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Kolcraft double stroller folding isn’t always straightforward. Two options are available, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The first bag makes use of the velcro straps as handles, but the second does not. Kolcraft double stroller folding methods will be demonstrated so that you can select the one that is most convenient for your needs.

What is a Stroller

Babies can be transported around in strollers, which are little folding chairs on wheels. We also refer to it as a stroller. It’s best to avoid using a stroller with an upright seat until your baby can sit up on his or her own. As a result, most strollers are not suited for babies under the age of six months. But there are a few new versions of stroller with reclining seats, making them perfect for newborns. Convertible strollers are what they’re called. They’re a big hit with moms and dads. There are numerous types and sizes of strollers, as well. Some of the most popular designs are jogging strollers, double strollers, travel systems, and lightweight strollers.

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Furthermore, strollers are compact, portable, and easy to store. A harness and safety belt are also included. Closer to the ground is the norm for stroller seats. Strollers are more expensive than prams since they have additional features and functionalities.

5 Benefits of Using Double Strollers


In order to start a family, you will need a substantial amount of money to cover everything from electricity costs to medical expenses to a child’s schooling. Buying a double stroller will save money in the long run because you may use it again when you have more kids born. In addition, the nanny does not have to buy a second stroller to take care of the newborn and the older child.


It’s common knowledge that moms, and even babysitters, have an enormous amount of responsibilities at home, but do you really believe that they can do all of these household errands with two babies? Because you can put both of your children in the stroller and go about your daily chores with them, a double stroller is the greatest option for you because it relieves you of the burden of carrying your child’s weight. As a result, a double stroller is an incredibly convenient way to travel with both of your young children while still getting some much-needed rest.

Hassle-free travel

You may frequently find yourself running errands for the family’s next dinner gathering or getting to an appointment on time due to the hectic nature of your daily schedule. Clearly, having to deal with two toddlers at once makes things difficult and requires a great deal of effort. Having a twin stroller, on the other hand, is a simple matter of unfolding it rather than putting it away. There’s also the fact that it’s really easy to tote your infants about with you everywhere you go—and voila! An instant bonding experience for the two of them. A travel system, which combines a double stroller and an infant car seat, is an excellent option for longer outings.

Wide array of style and versatility

With a variety of models to choose from, a double stroller can accommodate twins and children of different ages. If you have two children with a tandem double stroller, you can put one in front of the other to avoid any bickering and keep them occupied while you are out and about. In addition, because tandem double strollers are thinner, they may fit through conventional doorways with ease. You have a wide variety of options for personal style, all of which are influenced by your wants and needs.

Strong and long-lasting

The major function of a double stroller is to hold two children at the same time, which necessitates a high level of durability.

It’s true that twin strollers have certain advantages, but you should first evaluate your own situation. If you wish to have a baby, or if you plan to wait a long time before having another kid, a normal/single baby stroller is the best option. Remember that children are a gift from God; treat them with the same kind of unconditional love that God has for the rest of us.

Steps on How To Fold a Kolcraft Double Stroller

When folding your Kolcraft double stroller, you can use the velcro straps as handles. Attach the straps to the frame at either end, and then fold them in a zigzag pattern until you reach the handle to complete the look. Getting the hang of folding everything neatly and tightly together may take some practice.

Step 2: If flattening your Kolcraft double stroller with velcro straps is too difficult for you, try using just one or two hands on the opposite side. You should be able to fit at least one hand between the two frames, so position them on top of one another and begin pulling apart while lifting upwards.

For those who are still struggling with the zigzag pattern, try flipping it over and folding downwards in one piece. Step 4. As a result, some people may not need as much practice to grasp it right away.

How to Clean a Kolcraft Stroller

First and foremost, you’ll want your Kolcraft stroller to look its best because it is a crucial part of your daily routine. What’s the secret to keeping it this way? You can clean a Kolcraft stroller in just a few simple steps:

Next, remove everything of your car’s soft-goods, including the upholstery and any sunshades or covers you may have installed. Until you’re ready to use them again, store them in large plastic bags with zipper seals. You don’t want anything dirty to come into contact with these products.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller | Lightweight Double Stroller | Kolcraft

Using an old toothbrush (or one created specifically for cleaning) and any messes that occurred while the stroller was in use, remove any dirt or food remnants from the bottom of the basket. Wipe the tires, wheel spokes, brake pads or other parts of the metal frame with a moist cloth to restore their shine.

In order to ensure that your Kolcraft is clean and free of stains, you can use Clorox® Regular Bleach Spray on a rag, and gently rub away any stains that are stubborn to remove with soap and water alone. The bleach will help these stains disappear so you don’t have to worry about them anymore!

