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Do you currently possess or are you considering purchasing a Maclaren stroller? Is this your first time folding a Maclaren stroller? If so, this article is for you.

We’ll show you how to fold a Maclaren stroller step-by-step in this article, so you may securely use it for a long time.

Who Is Maclaren?

Owen Finlay Maclaren was inspired to build a revolutionary stroller in 1965 after he visited England.

While on a trip with his daughter, who was using an enormous, cumbersome baby stroller, he realized that he needed something more compact.

When it comes to aircraft design, Maclaren is known for his lightweight, load-bearing designs employed in the Spitfire.

As a result of his research, he was able to design the first umbrella pushchair, which became the standard for the rest of the industry. When folded, the stroller resembled the landing gear of a Spitfire plane, making it ideal for traveling.

In its modern strollers, Maclaren has maintained its patented design, which is plainly evident. New York’s MoMA and London’s Tate Modern both display the original Baby Buggy, which has been dubbed a “design icon.”

Some of the company’s most attractive strollers were created in collaboration with high-end designers and luxury businesses. As well as Juicy Couture and Lacoste are some of the other brands that have collaborated with the brand in the past, including Philippe Starck, Jill Stuart, Burberry and Lulu Guinness among others.

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Maclaren Today

Maclaren has risen to the top of its field. Product quality and safety are of utmost importance to it, as is the design of its products. Active parents — commuting moms and fathers — are the target audience for all of the company’s products.

Despite their retro design, the strollers are both attractive and functional. But even though they’re following the original design, the company has expanded the range of options for their strollers.

What Parents Say About Maclaren Strollers

Maclaren’s strollers appear to be popular with parents. Maclaren claims to make strollers for city dwellers who rely on their own vehicles and public transportation.

Many parents like how easy it is to fold the stroller when taking public transportation, such as the metro or bus.

It would be nice if certain strollers were a little lighter for some reviewers. A few exclusive lines, like Maclaren’s Quest, have been developed that are incredibly lightweight.

Also apparent from user feedback is that the textiles used are of the highest quality and that the strollers are extremely durable.

Additionally, Maclaren’s customer service is being lauded by critics. Its customer service is quick to reply to any concerns that may emerge with the delivery of the strollers.

What are the Benefits of Baby Strollers?

Ensures Safety

Rather than carrying the infant in your arms, it’s always better to put him in a stroller. In addition to protecting the baby from harm, it also serves as a protective barrier. When you’re out and about with your infant, a stroller is a great option for both their amusement and safety.

Easy Travelling

The most obvious advantage of a baby stroller is that it makes it easier for parents to get around. Taking a baby on a trip is a difficult undertaking. Many parents wait until their child can walk before taking any trips. They won’t have to worry about stumbling around anymore thanks to the convenience of a baby carriage. It makes it easier to move the baby from one location to another.


You may put a stroller to many different uses. There are many advantages to using a baby stroller correctly. All types of environmental hazards, from sunburns to frigid winds, can be prevented by a child’s poncho when they’re on the go. Some baby strollers can be turned into portable changing tables for the little ones. ‘

Carries Baby Accessories

Diapers, baby food, napkins, bibs, and other such accessories are all part of having a baby. All of these goods can be stored on a separate rack on the back of a stroller when traveling. It has a lot of room for infant gear.


Strollers for babies are lightweight and easy to transport. They’re also doable, and moving them is a breeze. Innovation is a byproduct of time. Newer strollers on the market may fold up into smaller sizes, making it easier for parents to store them anywhere.

Only a few of the benefits of owning a stroller were mentioned here. A lot of them. Simply because it reduces physical strain and can be carried everywhere with or without a baby, a stroller is an excellent investment for your child.

How to Fold a Maclaren Stroller

Manufacturers Maclaren Inc. provide numerous twin strollers that are often used by toddlers, such as the Maclaren twin Triumph.

Using a stroller that is difficult to fold or unfold can make parenting more difficult. Convenient for parents on the go, Maclaren strollers fold and unfold quickly. Step-by-step instructions for folding a Maclaren stroller are here.

