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Dings in stainless steel refrigerators can be fixed in a number of ways. I have some common household items that might be used to fix the refrigerator’s exterior and would be pleased to lend them out if anyone is interested. If your fridge is dented, don’t worry since it can be fixed.

The refrigerator is one of the most useful equipment in the home, and its convenience has grown with each technological improvement. In addition, a sleek and stylish refrigerator can elevate the overall look of your kitchen or home.

But when some scratches or dents occur on the refrigerator, the attractive appearance is substantially diminished, which is really annoying. Refrigerators used in commercial settings, such as those used to exhibit cakes or store salad bars, are frequently to blame. A dent in your stainless steel fridge can be annoying, so it’s good to know how to fix it.

Materials Required to Fix a Dent in Stainless Steel Fridge

Let’s get the tools and parts we’ll need to fix the dent in the stainless steel fridge before we get into fixing it. There are several ways to accomplish this. Here are a few instances:

  • A chilling wind from the north
  • Protective gloves for working with dry ice
  • Using a hair drier to emit hot air
  • Air duster’s cold, condensed air
  • Suction-cup dent puller
  • Putting the Plunger to Work
  • Using a dent tool and a hot glue gun

These easy DIY options may be just what you need to fix the issue. If you have tried everything else and are still unhappy with the results, you should see a “Dent master.”

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How to Fix a Dent in Stainless Steel Fridge

Here, we will discuss the three quickest and easiest methods for repairing a dent in a stainless-steel fridge, such as the Under Bench Fridge in your own home’s kitchen. To improve the quality of your work, try one of these do-it-yourself methods using materials you already have on hand. Both heated air and cold condensed air can be used for this.

You may utilize this technique, which includes blowing hot or cold condensed air, using just some dry ice, some gloves, a hairdryer, and an air duster. The following are the stages we’ve identified for this process:

Using Dry Ice

The intense coldness of dry ice helps to contract metal when it comes into contact with it. Future dents in the metal’s surface will be impossible to create. Put the dry ice in the dented center for a few minutes while wearing the gloves. Protect your fridge from damaging dry ice by covering it with a soft towel. If you put your naked hands in contact with dry ice, you will suffer serious burns.

Using a Hairdryer to Blow Hot Air

Applying hot air from a hair dryer directly to the dented metal surface will cause it to expand. A dent in the refrigerator will disappear after a few minutes of cooling. Overheating the metal surface of the fridge can cause the paint to bubble and peel.

Using Canned Air Duster to Blow Cold Condensed Air

A can of air dust is used to expel cold condensed air. Condensation forms on the metal surface as soon as the air is expelled, causing it to be blown away. Because of the metal’s contraction, your issue has been resolved. When using the air dust can, keep your hands away from the hot surface to avoid serious burns.

How to Fix a Dent in Stainless Steel Fridge using Suctioning Tools

In the case of commercial meat marinators and commercial dishwashers, dents can only be fixed with suction tools. If you want to use suction to remove the ding, you’ll need a dent puller with a suction cup. You will need a dent puller with a strong suction cup to remove a significant dent. If the damaged area is first washed or damp, the suction will work better. Ensure the suction cup is securely attached by pressing it onto the dented area. Once you have established perfect suction, you can draw back the suction puller with force to fix the dent and return it to its former shape.

Push the Dent Out

The dent could simply need a little prod from the other side to return to its original shape. It’s possible that applying either cold or heat would be useful (see below).

With most home equipment, this is simply not possible. The idea is the same as trying to repair a dented aluminum can.

Use a Plunger or a Similar Suction Cup Strategy

In order to get rid of the ding, you might try using a suction cup on it. Toilet plungers and auto suction dent removers are two common tools for fixing dents.

The noble plunger does have some uses outside of the bathroom, such as suctioning out a ding from a clogged pipe.

How to Fix a Dent on a Stainless Steel Fridge

A little suction cup will not have the same hold as a plunger, but any form of suction device might be employed. Choose one that is roughly the same size as the ding you intend to repair.

  1. The dent can be polished with the help of a damp rag. This will help the suction cup seal better.
  2. If you want to make sure the suction cup stays in, push it all the way into the nozzle.
  3. Tighten your grip while pulling it out gently yet firmly.
  4. Attempts that fail the first time should be repeated. It could be that the seal isn’t tight enough, or that you’re not taking it out quickly enough or firmly enough. An overaggressive stance can backfire and cause more damage than was originally planned.

Some dents won’t improve with this approach. Metals that have been dented or crumpled will not respond well to this technique. If the lump is small, it may disappear on its own.

Use Pops-a-Dent

Pops-a-Dent requires the use of adhesive to ensure a secure hold. Use a frame to gently pull the dent back into place after attaching the suction cup with hot glue.

Use a Combination of Pushing, Pulling, Heat, and/or Cold

In some circumstances, a combination of the above-mentioned methods may be required to effectively and progressively restore the dent’s pre-damaged condition.

