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You’re wondering, “How to defrost a fridge freezer without turning it off?” if your freezer is clogged with ice. Remove all food items from the freezer before using an ice scraper, fan, blow dryer, a hot cloth, or a vacuum to remove the ice within the freezer without turning it off.

Defrosting your freezer is easier using these materials, which don’t necessitate turning off the fridge. There are many ways to defrost your freezer without having to turn your fridge off, and the quality of your food won’t be harmed by doing so.

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Keep your fridge in top shape by defrosting the freezer regularly. Many variables, including an ice buildup on the freezer, contribute to the accumulation of frost.

Keep in mind that if you discover that the ice buildup is at least 14 inch thick, you should thaw it quickly to avoid future problems.

If you’re looking for ways to fast defrost a freezer, you’ve come to the right place.

How long does it take to defrost a freezer?

If you turn off the freezer and leave the doors open for 24 hours, the freezer will totally defrost.

Alternatively, you might borrow freezer space from a neighbor or defrost the freezer ahead of time and then use the food that was stored there.

How Often Should You Defrost Your Freezer?

You should defrost your freezer at least once a year or when the ice coating is more than a quarter of an inch thick, no matter what sort of freezer you have. Before you begin defrosting your freezer, please disconnect it. Regardless of which approach you choose from this list, this is a critical safety precaution that should not be ignored.

Protect your floor by covering it with towels or a thick plastic shower liner, and remove all food from the unit. Put a few old towels or rags on the bottom of the freezer to help absorb the moisture from the food. Once your freezer has been defrosted, you’ll have less of a mess to clean up if you can transfer it outside.

No matter how quickly you defrost your freezer, here are eight methods to get the job done.

Hacks To Defrost A Freezer Without Turning It Off

Because the fridge is connected to multiple freezers, shutting it off to defrost one of them could have unintended consequences for the food within the fridge. Of course, before you can begin defrosting the fridge freezer, all of the contents must be removed and transferred to a cooler that is far more ice-filled. These five greatest tips for defrosting a fridge freezer without turning it off might help you get started.

Using a scraper

One of the more traditional approaches to defrosting a fridge freezer involves scraping off the ice that has formed on the interior. Scrape off any ice that has formed, but be careful not to harm the freezer by going overboard. Using an ice scraper is also a viable option for the upcoming hacks that will be revealed.

Using a fan

A fan placed in front of an open freezer is one of the most common ways to fast defrost your freezer. However, if the air in your house is warm enough to be circulated when you run the fan, this will work the fastest.

After you’ve finished emptying it, keep the door open and place the fan outside the freezer. If you don’t have the patience to wait for the ice to melt, you can attempt the next hack instead.

Using a blow dryer

Use caution when using a blow dryer to defrost your fridge freezer. The risk of electric shock is greater while using a plugged blow dryer, therefore you may prefer to use a portable one. Additionally, if you use the blow dryer incorrectly, you run the risk of damaging the freezer.

Keep the cord out of the water if you don’t have a portable blow dryer in order to use this trick successfully. To avoid damaging your fridge freezer’s walls, don’t point your blow dryer directly at them. After that, you can use a tool like a scraper to remove the ice as rapidly as possible, but be careful not to touch the freezer walls.

Applying a hot cloth

You may also try using a hot cloth to remove the ice buildup from your fridge freezer quickly. But before that, wear some protective gloves to keep your hands safe from heat or use some tongs to hold the hot cloth. Apply the rubbing alcohol to the ice with a rag when you’re ready. This technique is especially useful if your freezer just has thin layers of ice.

Using a vacuum

You can also use a heated cloth to swiftly remove the ice from your refrigerator freezer. But first, put on some gloves or use tongs to keep your hands out of harm’s way from the hot cloth. To apply the rubbing alcohol, wet the end of the rag and spritz it with the solution. With this strategy, you can save space in the freezer by using only the thinnest of layers of ice.

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You should keep doing this until the freezer is completely dry. Vacuum cleaner safety considerations are necessary, just like when using the blow dryer, so be sure to follow these before attempting this hack.

Wait for Ice to Melt

To get the ice out, simply unplug it, open the door, and wait.

For those who live in a location where the weather is particularly cold, this method of defrosting can take quite a while. It’s also the safest way to defrost your freezer, as well. Open the door, go for a walk, and bring some patience with you. When the ice starts to melt, use a sponge or a towel to soak up the extra water. Place old towels on the floor to soak up any water that spills out of the appliance, as well.

If you’re anything like me, you’re easily impatient. If so, here are a few techniques to speed up the process of defrosting.

Set Bowls or Pans of Hot Water on the Shelves

If you want to defrost your freezer faster, you can lay pans of boiling water on the shelves and then shut the door on them. The steam from the hot water helps loosen the ice in the freezers because they are tightly sealed. After around 30 minutes, you can then remove it by hand using a plastic scraper.

When using this method, we recommend placing a densely folded towel under the heated containers in order to protect the shelves from the heat. Make sure your freezer has enough area to accommodate the pan.

Every 10 minutes or so, depending on how much ice has accumulated, you will need to replace the pan of hot water. Replace the water and use a sponge to remove the melted ice.

