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Let me greet you on behalf of Walt Disney World Resort. If you’re bringing young children to the Disney theme parks, you may be wondering if you’ll need to rent a stroller. Some visitors prefer to rent a stroller from Disney, but others prefer to bring their own or simply purchase one as needed once they’re inside the parks. Let’s look at the Disney stroller policy, Disney Theme Park stroller rental options, and what to think about if you’re bringing your own stroller.

Ready? Do not stop our progress around Disney World with your foot out of the stroller!

Renting a Stroller at Disney World or Disneyland

Bringing a baby or child to Disney World requires bringing a stroller. Disney theme parks are massive, so be prepared to put in some serious steps. When the enchantment of the day is through, everyone, including the adults, will be exhausted.

For your trip to Walt Disney World, a stroller is an important must-have item. Orlando, Florida, is home to a number of enormous resorts. Walking young children the long distance from the bus terminal to the hotel room, or from the room to the dining hall, can be taxing. While Disneyland is smaller in size, I still bring a stroller there with my young children. If you’re taking a baby or toddler to Disney World, a stroller will make your life much easier, especially at the conclusion of a long and hectic day.

Top 10 Tips for Using a Stroller at Disneyland

I’ve debated whether to bring my own stroller on my Disney travels or to hire one there, and what style of stroller to use. The following are four potential solutions: You can either bring your own, hire one once you get there from the park or a provider outside the Orlando region, or buy a cheap umbrella stroller from Amazon, either to bring with you or to have delivered. Below you’ll find information, resources, and ideas for navigating strollers at Disney theme parks.

Benefits of renting a stroller at Disney World

Renting a stroller at Disney World has several significant advantages. What advantages you enjoy will depend, of course, on the sort of stroller you rent and where you get it. If you need a stroller, you have two options: either hire one through Disney Parks, which comes with its own limitations, or from a third-party seller.

Because of the trouble of transporting a stroller, renting one after you get at your destination is preferable. The effort of lugging a stroller from the parking lot to the airport terminal to the gangway to the baggage claim to your airport transfer (and back again) is more than compensated for by the fact that airlines will gate check it for free. Picking up guests is a breeze, whether they are being met at the airport or, even more conveniently, at their Disney World Resort hotel. Those who have a little child that needs a stroller for most of the day will benefit the most from this choice.

Renting a stroller is another alternative for families with kids who will only require one for a few hours while visiting the Parks. All of the strollers at Disney’s theme parks have been thoroughly cleaned after each use, and they come with convenient features like a foot brake, two cup holders, and safety straps for the little ones. Many visitors to a Disney Park will stop by one of the rental booths multiple times during the day to pick up a double (100 lb weight limit) or single stroller (50lbs weight limit). Instead of wasting time dragging a stroller through the park and onto public transportation, renting a stroller and returning it when you need it is a huge time saver.

If you rent a stroller for multiple days at one of the parks, you can get a fresh one each morning by showing your receipt. You’ll have to fold it up for transport and store it in your hotel room overnight if you rent one in the city, and you’ll have to return it to a certain spot.

Locations for stroller rentals at Disney World

Want to hire a legitimate stroller for use in Disney theme parks? In a wide variety of settings, this is possible! It’s possible to rent a stroller for the same low fee at any of Disney’s four major theme parks or the Disney Springs retail district. Most of these rental outlets are situated just within the various points of entry.

The stroller rental site in Magic Kingdom is in the tunnel before entering Main Street, U.S.A., and at EPCOT it is to the left of Spaceship Earth before passing it.

To the right of the main entrance to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, guests can hire a stroller and pick up a park map. When you enter Hollywood Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll see a “gas station” on the right, where you may rent a stroller or a scooter to get around the park.

You may hire strollers in Disney Springs at the “Sundries” shop near the bus loop, however they require a $100 credit card deposit.

Once you’ve got your stroller, it’s important to put the receipt away someplace dry. If you’ve leased a stroller for more than one day, you’ll need to bring it back and present it each morning when you pick up a new stroller, or you’ll be charged a daily fee.

When strolling through the theme parks, you may need to leave your stroller in a designated area while you and your family enjoy a ride on an attraction, such as It’s a Small World in Magic Kingdom. Each park has a large parking lot specifically for strollers, so please use it rather than leaving yours parked on the street. Cast Members will assist you in finding an available parking area for your stroller and will move the strollers as needed to create room for new guests. If you can’t find your stroller right where you left it, look around; a Disney Cast Member may have moved it to a secure location.

Though it’s hard to miss the enormous expanses of families coming in and out of the parks with strollers, the park maps available at the front of each theme park won’t show you where each stroller parking place is located. Just ask a Cast Member for help finding parking. In certain regions, you’ll frequently find themed “Stroller Parking” signs; take in the “world” you’re in and appreciate the underappreciated artwork they display!

What Strollers are NOT Allowed at Disney?

You should pack a gate checkable stroller if you’re going to Orlando or Anaheim on a flight. Find out first if there are any requirements from your airline. These specifications won’t apply to all strollers, especially larger double strollers.

