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If your child has outgrown the umbrella stroller fold, the Bob Motion Stroller is a great option. How to Fold Bob Motion Stroller is the subject of this post.

You may need to put away your Bob Motion when you are on vacation or when the weather is too hot. Make sure you follow these instructions to the letter so that your baby can travel in luxury on their next outing!

What Is BOB?

BOB was created by Roger Malinowski and Phillip Novotny, who met in 1994 . Mechanic Novotny worked for an aircraft, while Malinowski was well-versed in the field of bicycles.

The YAK was a modified cruiser bike that Novotny was selling when they first met. Malinowski rapidly realized that Novotny’s product could be a lucrative source of revenue. Together, they developed the YAK trailer, which revolutionized the way bicyclists haul cargo.

They first came up with the moniker “Beast of Burden,” but the name wasn’t as popular as they had imagined it would be. This was rebranded to BOB, a catchy moniker that quickly caught on.

Malinowski and Novotny’s idea for a jogging stroller didn’t take shape until after they had started families. The BOB Sport Utility Stroller was used as a starting point. All of BOB’s proprietary innovations were added, including improved suspension, polymer wheels, and an easy-to-fold frame.

They enlisted the help of their own children to guarantee that the stroller could survive the rough nature of children. Because they were able to flip, push, and jump on the buggy, they were able to tell if it was sturdy.

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It was a hit with customers, who promptly wanted a twin version. As a result of this, the Duallie was launched in 2001. A swiveling front wheel was developed in 2005 by the business as a way to improve turning.

BOB Today

It has been nearly two decades since BOB began making jogging strollers, and the company is still going strong. BOB was acquired in 2011 by Britax, a British manufacturer of children’s equipment.

Since 1939, Britax has been a part of the industry. With the help of BOB, it has grown into a major player in the industry today.

As always, the BOB branch is committed to supplying families with high-quality strollers. It aims to encourage parents to lead an active lifestyle by allowing them to bring even the newest members of their family along.

BOB Strollers Parent Reviews

Consumers appear to like BOB. Parents give the strollers high marks for their sturdiness and ease of use while running.

The swivel capability of the wheels is a feature that even parents who do not run their kids in strollers appreciate. If you’re running errands or going to the mall, these are great to have with you. It’s often praised for how easy it is to turn and steer.

A Britax stroller with a detachable wheel that was on sale prior to 2015 was the subject of some negative press because the front wheel would occasionally come off spontaneously, putting the runner or rider at risk of injury.

All Britax vehicles sold after 2015 had enhancements made by the company. There have been no recorded injuries since then.

Online feedback on the quality of customer service is divided. The service was excellent, according to several parents: rapid responses and useful advice. Those that tried it say it was fruitless because they got no response.

What are the Benefits of Baby Strollers?

Ensures Safety

Carrying a child in your arms is never a good idea. Always use a stroller. In addition to protecting the baby from harm, it also serves as a protective barrier. With a stroller, your baby will be entertained and protected while out and about.

Easy Travelling

The most obvious advantage of using a baby stroller is that it allows you to easily transport your child. Taking a trip with a young child might be difficult. When a child is still learning to walk, many parents prefer not to take any trips until that time comes. In contrast, with the help of a baby stroller, they can put their battles to rest in an instant. It makes moving around with a baby much easier.


There are a multitude of uses for a stroller, including transporting babies. Using a baby stroller correctly presents parents with a plethora of conveniences. In addition to making travel easier, it shields the youngster from the sun’s harmful rays as well as the cold wind. Convertible baby changing tables are available for several strollers.

Carries Baby Accessories

Diapers, baby food, napkins, bibs, and a slew of other essentials go hand in hand with having a child. All of these goods can be stored on a separate rack on the back of a stroller when traveling. It is capable of transporting infant gear.


Strollers for babies are lightweight and easy to transport. They’re also practical and easy to move, so they’re a good option. Innovation is a byproduct of time. Newer strollers on the market may fold up into smaller sizes, making it easier for parents to store them anywhere.

These were only a few of the benefits of owning a stroller for a baby.. They’re numerous. Buying one for your child is a simple decision because it saves you a lot of physical exertion and allows you to go anyplace with or without your child.

Steps on Folding BOB Motion Stroller:

Place the stroller flat in front of you with the wheels pointed away from you in Step 1. Holding the back of the seat, turn it such that one wheel is elevated over the ground and the vehicle is lying on its side. Your first fold will be here.

Make a second fold, this time bringing the other three sides together but do not seal the envelope just yet! Bring the two handles together for the second fold by grasping them both at one end. If all four corners are folded beneath their respective corner, you’re all done!

