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Traveling with your kid has never been easier with the Chicco Activ3. An infant car seat is included with the stroller, making it simple to take your child along on all of life’s adventures. The Chicco Activ3 Stroller might be a bit of a challenge to construct, so we’ve broken it down into 10 easy stages!

Who Is Chicco?

Pietro Catelli founded Chicco in 1958, and the company has been around ever since. Catelli was a pharmaceutical device developer and innovator at the time.

In light of the arrival of his first child, he decided to broaden his business to include baby supplies. He tried to provide parents with wholesome options.

A wide selection of baby gear was added to the baby product line soon. Carriers, breastfeeding goods, apparel, infant care, toys, and strollers are all included in this section.

All that matters to the company is discovering new things. Chicco’s “Happiness Lab” collaborates with professionals and parents to develop new goods.

Chicco claims to have a keen eye for how its products benefit and aid the development of newborns.

Parents and babies throughout the world benefit from the company’s dedication since it demonstrates its devotion to strong family ties and the wellbeing of children.

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Chicco conducts a lot of good work, and it’s involved with a number of charitable groups. Another is the Mission Bambini, which looks after sick children in nations where there is a lack of access to proper medical care. Local doctors are given the opportunity to learn from the mission’s heart surgery training program.

Chicco Today

Chicco has gained notoriety in the United States and is well-known in over 120 countries around the globe. On the suburbs of Milan, it presently holds its headquarters. Creating products that are both fashionable and functional is the company’s primary goal.

Chicco’s global success can be attributed in part to its all-inclusive strategy. Despite the fact that they’re affordable, the strollers offered by this brand don’t skimp on quality or functionality. If you’re searching for a stylish, functioning buggy that won’t break the bank, we recommend this firm.

What Parents Say About Chicco Strollers

Chicco’s popularity among parents is particularly high. There’s a lot of praise given to its strollers for being fashionable and feature-rich. Numerous zippered pockets are included for safekeeping of valuables, a testament to the designer’s keen eye for the finer points.

The flexibility to fold and stand on its own is also a big plus, according to numerous reviews. These features make it simple to stow the strollers out of sight or in the trunk.

Parents are especially impressed by the wide choice of things on offer. Frames and umbrella-style strollers, double strollers, stand-on doubles and jogging buggies are just some of Chicco’s offerings. Parents frequently praise their children’s performance and accomplishments.

The strollers are praised by parents for their ease of use. They’re able to handle tight turns with ease because to the excellent handling.

Having saying that, not everyone appears to be delighted with Chicco’s level of customer care. Inquiries and requests for replacements were not answered in a timely manner, according to parents.

Where Are Chicco’s Strollers Made?

Chicco’s products are mostly made in China, despite the fact that the company is Italian. In contrast to Peg Perego, whose strollers are built in Italy, this is one of the key contrasts between the company and its direct competitor.

It’s still Chicco’s best-selling infant car seats that have made them a household name. One of the most popular in the United States is Keyfit 30.

What Strollers Work with Chicco Keyfit 30?

Adaptability is a feature of the Keyfit 30 baby car seat. Chicco strollers, as well as those made by Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, Mamas and Papa, UPPAbaby, BOB, and Britax are all compatible with this stroller system. The only catch is that you’ll need to purchase a car seat adaptor first.

Why We Recommend Chicco Strollers

Chicco is one of our favorite brands — even though its strollers are at the affordable end of the spectrum, it doesn’t compromise on design. It offers several prints and colors — there’s everything from black and gray, to neutrals and various shades of blue. You can find the most extensive selection on the website.

Chicco is a favorite of ours because, despite the fact that its strollers are on the more inexpensive side, they don’t skimp on style. Everything from black and gray, to neutral tones and a variety of blue colours, is available in this collection. The widest range is available on the internet.

Chicco also does a terrific job of paying close attention to the smaller, less obvious aspects. Every one of its strollers comes with a parent tray with cup holders. In other cases, you’ll find well-organized pockets for all your small necessities.

On most of the buggies, there are tiny zipped compartments. Keeping your cash and phone safe is a breeze with one of these handy pouches.

There’s no need to bring your handbag if you’re just out for a stroll. Isn’t it preferable if you don’t have to carry a lot of extra weight?

Chicco’s strollers are built to last for many years, even after the guarantee period has expired. It’s possible to acquire replacement parts for worn-out tires or a worn-out seat at the dealership.

