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When you’re out and about, your stroller is likely to pick up a lot of dirt and germs. Your child’s stroller should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure their safety and minimize wear and tear.

It’s best to consult your stroller’s user handbook and fabric care labels for information on cleaning your Britax stroller if you have one from a different manufacturer.

Who Is Britax?

Britax, which was founded approximately 70 years ago, is now a senior citizen. It has always centered on child safety technology and pushed the limits of smart design. Providing parents with the peace of mind that their children are safe has always been the goal of Britax.

Britax has historically specialized in vehicle seats. For a long time, it was Europe’s most popular car seat brand because of its emphasis on safety.

Britax | How to Clean a Stroller

Britax is dedicated to improving the safety of children’s products and will not relinquish this goal.

In 1996, Britax, a firm with its roots in Europe, made its way to the United States. After only a few years in business, this brand has established itself as a household name.

Keeping the demands of growing families in mind, Britax makes a variety of strollers to fit any parent’s preferences. The company frequently collaborates with carmakers and kid safety experts. They work together to create new ways to keep youngsters safe when riding in a stroller or in a car seat.

Britax Today

Over the years, Britax has acquired a few other companies. However, the acquisition of BOB, a pioneering jogging stroller maker, in 2005 was the most significant. It provided a new avenue for the company to experiment with new concepts and designs.

BOB’s innovative swiveling front wheel, which makes the buggies easy to operate, was licensed to Britax by BOB. Since then, it has grown to be a major player in the market, upholding the company’s longstanding values of safety and usability.

What Parents Say About Britax

Britax strollers are popular among most parents. Having a smaller assortment allows the manufacturer to devote more attention to each specific model.

Parents rave about how simple it is to operate the strollers. Most can be used with a car seat if an adapter is purchased separately. Using the adapters, you may quickly and easily remove the seat from the vehicle.

It’s not uncommon for Britax car seats to be regarded as some of the best on the market. In order to reduce the force of impact, they have undergone extensive testing and feature energy-absorbing foam.

B-Safe and other top-rated seats are included in Britax’s travel system strollers.

Parents may be less than thrilled about these. The wheels, notably on the B-Mobile buggy, have been the subject of some criticism. The wheels broke easily, according to the customers that left reviews.

Why You Should Keep It Clean

Because infants’ immune systems are still developing at a slower rate than adults’, it is critical that anything they come into touch with be devoid of germs. Cleaning a stroller on a regular basis is essential for most parents who use them on a daily basis.

How Often Should You Clean It?

The more time you put off cleaning your stroller, the more difficult it will be in the future. Performing a quick inspection after each use is a good idea. In a pinch, make it a nightly ritual to prepare for the following day.

This doesn’t mean you have to break out the big guns each time. Do the little things, and you’ll be OK. Clean the wheels of mud and grime. Ensure the cloth is free of crumbs and clean up any sticky messes that your youngster may have left behind.

How To Clean Britax Stroller

1. Dump the Crumbs

However, this does not need bringing out the big weapons at every opportunity. Take care of the little things first and foremost. Debris from the wheels should be cleaned off. Wipe away any crumbs or sticky messes that your youngster may have made on the fabric.

2. Refresh Fabrics

With a moist cloth and cold water and mild soap, thoroughly clean the entire fabric seating area and canopy. Those areas that need special attention can be scrubbed with a soft fabric brush or toothbrush. With a clean, dry cloth, remove any remaining water and soap residue. Allowing the fabric to air dry in a warm location is the best option. Britax advises against washing or drying stroller textiles in the washing machine.

3. Freshen Up the Frame

Your stroller’s metal and plastic parts will also need to be cleaned. This is a good opportunity to check the parking brake to ensure sure it is working properly and is free of any debris, such as leaves and hair.

The metal frame should be thoroughly cleaned, as well as any hidden contaminants. Make sure to use mild soap and a wet towel to clean the frame. You can remove excess water and soap by wiping the surface with a dry cloth or towel.