Heat a Metal Spatula

Using a heated metal spatula to thaw food is one of the most risky methods. Holding a metal spatula over a flame while wearing an oven mitt, heat it. To loosen and break up the ice, simply press the spatula into it.

We don’t suggest this way of defrosting because you could burn yourself or damage the appliance. However, it’s worth mentioning because it can help melt the ice in your freezer more quickly. Please utilize this procedure with caution if you opt to speed up the defrosting process.

Use a Wet/Dry Vacuum

Set the wet/dry vacuum’s blower switch to the smallest nozzle attachment. Slowly descend from the highest point on all surfaces, beginning at the top. If you don’t want to risk electrocution, you should use a hair straightener instead. Vacuum the water and ice out of the ice cubes as soon as they begin to fall apart. When all the layers are dry, proceed to the next one. This method should be used in conjunction with the other ways on this list for maximum effectiveness.

Once the ice has melted, you can use a spoonful of baking soda in hot, soapy water to wipe out the freezer. To clean the inside of the freezer, simply use the solution and a sponge. Continue until the area is spotless. Wipe the inside with a dry towel before putting it away. Plug it back in and close the freezer door to get it back to the right temperature. You’ll be able to put the food back in the freezer in around 30 minutes.

What if freezer ice builds up very frequently?

It’s possible that the thermostat, door seal, drain, vent, or another component is faulty if your freezer needs to be defrosted three or four times a year. Contact your nearest Mr. Appliance® to get your freezer back to working order.

What to Do with Food When You’re Defrosting the Freezer

Decide what you’ll keep from your frozen food stash until the ice melts. To keep the food from thawing, only remove one item at a time from the cooler or extra freezer. Anything unexplained or past its use-by date should be thrown away. There is still a chance that food that has been frozen will go bad or suffer from freezer burn. To avoid wasting food that has been harmed by freezer burn, check out these recommendations.

When restocking your freezer, be careful not to overfill it. To keep things properly frozen and minimize ice buildup, the device need room to circulate cold air. When your freezer isn’t overstuffed, it works better, too.

Take This Chance to Clean the Freezer

Use a soapy rag to quickly clean out the freezer after the ice has been removed. In order to keep the freezer running well, you should clean the door seals. Before reloading the freezer, carefully clean and dry the interior. This is also a good opportunity to clean out your refrigerator and freezer to keep them both sparkling.

Count on Mr. Appliance for Freezer Repairs

When you have a well-maintained freezer, you have a freezer that is both convenient and cost-effective. Any issue with your freezer can be resolved by our team of appliance professionals, including excessive frost or a loud humming noise. You can call your local Mr. Appliance or schedule service online to get the information.


Is defrosting a freezer with a hair dryer okay?

Sure! It’s best to be safe rather than sorry. Avoid electric shock by not letting dripping water come into contact with the hair dryer while aiming it at the ice. (More safety advice can be found here.)

Should I chip the ice out of my freezer?

Use a plastic spatula to remove melting ice. The ice in your freezer could be punctured or damaged if you use a knife or other sharp tool to pick at it.

Do you leave the door open when defrosting a freezer?

Defrosting a freezer is as simple as allowing the ice to melt naturally. Wait for the ice to melt on its own once you disconnect your appliance. You can speed up the defrosting process by placing a fan near your freezer.

How long does it take to defrost a fridge freezer before moving?

Clean and dry all surfaces of your refrigerator and freezer, then leave the doors open for at least 24 hours to allow any lingering moisture to dissipate. Mold and mildew may flourish in even the driest of environments.

Can you pour hot water to defrost a freezer?

DO To speed up the melting process, place a bowl of hot water in the freezer. About every 15 minutes, turn the water back on and let it warm up again. This will speed up the process of defrosting.

Why does my freezer keep icing up?

Moisture condenses on the evaporator coils of your freezer, causing frost to form. The following are the most typical causes of frost buildup: A door seal that is worn or damaged: Keeping the cold air in and the warm air out of your freezer is the job of your freezer’s door seal (or gasket).

What happens if you leave a freezer open all night?

At 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, the freezer door can be left open for up to two hours. If you leave it in there for any longer, you run the risk of spoiling the food. Even if a freezer is left open for as little as two hours, it will usually still function well. It won’t be seriously harmed unless it’s left open for more than a day.

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Do you need to unplug your fridge before moving?

Before you can start using your new fridge, it needs some time to settle in the kitchen of your new home. Allow at least four hours for the compressor oil to settle before plugging it back in. Once four hours have passed, you can plug in your appliance.


To defrost a fridge freezer without shutting it down, here are the five best tips: Defrosting a freezer may take some time, but it’s best to perform it on a regular basis in order to keep your fridge running at its optimum.

Make sure you handle the appliance properly if you decide to try some of these hacks, as some of them can be too unsafe to try.

When defrosting the freezer, it is a good idea to keep the fridge running in order to preserve the quality of other goods stored within. However, this may also use more electricity, so be aware of this when making your decision. Defrost a mini-fridge to learn more about how often it should be defrosted.