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How do I defrost my refrigerator freezer without turning it off?” If ice has built up in your freezer, then. You can defrost your freezer without turning it off by removing all perishables and then using a heated cloth, vacuum, ice scraper, fan, or blow dryer to melt the ice.

Using these supplies, you can defrost your freezer without having to shut off the appliance. The quality of your food won’t suffer if you defrost your freezer without turning off your refrigerator, and there are a number of ways to do so.

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Regular defrosting of the freezer can keep your refrigerator in tip-top form. The formation of frost is influenced by a number of factors, one of which is ice building on the freezer.

Remember that thawing the ice buildup as soon as possible is essential if you find that it is at least 14 inches thick.

You’ve found the ideal place if you’re trying to find information on how to quickly defrost a freezer.

How long does it take to defrost a freezer?

The freezer will completely defrost if you turn off the power and leave the doors open for 24 hours.

You might either borrow your neighbor’s freezer space or defrost your own freezer in advance so that you can eat the goods stored there.

How Often Should You Defrost Your Freezer?

No matter what kind of freezer you have, you should defrost it once a year or when the ice coating is more than a quarter of an inch thick. Please unplug your freezer before attempting to defrost it. This is an essential safety measure that should not be skipped through regardless of the option you end up picking from this list.

Cover the floor with towels or a plastic shower liner to keep it safe, and take all perishables out of the fridge. Spread a couple rags or old towels on the bottom of the freezer to help remove any excess moisture from the food. Moving your defrosted freezer outside will reduce the amount of mess you have to clean up afterward.

Here are eight ways to defrost your freezer quickly or slowly, depending on your needs.

Hacks To Defrost A Freezer Without Turning It Off

Due to the fridge’s several connected freezers, turning it off to defrost one of them could potentially spoil the food within the fridge. It goes without saying that you’ll need to empty the refrigerator freezer entirely into a cooler with a lot more ice before you can start defrosting it. You can defrost your refrigerator freezer without having to turn it off by following these five simple steps.

Using a scraper

Defrosting a refrigerator or freezer often includes scraping away the ice that has accumulated within. Remove any ice that has developed, but don’t do anything that could damage the freezer. When the hacks are finally exposed, an ice scraper will be among the options available.

Using a fan

One of the most typical methods for rapid defrosting a freezer is to position a fan in front of the open door. This will work the quickest if the air in your home is already warm enough to be circulated by the fan.

Keep the door open and the fan outside the freezer until you’ve done emptying it. Do the next hack if you don’t have the time to wait for the ice to melt.

Using a blow dryer

Defrosting your refrigerator or freezer with a hair dryer requires prudence. If you’re concerned about getting an electric shock, a cordless blow dryer might be the way to go. To add insult to injury, you can break your freezer by misusing the hair dryer.

If you are not using a portable blow dryer, be sure the cable does not get wet. Keep the walls of your freezer and refrigerator safe from your hair dryer by keeping them at an angle. After that, you can quickly scrape the ice off the walls of the freezer with a tool like a scraper, but be careful not to damage the walls.

Applying a hot cloth

If the ice in your freezer has built up and you need to get it out immediately, you might try melting it using a hot cloth. Put on heat-resistant gloves first, or use tongs to handle the hot cloth, to avoid burning your fingers. When you’re ready, use a clean cloth to apply rubbing alcohol on the ice. If your freezer just has a few inches of ice, you will find this method particularly helpful.

Using a vacuum

The ice in your freezer can also be quickly melted away with the help of a hot cloth. To protect your hands from the heat of the fabric, put on gloves or use tongs. Rub the alcohol in by soaking the rag’s tip in the solution. It’s possible to reduce the amount of ice needed in the freezer by employing this method.

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Repeat this process until the freezer is totally defrosted. Just as with a hair dryer, there are some basic safety precautions to take when operating a vacuum cleaner; you shouldn’t skip these.

Wait for Ice to Melt

Unplug it, leave the door ajar, and wait for the ice to melt.

This method of defrosting can be time consuming for individuals who reside in areas with exceptionally cold temperatures. As an added bonus, this is the most secure method of defrosting your freezer. Get some fresh air and some patience by throwing open the door and going for a stroll. Sponge or towel down the area when the ice begins to melt. You could also lay down some old towels on the floor to collect any water that may leak from the device.

You probably share my impatience, if we’re really alike. If that’s the case, use these methods to hasten the defrosting time.

Set Bowls or Pans of Hot Water on the Shelves

Place pans of boiling water on the shelves of your freezer and close the door to defrost it quickly. Because the freezers are hermetically sealed, the steam from the hot water can assist melt the ice inside. After waiting around 30 minutes, you can scrape it off by hand using a plastic tool.

To prevent the shelves from getting too hot, place a towel that has been tightly folded under the heated containers before applying the heat. Make sure there’s room in your freezer for the pan.

Depending on how quickly the ice is accumulating, you may need to replenish the pan with hot water as often as every 10 minutes. To get rid of the melting ice, simply dump out the water and sponge it clean.

