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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to learn how to build a wedding band. Wood, aluminum, and even nickel coin are used in the construction of this handbook.

If you’re thinking of constructing your own ring, you’ll learn more about the process. As for wedding bands and rings, we recommend checking out our blog for etiquette tutorials.

Among other things, learn how to wear an anniversary band with a wedding ring.

5 Reasons Why it’s Important to Wear your Wedding Ring?


A couple’s devotion to one another is symbolized by their wedding bands. To prove his devotion to the marriage, the groom would offer the bride’s family with a costly ring. This practice dates back to the Middle Ages, when the groom would present the bride’s family with an expensive ring as a mark of his dedication to the marriage. When you wear your engagement ring, you are showing that you are in a committed relationship and that you are eager to show it off. In addition to reminding your partner of how important they are to you, wearing a wedding band on a daily basis can also act as a reminder to yourself of how important they are to you.


Another way to show your commitment, love, and affection is to put on your wedding band. Marriage is not always seen as a product of love in various cultures, but wearing a wedding band shows that you care about the person you’re married to and that they have a significant place in your life. It can also serve as a reminder of the happy times you’ve enjoyed with your spouse in the past, which can help you cope with the loss of them. The ring is not only a symbol of your marriage, but also a reminder of the happy times you’ve enjoyed with your spouse.

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You can use your wedding ring to remind yourself to make decisions with your spouse in mind. In order to maintain your partner’s respect, it is imperative that you wear your wedding band on a daily basis. You must realize that you are no longer single and that your actions might have an impact on both you and your spouse, so you must think twice before making certain decisions and ask yourself, “Are my behaviors respectful to my partner?” Maintaining a constant awareness of your partner’s needs is essential in any relationship, but it’s especially important in a marriage. It’s a subtle way to show your mate how much you value their presence in your life.


Wearing your wedding band all the time is a great way to deflect unwanted attention. Many married couples have doubts about their relationships ending in divorce, even if they may not confess it. Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce. Wedding rings can help prevent unwanted repercussions from developing since they plainly communicate to everybody you may interact with on a regular basis, that you are in a committed relationship. Emotional separation from your relationship or feeling neglected or unloved is also thought to be the most common reason of infidelity. However, even if you can’t avoid these feelings entirely, you can still show that you are attached, committed, and appreciative of your partner by wearing your wedding ring every day in honor of him or her as mentioned above.


Wearing your wedding ring all the time shows your children that your marriage is strong and stable, which is reason number five to always wear your wedding ring. The meaning of your wedding band will become clearer and clearer to your children as time goes on and they begin to appreciate the concept of marriage and healthy relationships. In other words, if you and your spouse provide a good example for your future children, they will have a more positive view of marriage in the future.

How To Make A Wedding Ring: 3 Ways

Using wood

Although a wooden ring is an unusual alternative for a wedding band, it will require a lot of time and effort to make. For a rustic-themed wedding, a piece of wood with an unusual pattern should be used so that it would look well worn.

  1. Measuring the wearer’s finger size will help you determine the wooden ring’s outside diameter.
  2. Partially create the outside hole by drilling through the wood with a drill press.
  3. Drill a hole in the center of the one you made in the second stage to work on the interior.
  4. A hole saw can be used to finish the outer hole.
  5. Remove the saw’s ring and sand the inside to the required width
  6. Use a belt sander to fine-tune the ring’s size.
  7. Rings can be made to be more pleasant for wearers by reducing the sharpness of the edges
  8. Hand sanding and waxing are the last touches to the appearance.

Using aluminum

Consider creating a ring out of aluminum if you don’t like the look of a wooden ring. It may not be as eye-catching as a diamond-encrusted ring, but you fashioned it yourself and it’ll look fantastic as a wedding band for the man.

  1. You can use a little aluminum cube and a saw to chop off the corners.
  2. Use a big file to reshape the aluminum into a spherical form.
  3. Make two wedding rings from the spherical aluminum piece by slicing it lengthwise.
  4. After cutting each aluminum chunk into the desired size, use an abrasive drill press to make holes on each side, starting with the center and working outwards.
  5. Refine the rings’ appearance with a file (i.e., desired thickness and hole size)

Using a nickel coin

If you start with a large piece of aluminum, filing a DIY aluminum wedding band might be time consuming. Instead of making your own wedding band, you can save time by using a five-cent quarter or any nickel coin that matches the size of your ring.

  1. Use a nail to notch the coin’s center.
  2. Drill a hole through the middle of the coin by encasing it in cardboard.
  3. Use a hole punch to widen this hole, then use a rotary tool to grind and reshape it to your liking.
  4. File the inside of the ring so it will be safer to wear

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Can You Make Your Own Wedding Ring?

Make the ring more comfortable to wear by filing down the interior.