Chicco Stroller’s Price Range

For most families, Chicco’s strollers fall within a reasonable price range. However, there are a few more expensive variants, such as the joggers and travel systems. These are more affordable than Chicco’s competitors, and they’re meant to last. They also come with built-in car seats for babies.

Steps on How to Assemble the Chicco Activ3 Stroller

Stroller should be facing you, so place it on a flat area and get started. Lift the handlebar by putting one foot under each side of it, then lowering it back down.

Put pressure on the front wheel frame from either side to get both wheels to lock into place. Depending on their size, your child will be able to fit around your waist with the help of either the left or right-hand strap you find (approximately 12 months).

The looped end of the belt buckle can be used as carrying handles if you don’t have access to a belt clip. Until the baby’s legs can fit inside the recessed region at the top of the backrest when sat in the kid tray/seat, this can be done.

Pull back on the footrest with one hand until it clicks into place.

As soon as the canopy cloth begins to stretch outward, you can release the button on the canopy’s top button, which is located at the top of the canopy. If you’re still having trouble releasing the button, look for a red plastic loop just below it. Pull the loop outward to press and release the button from the outside.

How to put a Chicco stroller back together

Button on top of handlebar near canopy cloth is used to open canopy. Red plastic loop is situated directly below where this button is located outside, so you can open manually if you can’t release it with your foot (see below).

As a second step, begin by loosening and then tightening the straps on the backrest of the seat by pulling each side away from the other until there is no more slack.

Step three: Raise the seat backrest and tighten the strap around the headrest, continue to push on top of the canopy fabric until it is fully retracted under the stroller handlebar.

How to close a Chicco activ3 stroller

Now raise the backrest of your stroller, fasten a strap over your child’s neck, and push the stroller’s handlebars up to retract the canopy.

Open the footrests entirely by pulling straight outwards until they are as far apart as possible, then push in towards the center-line while pressing down to lock into place.

Step 3: When you’ve reached the folding position, disengage the brake pedal and release the tensioned straps keeping the seats together with your fingers only to prevent damage to the plastic clip adjacent that holds the wheel rods up in their slots (shown below).

Seats can be freed from slots by pushing the handles down and toward the centerline, then pulling the front edge of the seats backwards.

How to disassemble a Chicco stroller

Assemble Chicco Activ by lifting front edge of seat from slots. With your fingers, release the tensioned straps holding seats together so that they don’t get dragged against the plastic clip that holds the wheel rods up in their slots when a folded position is attained by pulling back on the rear handles (shown below).

The footrests can be fully opened by drawing straight outwards until they are as far apart from each other as feasible, then pushing in toward the center-line while pushing down to lock into place.

You should only use your fingertips to de-tension the strap under the handlebars, not the metal hook inside the bike’s frame, to avoid snagging it during the folding process depicted above.

How to fold a jogging stroller

It’s pretty similar to folding other baby gear to fold a jogging stroller. In order to ensure that your next use of the stroller goes off without a hitch, remembering these procedures when folding any sort of stroller is highly recommended.

In the first place, make sure that the wheels are open all the way so that nothing may get stuck in them and cause harm. The footrests can be fully opened by drawing straight outwards until they are as far apart from each other as feasible, then pushing in toward the center-line while pushing down to lock into place.

Using only your fingertips, loosen the tensioned strap under the handlebars so that it does not come into contact with the metal hook. Swing up after hearing a click on the back of the handlebars.

Using the frame in front of you, arrange the two sides so that the side with the pivot clip is on your right and the footrests are on the left. In order to fasten the metal hook, pull one strap from each side over the metal hook’s two ends.

To secure the other handhold, repeat this process and pull straps over the metal hooks’ other ends to keep them in place as well.

to fold them flat against the main seat bar, pull outward on lever at the top of the chair and fold them down (keep away from the stroller).

How do you buckle a baby in a Chicco stroller?

To begin, lift the red handle at the rear of the seat to release the seat back.

Fold down and release both sides of the footrests, then press in towards the centerline while pushing down to lock into position.

In the third step, make sure the child’s shoes can’t fall off their feet by placing them in perforations in the footrest (typically near the bottom edge), and then buckle the straps on either side of the metal bar to keep their little toes tucked behind the metal bar.

To avoid straining your wrists while putting up the baby’s bottom after inserting each arm through its appropriate opening, place the straps over your shoulders.

