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Do you want to know how to use a blow dryer brush to curl your hair? Exactly. And it couldn’t be much easier. There are seven simple steps that you should do, and these things will become clear to you if you continue reading.

Use professional advice and pay attention to the way you spin the brush to have a wonderful hair day every day. Blow dryers and round brushes, when used together, may create beautifully wavy curls without putting any strain on your hands.

All hair types with wavy or silky hair can benefit from using a hot encounter to shape their hairdo. As an added benefit, it shields hair from iron damage. So, if you’re interested in learning more, stay connected! Keep reading to learn how to curl your hair using a blow dryer brush in no time at all!

Step To Curl Hair With Blow Dryer Brush

In order to get big, loose waves or to straighten your natural curls, there are a variety of techniques. Curlers, perms, and wavy irons are a few examples of this category. As opposed to other methods, using a blow dryer brush is one of the fastest and cleanest ways to generate curls or waves on your hair. Using a drier brush, you may add waves to straight hair or soften wild curls. The following are the procedures for using a blow dryer brush to curl your hair:

Step One: Leave Your Hair To Partially Dry:

Before you use a blow dryer brush, section your hair and rough dry it to remove any excess moisture. Sectioning your hair will make using the brush head a lot more convenient.

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To get the greatest results, avoid using a blow dryer brush on wet hair; instead, let your hair air dry for a few minutes (but not completely) before using a brush.

Before using a hot air brush, you can wrap your hair in a towel for a half-hour or so to remove any excess moisture from the hair strands.

A microfiber towel is a better option than a cotton bath towel in my opinion. You’ll avoid frizz by using this method, which is much kinder to your hair.

It’s ideal to use a blow dryer brush on damp hair rather than dripping wet hair, although some blow dryer brushes may be used on dried hair to revive your style days later!

Step Two: Apply Heat Protectant:

Regardless of the type of hair you have, you should always apply a heat protectant before using any hot equipment to style it. Protecting our hair, whether it’s straight, curly, or wavy, is essential.

Before blow-drying your hair, apply a heat protectant to damp hair and brush it through to help spread the product evenly.

As a detangling spray, several heat protectants can help prevent hair from tangling or snagging. You can detangle your hair with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, depending on what you like.

Protectants seal the ends of your hair from heat damage when blow-drying and using other instruments, such as a flat iron, to protect your hair from heat.

Up to 450°F/230°C, most heat protectants will keep you safe.

Step Three: Work In Sections:

Starting from the bottom and working your way up, blow-drying is the best way to produce waves in your hair. When drying your hair, you can rest assured that no strands will be missed.

As you part your hair from ear to ear, divide it into two sections, one on top and the other on the bottom. Make a side part with the bottom of your hair, bringing each side to the front of your shoulders and clipping the top section out of the way.

Using a hairdryer, you can generate a wide variety of curls.

How To Create Loose Waves:

It’s easy to achieve the appropriate salon blowout look at home with loose waves that can be worn for any occasion.

Don’t forget the heat protectant after the first few steps! Make four-inch sections and wrap each one around your round brush blow dryer, then set it to medium heat.

To do this, swirl sections of hair around the brush and hold for a few seconds before gliding the brush down your hair while keeping tension.

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Warming the hair in the dryer’s barrel should help the curls hold their shape.

The curl will cool faster if you keep it in your hand for a few seconds after wrapping your fingers around it.

Curl away from your face around the front, but you can either curl your entire head in the same direction or alternate for more natural curls.

Hold the brush vertically, twisting away from your head, as you work your way to the rear of your head; if you want a bouncy finish, you can hold the brush horizontally.

Use bobby pins to hold the curl in place as you curl the remainder of your hair; this will ensure that the curl retains its shape.

Remove one pin at a time from your curls once they have cooled down fully. To fluff up the waves, turn your head upside down and shake it a little.

Add some texture and volume by misting hair with hairspray, texturizing spray, or even volumizing spray.

How To Create Bouncy Curls Using A Blow Dryer Brush:

Curls aren’t only about volume; they’re also about style. The blow dryer brush can be used in a variety of ways to achieve this effect.

To get huge, bouncy curls, use big parts; to get small, tight curls, use small sections. The section size is determined by how big you want your curls to be.

Before using your hairdryer, spray your hair with a volumizing spray; furthermore, make sure your hair is moist.

Using a hot air brush to raise the root can help you get the desired volume in these curls.

This means that as you lift the brush, you should pull the hair upward. Take a tiny section of hair about the size of your round blow-drying brush and apply it to the affected area.

Using a brush, roll it up and down your hair, creating tension and spinning as you go. That segment of hair can be rolled into a doughnut and pinned to your head as soon as it dries.

Proceed to the following section after spraying it down with hairspray.

When blow-drying your hair, you may either pin your curls on top of your head or use velcro rollers, which is great if you’re looking for a boost in volume.

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Use a boar bristle brush to smooth the curls once they’re cool, but you can also use your fingers to loosen them up if you prefer a more defined wave shape.

You can achieve voluminous curls by turning your head upside down and shakily shaking your roots.

How To Create Beachy Waves:

When it comes to blow-drying hair, this is a personal favorite of mine because it’s so easy to achieve while yet looking natural.

Section your hair into large pieces and use the heated brush to wrap your hair around the barrel, holding it for a few seconds at a time.

This will produce a curl similar to the previous one, but the key here is to use a wide-tooth comb or a boar bristle brush to comb your hair through.

When you brush your hair, the curls will become looser and have a more pronounced wave.

What Blow Dryer Brush Should I use?

Airbrushes come in two basic shapes: oval and round. These two shapes dominate the market. However, which one is preferable for curling purposes?

Use a round brush to create a curl, rather than an oval brush, which will generate a wave instead of a curl.

For a more defined curl, the round brush is the way to go, although both are excellent for creating volume and a bouncy blowout.

Check out my complete guide here for my best picks!

How to Curl With Your Round Brush & Blow Dryer

  • Once you’ve dried your portion entirely, point the brush’s top side directly at your head and apply the product.
  • Unwrap the brush from the part in the same way you wrapped it while drying.

IMPORTANT HINT: When unwrapping, keep the coil as tight as possible.

  • Apply a light mist of Redken triple take 32 to the entire portion as soon as the section is unwrapped.
  • Grab the section with your index finger and place it between your index and middle fingers, overlapping each other.
  • Make a barrel-curled portion by rocking back and forth in a swaying manner.
  • To allow the curl to cool and rest, use a dry sectioning clip to secure it. What’s the deal with this particular clip? To provide optimal hold on dry hair, these clips have been properly designed.

It’s A Wrap!

We were thrilled to hear that you’d be learning how to use a blow dryer brush to curl your hair. We’ve outlined seven steps that will help you achieve the look of naturally curly hair by curling your straight hair. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use a dryer brush or curl your hair; we’ve got you covered. Thanks to all of my readers who stayed with me to the end of this post! Make sure you’ve read up on how to use a blow dryer to straighten hair and which one is ideal for black hair.