Step 1

Press the red button on one of the handles to get things started first. In order to fold it in half, you need to take it from the stroller and hold it in your hand.

Step 2

The stroller’s elastic band must be retracted before it can be entirely separated from the frame. When doing so, be careful not to pull too hard, since this can cause the cords to shatter.

Step 3

Push down on an open frame with your free hand while also pressing inward at the same time. Correct execution should result in some sort of audible or tactile sensation.

Repeat the process on both sides until there is no more room between panels but the rest of the structure is still connected at various spots.

Step 4

It is time to bring both sides together by folding them inwards to meet in the center. At various points on each panel, elastic bands are used to link three sections of the triangular shape.

Step 5

In order to store diaper bags and other infant necessities under the stroller, you must repeat this process on both sides of the stroller.

Step 6

It’s now time to flip it over and place your hands on either side of a single panel while keeping the stroller wheels facing down. While drawing back, push it toward you until the distance between them is equal to what they were in the default position.

If you’re not sure you got it properly the first time, go back and try again, being careful not to overstretch and break it.

How to assemble a Maclaren stroller

The first step is to lay the lower frame on your lap. This is how your seat should look when you’re done putting it together: The handlebar should be upright.

The next step is to take both sides of a panel and gently fold it inwards, making sure that it is still lined with the other three panels from the inside out.

Depending on how far apart they were in the default position, one side can either be placed under or above the other.

Apply pressure to the side of the panel you are holding and push it down until there is no more space between how far apart they were in the default configuration.

How to Fold a Maclaren Triumph Stroller

Step-by-step instructions:

In order to begin, place one of your hands on a side of the stroller seat and bend it toward you to create an indent. Make sure you’re tugging with your arm, not just your hands, at this point.

Push both sides of the frame towards the wheels until they unclip from their locking position and fold up.

It’s important to make sure that the metal locks are facing upward rather than downward when this procedure is completed.

Be careful while you do this so that you don’t accidentally release the frame when you’re closing it for travel or storage purposes, and so that you don’t damage yourself with either lock pointing upwards after you’ve released them from being locked into place by mistake.

Fold the stroller pieces in half by pushing up on one side of the fabric; lifting your arm up to help with this movement is also necessary.. As you continue to pull higher, lower the second side over the top of the first, folding everything into a clean square.

It should now be possible to close the metal locks together from both sides of where they are positioned after opening them once before trying to close them again to travel or store it someplace subsequently after this procedure has been completed.

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How to Operate a MacLaren Techno XT?

A excellent option for babies six months and older, this stroller is lightweight and easy to use. In compared to other Maclaren stroller models, the Techno XT has a number of features that make it stand out.

This includes the stroller’s ease of folding and the smoothness of its ride over bumps.

Step One: Unclip Swing-away Footrests

First and foremost, remove the swing-away footrests from your MacLaren Techno XT before folding it up.

Remove the footrest clips by pressing down on both sides at the same time until they’re freed; then, while guiding the bike back towards the handlebars, remove the wheels at the same time.

The wheels of the stroller can then be folded if you do this. To prevent them from falling out of place and becoming misplaced, make sure you hang on to these clips and return them to their proper location after folding is complete.

Before moving on to steps two and three, remove any objects that have been stowed under the stroller seat.

Step Two: Fold Handlebars Downwards

Grab the two handles on one side (either to the left or right) with each of your hands; this step couldn’t be easier!

Move them down until they meet the other handlebar, which is now immobile due to how far you pulled it during Step One. Then slowly lower them.

Let go of your hands and let the handlebars fall into their natural position (one on each side) like you would see a ladder or gate when it’s closed or folded up, like you would with a bike.

Step Three: Fold Seat Inward

The next step is to fold the seat inward towards you after you have properly lowered both handlebars to a flat position.

Holding the edge firmly from beneath and moving it towards where you will then need to grip either end part for stiffness can be done.

The Maclaren stroller handles can also be used to conduct a gentle push-up motion while holding on to the stroller’s handles.

Step Four: Fold Seat Inward

The next step is to fold the seat inward towards you after you have successfully slid both handles down so that they lie flat against one another.

Simply grab hold of its bottom edge and push it toward where you will then need to cling onto either end section for firmness.