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The Best Chicco Stroller Reviews of 2022

Chicco has a wide variety of high-quality strollers, so to limit down your options, we consulted user evaluations and expert advice. The best Chicco strollers are here.

1. Chicco Shuttle Frame Stroller

Best Chicco Stroller Frame

Chicco’s ultra-light stroller frame is designed to make the first few months of motherhood easier. Using click-ins, it is compatible with all Fit2 and KeyFit infant car seats.

The advantages of a travel system without the added weight are provided by a stroller frame. For the first six months of a baby’s life, many parents encourage this since it makes it easy to get them moving.

In a matter of seconds, the frame may be folded into a compact package. It has a handle with a tray for the parents and two cup holders for the kids. In addition, the front wheels swivel, and the parking brake is secure.

The Pros

Easy to Use

When you’re a first-time parent, strollers and car seats can seem a bit overwhelming. When Chicco designed his frames, he made sure they were simple to use.

Using the click-in method, an infant car seat that is suitable can be attached. As soon as you get the hang of it, it just takes a couple of minutes.

One-Handed Fold

A foldable handle is included in the frame. This is a one-handed operation; all you have to do is pull up. The handle can then be used for transport.

The frame may stand on its own once it has been folded. Stand-alone structure makes it easier to store.

Parent-Friendly Features

A little more is always appreciated, and Chicco did not disappoint. Parent tray and pocket are located on the handle.

It’s a good size. According to several reviewers, an iPhone X can be inserted vertically inside the case.

The tray has two cup slots for water or other beverages. Chicco included a huge storage basket under the seat for all of your necessities. It’s large enough to hold a diaper bag and a few items.

The Cons

Cup Holders Are Shallow

Some mothers complained about the cup holders’ depth. Bottles can easily fall out because they’re shallow.

2. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Best Chicco Travel System Stroller

If you’re on a tight budget, a travel system is the way to go. The technique can be used from infancy until your child is confidently walking on his or her own. The Bravo Trio Travel System from Chicco is a standout.

An excellent stroller with Chicco’s unique one-handed folding technology is yours for the taking. Full suspension and swivel wheels also enhance the buggy’s maneuverability.

After removing the backrest, seat, and canopy, the stroller’s KeyFit 30 baby car seat easily snaps into place.

The Pros

The Best Car Seat Included

As part of this set, Chicco throws in one of the industry’s best car seats: the KeyFit 30. (3). Everything is included, including the vehicle’s foundation. In the case of an accident, this child safety seat does an excellent job of protecting your child.

The KeyFit 30 car seat is suitable for babies weighing 4-30 pounds. It has all the tools you’ll need to make sure the installation goes smoothly. A RideRight Bubble level indicator and a LATCH system are included.

Excellent Stroller

When not in use, the Bravo car seat stroller may be swiftly transformed into a frame for convenient transportation in the trunk of the car. All parts of the seat and backrest, including the canopy, are removable, making it simple to connect the car seat.

When the buggy is parked, the brake is a simple one-touch operation that ensures its safety.

Adjustable Handle and Parent Tray

The handle is easy to hold and can be positioned in three different ways to fit the needs of different drivers. With the tray, you’ll also find a little pocket and two cup holders for parents.


At roughly 30 pounds, your baby will outgrow the seat and be able to safely ride in the stroller until they are a toddler. A big sun canopy and cup holders are included in the buggy’s design.

The Cons

Stroller Feels Wobbly on Uneven Surfaces

However, several reviewers found the stroller to be a little unstable to push on uneven ground.

3. Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller

Best Chicco Jogging Stroller

They may be used for many different things, including jogging, thus we’re big fans of jogging strollers. Fast-paced families who enjoy outdoor activities may appreciate the Chicco TRE. It can be used at a park, on a trail, or even on a race day.

In order to keep the buggy light, it is built on an aluminum frame. The stroller has a three-wheel design, with pneumatic 16-inch rear tires that make it easy to manage.

A large handle, handbrake, and FlexCore suspension are all must-haves for this stroller. Unzipping the sun canopy reveals an integrated mesh window that allows for additional ventilation.

The Pros

Great for Going Fast

The Chicco TRE may be able to help you go along a bit more quickly. The easy-to-maneuver wheel design makes it simple to get around. Adjustable dual FlexCore suspension allows you to alter modes with your foot as you traverse different terrain.

