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Having an unused refrigerator for whatever reason is not uncommon.

The good news is that you can get plenty of money for your broken down fridge. You just need to find the right market.

This post features a long list of resources where you can sell your old refrigerator for top dollar.

If you no longer need your old functional refrigerator, someone like myself who would appreciate having a second refrigerator in the basement or garage could benefit from having it.

Someone in need of a refrigerator who doesn’t want to spend full price on a new model can benefit from your gently used fridge if it’s in good condition. Another potential beneficiary is a landlord in need of a new refrigerator for their rental property.

If you need money and have an old fridge lying around, consider selling it at one of the sites below.

You shouldn’t just go ahead and pick a location to sell your old fridge without first reading these important guidelines. Important ones will be discussed in the following section of this essay.

What are my options for getting rid of a refrigerator?

Your refrigerator is probably one of the most often used appliances in your kitchen. Just like cars and washing machines, refrigerators have a finite lifespan. You’ll need to switch to a newer, more energy-efficient model sooner or later.

Now the question is, where are you going to put that old fridge? The good news is that you can have huge cooling appliances picked up, donated, or recycled.

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1. Retailer or manufacturer refrigerator trade-in

Ask your appliance dealer if they would remove your old fridge for free as part of the sale before you shell out the cash. An old refrigerator can be discarded in this fashion.

When you buy a new refrigerator from a store that offers one-to-one trade-in services, the old one is removed from your home and either recycled or refurbished. If the store is delivering your refrigerator anyhow, this is a nice added service they may offer.

Some, however, stipulate that your aging fridge be in operable condition. There may be a supplementary charge of $10 to $50 for this service. Don’t forget to inquire if you need to request and pay for a one-to-one pick up service when purchasing new appliances from the store.

2. Recycle your old refrigerator

You may be able to recycle your old fridge if it still functions and is in good enough condition to do so according to local standards.

If you need help locating your electric utility, call your state’s energy office. There are ever more appliance recycling programs, which are sponsored by a wide variety of municipal utilities and environmental organizations.

It’s better for the planet if you recycle your refrigerator.

  • Fridges produce a significant amount of greenhouse gases, and recycling them can help reduce those emissions and limit ozone depletion.
  • By diverting them from landfills and keeping them out of the environment’s water and air, landfill diversion and energy efficiency both increase.

However, you’ll have to find the closest recycling center and transport your old, unclean fridge there by yourself; and refrigerators are hefty. Recycling refrigerators for free is also uncommon.

3. Donate your gently used refrigerator to charity

Donations of used refrigerators in good operating condition are accepted by several local charity. To find out whether any local organizations will accept your old fridge, you can just call them up and ask. In most cases, you’ll have to arrange your own transportation to a donation site in order to drop off the fridge.

There are, however, organizations that will come to your house and pick up heavy appliances like refrigerators for free. Thus, you can relax knowing that your old fridge will be picked up promptly by the charity without any hassle on your part.

4. Throw your refrigerator out with the trash

It’s possible that you’ve decided to ditch your old fridge and give it to the city to dispose of. Though appealing at first, doing so would have severe consequences, especially for the natural world.

You should schedule a pickup appointment with your garbage provider at least 2 weeks in advance, or wait until your trash collectors collect heavy items.

Take your old fridge to a landfill or recycling center as that is often the required disposal method. Additionally, you will be required to pay a disposal charge and have a professional take out the refrigerator’s compressor and drain the coolant before you can throw it away.

It is recommended that you take the doors off in advance. Don’t seal the door with tape! Refrigerators and freezers that have been sealed with tape are illegal to dispose of in landfills.

5. Use junk removal services for old fridge or freezer.

Hiring a professional junk removal service to collect, carry, and dispose of your old refrigerator can spare you the time, effort, and potential annoyance of doing it yourself.

Paying a junk removal agency to come and haul away your old fridge and dispose of it properly will cost you money, but it will be money well spent considering how much time and effort you will save. Investigate the fees associated with disposing of your appliances.

4 Tips for Selling Your Used Refrigerator Online or Locally

There are viable possibilities for those who have wondered “who buys used appliances near me?” or “where can I sell outdated appliances for huge cash?”

Creating a list and using it to sell your wares is a breeze, and it costs you nothing to do so. However, it may never be simple for you to simply post an ad and have a buyer appear.

Following these guidelines will help you fetch top dollar when selling your old fridge online or in person.

#1. Take Good Photos of the Appliance (Refrigerator)

Including high-quality images in your online or local (Craigslist) appliance ad is the quickest and easiest approach to sell your item.

Though a detailed explanation of the gadget is helpful, a photo or two is also welcome, and those images should be transparent enough to show what it is.