The tightening of these can help prevent any gaps or creases along the edges of your final product where material can slide through unnoticed when closing more securely if desired.

Step 3: Fold the next side over, then continue this process for all of the other sides.

Make sure there are no apparent gaps or folds along any of the edges, and if there are, tighten the closure by bringing one corner over top of another on either end, as necessary.

Then, tuck both handles into each other toward the center of the stroller’s body after you’ve marked any potential holes or crevices with material from opposite corners meeting at a point (where they cross). The end product should now be a square bundle shape that stands upright in its original position!

How do you fold a BOB stroller car seat adapter?

The first step is to extend your frame so that all four wheels are visible in front of it, two on either side. Locate the points on either wheel where each strap attaches to the frame (they may not have them).

While holding onto the handlebar with one hand, press down on the handlebar at the top while simultaneously pushing outward on the handlebar. In order to free up both hands, grab any unbuckled strap end and bring it around the wheel.

Find the straps with undone buckles on both ends, which should be in a pile near where you were gripping the handlebars, and remove them. Using a strap end from its corresponding bundle, bring it up and gently wrap it around the top of the wheel before pulling securely to form a loop.

Let go of the frame or bar and repeat this step for every unfastened vehicle seat belt buckle!

How to put the front wheel on a BOB stroller

Assemble the stroller in a standing position, with the handle and seat in place.

Grip the wheel on either side with one hand and pull it down so that it is “hanging” towards you.

Place your other hand under where these two pieces meet (the section known as a headset) and push upwards firmly enough so that this area is now above both hands below it while still holding onto both sides of the wheel, which should be slanted downwards away from each other.”

Continue to hold down the left end by tugging it down with your right hand to loosen things up a bit around its wheels while you slowly release your grip on your right hand.

How to fold a Babyhug stroller

A platform or table that isn’t too low can be used in lieu of an ottoman for the rear wheels.

Step 2: Pull up on the front wheel until it locks into place, then release the seat from its locked position. This will allow you to lift off one side before putting it back down again without the requirement for two people.

Wrap both arms around the folded frame to keep it from toppling over as you hoist it up, carefully following where each limb goes and how firmly they’re wrapped together (as pictured below). Now lift your hands up and beneath where all four of your arms meet.

As soon as the frame is lifted off the ground, pull outwards on each arm so that it bursts open as shown below to enable for a bigger area to be unfolded with less stress on its joints.

Unfold one side at a time by separating them from each other until you reach the length of your desired length, then repeat with the remaining sides that remain open (as seen below).

Finally, grasp two handles near the wheels and simultaneously push down on them to relieve any tension retained by metal springs or other sections that may cause folding difficulties owing to tightness during transportation. This is an important step.

BOB Motion Stroller Features

Grass, sand, gravel, and smooth terrain can all be conquered with the stroller’s all-terrain air tires and suspension system. In addition, the stroller boasts a suspension system that provides a bump-free ride for both you and your kid, especially over tough terrain.

It has lockable swiveling front wheels that allow the stroller to be more easily maneuvered.

In order to use the stroller with a car seat, you’ll need to purchase a BOB B-Safe or a Britax Infant Car Seat. You can quickly and easily attach the car seat to the stroller frame by using the Click and Go adapters that come with the stroller.

Using an infant car seat instead of a stroller seat, you can take your newborn along for the ride in the stroller. You can use the stroller seat once your child is a bit older.

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Stroller Seat Reclines in Different Positions with Just One Hand: The stroller seat may recline in multiple positions with just one hand free. Your child has the option of either sitting up straight or laying down for a nap.

5-Point Harness: The stroller seat has a 5-point harness system that secures your child to the seat.

It is possible to alter the height of the stroller handle bars to suit your needs. Allows the parent pushing the stroller to customize the handlebar height to their liking.

The stroller has a quick-fold mechanism that allows you to quickly and conveniently fold the stroller with with one hand.

The stroller folds down to a small 21.9′′W x 10.1′′H x 26.3′′L when it is not in use, making it easy to transport. This size is perfect for commuting on trains, aircraft, and even in compact cars.

Huge Storage Basket: A large storage basket is included with this stroller.

Increased Airflow and a Clear View of Your Baby are Achieved with the Stroller’s Large Extendable Canopy’s PeekaBoo Window.

The stroller weighs 23.1 lbs, but can hold up to 65 lbs of child weight, making it ideal for heavier children. When compared to the weight of typical strollers, this is a significant amount. As a result, it may be used by both small children and those who are a bit older.

