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Do you need help folding a collapsible stroller but don’t know where to look? Trust in us, and we’ll see that your needs are met. With the knowledge shown here, folding a stroller that can be stored easily is a matter of seconds. Everything you need to know, from helpful recommendations to detailed folding directions, can be found in this blog post. To discover more about folding strollers and how to use them, read on.

How to Fold a Stroller

1. Use the Brakes

Do you have a foldable stroller and are attempting to find out how to fold it but don’t know where to begin? To put it simply, we’ve got your back. Using the advice in this article, you can fold up a stroller in no time at all. All the information you need, from helpful recommendations to detailed folding directions, can be found in this blog post. Learn more about strollers and how to fold them up in this article.

Brake pedals and levers are typically installed near the rear of the vehicle.

The front of most strollers that have swivel wheels also has a lever that locks the wheels in place. However, some strollers have controls either on the handlebar or on the side.

Modular wheels that can be swapped out when worn

Watch out for wheels that need to be taken off before folding the stroller. Check the manual if you want to be sure.

1 Minute Instructions on How to Fold a Collapsible Stroller - Krostrade

2.  Retract the canopy

To close the canopy, move the front of the stroller back toward the handlebar.

3. Remove Accessories

Before you even think about folding the stroller, you should take everything off of it. One of the most typical modifications is the installation of a tray for holding food and a place to store beverages.

If a component isn’t required for folding the stroller, treat it as an accessory and remove it.

4. Locking Mechanism

You’ll want some way to get beyond the locked frame. On the other hand, a side lever and a button on the handle could be employed instead.

If you are confused, please read the handbook. Any mechanism’s moving parts can be damaged by excessive force.

5. The Folding Action

To collapse a stroller, you typically fold the handlebars in half and then forward. As a result, the grips are placed immediately over the leading wheels.

The stroller’s lid should have a latch to keep small children from opening it accidentally.

Top Stroller Folding Tips

Some things to keep in mind when folding a stroller:

  • Before you begin, check to see that your child’s fingers won’t get pinched in the stroller’s wheels. Be mindful of your finger tips, too (1).
  • Make sure the stroller is dry before folding it up for storage to avoid mildew and mold. Dry it off in the fresh air or wipe it off with a cloth.
  • The stroller might not fold up if there are loose pieces of fabric or straps. Is it possible that you forgot something in the buggy’s basket? You’ll need to get rid of those impediments before you can try again.
  • Stroller folding might be complicated if the frame has any kinks or bends. Using pliers, realign the metal catches on the stroller’s frame while it’s still flat.
  • If you keep your stroller outside, such as in a garage or on a porch, the joints and catches may dry out and become stuck. Restore movement by applying lubricant. Check the user manual or try some WD-40 if you’re having issues with the product.
  • You should be aware that there will be times when your stroller won’t fold up neatly. If you still can’t get it to function, return it to where you bought it. If you try to push it closed, you can do some major damage to yourself or the object.

Addressing the Folding of Different Brands

It seems reasonable that strollers would all fold in the same way. About the same time, pigs will master flight.

We do not have all the possible ways to fold a stroller. However, here are some general guidelines for folding the most common brands:

Graco Strollers

Older Graco Models

  1. There’s a lever near the back wheels that you pull to apply the brakes.
  2. Make sure the swivel wheels are locked if your model has them.
  3. Check the stroller’s brakes by giving it a nudge and seeing if they engage.
  4. Simple folding action is all that’s required to store the canopy.
  5. Take care to lean back as far as possible in your seat. A catch on some models allows the recline function to be deactivated.
  6. Try to locate a grip: There is a grab bar underneath the seat. Some can be folded by pulling this handle. There is a button in the centre of the handle of some strollers that you need to press to fold the stroller.
  7. To collapse the stroller, push the handles down toward the frame.

