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Strollers are a safe haven for many youngsters and their parents. How can you be sure that your child will be safer than they would have been in the car if it isn’t cleaned? It’s important to maintain your stroller clean from the time you arrive home.

If you’re concerned about your child’s health when they’re in a bob stroller, this post is for you!

What Is BOB?

When Roger Malinowski and Phillip Novotny first started working together in 1994, BOB was born. In the bicycle industry, Malinowski was an expert, while Novotny was a mechanic.

At the time of their first encounter, Novotny was selling a customized cruiser bike he dubbed the YAK. Malinowski instantly realized that Novotny’s product had the potential to be a lucrative business opportunity. A new way to transport gear on bikes was born when these two collaborated on the YAK trailer.

Though “Beast of Burden” was their first choice, it wasn’t quite as popular as they had thought. This was rebranded to BOB, a catchy moniker that quickly caught on.

Before they had children, the notion for a jogging stroller was just a concept in the minds of Malinowski and Novotny. The BOB Sport Utility Stroller was their first example. Features like improved suspension, polymer wheels, and an easy-to-fold frame were included in this model.

For help with the stroller’s toughness, they turned to their own children. Because they were able to flip, push, and leap on the buggy, they were able to tell that it was strong.

How to Sanitize a Bob Stroller: 6 Easy Steps - Krostrade

Customers loved it so much that they immediately asked for a second one, this time for twins. As a result, in 2001, the Duallie was created. In 2005, the business came up with a swiveling front wheel to improve turning performance.

BOB Today

Running strollers by BOB have been around for about two decades and are suitable for a wide range of parents. BOB was acquired in 2011 by Britax, a British manufacturer of children’s equipment.

Since 1939, Britax has been a leading player in the baby car seat market. With the help of BOB, it has grown into a major player in the industry today.

Families can expect high-quality strollers from the BOB branch in the future. In order to encourage parents to be active, it provides them with the option of bringing even the newest member of the family along.

BOB Strollers Parent Reviews

Consumers are happy with BOB. Parents love how well-built the strollers are and how well-suited they are for running.

The strollers’ swivel wheels are also praised by non-runners. When running errands or heading to the shopping, they’re a great companion. Many people praise how easy it is to turn and steer.

One of Britax’s strollers sold before to 2015, which had a removable wheel, made news because the front wheel, which might injure the runner and passenger, would sometimes fall off.

After 2015, Britax made changes to all of its models. No documented injuries have occurred since then.

Online reviews of customer service are mostly negative. Quick responses and friendly staff are two of the most frequently cited compliments from parents who have dealt with the school. Others, on the other hand, claim that it was pointless because they didn’t get any response.

What are the Benefits of Baby Strollers?

Ensures Safety

A stroller is usually a better option than trying to hold your youngster in your arms. In addition to protecting the baby from harm, it also serves as a protective barrier. With a stroller, your baby will be entertained and protected while out and about.

Easy Travelling

The most obvious advantage of using a baby stroller is that it allows you to easily transport your child. Taking a trip with a young child might be difficult. Many parents wait until their child can walk before taking any trips. They won’t have to worry about it anymore if they have a baby stroller. It makes it easier to move the baby from one location to another.


You may put a stroller to many different uses. There are many advantages to using a baby stroller correctly. It’s not only convenient, but it also protects the child from all types of natural dangers, such as sunburn, frigid wind, and dangerous UV rays. Convertible baby changing tables are available for several strollers.

Carries Baby Accessories

Diapers, baby food, napkins, bibs, and other such accessories are all part of having a baby. All of these goods can be stored in a separate compartment on a stroller. It has a lot of room for infant gear.


Baby strollers are extremely lightweight and easy to transport. In addition, they are extremely practical and easy to transport. Innovation is a byproduct of time. Advance strollers on the market may be folded into smaller sizes, making it easier for parents to store them in a variety of locations.

Only a few of the benefits of owning a stroller were mentioned here. They’re numerous. The fact that it requires less physical effort to carry and may be used with or without a baby is a good enough incentive to buy one for your child.