The Maclaren stroller handles can also be used to conduct a gentle push-up motion while holding on to the stroller’s handles.

The Best Maclaren Stroller Reviews of 2022

It was difficult to pick just five of Maclaren’s many strengths. However, owing to user feedback and expert advice, we were able to narrow the field to the top Maclaren strollers. To name a few:

1. Maclaren Techno XT Stroller

Best Maclaren Stroller for Newborns

Maclaren’s Techno XT stroller takes extra precautions while transporting a newborn. All the features you’ll need to transport a newborn are included in this award-winning design.

It’s easy to drive and comfortable, even on rough roads. The seat can be reclined in four different settings. From the time your kid is a newborn until he or she is about two years old, this stroller will grow with him or her.

The footrest is also completely adjustable and comes with a lock that remembers your setting for the memory position feature on the footrest itself. In addition, it includes a large sunshade and a variety of grips.

The Pros


Maclaren’s infant safety system is included in the Techno XT. When the seat is fully reclined, the mechanism can be deployed from beneath it. Doing this produces a cocoon-like environment for your baby that provides additional support and safety.

Maclaren’s Carrycot can be attached to the Techno XT if you want a bassinet. While the seat is fully reclined, the cot is securely attached to the frame.

Smooth Ride and Good Suspension

Maclaren’s all-wheel suspension ensures a comfortable ride even when transporting delicate newborns. It’s supposed to smooth out a bumpy road and give you better control.

Maclaren’s hubless aerodynamic wheels were designed to help you steer better.

Excellent Ride for Toddlers

Maclaren’s innovative safety system and an adjustable footrest make this chair suitable for toddlers. A removable seat pad is machine washable for spills and crumbs, and the elevated seat keeps longer legs off the ground..

The Cons

Heavier Than Preferred

We anticipate nothing less from Maclaren, who is recognized for making lightweight strollers. The Techno XT is a basic weight stroller that weighs roughly 13.58 pounds.

2. Maclaren Volo Dylan’s Candy Bar Stroller

Best Wind Resistant Stroller

Check out the Candy Bar stroller if you’re looking for a stroller that can handle all weather conditions. Wind-resistant rain cover is included in the package. To protect your baby from rain and wind, but also from harmful rays of sunlight, this is an excellent choice. It has a built-in sun visor to protect your child from the sun’s rays on hot summer days.

Green, blue, white, and black-and-white versions of this stroller are all on the market. Anyone’s taste can be accommodated, no matter what your inclination may be.

With a weight capacity ranging from 20 to 55 pounds, this stroller is ideal for babies as young as six months old. Finally, the mesh seat with a single-position recline makes this chair ideal for use throughout the year.

The Pros

Nice Designs

There are four possible layouts, as previously noted. Every single one of them is adorable, elegant, and bursting with vibrant color. Lollypops, stripes, and retro dots are just a few of the many patterns they provide!

Good for Older Babies

When your child weighs between 20 and 55 pounds, this is the perfect solution. Depending on their age, it can endure anywhere from six months until toddlerhood. They may observe the world from a sitting position thanks to the single-position recliner.

Protective Cover

This stroller cover accomplishes exactly what you need it to do. It’s wind and rain resistant to protect your child from stormy days. In the summer, the UPF 50+ design protects them from the sun’s harmful rays. Now they don’t have to cry and complain about how uncomfortable they are, and you’ll love it just as much as they would!

3. Maclaren Quest Stroller

Best Maclaren Umbrella Stroller

Everything you need a stroller cover to do can be done with this cover. Protect your child from the elements with this weather-resistant garment. UPF 50+ technology ensures that they are protected from the sun in the summer. Comfortable clothing means less weeping and complaining from children who are uncomfortable in their clothing.

The Pros

Perfect for Commuting Parents

The Quest line was created for parents on the go who want a stroller with a lot of functionality in a compact package.

You can fold the Quest stroller with one hand, which is ideal if you frequently travel alone. Once folded, it becomes a little ensemble that can be carried via the handle attached to the side of the frame.