What is the Lightest Double Stroller?

In order to ensure that your Kolcraft is clean and free of stains, you can use Clorox® Regular Bleach Spray on a rag, and gently rub away any stains that are stubborn to remove with soap and water alone. The bleach will help these stains disappear so you don’t have to worry about them anymore!

You may also use Clorox® Regular Bleach Spray to get rid of stubborn stains on your Kolcraft without having to remove all of its protective layering. You won’t have to worry about these stains anymore thanks to the bleach!

How many miles per day will they travel with their children in tow?

If this is the case, a light and compact model may be the best option. Traditional types, which cannot support two-seat side by side, tend to be more expensive. When folding two seats side-by-side, parents should also keep in mind that it takes up more space in the trunk of a vehicle.

How do you Take the Hood off a Silver Cross Pram?

1. Lift one side of your Silver Cross and draw it open while leaving the other end down to open the front. Allows access to loosen or tighten screws to modify the height of handles, wheels, and other components.

Upon opening, four elastic loops hang from the inside of the bag. In order to keep the chair closed, the loop hangs over the armrests.

Step 3: If they’ve tightened around the armrests while being used, untie the knot tying them together (which can happen with lots of sitting). If it doesn’t work, try rubbing your hand and finger along the inside of the loops. Finally, it’s time to fold up the stroller.

How To Fold a Silver Cross Pram

Fold your Silver Cross Pram evenly on both sides and remove any laundry baskets or other items on each side before you begin folding.

The second step. This will make it easier for you to slip your belt on the next time you need it, so locate the buckle on one end of the seatbelt strap and undo it by pushing apart while holding each half together with your fingers.

Take care not to lose any of the elastics that are attached once the belt has been unbuckled and folded and refolded. Wait until all belts have been dealt with before replacing the buckles.

To make a large U shape in your lap or on a work table in front of you, begin by undoing the buckle and removing the elastics from the other side.

There are a few elastic loops to keep an eye out for when unfolding, so if they get caught up anywhere else, just insert them carefully back into their slots. Tuck each end of the seatbelt’s strap in neatly under its neighboring flap, one at a time.

Step 6: Replace buckles until all belts are securely connected and a convenient carry handle is available for the next time. Step 6: Replace buckles

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller Review

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller Review: Size & Weight

Just 23 pounds, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus is lighter than some single strollers, yet each seat can hold children up to 40 pounds (80 lbs combined). Not a lot of weight, but it should be enough to get you through the early years of childhood.

This stroller is Disney-size approved and measures 31 inches wide, so it should fit through most ordinary doorways. Yay!

Car Seat Compatibility

None of the above choices!


5-point safety harness and 12.5-inch broad seats of the Cloud Plus Double make it a secure and comfortable ride. Seats recline somewhat, roughly 30 degrees from vertical, although this is not a deal breaker for most people. It’s not going to have the deep recline of some of the more expensive travel strollers.

If your children require a more reclining position for a good night’s sleep… With this stroller, it may not be possible. That’s all I’m saying.

Canopy, Storage, Brake

The three-tiered canopies of the Cloud Plus Double are well-equipped and can be controlled separately (with mesh peek-a-boo windows for added airflow and to check on those babies). Not the largest, but also not the tiniest canopies in the world.

You can store your diaper bag under the stroller, as well as other smaller goods like blankets, hats, toys, and snacks. The storage bins under the stroller are spacious enough to hold all of these things and more.

As a bonus, the stroller comes with an adult tray that has two drink holders, as well as removable child trays that have sippy cup/juice box holders for the little ones.

Those with taller children may find the handlebars to be a hindrance, as they cannot be raised or lowered.


On paved, smooth surfaces, such as sidewalks and amusement parks, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double performs well. It won’t be able to handle any form of rugged or grassy terrain. If you’re looking for a stroller with front-wheel suspension, this one is an excellent choice.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller | Travel Stroller | Lightweight Stroller| Kolcraft


The self-standing fold and low weight of this stroller are huge selling points for parents looking to take it on vacation with them. Folding is quite simple, although it is not as compact as a twin umbrella stroller or tri-fold.

Bottom Line

Given its reasonable price tag, this stroller is a top pick for parents looking to take their children on vacation. Many outstanding features, such as a self-standing fold, nice canopies and a lot of parent/child tray options are included even though the construction is fairly basic.

With the exception of the limited recline, the non-adjustable handlebar and the lack of an option to use a car seat, there are few negatives to this stroller.

It’s a decent travel stroller for a reasonable price, and you won’t have to worry about it breaking while you’re away from home.