Avoid the use of abrasives, solvents, powerful detergents, or household cleansers in your cleaning. Plastic and metal surfaces can be corroded, discolored, and weakened by these items.

Make sure all moving parts and car-seat adapters are in good working order while you’re gazing through the frame.

4. Wash the Wheels

Wheels on a stroller are where the rubber meets the road, so they’ll get a little muddy. It is important that the wheels are in good operating order. Check the air pressure in the wheels of your stroller if it has pneumatic tires and make sure they are properly filled.

Most stroller wheels can be removed for easier cleaning of any dirt or debris that has accumulated there. Taking off the wheels is as simple as pressing a release button located on or near each one. If you are unable to locate your wheel release mechanism, review your user manual or contact Customer Service.

5. Storage Success

Make sure to store the stroller properly after cleaning and air-drying it to avoid damage while it is not in use. Make sure that the stroller is completely dry before storing it in order to avoid the formation of rust and mold. Store plastic parts in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Before folding, remove any car-seat adapters that may have been attached.

Make sure to cover the stroller to prevent dust and sunlight buildup and avoid stacking other items on top of the stroller while storing it for long periods of time.

How To Open A Britax Agile Stroller

Pushing and pulling on a strap between the seats of your Britax Agile stroller will open it. That’s a lot to take in, right? But don’t worry, there are a few simple measures you can do.

Step 1: Find the button near the handlebars.

Hold on to the centre of the seat strap to open your Britax b agile stroller.

Then, remember the button you pressed in step 1, and press it again. You’d be able to tell when the stroller started to unfold.

Step 4: As the stroller’s handlebar opens, place your hand on it.

Pull the stroller upright while unfastening the side button. The stroller may be unzipped.

Close your stroller by following a more straight-forward set of steps. It’s the same with your car seat. The Britax b agile is a lot easier to close than the standard model. To fold the stroller, just unfasten the side button and pull the middle strap upwards.

How to Clean Britax B Agile Stroller: Tips and Tricks - Krostrade

How Do I Ensure My Britax Stroller Opens And Stores Adequately?

The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

  1. You’ll need both hands to open your stroller, so keep your baby at a safe distance.
  2. Remove any potential sources of noise or danger by clearing the area.
  3. Keep an eye on your fingers when you’re opening so that you don’t jam it or injure yourself.
  4. While you’re getting the stroller out of the trunk, keep your little one from running up to meet you. This is due to the fact that they are vulnerable to being accidentally hit.
  5. Maintenance is needed if the stroller is difficult to open or close. Ensure all bolts and joints are oiled, as detailed below.
  6. Fold your Britax b agile stroller and place it in a dust bag to storage. Use a towel to wipe it clean if it is wet or moist. Before putting it away, make sure it’s completely dry.
  7. Try not to push your stroller to fold in any case if it refuses to do so. Open it and check the frame for dings before returning it. Ensure that there are no barriers in the way. Try again with lubricated joints.

How Do I Maintain My Britax Agile Stroller?

In the same way that any other stroller becomes soiled, the Britax agile stroller is no exception. When your baby’s soiled hand drops food particles, they become lodged in various places around the house. To wash this baby carriage;

The Seat

  1. Clean the seat with a vacuum to remove any remaining debris. You’d find grains and cereals, as well as dirt and other debris.
  2. Rinse the stroller thoroughly with soapy water. Remove any collected dust and debris from the seat and canopy.
  3. Spot clean the surface using a sponge.
  4. Using a moist cloth, remove any liquids from the stroller and then dry it with a dry cloth.
  5. Strollers should be left out in the open to dry.

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The Frame

There will be a need to inspect and clean up the frame. Check the brakes and make sure they work properly. Remove any dried-out debris that may be trapped between the two.

Wipe the frame with a soapy towel until it is spotless. Use another cloth to dry it off. Verify that the area has been thoroughly cleaned.

Because aggressive chemicals and bleach can damage the stroller’s life expectancy, it’s best not to use them while cleaning. If necessary, apply lubricant to the stroller’s joints and bolts.