Newer Graco Models

You can fold up certain models of the Graco stroller with just one hand. After carrying out the aforementioned measures 1-5, you should go on to:

  1. Find the release handle, which is typically situated under your child’s seat in the stroller.
  2. Pulling on the handle causes the stroller to fold up, with the handles sliding inside toward the wheels.

If you still have questions about folding your Graco stroller, check the owner’s manual or go online to the manufacturer’s support page for your product.

BOB Strollers

Many people who are serious about their health and fitness use one of the many BOB jogging strollers available. They can be folded up and stowed away with little effort.

A BOB stroller can be folded in the following ways:

  1. To unlock the handlebars, press the buttons on both ends.
  2. Keep pushing the bar until something happens.
  3. You can put on the brakes by using your foot to press down on the lever. It’s located on the left rear of the stroller.
  4. The levers are located at the bottom of the frame that holds the handlebars, one on each side.
  5. To rephrase: bring the bar forward till it crosses over the seat.
  6. Pulling the red handle, the folded seat should come to rest on top. If you tug on the stroller, it will collapse.
  7. Close the stroller by connecting the two red buckles located between the wheels of the stroller to each other.

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Britax Strollers

Close the stroller by connecting the two red buckles located between the wheels of the stroller to each other.

  1. Connect the two red buckles between the stroller’s wheels to secure the stroller’s lid.
  2. Put the basket in the bottom of the stroller and turn it upside down.
  3. You’ll find the levers on both ends of the handlebar.
  4. Simply reverse your posture and fold the handlebar forward, and you’re done.
  5. Make sure the stroller is fastened shut by closing the hinges.

Baby Trend Strollers

Baby Trend is a manufacturer of strollers aimed towards today’s working mothers. Most of them can be folded up with a single hand.

Folding Instructions:

  1. Apply the breaks.
  2. To use, either squeeze the release buttons located centrally on the handle or raise the two levers that resemble triggers located on either side of the handle.
  3. Fold it up by turning the handle counterclockwise so that it points toward the front wheel.

Chicco Strollers

Another well-known manufacturer is Chicco. A folding mechanism with a single-hand release is also included. Here are the steps you need to follow to successfully fold it:

  1. Apply the breaks.
  2. The stroller’s release handle can be found at the very top, behind the handlebar. For release, just raise the lever.
  3. To access the tray’s contents, simply rest your foot on its edge.
  4. While simultaneously pressing down with your foot, raise the black release handle.
  5. The handlebar is reached by extending one arm forward and grabbing onto it. You may open the canopy by pulling it toward the handle.
  6. Pressing the buttons on either side of the handlebar will activate the folding mechanism.

How to fix a wobbly stroller wheel

These quick modifications will stabilize a wobbly stroller or smooth out its jerky wheel motion.

The first order of business is to get rid of the wheel. When squeezed and pulled outward on both sides, the entire wheel assembly comes out. It’s probable that if you don’t use the gloves properly, the tools will scrape against your hands throughout this stage.

Spray WD-40 in strategic locations, such as the hub and the wheel, and all the way along the metal bar (or another lubricant).

Third, wipe the baby’s hands and face with a dry cloth to eliminate any excess lubrication.

The fourth step is to reattach the wheel, making sure it is centered and then pressing down firmly on it. The assembly can then be tightened once again.


Folding strollers can break for a variety of reasons, but if yours isn’t working properly, the problem is probably something simple. The most common issue with folding an umbrella stroller is something getting stuck in the front tire assembly, which is easily fixed by taking apart each component and wiping off any dirt or debris with WD-40 (or other similar product).

How to fold up a Graco stroller frame

To ensure proper folding, raise both handlebars until they snap into place. Holding onto one of the stroller’s handles for support, elevate with one hand on each side of the stroller (you can also use your foot if needed)

Then, with your hands positioned properly on either side of this structure, pull down as firmly as you can without causing any harm to the wheels or other parts by jerking or pulling too quickly.