Steps on Sanitizing a Bob Stroller

Material you need to clean your BOB stroller

  • An itty-bitty pail of some kind
  • Soap solution in a mild form
  • Toothbrushes of a bygone era
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Cloth made of microfibers

Simple Steps on How to Clean a BOB Stroller

  1. A tiny bucket or other container is all that is needed to make a moderate solution of soap or detergent.
  2. Holding the harness strap in one hand, use an old tooth brush to scrub the strap with the other.
  3. Remove any ingrained filth by scrubbing the harness strap’s grooves and roughness.
  4. Remove the stroller seats and shake them out to remove any loose dirt or dust.
  5. Alternatively, you can use a handheld vacuum to remove dust and grime.
  6. Spilt milk or any other sticky substance can be removed by wetting a scrub brush and applying gentle pressure to all surfaces of your car’s interior.
  7. Scrub the tire grooves with the scrub brush to remove any imbedded dirt or stones.
  8. Afterwards, rinse the stroller thoroughly with clean water and dry it completely.
  9. When you’re done cleaning your BOB stroller, use a microfiber towel to wipe off the metal frame with it.
  10. Clean your BOB stroller for free by letting it air dry in the sun.

How do you tune up a BOB stroller?

Taking the stroller’s front wheel off and putting it back on is a simple method to tune it up. Make any necessary repairs with a screwdriver if any of the wheels appear to be loose or damaged.

Grease or oil the axle as necessary, but not so much that the extra material collects on the axle’s surface area. Your child’s ride will be more enjoyable if you replace worn-out tyres if necessary, as rough roads and sidewalks can make a lot of noise when you’re pushing them outside.

Why is my BOB stroller pulling to the right?

Because of the way it is put together, the stroller may be tugging to the right. You will have uneven or shaky wheels when pushing your child around on them since the axle is not centered in the wheel. Because the front tire appears to be off-center and there appears to be a noticeable amount of friction when pushed too hard, this problem can be seen.

Taking off all four tires and then repositioning them within their frames will allow each side to move freely and not cause any interference when in operation will solve this issue.

Additionally, there may be other causes for your BOB pulling to the right than the configuration – such as any pieces that are loose or broken (ex. the hinges for inserting and removing the seat), screws that are out of place or not tightened, or even if a tire needs air.

You can check the alignment of these sections by pushing down with both hands while standing behind the stroller so that left meets right and vice versa.

When you push straight ahead of you, your stroller should go in a straight line across all the surfaces it comes into contact with.

The Smart Way On How To Clean Stroller Fabric - Krostrade

How to Remove Rust off a BOB stroller

Keeping your BOB stroller’s frame rust-free is essential if you own one. Rust occurs naturally in all metals and can be remedied in a number of different methods. To get rid of that rusty filth, here are some tips:

To get started, fill the bathtub to the brim with water so that the stroller can fit within.

Dish soap, about three tablespoons, in the second step (enough for good suds)

In the third step, allow it sit for approximately 15 minutes before thoroughly rinsing under running water.

Using a sponge with soap pads made of steel wool, gently cleanse any remaining stains before washing. Use a soft cloth to buff away any remaining dust before you’re done!

Remove any moisture from metal surfaces by wiping them down with a dry cloth. Maintain the cleanliness of your stroller by washing it once or twice a year.

The Best BOB Stroller Reviews

We spent a week researching the best BOB strollers before settling on these four. In order to assure that we were getting the best, we consulted with parents and experts on the subject.

1. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0

Best BOB Stroller for Infants

BOB Revolution Flex is a great option if you want to continue active after the birth of your child. In order to create a comprehensive travel system, it can be used with BOB or Britax infant car seats, as well as most other major brands (with an appropriate adaptor).

The mountain bike-inspired suspension of the stroller ensures a smooth ride over bumps and uneven trails. When you’re driving, air-filled tires help to level up the road surface.

Britax’s unique safety technology ensures that your child will be protected. It protects your child both in and out of the vehicle.

The Pros

No Bumpy Rides

BOB is known for its suspension design based on mountain bikes. Many parents have praised the smoothness of the ride and the ease with which it may be pushed, especially over difficult terrain. When driving over curbs and sidewalks, having tires with air in them is extremely beneficial.


Using a BOB Revolution Flex on a daily or weekly basis will ensure that your child is safe and secure. Many of Britax’s safety innovations are included into this vehicle, ensuring a level of protection far beyond what is required by federal law. You can quickly and easily secure the seat using the built-in LATCH mechanism.

Babies weighing 4 to 35 pounds can use the car seat. You can continue to use the stroller up to 75 pounds when your child outgrows it.

Ventilated Canopy

The car seat has a vented cover to keep your infant cool on hot days. It covers the top of the buggy and, when paired with the visor, creates a sealed area. Your child will be completely protected from the weather while yet being able to enjoy themselves.