The Best BOB Stroller Reviews

We spent a week researching the best BOB strollers before settling on these four. We relied on evaluations from other parents and the opinions of industry professionals to help us narrow down our choices.

BOB Motion Stroller Reviews


Using an all-terrain stroller means that you can easily traverse any type of terrain, from sand to gravel to grass.

Lockable swiveling wheels and a wheel suspension system are included in this design. The combination of these qualities provides a smooth ride.

The stroller may be folded up in a matter of seconds with a one-handed rapid fold. This feature isn’t available on all strollers.

Allows you to customize the height of the handlebars to your liking.

Having a stroller that is compatible with a car seat means that it can be used by both babies and toddlers.

Big kids and toddlers up to 65 lbs. can use this chair.


No holder or tray to carry a drink for a child or parent

It is only compatible with car seats manufactured by BOB and Britax

The BOB Motion is loaded with useful options. I have a hard time thinking of anything that the stroller is missing. The lack of a parent or child tray or cup holders is the biggest drawback for an everyday stroller. These are useful additions to a standard stroller.

There were a lot of positive feedback from other parents who had purchased and utilized the stroller.

This is what we learned about the BOB Motion stroller’s positives and negatives from reading nearly 600 parent reviews and submissions for research.


  • Effortless and nimble handling
  • Handles that can be raised or lowered according to preference
  • compatible with child safety seats
  • Extra-large awnings
  • a simple and quick fold


  • a tad heavy (although manageable)
  • There is no child cup holder or tray.

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0

Best BOB Stroller for Infants

BOB Revolution Flex is a great option if you want to keep exercising after the baby is delivered. A compatible adapter can be used to construct a complete travel system with BOB or Britax Infant Car Seats, as well as most other major brands.

The mountain bike-inspired suspension of the stroller ensures a smooth ride over bumps and uneven trails. Air-filled tires reinforce the suspension’s power, ensuring that the road you’re driving on is level.

Britax’s proprietary safety system ensures the safety of your child. It protects your child both in and out of the vehicle.

The Pros

No Bumpy Rides

BOB is known for its suspension design based on mountain bikes. This stroller’s smooth ride and easy-to-push nature have been praised by many parents. With air-filled tires, driving over curbs and sidewalks is a breeze.


BOB Revolution Flex is the perfect stroller for taking your little one on your daily or weekly strolls. As a result, it provides a level of protection much in excess of government regulations. The inbuilt LATCH mechanism makes it easy to fasten the seat and keep it secure.

Babies weighing 4 to 35 pounds can use the car seat. You can continue to use the stroller up to 75 pounds when your baby outgrows it.

Ventilated Canopy

A vented canopy is included in the car seat to keep your kid cool when riding in the car on hot days. It covers the top of the buggy and, when paired with the visor, forms an enclosed area. This is a great option for protecting your child from the weather while keeping them warm and cozy.

Versatile Stroller

The Duallie’s single-strap counterpart, the Revolution Flex, is the Revolution Flex. For parents who are always on the go and need a stroller that can handle a range of situations, this is the stroller for you.

In the case of a baby, a travel system is an excellent option. However, it can also be purchased as a single stroller.

It’s made of aluminum alloy, which is extremely durable. With an adjustable front wheel that can be used on trails or in a busy park, this stroller is ideal for both.

The Cons

Storage Basket Is Small

Some mothers find the storage bin on the stroller to be overly small, given the stroller’s size. Even a small diaper bag, let alone other essentials, will not fit.

BOB Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller

Best BOB Stroller for Jogging

When it comes to high-speed, rough terrain, the Alterrain Pro is the bike to go with. In order to get back to running as soon as possible after having a kid, this is for you. When compared to other BOB strollers, this one is made primarily to be used as a running stroller.

Lightweight wheelbases were fitted with fluorescent rims and trim for a sporty look. The buggy is able to fly over the track thanks to this setup.

It’s got a handbrake on it. It’s a useful safety feature because this gear is so heavy.

The handlebar can be adjusted to fit the needs of each parent on-the-go. An upright position allows for your child’s comfort as you jog on the route. It also has a chat window and a magnetic peak.

The Pros

Great Safety Features

To make running with your toddler easier, BOB created the Alterrain Pro. In addition, the buggy’s UPF 50 sun shade was installed by BOB. It has a magnetic cover for the peep window.

Because of its SmoothShox Suspension System, you and your child can enjoy a smooth ride. BOB included a handbrake on the handle to ensure that the stroller doesn’t roll off the handle.

Adjustable Handlebar

You can adjust the handlebar to suit your preferences. A simple adjustment can be made while walking.