Difference Between Double Stroller and Jogger Stroller

A double stroller is a great choice if you have two children close in age and/or need a baby stroller that can hold more weight. Since single strollers aren’t made to accommodate two infants or toddlers, double strollers like this one are a lifesaver. They are also great for usage in the great outdoors because to their large wheels and suspension systems.

This type of stroller is popular among runners since it is easier to push at higher speeds and over rougher terrain. These vehicles typically have rubber tires rather than plastic ones, allowing them to traverse soft ground, bumpy routes, and even grass.

How to remove Cosatto giggle wheels

You can shatter the Cosatto giggle’s wheels if you fold it too quickly and tug too hard on the handlebar. If something happens to your stroller, try not to worry. Simply loosen the wheels at their assembly points with a screwdriver and they’ll fall right off (typically three screws per wheel).

When putting everything back together, check each part to make sure it fits and functions well before tightening the bolts. Nothing will break once you unfold it, and it can be folded and unfolded multiple times without losing shape.

Lift both handlebars until they snap into place, then fold the stroller in half, child first. If you want to make sure you’re folding the stroller correctly, try lifting on either side while holding the handle (you can also use your foot if needed).

Then, with your hands positioned properly on either side of this structure, pull down as firmly as you can without causing any harm to the wheels or other parts by jerking or pulling too quickly.

How to Open a Foldable Stroller

When unfolding a stroller, the first step is to lift the handlebars on the opposite side of the stroller from where you intend to open it. If you have a double-wide frame, repeat this step on the other side (you will only need to do it once).


The seven best umbrella strollers you can buy in 2019

How to fold an umbrella stroller in the summer

To begin unfolding a stroller, lift the handlebars on the side of the stroller you will not be using. If your frame is double wide, proceed to the next step (you will only need to do it once).

The shape will be preserved as the bars fold in on themselves as you release them one at a time. Holding on to both grips while unfolding each leg one at a time will allow you to finish the process. Don’t let go of either handle while releasing bars from a double-wide style frame, or else the bars can buckle back together!

How to close a summer 3d Flip stroller

The shape will be preserved as the bars fold in on themselves as you release them one at a time. Holding on to both grips while unfolding each leg one at a time will allow you to finish the process. Don’t let go of either handle while releasing bars from a double-wide style frame, or else the bars can buckle back together!

When you release each bar individually, they’ll fold in on themselves, keeping the overall shape intact. You can complete the operation by holding on to both grips and unfolding the legs individually. If you’re using a double-wide style frame, hold on to both handles while you unhook the bars.

To keep the fold from unfolding once you release the bars holding down the other half, you should lift the end bar first. To get up using a single-width frame, simply let go of all four legs at once, and then push inward on each leg again.

How to operate a summer stroller

Summer strollers are small, light, and convenient to carry everywhere. Children are protected from the sun’s rays by canopies that are several feet in diameter or more. Here are some things to keep in mind when pushing a stroller about in the summer:

To unlock it, press down the two levers on either side until you hear a click. To keep them from collapsing, it’s necessary to release one leg at a time before releasing the other two.

Last but not least, lift the top bar and repeat the inward thrust on each lever. As a last step, if necessary, remove the cover (most models come without this). When using a single-width frame, hold the handles and pull the brakes outward to raise the end bar.

How to wash a summer baby stroller

The answer differs depending on the material of your stroller. Cotton, canvas, and linen-like textiles can be washed with just soap and water.

Avoid harming the frame by cleaning polyester and nylon materials with a moderate detergent and warm water.

The safest method for washing any kind of fabric is to perform a spot test on an inconspicuous location first, before applying the product to the entire load. Using a cleaner from the top (such a diluted bleach solution) requires you to go outside.


It takes some practice to master the art of stroller folding. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, folding the stroller takes literally seconds. This is a necessary part of stroller ownership if you want to have easy access to and be able to transport the stroller.

If you’re unsure how to use your stroller, it’s best to consult the manufacturer’s documentation for that specific model. Do not trust your gut instinct.