Disney theme parks have their own guidelines for stroller size and use. We cannot accommodate strollers that are larger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long. Also banned from the parks are stroller wagons.

Those who require a stroller for medical reasons are the only ones who are exempt from the norms governing stroller size and kind. Please contact our guest services if you have any particular requirements. There’s a chance they can get a special pass that gets attached to the stroller if they apply for it.

Cost of Renting a Disney Stroller

Prices for single strollers in Disneyland start at $18 per day, while double strollers cost $36 per day to rent. Guests can rent a single stroller for $15 per day or a double stroller for $31 per day at Walt Disney World. If your planned stay will span multiple days, you may be eligible for a discounted rate.

Keep your receipt in a dry, safe location as daily evidence of payment. Arrive early to allow for the additional time needed to rent and return your stroller.

Strollers can be rented at any of Disney’s parks or at Disney Springs in Orlando. Disney Springs requires a $100 credit card deposit for stroller rentals. Neither water parks nor resorts offer stroller rental services. In addition, rental strollers must be returned to the same location where they were left. As a result, you won’t be able to use the stroller for those long walks back to the bus, through the hotel, or to explore the rest of the resort or the surrounding area.

To get a stroller at the next park in your Park Hopping adventure, just present your rental receipt from the first park. That means you can “hop” between parks without having to rent a stroller more than once.

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Tips for using strollers at Disney World

  • On Disney buses, trams, and boats, strollers must be folded and unloaded.
  • If you plan on bringing your own stroller, make sure to take its dimensions before leaving. Parks have tight regulations regarding the size of strollers.
  • You’ll need to provide your Disney Parks stroller rental receipt every day. Keep it dry.
  • Strollers purchased at a Disney theme park are only valid within the park.
  • When hiring a stroller in the Disney Springs marketplace, guests must leave a $100 credit card deposit.
  • Strollers must be folded in half in order to be taken on the monorails within Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom at Disney World.
  • Most restaurants have a no-stroller policy inside. Take them to the curb and park them there.
  • In most of the lines for attractions, strollers are not permitted.
  • Add a sign, banner, balloon, or light-up token to your stroller to make it easier to spot in the dark.
  • Assist your riders in dealing with the heat by providing them with clip-on fans or misters.
  • Stroller Parking lots include signs and are usually staffed by a member of the Cast.
  • Cast Members may frequently rearrange the strollers to make more space for guests. A hired stroller (or your own) will be parked in the same lot as you, but not necessarily in the same position.
  • Never, ever, ever leave anything of value in a stroller.
  • Extend the canopy’s protective shade with a thin blanket.
  • If you live in an area prone to unexpected downpours, make sure to pack a poncho and umbrella for your stroller. After visiting an exciting site, the last thing you want is to sit on a damp stroller seat.
  • When pushing a stroller, give way to the people in front of you. You don’t want to be to blame if someone is hurt because you weren’t paying attention to the traffic lights or because they suddenly stopped! Do your best to be polite!
  • Prohibited products at Disney World strollers are specifically mentioned as being on the banned list. Wheeled vehicles with a width and length of more than 31 and 52 inches, respectively. Also banned are stroller wagons. All amusement parks, water parks, and the NBA Experience have strict no-wagon policies. Carts are not permitted in the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex’s indoor stadiums. The act of pushing, pulling, or towing a trailer-like object behind an ECV, wheelchair, stroller, or person.

Renting From a Third Party Stroller Provider at Disney World

If you choose to rent a stroller, you and your family will be free to go wherever you find a rental firm (including outside the parks). Guests can rent a more comfortable stroller from a third-party operator for the same price as a stroller rental in a Disney theme park. There may be some price variations depending on the brand and model of stroller you choose, however many stores provide free shipping. Rentals outside of the Disney resort can save families a lot of money when they are visiting for multiple days.

Some adjustments have been made to the delivery system for rented strollers at Walt Disney World. There is now no need for a meet and greet when ordering via Disney’s preferred source Scooterbug. You can leave your baby’s stroller with the bellhop and not worry about it again.

If you’re staying at a Disney resort hotel other than the Disney Swan and Dolphin or the Disney Swan Reserve, you’ll need to visit with the stroller rental company in person to get your stroller.

In most cases, third-party manufacturers have promoted jogging strollers (like the City Mini pictured in this section). In addition to providing shelter from the heat, they also provide plenty of storage space underneath.

Some of these businesses are ones I’ve used before with great satisfaction.

  • Dial (800) 281-0884 for Orlando Stroller Rentals
  • Call (407) 271-5301 to speak with a representative from Kingdom Strollers. (complimentary umbrella, drink console, and cooler bag) (CAN PICK UP AT ORLANDO AIRPORT)
  • Call (407) 442-0000 for Ride and Attraction Rentals
  • Dial (866) 866-6177 for a stroll in the clouds with Magic Strollers!

Renting a Third Party Stroller at Disneyland

Perhaps because so many Disneyland guests are locals who carry their own strollers, the number of stroller rental options in the Anaheim area is limited. City Stroller Rentals can be reached at (877) 787-5537 if you need to hire a stroller in the Disneyland region.