The dent can be cooled with ice water or heated with hot water before suction is applied or before being forced from behind. By rapidly heating and cooling the metal, you can attempt to “shock” it into a flat shape.

To rephrase: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Will These Methods Work for Other Metals?

Obviously, they will. These solutions may help with dents on metal surfaces including refrigerator doors, car doors, and bumpers.


How do you get dents out of stainless steel refrigerators?

Don protective gloves and carefully place the dry ice. Turning a can of duster on its side and directing it at the dent is another option. If you leave the metal in the cold for even a few seconds or sprinkle it with water, it will constrict and shrink. Sometimes this is all it takes to get rid of the ding!

How do you get a dent out of a refrigerator door?

Whether by using a hair dryer or dry ice, Dry the metal by blasting it with hot air. The dent can simply pop out when the metal cools. Dry ice can be used to chill the region around the dent and the surface of the refrigerator door where the dent is located as an alternative to heating the dent. Dry ice needs to be kept in a secure area.

Can you fix dents in fridge?

Wearing protective gloves, pick up some dry ice. Dry ice can be found at most any hardware store, bait shop, or grocery store. Keep the dry ice in the center of the dent for a few minutes. The metal will start to compress as a result of the temperature change, and the dent will smooth out.

Can you fix a dent in a stainless steel refrigerator door?

Stainless steel can have dents removed with dry ice, an air duster can, or a suction-cup dent extractor. You can fix the dent by inserting a piece of dry ice into its core. Leave it on for a few more minutes to make sure the stainless steel is totally frozen.

How much does it cost to fix a dent in a refrigerator?

Appliance repairs might set you back anything from $100 to $240. (such as a dent in the door). Whether or whether the dent in your refrigerator door can be fixed depends on its size and location. Fixing a little dent can cost as little as $100, while fixing a large one might cost as much as $200.

How do you fix a dent in a stainless steel sink?

Dents in stainless steel sinks are easy to remove with the use of a dent puller or a plunger. This tool comes with a rubber plunger that sticks to the sink, so you can fix the damage without having to take the sink apart. The dent will come out when the pull wire is pulled.

How do you get dents out of metal?

If you have a little scratch on your car’s body, you may often get rid of it using hot water. Because of this, when a dent is heated, the metal or aluminum relaxes enough to return to its old shape.

What is pops a dent?

Pops-A-Dent is a three-step process that safely and effectively removes dents created by things like hail, other car doors, and more without harming your car’s paint job. When compared with the cost of having a professional remove a dent, Pops-A-Dent is a much better value. Utilized by expert vehicle body repairmen.

Do dent pullers work?

Dent pullers are only effective on soft, flat surfaces, and can only remove very minor dings. While they may help minimize the appearance of dings, they are not likely to completely eliminate them. Damage to the sharp corners or sharp edges of the bodywork is beyond the capabilities of these repair methods.

How much does it cost to remove dents?

Estimates for dent removal range from $50 to $2,500. Dents with a diameter of less than an inch often cost between $50 and $125. Indentations could be made by hail or a rock that flies up and hits the surface. Dings caused by collisions are more expensive, typically costing $150 or more to repair.

Does a hair dryer remove dents?

Heated repair of a dented panel is recommended. Use a hair dryer to blast hot air over the dent and its surrounding area for one to two minutes at a time. Keep the hair dryer at a distance of about 5 to 7 inches (12.7 to 17.78 cm) from the car’s surface and on the medium heat setting.

How do you buff out scratches on stainless steel?

You can substitute olive oil with the oil of your choice in this recipe. In order to polish the metal, wipe a cloth against it in the same direction as the grain. Increase oil consumption if necessary. Smooth out the surface entirely by rubbing it.

How do you get a dent out of a stainless steel water bottle?

If your Hydro Flask has a dent, you can use a hair dryer to smooth out the area around it. If you need to swiftly cool down skin or other exposed areas, dry ice is your best bet. Until the dent is gone, keep at it. To extract it, you might need to use a little force.

2022 Cost of Refrigerator Repairs

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a refrigerator?

Fixing a refrigerator that was installed into a cabinet is usually a smart idea. They last longer and require less upkeep, which saves money. After five years of consistent use, it’s time to think about replacing your side-by-side fridge.

How long should a refrigerator last?

Refrigerators typically have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. If your refrigerator is over 10 years old and you’re having any of the other problems listed above, it might be more cost-effective to replace it. Otherwise, you could have to spend your cash on a broken refrigerator.


It’s frustrating to have one’s Bench Top refrigerator or freezer dented while multitasking in the kitchen. You won’t freak out if your refrigerator gets dented anymore because you know how to fix it! If your refrigerator has dents, don’t worry; you can fix them by following the advice in this article. You may easily avoid dings in your refrigerator by taking some preventative measures. There is a simple way to maintain your refrigerator’s stainless steel finish.