Versatile Stroller

The Duallie has a single variant, the Revolution Flex. It’s designed for parents who are constantly on the go and need a stroller that can be used for a range of different situations.

If you’re expecting a child, a travel system is the best option. A single stroller version is also available.

It’s made of aluminum alloy, which is extremely durable. For use on a trail or in a crowded park, the stroller’s front wheel can be adjusted.

The Cons

Storage Basket Is Small

Some mothers find the storage bin on the stroller to be overly small, given the stroller’s size. Even a huge diaper bag won’t fit, let alone other essentials.

2. BOB Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller

Best BOB Stroller for Jogging

When it comes to high-speed, rough terrain, the Alterrain Pro is the bike to go with. After a baby, it’s important that a runner be able to quickly get back on the track after a long hiatus. While other BOB strollers can be used as a conventional buggy, this one is built for running.

Wheelbases with luminous rims and trim were attached by BOB. The buggy may soar over the track thanks to its particular set-up.

It has a handbrake on board. It’s a good safety feature because this gear is so heavy.

The adjustable handlebar is a must-have for any busy parent. In order to keep your child happy while you jog, the seat is in an upright posture. Magnetic peek and chat window are also included.

The Pros

Great Safety Features

To make running with your toddler easier, BOB created the Alterrain Pro. In addition, the buggy’s UPF 50 sun shade was installed by BOB. It has a magnetic cover over the peep glass, so you can see inside.

The SmoothShox Suspension System ensures that your child has a comfortable ride that is free of bumps. BOB included a handbrake on the handle to keep the stroller from rolling away.

Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar has a variety of adjustability to accommodate your preferences. While you’re walking, you may easily alter the settings.

Excellent Seat

This is not a stroller for napping in; it’s designed for parents and their busy children. Even though it’s upright, the compression seat is lined with breathable material to keep your child comfortable.

The Cons

Not for Everyday Chores

The Alterrain Pro is designed primarily for jogging and should not be used for other activities. As a result, the buggy’s front wheel remains locked, making it difficult to turn.

3. BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller

Best BOB Stroller for Travel

For everyday activities like grocery shopping, jogging, or a family outing, BOB’s Rambler is a fantastic choice. It’s a smaller, lighter version of previous BOB strollers, with a weight of around 25 pounds, which is relatively light in comparison to other strollers.

Incredibly strong, the structure is capable of supporting a weight of up to 75 pounds. It’s easy to fold and can be stored in the trunk of most cars without a problem.

Taking the whole family on a road trip has never been easier thanks to the Rambler. The swivel feature of the front wheel can be locked or unlocked as needed.

In terms of features, it’s got everything a BOB should have, like the greatest suspension, a huge canopy, airflow, and a sturdy frame. In addition, there are two color options: black and lagoon.

The Pros

Great for On-The-Go Parents

Commuter parents will love the Rambler. At just over 25 pounds, it’s the lightest BOB stroller on this list. It’s easy to fold, and the wheels may be removed if you need it to fit in a smaller location.

Excellent Maneuverability

The Rambler’s front wheel swivels, allowing it to turn on a dime. Its polymer tires, which are loaded with air, glide across a variety of terrain with ease. Any bumps on the road can be smoothed over by the vehicle’s mountain bike-inspired suspension.

Large Onboard Basket

Underneath the stroller is a large storage basket where you can keep all of your baby’s essentials at hand. Accessible from all directions, it’s elevated and so less likely to accumulate dirt.

The Cons

Doesn’t Stand When Folded

The stroller folds up easily and may be stored in a variety of locations. However, when folded, it is unable to stand on its own and will topple over if you do not hold onto it.

Small Storage

The stroller’s inbuilt storage is a disappointment compared to previous BOB models. No room for a diaper bag, according to several reviewers. To get around this problem of excess gear, you’ll need to discover other modes of transportation.

4. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Jogging Stroller

Best BOB Double Stroller

The Revolution Flex Duallie is a great option if you’re looking for a BOB-like double stroller. Running and strolling through town are two of the best ways to use this shoe.

BOB’s original Flex Duallie twin stroller debuted around 2001. A variety of options are available, including the Pro, Flex 2.0, and Flex 3.0.

If you require more control or stability, the front wheel has a swivel-lock functionality. For the finest possible ride, the bike comes with air-filled tires and mountain bike suspension.

