to offer is included, including the greatest suspension system, a wide canopy with plenty of airflow, and a sturdy chassis. In addition, there are two color options: black and lagoon.

The Pros

Great for On-The-Go Parents

The Rambler is a great car for parents who have to drive a lot. It is the lightest BOB stroller on today’s list, at roughly 25 pounds. It’s easy to fold in two steps, and the wheels can be taken off if you need it to fit in a tighter location.

Excellent Maneuverability

The Rambler’s front wheel swivel allows it to turn on a dime. Its polymer tires are air-filled and perform smoothly on a variety of terrain. Any bumps on the road can be smoothed over by the vehicle’s mountain bike-inspired suspension.

Large Onboard Basket

A large storage basket rests beneath the stroller, allowing you to keep all of your essentials close at hand. Accessible from all directions, it’s elevated and doesn’t collect much dirt.

The Cons

Doesn’t Stand When Folded

When folded, the stroller is compact and may fit in a variety of locations. However, when folded, it is unable to stand on its own and will topple over if not held firmly.

Small Storage

Compared to other BOB strollers, the onboard storage is a disappointment. Even a diaper bag would not fit, according to several reviewers. All your extra gear will require a new method of transportation.

4. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Jogging Stroller

Best BOB Double Stroller

The Revolution Flex Duallie is a great option if you’re looking for a BOB-like double stroller. Both joggers and people watchers will enjoy this route across the city.

BOB’s Flex Duallie is the company’s most popular double stroller, first introduced in 2001. The Pro, Flex 2.0, and Flex 3.0 versions are all available.

If you require more control or stability, the front wheel has a swivel-lock functionality. For the greatest possible ride, we integrated mountain bike suspension and air-filled tires.

The seats may recline almost completely to accommodate a sleeping baby, and the handlebar can be adjusted to suit any driver. If you have a baby on the way, you can use it with a car seat.

The Pros

Excellent on Various Surfaces

On a trail or at the zoo, the Duallie is ideal for parents who want to bring two children along for the ride.

When you need more maneuverability, you can use the swivel function on the front wheel. Mountain bike suspension is standard on all Duallie models to keep the ride as comfortable as possible.

All terrains may be traversed effortlessly thanks to BOB’s mountain bike suspension and air-filled wheels. It’s easy to push, and your children won’t notice the unevenness of the road.

Superior Maneuverability

The Duallie 3.0’s maneuverability has been praised by many parents. The swivel capability allows it to go around obstacles and steep corners. When set to “locked,” it gives you the security and control you need to go faster.

Lots of Storage

Having so much space is a big deal to us. Under the seat is a large basket for your belongings. Besides that, there are ten other compartments surrounding the stroller for storing all of your valuables and daily necessities.

The Cons

Pretty Bulky

It’s not a stroller that can fit in a purse. Because it is over 30 pounds and takes up a lot of room when folded, it’s not ideal for travel. A good rule of thumb is to measure your trunk before making a purchase.

BOB has a few optional attachments that might enhance your experience. To name a few:

  • The Duallie Jogging Stroller Snack Tray is a welcome convenience for parents who take their children out for a walk or jog. For the BOB Duallie stroller, this tray has two cup holders and a place for food or toys. When loading or unloading, you remove one side of the stroller and attach the other.
  • A Handlebar Console for a Single Jogging Stroller by BOB. BOB’s handlebar console is available for all of its single strollers so that you can manage your on-the-go lifestyle. With bottle holders and a spacious zipped central pocket, it’s easy to keep clean. Four hook and loop straps connect it to your person while you’re on the run.
  • Strollers such as the all-terrain, all-terrain pro, the blaze, Rambler, the Revolution series, and the Stroller Strides 2016 are compatible with the BOB travel bag for single jogging strollers. The bag is 20.7 inches long, 10.4 inches wide, and 34.6 inches tall. It comes with a shoulder strap and a handle on the side. Remove the buggy’s gadgets and wheels before using it.
  • Protect your baby from the sun, flying insects, and the wind with BOB’s Sun Shield for Single Swivel Wheel Strollers, a full mesh screen that encases the stroller. Both the BOB Revolution and the Stroller Strides single buggies can be used with it. Using elastic, it is simple to attach and remove from the stroller.
  • Car Seat Adapter for Britax and BOB: This adapter allows you to turn your single BOB stroller into a travel system. BOB and Britax car seats are compatible. However, you should not run with the car seat fastened to a single stroller.
  • BOB Duallie Britax and BOB Car Seat Adapter: This adapter is perfect if you’re traveling with an infant and a toddler. You can use it to attach a car seat and a snack tray to each side of it. Any Duallie buggy manufactured after 2011 can use this adaptor.
  • With this adaptor, you’re able to use your BOB stroller with a Graco car seat, even though you already own one. It’s easy to put on and secures the Graco car seat. Only car seats made after 2016 are compatible with this system.
  • Car seat adapter for BOB strollers that works with Peg Perego car seats is available from BOB. In addition, no tools are required for the installation.

Where to Buy BOB Strollers

Toys R Us, Kohl’s, Toys ‘R Us and Baby R Us are just a few of the online retailers that carry BOB strollers. The Ambridge Bike and Sports Center, for example, carries them.

Running With a Stroller | How to Run With a Stroller

BOB Website and Contact

As far as websites go, BOB’s is a breeze to navigate. Everything from strollers to car seats to other accessories can be found here.

You can also find all of the company’s contact information here. The number to call in case of problems or inquiries is 1-888-427-4829. The website has a form you can use if you’d rather send an email.

Is BOB Worth It?

BOB has been making long-lasting jogging strollers for nearly two decades. As a result of this, the company’s products continue to be of high quality and extremely reliable. Many parents believe they are well worth the price, despite the fact that they are more expensive.

Whether you live in the country or the big metropolis, they have a stroller to fit your needs.

Whichever stroller you decide on, we hope you and your child have a wonderful time exploring the world in it.