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You might be interested in learning how to produce photo fridge magnets. We’ll get started as soon as you bring your old art supplies and magnets! You’ll be able to decorate your fridge in no time at all. Why not give your fridge a shimmering makeover?

One of the most often used equipment in every home is a refrigerator. It provides food that is needed to a healthy diet every day. Everyone’s daily routine includes it, so why not personalize it and add magnets so that everyone in the house has a visual reminder of what’s important. So, how do you produce photo fridge magnets?

Steps To Make Fridge Magnets With Photos

This is a step-by-step guide on making photo magnets at home. Do-it-yourself projects may take longer, but we can tell you that a small amount of effort can make all the difference! Additionally, you’ll save money on labor costs, and your work will have an air of uniqueness that no one else can match. It’s easier for the recipient to appreciate and remember a gift that you made yourself.

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Step #1. Gather supplies

It’s a good idea to gather your supplies and check to see that you have everything you need before you begin. To avoid having to stop the entire procedure, you might hunt for alternatives or go to a department store if you’re short on something.

Adhesive magnet paper

There are adhesive magnets and sticky papers in one product. It’s worth the extra money because the adhesive is far more durable than regular glue. It’s not a liquid, so it won’t be as messy, and the procedure of sticking it will be lot more efficient. Despite the presence of a magnet, the blade slices like a sheet of paper.

There are a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, depending on the surface of your fridge. Standard photo magnet dimensions are 8 1/2-by-11-inches. A separate piece of magnet is at your disposal should one not be available. Your fridge magnets will not be affected, but the process will be a little more time-consuming. To build your own photo magnets, click here.

Photo paper

It goes without saying that photo paper is a necessity when demonstrating how to produce fridge magnets from images. The surface of this particular paper is designed to produce prints with bright colors. As a result, it’s far more difficult to damage. This, despite its higher price, is superior in quality and shelf life to regular bond paper.

The magnets and photo paper should be the same size. If you can’t find a suitable size, you can shape it with cutting materials.

Printing essentials

Since this is a do-it-yourself project, you’ll also have to take care of the printing. Even if you hire a printing company to do it, there’s no need to feel guilty about it! Self printing, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to use any photo you choose, even if you don’t want others to see it. You’ll need a printer if you wish to include a humiliating photo as a joke or a private document. ASAP.

Scissors and glue

In the world of arts and crafts, scissors are a given. Whether you’re into crafting or not, you should always keep a pair of scissors on hand. This will be used to cut your product into your desired size. If you’re feeling creative, you can also make them into shapes.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to use glue. If you don’t have access to an adhesive, you can always use glue instead. It may take a little longer because the adhesive needs to dry before moving on, but you can’t go wrong with it. As a bonus, it’s a lot less expensive and can be found almost anywhere.

Step #2. Edit and develop photos

You must be quite attentive while selecting your images, as they are the centerpiece of the presentation. Our recommendation is a beautiful painting that will brighten the mood in your kitchen. Color-coordinated ones are also a wonderful idea! It’s even better when it’s an image of your own that conjures up fond recollections. Having a glimpse into your past would serve as a pleasant memento.

This is a significant stage, so bring your printing supplies and photo paper. Ink is a necessity, so be sure to stock up! Take a printout of your photos and trim them to the proper dimensions if necessary. In order to ensure the accuracy of the lines and angles, you can use a ruler.

Step #3. Cut and prepare magnetic paper

Take out the magnetic paper and cut according to the size of your photo. Help yourself with pencils and rulers available to make definite lines and lessen mistakes. If you only have magnets, don’t worry! Magnets ccome in different sizes so make sure you chose a size hat can accommodate the photo. Either buy the exact size or a smaller, discrete one. As long as it sticks effectively.

Step #4. Attaching photo and magnet together

Cut the magnetic paper to the desired size after removing it from the package. You can use pencils and rulers if you have them on hand to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes. Don’t be concerned if all you have are magnets. It’s important to choose a magnet that’s the right size for your photo. You can either buy the precise size or a smaller, more inconspicuous one. Insofar as it holds fast.

Here’s a hint: don’t remove all of the adhesive. When you begin to peel it off, only remove the first few inches and then go to the rest.

You’ll still be able to fine-tune the edges and smooth out creases this way. Make sure you use a strong glue to stick the magnet and the photo to it if you’re using traditional magnets.

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6 Tips How To Decorate Your Fridge With Photo Magnets

Decorate your fridge with memories of friends and family using photo magnets

You are likely to place photos with your friends and family around to have them close to you.

Placing images of your loved ones all throughout your home is a great way to feel connected to those people.

Decorating your refrigerator door with family photo magnets is an easy way to make it look more inviting. With photo magnets of your pets, you’ll be able to remember all the people and things you love.