With an adjustable steering wheel and seats that can nearly recline to accommodate a sleeping kid, this vehicle can accommodate just about any driver. If you have a baby on the way, you can use it with a car seat.

The Pros

Excellent on Various Surfaces

On a trail or at the zoo, the Duallie is ideal for parents who want to bring two children along for the ride.

A swivel option is available on the front wheel, which you can use when you need a little more control. Mountain bike suspension is standard on all Duallie models to keep the ride as smooth as possible

BOB’s stroller glides on any surface thanks to its air-filled wheels and mountain bike suspension. The bumps of an uneven road won’t bother your young ones, and it’s a breeze to push.

Superior Maneuverability

The Duallie 3.0’s agility has been lauded by many parents. Sharp corners and barriers are no match for the swivel function. When in locked mode, it offers you with the necessary stability to go faster.

How To Clean A BOB Stroller: 7 Simple & Helpful Steps

Lots of Storage

There is a lot of space here, and that is definitely appreciated. Under the seat is a large basket. In addition, the stroller comes with ten additional pockets around the outside of the stroller for all of your personal belongings.

The Cons

Pretty Bulky

You can’t fit it in a diaper bag. Because it is so heavy, it takes up a lot of room when folded. Before you buy a trunk, measure your trunk.

BOB has a few optional attachments that might enhance your experience. These are the names of them:

  • Snack Tray for the Duallie Jogging Stroller: Children often get hungry when exploring, so having a snack tray on board is appreciated. This tray has two cup holders and flat surfaces for snacks or toys for the BOB Duallie stroller. Rather than attaching it to the stroller, you can remove one side while loading or unloading it.
  • For single jogging strollers, the BOB Handlebar Console is available. To help you keep up with your hectic schedule, BOB offers a handlebar console for all of its single strollers to keep things organized. A spacious zipped center pocket, bottle holders, and a water- and stain-resistant exterior are included. It is held in place by four hook and loop straps, making it easy to transport.
  • Strollers such as the all-terrain, all-terrain pro, the blaze, the Rambler, and the Revolution series, as well as the Stroller Strides 2016, will fit in BOB’s travel bag for single jogging strollers. There are 20.7 x 10.4 x 34.6-inch measurements on the bag. The side handles and shoulder strap make it easy to transport. Remove the buggy’s gadgets and wheels before using it.
  • Full mesh screen surrounds the stroller and shields your child from sun, flying insects, and wind with the BOB Sun Shield for Single Swivel Wheel Strollers. Both BOB Revolution and Stroller Strides single buggies are compatible with this stroller. It’s easy to put on and take off because it’s wrapped around the stroller’s handlebars with elastic.
  • The Britax and BOB Car Seat Adapter can be used to convert your single BOB stroller into a travel system. BOB and Britax car seats are both suitable for use with this adapter. But you can only use it on single strollers, so don’t try to run with the car seat strapped to your back.
  • Britax and BOB Car Seat Adapter for BOB Duallie: This adapter is great if you have a baby and a toddler riding together. Snack tray on one side, car seat on the other, thanks to this device. Any Duallie buggy manufactured after 2011 can use this adaptor.
  • If you have a Graco infant car seat and a BOB stroller, this adaptor will let them work together seamlessly. The Graco seat is securely fastened to the buggy with this accessory. Car seats manufactured after 2016 are only compatible with this adapter.
  • For Peg Perego car seats, BOB offers this stroller adaptor from their line. It also doesn’t require any tools to be installed, making it much more convenient.

Where to Buy BOB Strollers

Toys R Us, Kohl’s, Toys ‘R Us and Baby R Us are just a few of the online retailers that carry BOB strollers. Some sporting goods stores, such Ambridge Bike and Sports Center, carry them as well.

BOB Website and Contact

A user can easily find their way around BOB’s website. All of its items, including strollers, car seats, and other add-ons, are available.

There is also a way to get in touch with it. You can reach them at 1-888-427-4829 if you run into any problems or questions. Fill out a form on the website if you prefer to send an email rather than filling out a contact form.

Is BOB Worth It?

Strollers from BOB have been built to last for over two decades. Quality items are still being produced and the company’s stability is excellent. Even though they can be pricey, many parents believe they are worth the investment.

Whether you live in the country or the city, they have a stroller for you.

Whichever stroller you decide on, we hope you and your child have a wonderful time exploring the world in it.