Ensure that the photographs you submit are crisp and well-lit. Pictures that are too grainy or fuzzy won’t provide the buyer a good idea of what their item looks like.

Don’t forget to document the refrigerator’s condition in detail, including any blemishes or dents, so that no buyer is caught off guard by the fridge’s actual state during the inspection process.

Taking clear, detailed pictures of your equipment will help potential buyers decide whether or not to purchase it. Therefore, even non-functioning appliances may be sold for cash if you take adequate photographs of them.

You can get by with the camera on your phone rather than investing in an expensive camera.

#2. Create a Title that Grabs Attention

The title of your ad is, together with the images you use, one of its most crucial components. You need a catchy slogan or catchy slogan, right? If you want people to check out your listing, you need a catchy title.

Please be as detailed as possible.

A classified ad that simply reads “Used Refrigerator for Sale” is unlikely to garner much interest because it lacks specificity and appeal.

Focus on the details and emphasize the article’s strongest points.

Try “Fairly Use White Thermocool Refrigerator for Sale” instead of “Used Refrigerator for Sale.”

Don’t make the title overly long, but do highlight the article’s most important concepts.

#3. Be Honest About the Condition of the Appliance

Make sure you’re being truthful about the condition of the appliance when establishing your tab. It’s true that people dislike hypocrisy.

For this reason, it is essential to detail any imperfections, such as scratches, that may exist on the equipment. Also, be forthright about how it has being utilized.

A couple without children may not have put as much wear and tear on their washing machine as a family with four people.

If you’re selling something, being upfront about its condition and background will go a long way toward closing the deal.

You can still find good in heavy use of an object. It’s been put off for ten years due to heavy use by a family of four children, for instance.

#4. Don’t Forget to List Your Location

Listing your location is crucial if you want to attract local customers. Buyers are often unwilling to go far to purchase large items like refrigerators.

However far away you are, you should still be willing to deliver to customers’ homes in exchange for a small fee.

People don’t want to drive too far to buy your thing, so be sure to include your location details.

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15 Places to Sell Old Refrigerator for Big Cash in 2022

Listed below are 15 options where you may get top dollar for your used fridge:

#1. Craigslist

Until something better comes along, Craigslist is where you should be selling your used goods. Then, selling your old fridge on Craigslist is a fantastic idea.

If you want to make a lot of money off of the sale of your old refrigerator on Craigslist, you’ll need to set the asking price far lower than that of a comparable alternative model. 

#2. OfferUp

With OfferUp, you can find local buyers and sellers for a wide variety of household goods, automobiles, and other items.

OfferUp is a marketplace where vendors and buyers in your area can meet each other and transact in real time.

They also have a user rating system so you can identify reliable buyers.

#3. 5Miles

5miles is more than just a marketplace. It is a meeting place for sellers and buyers in the same area.

Used automobiles, refrigerators, furniture, electronics, and services like hairstyling and automotive repairs can all be bought and sold here.

#4. LetGo

LetGo is an app that allows you to buy and sell old items, including vehicles, electronics, and video games.

It’s also a great location to generate some extra cash by selling unwanted stuff from around the house.

To get started, download the app and sign in using your Facebook or Google account; the app will automatically import your name and profile picture.

How to maximize the amount of money you make from selling items on LetGo is the subject of my in-depth review.

#5. VarageSale

When it comes to apps that help you buy and sell new and old products in your area, VarageSale is hard to beat. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a place to have online yard sales.

Basic home appliances, however, can be bought and sold on the site.

The fact that millions of people put their faith in this software is quite remarkable. This ensures that the folks purchasing from you are legitimate members of your local community.

#6. Facebook Marketplace

If you’re looking for a place to buy or sell locally, you may also check out Facebook’s Market place. If you are a seller, you can look through the listings to locate potential buyers in my area.

You may also post an ad on Facebook to sell your old fridge. Accessing the Marketplace does not necessitate the installation of a third-party app.

#7. Lowe’s

Your old refrigerator and other appliances can be hauled away through Lowe, an online service.

#8. eBay

The online auction site eBay is similar to Craigslist in that it lets you sell your unwanted items to local buyers.

To sell items on eBay is similar to selling on Craigslist. Create a listing for the item(s) you wish to sell and upload a high-quality image of each.

Put your item up for auction, or sell it for a fixed amount if you like.

#9. Best Buy

Best Buy is a great local retailer for upgrading to the latest and greatest in consumer electronics, laptops, appliances, mobile phones, video games, and more.

If you are buying a new refrigerator from them to replace an old one, they will come and haul away your old one for $14.99.

For the low, low price of $99.99, they’ll come take away your old fridge whether or not you end up purchasing a replacement from them.