Excellent Seat

As the name suggests, this is a stroller for parents and babies who like to be active on the go. As long as your child is in an upright position, the compression seat will keep them cool and comfortable.

The Cons

Not for Everyday Chores

For jogging only, the Alterrain Pro is designed. As a result, the buggy’s front wheel remains locked, making it difficult to turn.

BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller

Best BOB Stroller for Travel

For everyday activities like grocery shopping, jogging, or a family outing, BOB’s Rambler is a fantastic choice. Compared to other BOB strollers, this one is very light at around 25 pounds, making it a great option for families on the go.

The structure is extremely durable and can support a weight of up to 75 pounds. It’s easy to fold and will fit in the trunk of nearly any car or truck.

With the help of the Rambler, a family outing is a breeze. The swivel feature of the front wheel is adjustable, so you can lock or unlock it as needed.

Superior suspension, spacious canopy, and breathable material are just some of the features included in this BOB. In addition, there are two color options: black and lagoon.

The Pros

Great for On-The-Go Parents

The Rambler is a great option for families who have to commute together. It is the lightest BOB stroller on this list, weighing in at just under 25 pounds. Simple to fold, the wheels can be removed if you need it to fit in an extremely compact location.

Excellent Maneuverability

The Rambler’s front wheel swivel allows it to turn on a dime. Its polymer tires, which are loaded with air, glide across a variety of terrain with ease. Any bumps on the road can be smoothed over by the vehicle’s mountain bike-inspired suspension.

Large Onboard Basket

A large storage basket rests beneath the stroller, allowing you to keep all of your essentials close at hand. It’s high, so it doesn’t become too filthy, and it’s accessible from all sides.

The Cons

Doesn’t Stand When Folded

When folded, the stroller is compact and may fit in a variety of locations. However, when folded, it doesn’t stand on its own and falls over rapidly if it isn’t kept down.

Small Storage

Compared to other BOB strollers, the onboard storage is a disappointment. Even a diaper bag didn’t fit in some of the reviews, according to those reviewers. As a result, you’ll have to come up with new strategies for transporting all of your extra goods.

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Jogging Stroller

Best BOB Double Stroller

The Revolution Flex Duallie twin stroller from BOB is a good option if you’re looking for a BOB-branded stroller. Both joggers and people watchers will enjoy this route across the city.

Since its inception in 2001, the Flex Duallie has been BOB’s hallmark double stroller. The Flex 2.0 and Flex 3.0 models are all available in different configurations.

Using the front wheel’s swivel-lock mechanism, you may get more control or stability when necessary. For the greatest possible ride, air-filled tires and mountain bike suspension are also provided.

The seats may recline almost completely to accommodate a sleeping baby, and the handlebar can be adjusted to suit any driver. If you have a baby on the way, you can use it with a car seat.

The Pros

Excellent on Various Surfaces

On a trail or at the zoo, the Duallie is ideal for parents who want to bring two children along for the ride.

A swivel option is available on the front wheel, which you can use when you need a little more control. Mountain bike suspension is standard on all Duallie models to maintain the ride as smooth as possible.

All terrains may be traversed effortlessly thanks to BOB’s mountain bike suspension and air-filled tires. It’s easy to push and won’t bother your children if the route is uneven.

Superior Maneuverability

The Duallie 3.0’s agility has been lauded by many parents. When the swivel feature is used, it is capable of maneuvering through tight spaces and over rough terrain. Stability at higher speeds is ensured when in locked mode.

Lots of Storage

There is a lot of space here, and that is definitely appreciated. Under the seat is a large basket for your belongings. The stroller also has 10 additional compartments for storing your valuables and daily necessities.

The Cons

Pretty Bulky

It’s not a stroller that can fit in a purse. Because it is so heavy, it takes up a lot of room when folded. Measure your trunk before you buy a new set of wheels.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Fold Bob Revolution XT Baby Jogging Stroller - Krostrade

BOB Motion Stroller Specifications

Weight of the Item: 23.1 lb

Unfolded, the stroller measures 21′′W x 42′′H x 38′′L.

21.9 x 10.1 x 26.3 x 21.9 in. (folded)

65 pounds is the maximum weight limit.


A good all-terrain stroller that can be used for both walking about the house and jogging is hard to come by. The BOB Motion stroller is well-liked by many parents because of its many useful features. In other words, if you’re looking for a stroller that can handle all of your daily errands, the BOB Motion is an excellent option!

BOB Motion strollers are fantastic, but there are newer models out there with even better features and a more up-to-date appearance.