Making your own wedding rings can take up to five hours and is more expensive than purchasing pre-made rings. Making the ring yourself at home can be time consuming and dangerous, especially if you’re not familiar with the necessary instruments.

How Do You Make A Ring From Scratch?

Be aware of how a wedding band should fit to ensure that it is comfortable and looks well on you.

Using wires and beads

  1. A jewelry file can be used to round the ends of a piece of craft wire.
  2. The longer end of the wire should be bent upward at a 90-degree angle while held in the nose pliers at one end.
  3. Beads should be inserted at the long end of the necklace so that they can rest on the angle.
  4. Make another 90-degree angle with the wire by bending it with the pliers that are holding the wire next to the final bead down
  5. Make a U-shape with the wire by holding it down and manipulating it.
  6. As you continue to shape and work the wire, go outside the box to come up with a unique design.
  7. Make sure the ring is comfortable to wear by putting it on your finger and checking to see if any protrusions are there.

Using polymer clay

  1. Polymer clay should be rolled out to about 1/4-inch thick and flattened.
  2. Use a round stencil and push it onto the clay according to the ring size you require.
  3. Using a 14-inch margin around the spherical shape, cut the clay appropriately.
  4. The ring’s edges should be cleaned up.
  5. Cook the clay for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. To complete, apply a coat of varnish to the rings.

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring

It’s common for engagement rings to have a single stone that either shines out on its own or is encircled by smaller stones. Engagement rings are often offered as part of a proposal or at an early stage of the engagement..

When you exchange your vows at your wedding ceremony, you get and wear an eternity ring, which is generally a simple metal or diamond-encrusted band. Even if the wedding band has diamonds or other jewels inlaid, its total carat weight is usually less than that of the engagement ring, therefore there is typically a large price difference between the two.

Throwing tradition out the window is, of course, an option. Lauren B. Fine Jewelry and Diamonds’ diamond consultant and engagement ring designer, Taylor Lanore, says brides are becoming more involved in the selection and design of their jewelry. They’re not only breaking with tradition, but they’re also choosing a broader range of rings for their engagement and wedding. “Wedding bands offer more flair,” she says. “People are doing anything they want.”

How to Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

The fourth finger of your left hand is traditionally where you wear both your engagement and wedding rings. Traditionally, the wedding band is worn inside the engagement ring to keep it close to your heart (aww).

On the other hand, especially if the bands aren’t easily stackable, some brides choose to wear their engagement ring on one hand and their wedding band the other.

When to Pick Out Wedding Bands

At least two months before the wedding, Lanore advises couples to select their wedding bands. Because your rings are already in production, you’ll be prepared for any last-minute changes to the wedding plans that may arise.

Do You Need Both?

In the end, this boils down to a matter of personal taste. Yes, if you prefer a more classic look. A wedding ring and engagement ring pairing is a timeless and attractive aesthetic, whether you’re adding a pavé diamond eternity band or a plain metal band. Additionally, stacking rings of three or more bands is a current craze that shows no signs of slowing off, often made up of various metals and designs.

There is nothing wrong with wearing only one ring to represent both your engagement and marriage. Some brides choose to wear just one ring for a variety of good reasons:

  • It’s easier to wear a single ring rather than a wedding band and engagement ring, and it can be just as beautiful.
  • Having one fewer thing to worry about (especially if you’re easily distracted) makes it easier to keep track of things.
  • When purchasing a wedding band and engagement ring as a set, you don’t worry about the two rings matching properly; this might be difficult when purchasing separate rings.
  • It is possible to save money by purchasing a single, eye-catching ring instead of two separate ones.

What’s the end result? Engagement and wedding rings are a personal choice, and there is no one way to go about it. Don’t be afraid to wear as many or as few bands as you like to represent your love and marriage—just be sure that the ring or rings you choose will have a long-lasting impact on you.

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Do I wear my engagement ring on my wedding day?

It is customary for engaged women to transfer their rings to the other hand immediately before the big walk down the aisle. During the wedding ceremony, their partner can effortlessly slip the wedding band onto their ring finger. After the processional, the bride can return the engagement ring to her left hand, completing the look with her new wedding band.

What is wedding stack soldering?

Soldering a wedding stack means fusing the wedding ring and engagement ring together into one unified ring. The rings still maintain their individual look, but they are bonded together indefinitely so they can’t be separated. This is a pragmatic option for anyone that prefers to have only one ring to take on and off instead of two.


There are several other ways to combine two rings into one, such as soldering them together. The rings retain their individuality, but they are permanently bound together and cannot be separated. Having only one ring to put on and take off instead of two is a practical choice for those who prefer it.

If you know what you’re doing, you can make a wedding band out of anything: wood, aluminum, nickel. It’s also possible to make jewelry with wire and beads or polymer clay.

These tutorials are for your benefit, and we hope you enjoy them. The outcome of your rings is what we want to know.