Buying a New Stroller at Disney

Most visitors will either bring their own or rent strollers at Disney. But maybe you hadn’t considered getting a new one when you got there. You can find umbrella strollers for sale at some Disney theme parks and boutiques on premise. The following strollers were photographed by me at the entrance to Disneyland in California. In most cases, buying a stroller like this outright is cheaper than renting.

Double Strollers & Tips for Twins

  • You should check with your airline ahead of time to see if they have any restrictions on strollers that may be gate checked if you plan on bringing one with you on your flight. There are certain double strollers that can’t handle children over 3 feet tall or 50 pounds.
  • Keep in mind that you’ll have to fold your stroller and carry it with you every time you go on or off of a public transportation vehicle and visit a hotel in the region. A double stroller is going to be extra bulky and heavy.
  • Please keep in mind that you will have to fold your stroller and carry it with you when taking public transportation to and from hotels in the region. The size and weight of a twin stroller are going to be considerably more.

Add Personal Flair to Your Stroller for Easier Viewing

Almost every attraction in a Disney theme park has a designated stroller parking space. You can even leave your stroller in a designated “Stroller Parking” area. When patrons leave or drop off new strollers, cast members will reposition the parked strollers to accommodate the influx and outflow of strollers. Because of the reorganization, finding your stroller may be a challenge.

For some reason, I’ve never had to worry about anyone stealing my stroller. However, to prevent your stroller from being stolen, it is recommended that you clearly identify it as yours. When renting a stroller from the park, this is especially crucial, as all of the available models will look identical at first glance.

The rental agencies will provide a nameplate with your surname on it, but if you want to make it stand out more, tie a ribbon to it or add some other decorative element. Here are some simple suggestions for identifying your own stroller and ways to make one less of a hassle to locate in Disney theme parks.

  • Put your name on a funky luggage tag and use it.
  • Wrap the grips in a rainbow of ribbons.
  • Attach a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer to the stroller so that everyone can clean their hands after visiting the rides and before eating.
  • If you need to keep track of your stroller after dark, you can do so by attaching glow-in-the-dark bracelets to the handle.

Bringing Your Own Stroller

The current Disney Parks strollers aren’t to everyone’s liking. The major selling point of these Park strollers is that you can grab one whenever you need it, despite their harsh sides and back, non-reclining seat, and lack of storage capacity. If your child is too little to walk (and you don’t want to babywear all day), carrying a stroller from home with all the comforts of home may be the best solution.

Carrying a stroller through the airport, folding it on all conveyance, and storing it in your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel room takes a lot of extra effort, but most airlines will gate-check a stroller for free, so there is no further expense.

Be sure to measure your stroller

Walt Disney World no longer permits stroller wagons or strollers greater than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long. As a result, you can’t use a Keenz double-handled option, even if you only push from one side. Cast Members marked out boxes on the ground next to the park entrances in 2019 and beyond for guests to park their strollers in so they could get an accurate measurement. There was a strict policy that strollers that didn’t fit in the gates could be left outside the entrances. Outside, guests may rent a stroller if they needed one.

Top 10 Tips for Using a Stroller at Disneyland

We would still recommend tagging your stroller uniquely

Although you’ll encounter a wide variety of stroller brands and styles at Disney World, you’re sure to run into a twin. Put a cute tag or balloon on your stroller so others can find it fast. The example provided here by Ava Baby Co. conveys your fervor for your preferred destination to a reusable tag that can be used anywhere, at any time; it can even be attached to your Disney Parks Rental every day. Priced at about $20 per plus shipping costs of just a few bucks extra, they’re a steal. Since this reusable alternative can be folded up, packed away, and is relatively small and inexpensive compared to daily Balloon purchases, we think it’s a superior choice (or trying to wrangle one for a week).


Maybe in the future, theme park rental strollers may get an upgrade like the ones offered at Shanghai Disney in 2021. This cutting-edge stroller has a reclining seat (a major boon for parents shopping for a stroller), an extra-large storage basket underneath, an ergonomic handle with a built-in rest, a cup holder, and a sleek, modern appearance that is reminiscent of a Disney attraction. This style is unfortunately not yet available in Florida, but we hope that will change very soon. You shouldn’t pass up this opportunity.

When planning a trip to Disney World, you may be debating whether or not to bring a car seat in addition to a stroller. Keep in mind that Florida law only mandates the use of a car seat or booster for children under the age of five when planning a trip to Orlando’s amusement parks. When taking a trip with a young child, a Bubble Bum booster or miFold car seat is a perfect choice. Rental car agencies may be able to provide you with a lightweight solution for transporting infants and toddlers who require car seats but are too small to fit in a lap passenger’s lap during an MCO transfer (no car seat required). A standard car seat that isn’t on wheels is cumbersome and unnecessary for a short trip to Disney World.

Academy Travel is here to help you arrange a magical family vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort, and they’ll do it at no cost to you. You can ask them for advice on how to plan the ideal holiday. Contact them at 609-978-0740 to arrange a visit.