The wheels

Dirty wheels are inevitable because they spend so much time on the ground. Remove any hairs or dirt that have been lodged in the wheel’s spokes. Please verify that all of the tires are in proper operating order.

Ensure that the air pressure is correct by performing a pressure check if necessary. For thorough cleaning, you might need the wheel removed. To remove the tires, simply pull the release lever.


After cleaning, keep the stroller away from moisture. Mold and rust can thrive in damp environments. Before folding the stroller, make sure it is completely dry.

Storing the stroller in a cool environment is preferable to letting the plastic parts of the stroller melt. All removable attachments should be removed and stored in a separate location. To keep the stroller clean, use a dust bag to cover it.

What Makes The Britax Agile Stroller Better Than Other Types Of Strollers?

It’s little wonder that the Britax B Agile Stroller is so popular with parents around. There are a few here;

Fasten And Unfasten

The stroller’s fasteners are simple to fasten and loosen. Parents like how much more manageable it is to use while toting around infants and other luggage.

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The amount of room available for storing things is astounding. Everything, including the baby’s necessities and a few groceries, will fit snugly in the trunk. Now you can shop with your child without having to be concerned about it.


Although the opening appears to necessitate the use of both hands, the folding process is quick. It folds up when you pull a strap.


The Britax B strollers are designed to be lightweight and sturdy. When compared to other brands’ lightweight strollers, theirs carries the most weight.

Travel System

Traveling with a child is made simpler with these strollers because they are part of a set. It comes with a stroller and a car seat as part of the travel system. No expert installation is required with Britax car seats.


Britax strollers are designed primarily for kids, but may be adapted to fit a baby. Get an infant car seat and attach it to your stroller. When your child outgrows this seat, you can simply remove it.


The bassinet protects your baby from the harsh sunlight. It is also well ventilated to keep your little one cool and calm, especially in the summer. To keep an eye on your sleeping youngster, you can utilize the ventilator mesh as a window.


The bassinet protects your baby from the harsh sunlight. It is also well ventilated to keep your little one cool and calm, especially in the summer. To keep an eye on your sleeping youngster, you can utilize the ventilator mesh as a window.

Top Tips for Cleaning a Stroller

The bassinet shields your infant from the damaging rays of the sun when you’re out and about. Especially in the summer, it’s well-ventilated to keep your child cool and peaceful as they sleep. The ventilator mesh can be utilized as a window from which you can monitor your child as they sleep.

  • It can be difficult to reassemble the fabric after cleaning if you removed it. While it’s still wet, reassemble and let it dry on the frame.
  • To be fair, the skewer is a great tool for reaching into places that are difficult to access, such as the underside of cup holders. If there are any hard-to-reach regions that require scrubbing, a toothbrush can be an option.
  • Check for stroller care labels on the actual stroller. Depending on where the cloth is fastened, you may be given instructions on how to clean it.
  • When you’re not using your stroller, think about how you’ll keep it. Mold and rust may grow if you fold it up when it’s wet or moist. Before putting it away, make sure it’s completely dry.
  • Avoid storing your buggy near a hot radiator or in a sunroom, since this can cause damage from the heat. Plastic clips might be damaged by this.
  • If you’re going to be storing your stroller for an extended period of time, consider purchasing a dust cover to go over it. Keeping it in this way will keep it clean and shield it from sunshine.
  • Avoid piling objects on top of your stroller while it is being stored. Accidental harm is a real possibility.
  • Do a spot test first to make sure your soap doesn’t alter the color of the fabric.
  • Avoid chemicals as much as possible: not only are they not safe for your infant, but they may also shorten the lifespan of your stroller’s components.
  • Create a plan: Make a plan to clean your stroller on a regular basis. The less time it takes, the more often you do it.

How To Clean Your Britax Stroller: 5 Helpful Steps


After reading this article, you should be able to properly clean a stroller so that your child can use it safely. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Keeping your stroller clean and free of germs will make your life easier, and it will also increase the lifespan of your stroller. To get the best price for your stroller when you’re ready to part ways with it, keep it clean and well-maintained.