#10. Sears

If you’d like, you may also go to Sears.com, which, for $25, will remove your old refrigerator. This, however, is conditional on your decision to buy a new refrigerator from them.

If not, you can use the platform to sell whatever you want and pocket the proceeds.

#11. Mercari

Another program where you may unload your old appliances is Mercari. Using the app is free, but it will deduct a percentage of your earnings from each transaction.

Mercari also allows you to broadcast your listings throughout various social media platforms. The program also allows you to monitor your sales.

#12. Home Depot

Home Depot is another option for selling your old appliances online, and its website will let you do it for a fee (though it won’t say how much).

Appliances, outdoor furnishings, barbeque grills, carpeting, kitchen remodel components, power equipment, etc. may all be purchased here online.

#13. Shpock

A visit to Shpock, an online marketplace for buying and selling, will make you appreciate the value of gently used items. Basically, this marketplace is perfect for selling anything you can think of.

So, you may reach customers all throughout the country and charge them nothing to buy your stuff.

#14. Tradyo

A social marketplace program, Tradyo facilitates transactions between friends and family members, both virtually and in real life.

Using Tradyo, you can sell your old fridge for cash in your neighborhood. Like Craigslist, it serves as a place to post advertisements for the purchase and sale of used goods.

Adding an item to the listings is free of charge.

#15. Wallapop

Using Wallapop, you may uncover great local possibilities and make money by selling your unused belongings.

The app connects users with buyers and sellers of old home appliances in their immediate area.

Where Else Can I Sell My Used Appliances? 5 Alternatives

#1. Sell the Scrap Metal of Your Old Refrigerator to Recycler

It’s advisable to sell a broken or otherwise unusable old fridge to a scrap metal recycler rather than trying to fix it up so it can be resold.

Even if your refrigerator is beyond repair, you can still make a lot of money by selling it to a scrap metal recycling firm.

You can disassemble it and sell the parts to businesses that will reuse the metals in new products.

If you’re looking for a reliable place to do so, go no further than Got Scrap. If you click the link, you’ll be taken directly to the section where you may add your listing.

#2. Create and Sell it in a Yard Sale

It’s possible to accomplish your goal by using this approach, albeit it’s not very popular. If you’ve already tried the aforementioned methods without success, a Yard Sale may be your next best bet.

Holding a Yard Sale is a great way to get rid of unwanted items you have lying about the house or in the garage.

This could be the perfect opportunity to bring all of this items together, set up a fun shopping spot, and make some additional money.

You can do this by promoting your yard sale on websites like Craigslist and in print publications in your area. Include the condition of the old fridge and the asking price in the ad.

If you’re having trouble moving the product, charging more for delivery might help.

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#3. Get a Rebate for Your Old Refrigerator

When individuals trade in their old appliances, they typically receive a cash reward. Attempting to recycle large appliances like refrigerators is often rewarded by firms with cash back.

ENERGY STAR is your one-stop shop for information on recycling rebates from the many companies in the market today.

AEP Ohio, for example, may offer you a discount of $45 if you switch to them.

#4. Contact Local Appliance Stores

The local appliance stores are another potential venue for selling your old fridge.

Used appliances can be found at most stores that specialize in that field. So they might be interested in buying your secondhand refrigerator.

You might begin by finding local appliance stores, contacting them, and gauging their level of interest in purchasing your used fridge.

#5. Sell your Appliances at a Garage Sale

A garage sale is another choice for disposing of unwanted home appliances.

Although the internet is a great place to find buyers for used refrigerators, don’t discount garage sales as a viable alternative.

Going to yard sales on the weekend is a popular way to save money on major household items. Also present will be prospective customers.

A garage sale is another option for unloading your old fridge.

Tips How To Become A Reliable Seller

Keep in mind these suggestions if you want your customers to have faith in you. And they’d learn all about the item they’re getting:

Tip #1. Don’t hide the flaws

Don’t lie to customers about the quality of the item you’re offering. Give the individual who is interested all to know about it, including its shortcomings and its weak points. By being forthright with the customers, you’ll lessen the chance that they’ll think you’re trying to defraud them.

Tip #2. Avoid overpricing

Determine the pricing based on the value and performance of the product. Do not overcharge for something that is obviously old and damaged. The price of a used item is typically substantially lower than the retail price of a brand new equivalent. Still, some purchasers may likely present you with a cheaper offer; you should give this some thought.

Tip #3. Include the reasons why you’re selling it

The purchaser will seek an explanation for this. Let them know so they don’t assume it’s broken or isn’t working properly. In all candor, you should disclose any damage to the customer.

Final Thought

While some organizations will remove your old fridge for free, others will ask for a little fee. You might try selling it online or at a recycling center to make some extra cash.

There are quite a few of them in this article.