Suitable from Day One

There is nothing better than a single stroller that you can use from the time your child is born until they are two years old. Extra safety is provided for babies through Maclaren’s newborn safety system. You may rest assured that your child will be comfortable in the seat’s soft cocoon as it reclines to its maximum position.

The stroller is still there for you and your child when they grow into toddlers. Maclaren raised the seat, allowing the legs to become longer.

Large Visor with Peek Hole

The delicate skin of a newborn can be severely burned by the sun. To keep your child safe, Maclaren has incorporated a big visor. Toward the top, you’ll find a peek-a-boo hole that doubles as ventilation when the weather is really hot.

Recline Seat and Leg Rest Lock

With just one hand, you may adjust the seats’ four recline positions. You won’t disturb your child’s slumber if you need to change positions because it is so easy to adjust.

Maclaren’s memory location is also included in the leg rests. After folding and unfolding, this locking mechanism locks the setting in place.

The Cons

The Seat Doesn’t Sit Completely Upright

According to some mothers, your youngster will always be a little hunched over in the seat. Even if your child is a fan of the view, this may be a nuisance.

4. Maclaren Mark II Stroller

Best Maclaren Stroller for Travel

Incredibly light but still full-sized? Both of these criteria have been met by Mark II. With a weight of just 7.94 pounds, this full-size stroller is the lightest on the market.

In terms of weight, this is Maclaren’s lightest stroller. Also, they’re useful.

Replaced all heavy materials with lightweight but robust parts from Maclaren. For frequent usage, it’s built to last a lifetime.

Maclaren’s early days are reflected in the Mark II’s design. Despite its traditional design, it incorporates the latest technological advancements and the highest levels of safety. Five-point seatbelt, a raised seat, and a sun canopy are all included in this package.

The Pros

Ultra-Light Materials

Maclaren used aircraft-grade aluminum tubing and ultralight materials to make the strollers as light as possible.

The materials are durable enough to carry your child till they are able to walk on their own. The aircraft-grade aluminum tubing chassis, in particular, is sturdily constructed and will not move. It can fit a youngster weighing up to 55 kg.

Classic Appearance

Strollers from the ’60s are always popular, and this one is no exception. The stripy seat liners, which are sold separately, go great with it because it comes in a variety of colors.

Antimicrobial Handles

With a five-point harness and an adjustable seat, this stroller is loaded with modern conveniences. The antibacterial handles, on the other hand, are the most compelling selling point for us. These are made of easy-to-clean, long-lasting closed-cell foam.

The Cons

Wheels Touch the Canopy When Folded

When folding the stroller, some mothers noticed that the wheels came into contact with the sun cover. Consequently, it gets dirty and needs to be dusted off.

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5. Maclaren Major Elite Transport Chair

Best Maclaren Stroller for Disabilities

For youngsters with special needs, Maclaren created the Major Elite Transport Chair. You may wish to consider a Maclaren stroller for your child with disabilities if you’re looking for one.

It can support youngsters up to 110 pounds, making it a long-term investment. As long as they don’t over the weight limit, this may work for older children.

It’s a kid-friendly ride thanks to the padding on the seat and footrest. It’s strong and long-lasting, but it’s also very light. Transporting and moving this is simple thanks to its light weight of only 14.7 pounds.

The Pros

Great for Day Trips

This stroller is a great option for day travels, according to parents who have used it. This is ideal for a long day out of the house because of its strong and long-lasting design. Even going for a walk in the park might count as time spent outside.. This is a favorite for long treks with the family.

Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver

Even with your youngster strapped in, the chair is a breeze to move around. In total, the chair weighs less than fifteen pounds. It was a breeze for parents to hop in the car and go places with them!

Gives Parents Peace of Mind

This stroller was a big hit with parents because it made it easier for them to get out and about. It is, however, Maneuver’s convenient features that provide them that extra sense of security. Aluminum construction and brakes ensure long-term safety. Child safety is ensured thanks to the harness and footrest. Is there anything more a parent could ask for?

The Cons

Parts Sold Separately

Some of the coolest features are, however, only available as add-ons. There isn’t even a basket or sunshade in the package, which is a real pain.