Hand-activated front-wheel function is another useful feature. The buggy’s front wheel may swivel if you’re navigating a crowd by pressing a button on the handle.

Durable Frame

For the frame of a jogging stroller, aluminum is an excellent choice. It’s not heavy, but it’s built to last. It’s reassuring to know that even at higher speeds, the buggy will hold up.

A modest 28.5 pounds go a long way with the TRE. In comparison to most jogging strollers, which can weigh up to 30 pounds, this is a featherweight. It’s also simple to fold and store in a car trunk, making it convenient.

Waterproof Fabrics

All of the fabrics utilized are water-resistant. Even on wet days, your child will be safe and sound in this stroller. When the sun comes out, your baby is protected by the full-coverage sun canopy.

Car Seat Compatible

It is compatible with both Fit2 and KeyFit infant car seats. In order to begin using the stroller immediately, remove the current seat and attach a car seat to the frame, as shown in this image

Take a Minute to Reflect

Jogging with a baby in a car seat is not suggested.

The Cons

Takes up Space When Folded

When folded, some users complained about how bulky the product was. It’s not a good fit for a small car.

4. Chicco Liteway Stroller

Best Chicco Umbrella Stroller

When not in use, an umbrella stroller may be folded up into a small, portable package, making it ideal for city dwellers and commuters. The aluminum frame of the Liteway Stroller folds up easily into an umbrella form, making it perfect for taking the bus or train.

The backrest may be adjusted to three different positions to accommodate a sleeping or awake baby. When you don’t need the canopy, you can remove it from the table. Rear-wheel suspension and swiveling front wheels are available as options.

Storage for all of your essentials can be found under the seat. It also features cup holders and padded handles by Chicco.

The Pros

Effortless Fold

It couldn’t be simpler to fold up the stroller. As soon as you release the handle, the umbrella unfolds into a small package. After that, the handle is used to lift the item into place, or to activate an automatic latch.

Adjustable Backrest

The backrest is entirely adjustable so that it can be used for babies of all ages. There are three positions to choose from depending on the age and state of sleep or wakefulness of your child. They’ll be safe and sound in the five-point harness when you go for a walk.

Comfortable Handles and Storage Basket

Features for the driver are plentiful with the Lightway stroller. The padded grips make long treks more bearable. Then there’s the enormous storage basket, which can hold all of your necessities.

Rear-Wheel Suspension and Superior Steering

A top-notch suspension system on the rear wheels makes it possible to take the stroller off-road. With the swiveling front wheels, you’ll have a lot more control over your vehicle in congested situations.

The Cons

Difficult to Assemble

Some parents complained that putting it together was a bit of a challenge. This means the canopy and cup holder may fall off after folding, as everything is detachable. Many people thought that reattaching everything after unfolding was an unneeded hassle.

5. Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller

Best Chico Stroller for All-Terrain

This stroller works well on any surface, whether you’re strolling or jogging. To ensure a smooth journey for your child, this stroller has foam-filled tires and a top-notch suspension system.

Depending on the terrain, you can change the FlexCore suspension through a footswitch. Switching things up can help if your youngster is experiencing discomfort.

Snacks may be necessary if you’re going to be out from home for a long period of time. We appreciate that the seat pad may be removed and washed in the washing machine in case they make a mess.

The Pros

Control Console for Parents

An exclusive control console can be found near the handle. Having swivel wheels makes it easier to navigate winding roadways. The console can also be used to activate the brake.

Reclining Seat With Backrest

Afterward, your child will no longer complain about being uncomfortable! When customers want to relax, they can recline their seats to various positions, ranging from a sitting position to a reclining one.

A 3D air mesh design on the backrest helps to keep you cool and comfortable. Wonderfully refreshing on even the hottest of days.

Quick 1-Hand Fold

This feature is sure to please parents. It’s so easy to collapse with just one hand. If you’re traveling alone with a cranky infant, this is a lifesaver. Don’t worry!

Additionally, the tray and spacious storage basket are great features for parents.

The Cons

Plastic Parts Feel Cheap

Despite its high price, this stroller is of poor quality. Customers complained that the plastic design was flimsy and unattractive. You might have expected more for the money you paid.

No Tray or Cup Holder for Baby

In this design, Chicco considered the demands of parents, but not your child’s. Since babies do not have trays or cup holders, they could get tired with carrying their goodies in their hands. After that, they’re all over the place. It’s never enjoyable.