Christmas loving ❤️

Isn’t it wonderful how quickly the holiday season approaches? It’s a hit with your refrigerator, too! Even your fridge may be decorated for the holidays.

Decorate the refrigerator as a presentation of culinary masterpieces

Food and a refrigerator…or even better… Having a well-stocked refrigerator full of snacks and meals is ideal. Is cooking one of your favorite pastimes, and do you enjoy preparing meals? This is your chance to show off some of your most impressive work.

Rows and columns of your best culinary creations can be displayed on your fridge. Round photo magnets or puzzle magnets can be used for this.

Stick your notes and tasks on with photo magnets

Everyone is familiar with the routine daily activities and reminders:

  • The refrigerator is bare,
  • If you feel the need to organize your living space,
  • Take your dog on a walk.
  • The kindergarteners need to be picked up.

Uff… What’s the quickest and most efficient way to keep track of them all? Try putting the tasks on the fridge. Print photos of each member of your family on rounded photo magnets. Why you don’t make a nice decoration using the notes with specific tasks to each person so everybody will know what to do.

Motivate yourself – present your personal success on the fridge

Are you a fan of putting in the effort to improve your athletic abilities? Tracking your progress while working out is a good idea, right? Perhaps you ran 2 miles more than usual this time.? Maybe you’ve lost a few pounds by working out. “Be aware of what you did for yourself today and compliment yourself,” advise several self-help books.

You spend a significant amount of time each day working to enhance your training and diet. After all that effort, it’s time to see the fruits of your labor. To keep track of your progress, use rounded picture magnets to print photos of your physique.

Magnets with inspirational quotations can be effortlessly attached to the fridge with these magnets.

Preserve the best moments from traveling the world custom magnets

Young people, in particular, enjoy exploring new places on their travels. We all desire to experience the world from a new perspective and learn about other cultures. A trip away from the daily grind may be both inspiring and relaxing for many people.

The great sentiments we have whenever we are in a new place are always there for us. Photo magnets are a terrific way to retain the memories of your recent travels and display your images in a prominent location.

Decorate your fridge during special occasions and events

Do you appreciate throwing parties and inviting your loved ones to join in on the fun at all the different times of the year? To get everyone in the mood for a party, would you like to decorate your home?

When is the best time of year to decorate your fridge:

  • Hallooween
  • Friends and family gathering on the day after Thanksgiving
  • It was a birthday celebration.
  • Anniversary of the wedding
  • Decorations for the holiday of Easter
  • Christmas
  • ringing in the new year with a party

Photo magnets are a great way to display mementos from these occasions.

6 Benefits of Custom Refrigerator Magnets As Marketing Tools

Highly Useful To Customers

Magnets on the fridge doors give a dash of color and personality. These can be used to decorate refrigerators with reminders, grocery lists, and children’s artwork. By handing away fridge magnets, you may get your company’s name in the hands of a large number of people. Fridge magnets can be personalized with emergency numbers or CPR instructions to make them more useful to the people who receive them.

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Long lasting

Because of its lengthy shelf life, refrigerator magnets will remain visible to your target audience for many years to come. A single investment in refrigerator magnets can generate millions of views and long-term brand impressions. Refrigerator magnets are a cost-effective and popular choice for mass promotions, such as trade exhibitions and mailing campaigns.

Building brands through repetition

Because people pass by their refrigerators on a daily basis, fridge magnets get a lot of attention. Your brand will be seen every time customers open the fridge or walk by the fridge thanks to these brightly colored magnets. The use of refrigerator magnets is a great way to keep your brand in front of your target audience and strengthen its recognition.

Targeted promotion

With the help of our personalized magnets, you can organize a highly focused promotion without wasting time and money on the wrong audience. Using refrigerator magnets, you can reach a highly targeted audience of people who are likely to buy your items. With the use of targeted mailings and direct customer handouts, your brand will reach the correct audience.

Easy to distribute

Refrigerator magnets are easy to store and distribute to your target audience because they are lightweight and tiny. Hand them out directly, put them into the customer’s bag, mail them to a specific audience, or display them at the point of sale.

High visibility Business cards

Fridge magnets are a tried-and-true way for your target audience to get in touch with you. It will be simple for your audience to contact you without having to look online or in business directories with these full-color magnets that double as an attractive business card. There is no need for them to do anything more than read the contact information written on these magnets. As a result, refrigerator magnets serve as an easy-to-access address book for your customers.


Having learned how to manufacture fridge magnets with images, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge to use and decorate your kitchen. Just a few images, magnets, and a little bit of willpower are all you need! Learn more about fridge magnets by reading on. To learn how to properly dispose of fridge magnets, go here. Have a great time!