Heat a Metal Spatula

The use of a hot metal spatula to defrost food is one of the riskiest options. Hold the spatula over the flame while protecting your hand with an oven mitt. Simply pressing the spatula into the ice can help loosen and break up the frozen substance.

Because of the potential for burns and appliance damage, we don’t recommend this method of defrosting. Although it isn’t strictly necessary, it’s worth mentioning because it speeds up the process of defrosting your freezer. If you want to hasten the defrosting procedure, use this method with care.

Use a Wet/Dry Vacuum

To use the wet/dry vacuum’s smaller nozzle, flip the switch located on the back of the machine. The best way to get down is to start at the top of any surface and work your way down slowly. Use a hair straightener instead of risking electrocution with a curling iron. Once ice cubes start to melt, immediately vacuum the water and ice out of the melting ice. Once each layer has dried, you can move on to the next. For best results, use this strategy with the others presented below.

Once the ice has melted, you may clean the freezer with a mixture of a tablespoon of baking soda and a gallon of hot, soapy water. Use the solution on a sponge to wipe off the inside of your freezer. Carry on until everything is completely clean. Before storing, give the inside a quick wipe down with a dry towel. To restore the proper temperature, plug in the freezer and shut the door. Within 30 minutes, you can return the food to the freezer.

What if freezer ice builds up very frequently?

If you find yourself defrosting your freezer more than once every few months, there may be a problem with the thermostat, door seal, drain, vent, or another part of the appliance. For freezer repair services, choose the local Mr. Appliance®.

What to Do with Food When You’re Defrosting the Freezer

Pick out the frozen foods you want to retain until the ice melts. Do not take too much food out of the cooler or extra freezer at once; this will prevent the food from thawing. Expired items or those without a clear provenance should be discarded. The risk of spoilage or freezer burn still exists with frozen foods. Check out these suggestions to avoid wasting food that has been damaged by freezer burn.

Be mindful of how full your freezer gets before you stop replenishing it. The gadget requires adequate ventilation of cold air in order to maintain appropriate freezing and reduce ice accumulation. Your freezer will function more efficiently if it is not crammed full of perishables.

Take This Chance to Clean the Freezer

Once the ice has been removed, quickly clean the freezer with a soapy rag. Freezer performance greatly improves when the door seals are regularly cleaned. Make sure the freezer has been thoroughly cleaned and dried before restocking it. Keep your fridge and freezer in pristine condition by cleaning them out now.

Count on Mr. Appliance for Freezer Repairs

A well-kept freezer is one that can be used with minimal effort and expense. Our expert appliance technicians can fix any problem you’re having with your freezer, whether it’s frosty inside or making a buzzing noise. The details are available by calling your local Mr. Appliance or by making an appointment for service through the website.


Is defrosting a freezer with a hair dryer okay?

Sure! To err on the side of caution is preferable to having to apologize afterwards. If you’re using a hair dryer to melt ice, be careful not to get electrocuted by letting water leak onto the appliance. (Here is some additional safety information.)

Should I chip the ice out of my freezer?

To scrape away ice that has melted, use a plastic spatula. If you pick at the ice in your freezer with a knife or other sharp object, you risk damaging or puncturing it.

Do you leave the door open when defrosting a freezer?

Allowing the ice to melt naturally is all that’s required to defrost a freezer. Disconnecting the appliance will allow the ice to melt at a natural rate. Having a fan close to your freezer will help speed up the defrosting process.

How long does it take to defrost a fridge freezer before moving?

If you want to get rid of any leftover moisture in your fridge and freezer, clean and dry every surface, then leave the doors open for at least 24 hours. Even in the driest conditions, mold and mildew can thrive.

Can you pour hot water to defrost a freezer?

DO Put a basin of hot water in the freezer to hasten the melting process. You should re-warm the water around once every 15 minutes. The defrosting time will be cut down significantly.

Why does my freezer keep icing up?

In your freezer, frost forms when moisture condenses on the evaporator coils. The most common reasons of freezer frost are as follows: a damaged or worn door seal, which is responsible for preventing warm air from escaping and cold air from entering the freezer (or gasket).

What happens if you leave a freezer open all night?

If the temperature inside the freezer is less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, leaving the door open for up to two hours is safe. The meal could go bad if you keep it in there for too long. In most cases, a freezer will continue to work well even if it has been left open for as little as two hours. Even if left open for more than a day, it won’t suffer any significant damage.

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Do you need to unplug your fridge before moving?

A new refrigerator takes some time to get used to the kitchen conditions in your new house before you can start using it. Before re-connecting the compressor, give it at least four hours for the oil to settle. After waiting four hours, you can plug in your device.


Here are the five best ways to defrost a refrigerator freezer without turning off the appliance: Defrosting a freezer can be time-consuming, but it is necessary to do so often to ensure that your refrigerator functions at its best.

Some of these hacks can be too dangerous to try, so be careful with the appliance if you do decide to give them a try.

In order to maintain the quality of other items stored in the refrigerator, it is recommended that the freezer be defrosted while the refrigerator is still in operation. Consider the potential increase in your electricity bill if you go this route. Mini-fridge defrosting instructions can be found by defrosting one.