Squeaky Wheels

Angry parents were unable to stand the squeaky wheels!’ It’s possible that your child feels the same way about them. Remember that this is a major flaw of this stroller when you buy it.

There’s a lot to choose from at Maclaren. Almost all of its strollers can be used with customized seat liners, among other features. These are some examples:

  • Maclaren Universal Seat Liner: Padded seat liners attach to all Maclaren strollers and give extra comfort for your child. In addition to the Union Jack and the New York map, Maclaren’s seat liners come in sunshine stripes and shark patterns. All of them can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • An excellent accessory for both single and double pushchairs, the Maclaren Universal Storage Basket is a must-have for any Maclaren stroller. Large mesh pockets stretch down behind the stroller and are ideal for storing toys, clothing, and other necessities. Additionally, there are smaller pockets for your keys, phone, or other valuables, as well as two bottle pockets.
  • Maclaren’s add-on sunshade is a great option if you’d like to shield your child from the sun. Whether or not you already have a stroller canopy, this canopy may be attached to the stroller. In order to keep your child safe, the shade is made of UPF 50 water-resistant cloth that folds with your stroller.
  • Store your stroller safely and cleanly with Maclaren’s lightweight storage bag. All of the company’s strollers, as well as most other umbrella strollers, can be used with this. It has a handle for ease transportation, but it’s not meant to be checked as such.
  • You can never have too many cup holders in your stroller, especially if you’re constantly on the run. This one is dishwasher safe and can hold a bottle, can, or cup of your choice. It’s available in silver or black and attaches to the stroller chassis.
  • Maclaren’s universal raincover provides a high-quality barrier to shield your child from rain, snow, and wind. It’s composed of phthalate-free materials and has plenty of ventilation, so your baby can see out and you can see in. Many Maclaren strollers can be used with this adapter; some of these include the Triumph, Quest, and Techno XT.
  • Maclaren Universal Footmuff: Maclaren’s universal stroller footmuff is recommended for parents wanting to keep their babies warm during chilly weather. Soft microfiber fleece makes it comfortable to sit on, and it zips on and off with ease. It can be used with babies aged six months and older.
  • Maclaren Mark II Footmuff: Maclaren offers this footmuff for cold days with the Mark II stroller. Because of the soft and warm fabrics, it’s safe for newborns as young as six months old to use. Once you’ve returned home, you can effortlessly zip it off and wash it.
  • Liner customization is available for the MARK II, but it requires a different size of stroller. The Hexagon Midnight Navy is one of a number of seat liners offered by Maclaren. These liners not only look great, but they also provide an extra layer of padding for your child’s comfort.
  • Maclaren Carrycot: A carrycot is required if you plan to use your Maclaren stroller right out of the box. For babies weighing up to 20 pounds, Maclaren makes a similar one. To keep your child safe from the sun, it comes with a wide sun shade and an apron.
  • Food is a must-have when traveling with the whole family. Maclaren recommends its pannier as a safe place to keep it. It’s insulated to keep your food fresh and chilled for hours, and it’s also stylish.
  • After a rainy stroll, Maclaren features disposable tire coverings to save the trunk from becoming a muddy mess. While the buggy is folded, the hood is protected by these visors. Ten disposable coverings are included in the package.
  • Maclaren’s disposable storage covers can be used to maintain your stroller as clean as possible or to protect the surrounding area. You get a three-pack of easy-to-place over your stroller when it’s folded. When you’re on the road and don’t want to deal with cleaning, this is a great option.
  • Mosquito Nets: Pesky flying pests have nothing on this net — it attaches easily over the stroller, protecting your baby from mosquitoes. It’s made from a lightweight, see-through fabric, so that you can keep an eye on your little one. Maclaren strollers, even its doubles, can be outfitted with the nets.

Wind Up

Protect your infant from insects with a mosquito net that attaches to the stroller and swaddles your child. In order to keep an eye on your tiny one, it’s composed of a lightweight, see-through fabric. Maclaren strollers, including its doubles, can be outfitted with a net.

Any brand or model of baby stroller may be folded in one to two moves at most using a simple folding technique.

Being able to push a stroller with one hand is a huge convenience for parents who are constantly on the go.