6. Chicco Mini Bravo Lightweight Stroller

Best Lightweight Chicco Stroller

Chicco’s Mini Bravo stroller is designed to make every trip a little easier. Lightweight and with user-friendly features like one-handed reclining adjustments, it’s an excellent choice for travelers. The sun canopy features a mesh panel for ventilation and an adjustable backrest.

With the Mini Bravo, you won’t have to worry about being lost in a crowd. The swiveling front wheels aid with steering in small spaces. Additionally, it has a fold-and-carry handle that makes it easy to take with you on a trip.

The padded handle is a wonderful addition, as it allows for a more relaxed and comfortable hold. Chicco’s parent tray includes two cup holders and a place to put your phone.

The Pros

Excellent for Family Excursions

Chicco’s Mini Bravo is a good choice if you and your family spend a lot of time at the park or the mall. Despite its small size and light weight, this is not an umbrella stroller.

Folding and storing it in the trunk is a cinch after a long day at work. For convenience, it’s easy to go across shopping malls or supermarket aisles.

Extended Sun Canopy

When the weather is nice, going on family vacations is a lot more fun. However, this means that your child will require greater security. Your kid will be protected from the sun thanks to the visor canopy’s ventilation.

Three Position Recline

Most parents appreciate this product’s ability to recline in three different positions, all with a simple one-handed adjustment. This is a wonderful technique to put your child to sleep.

The Cons

Front Wheels Causing Trouble

Despite the high ratings, the front wheels seem to be a source of frustration for many users. Squeaking has been reported by some, while locking has been reported by others.

7. Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

Best Chicco Double Stroller

The Chicco Cortina is a good option if you have two tiny children or are expecting twins. One child sits in front of the other in a tandem arrangement. The Fit2 and KeyFit infant car seats can be used with both chairs.

Both seats have additional padding and a retractable cover for a more comfortable ride. When a youngster is sleeping or awake, the seats can be adjusted to various positions to suit their needs.

The Pros

Great for Independent Babies

It’s all up to the child; the backrest and sun shade can be adjusted to their liking. Because it comes with cup holders, the front seat has a little advantage over the others.

Superb Steering

You and your two passengers will enjoy a smooth ride thanks to the high-quality suspension on all four wheels. In order to use the front wheels’ swivel function, you have to use your foot. The buggy can suddenly stop and go in the blink of an eye once it is engaged.

Large Storage Basket

Chicco has expanded the storage capacity of the basket because you’re carrying two children. Double the size, with a zipper to keep everything safe and secure inside!

Slim Design

Even though it’s tandem, the width is still narrow enough to fit through entrances and along narrow aisles. When you have two kids in tow, having an extra-large storage basket beneath is a tremendous benefit.

The Cons

You May Struggle on Uneven Surfaces

A few reviewers complained about the stroller’s performance on gravel-like ground. Unsteady and shaky, it begins to sway. It’s possible that the length is to blame.

Chicco Stroller Accessories

Certain accessories are available from Chicco that are compatible with the Chicco stroller. The following are examples:

  • Small snack trays are a big hit with kids because they give them a sense of autonomy. Simply wipe down the Chicco snack tray and you’re ready to go. Install the car seat first, if applicable.
  • Chicco offers a rubber wheel kit for the Bravo stroller if you wish to go off-road with your stroller. Four wheels are included, and they’re simple to install. Sets for Bravo LE, BravoFor2, and BravoFor2 LE are also available.

Where to Buy Chicco Strollers

Chicco baby strollers can be found all throughout the United States. Many retailers, including Amazon, Target, Baby R’ Us, Toys R Us, Albee Baby, and Buy Buy Baby, carry them. Additionally, the company sells online.

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Chicco Website and Contact

The company’s website contains all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Comparison table, instructions, demo videos, and registry are included.

Its customer support area is extensive, so you’ll need to provide some information when making a request. Model, serial number, and date of manufacturing are all included.

They can be reached at 1-877-424-4226. This phone number can be found on the internet, as well.

Chicco Stroller Comparison Chart

Our Verdict

With a wide range of strollers to suit all budgets and needs, Chicco is an excellent brand to work with. Buggy options range from jogging to umbrella to lightweight to double.

Folding is a breeze, and each one includes conveniences for mom and dad, too.