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To be expecting a child is a miraculous and whirlwind experience. Put it in writing! When is the greatest time to take maternity pictures? If you’re pregnant and don’t know when to take pictures, this article will give you some ideas.

So when is the best time for maternity pictures?

Your belly is full enough

The third trimester is ideal for photographing your pregnant body. Remember always the radiance, bounty, and magic of being able to nourish another living being. Photographing you during your pregnancy is all about capturing this pure, authentic self.

In many ways, the third trimester of pregnancy is a yin and yang for expectant mothers. In the first half of pregnancy, you feel great, have no trouble moving around, and revel in the ultimate sensations of your baby’s movements. However, you may have trouble sleeping because of the increased difficulty in getting comfortable, as well as the extreme tiredness you may experience at night, as a result of the many changes our bodies are undergoing (i.e.: adjusting hormonal levels).

To enjoy your body’s new shape while still feeling terrific but not pregnant, aim for the time between weeks 32 and 37.

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What trimester is best to book a maternity photo session?

Typically, between 26 and 34 weeks is the sweet spot for a maternity photo shoot (around the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy). Your belly will start to show more definition once you enter the third trimester. However, this time can change based on how quickly or slowly your body heals. Booking your session at the end of that timeframe is ideal for first-time mothers because you probably won’t show as quickly. Previous pregnancies tend to cause women to show earlier, allowing you to schedule your session earlier.

When should I schedule my maternity session if I’m having twins?

You will start to show earlier than usual if you’re having twins. Due to the likelihood that your due date will be sooner than average, you should book your maternity photo session earlier than if you were expecting a single child. Maternity portraits are best scheduled between the 24-28 week mark of a twin pregnancy.

Is 35 weeks too late for maternity pictures?

By now, you’re probably finding it more difficult to move around and experiencing increased discomfort as a result. That’s why it’s best to schedule your appointment earlier in the day. On the other hand, we’re all unique individuals! A mother-to-be who booked me for her maternity shoot was 39 weeks along, and she wanted to do a lot of hiking. If you’re worried that it’s too late to arrange a photo because you delayed too long, don’t be. Having things completed late is preferable to not having them at all. Your photographer should be able to help you pick a location that doesn’t demand too much walking if you’re having trouble doing so.

Is 25 weeks too early for maternity photos?

In some cases, expectant mothers can take maternity portraits as early as the first trimester. There are ways to make your belly pop more in images, but it’s best to wait until your baby bump is more pronounced. You can further define it by arching your back and bending your knee. Use your hands to draw people’s eyes to your stomach. You can still get beautiful images of your baby belly at 25 weeks if you choose a photographer who understands what they’re doing.

How early do I need to schedule my maternity photographer?

Your photographer may already be booked up if you wait too long, especially during peak seasons. It’s best to wait until after your 12-week checkup to take your maternity pictures. It’s best to get in touch with your photographer as soon as possible if you’re planning on having your maternity session in the fall, as it is typically the busiest time of year for photographers.

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Tips for when to book maternity pictures

  • Around the time of the third trimester, or weeks 26-34.
  • If you’re expecting twins, plan beforehand. We may probably estimate a time frame of 24-28 weeks.
  • If this is your first pregnancy, it’s best to delay making plans.
  • If the mother has had children before, you should expect her to show up sooner than usual (probably before 30 weeks).
  • If you want to know when is ideal for you, listen to your body.
  • You can get fatigued and irritated if you have to wait too long.
  • If you take your pregnancy photos too soon, you might not be able to clearly see your growing belly.
  • Get in touch with your photographer at around the 12 week mark of your pregnancy to schedule your maternity shoot.


What To Wear For Your Maternity Photo Shoot

A well-fitted maxi dress is a go-to piece of clothing for moms. It loosens up your midsection so you can move freely and confidently, plus it reveals your adorable pregnancy bump. Large or obtrusive patterns are best avoided. Wearing basic colors or subtle prints will allow your bump to stand out.

If you want to flaunt your belly, a pro advice is to have some body lotion handy so that your real-life belly pictures shine and look moisturized.

The Best Pregnancy Photo Shoot Poses?

To avoid feeling uncomfortable during these photo sessions is half the battle (the other half being able to hold off on vomiting long enough to get some shots in)! Simplifying things is essential.

You should feel comfortable touching and embracing your tummy. Make it the focus of attention. Allow your husband or children to gently embrace your growing belly. A simple approach to make your images look more intimate and to highlight lovely moments is to rest your head on your partner’s shoulder or chest. The shoot is for you, so do what makes you feel good. If you’re expecting and looking for inspiration for a photo shoot, click here.

When you can move around comfortably and safely

Most of my maternity photoshoots are held in scenic outdoor venues in and around the San Francisco Bay Area (no light is better than that provided by Mother Nature). To that end, your safety and ease of body are paramount.

The body goes through significant changes throughout pregnancy. One of the most noticeable is that after 36 weeks, your belly will grow too big for your own good, or even earlier if everything is progressing normally and there are no indicators of difficulties. Throughout all three trimesters, this can make it more challenging to hold postures for extended periods of time and can considerably restrict movement compared to pre-pregnancy levels.

When you have time to receive a gift certificate

Gift certificates are available from several professional newborn and maternity photographers. In addition, most baby showers occur at the end of the second trimester or the beginning of the third, so you’ll have plenty of time to use the presents from your friends, family, and coworkers.

What do I wear to the maternity photo studio?

Dressing in a fitting maxi dress is the ideal method for moms to feel comfortable and show off their bumps. These dresses are both comfortable and stylish, providing expectant mothers the freedom to move around freely and the assurance they deserve.

If you’re expecting and don’t want people staring at your growing belly, it’s best to steer clear of bold patterns. However, don’t overlook the importance of finer details like lace, which will make up the bulk of any given outfit.

Make careful to apply lotion to the skin surrounding your stomach before exposing it. Photos taken in real life will have a more hydrated and glossy appearance after doing this.

What is the best pose for a maternity photo shoot?

A professional demeanor is required at all times during photo shooting. Good method to convey that you mean business without coming across as stuffy or overly formal? simplicity!

Preparation and planning are essential for a smooth production, but might be difficult to accomplish when you’re fighting from nausea after being on camera all day (and there are plenty out there who would disagree). I find that drinking a lot of water before beginning filming helps settle my stomach and ensures that I keep hydrated throughout the time spent capturing those priceless moments.

Put your hands on your stomach. Put your fears aside and do it. Open your heart to your unborn child(ren) and the world around you will respond with overwhelming love and happiness (or maybe even just one).

Sweet images can be taken by leaning on one shoulder while holding the other; whomever stands will always look more powerful than whoever lies still against their partner’s chest; nonetheless, whatever feels right is wonderful.

How many maternity bras do I need?

You should have at least six bras on hand at all times: three while pregnant and three after giving delivery. These unstructured soft-sided bras or sports bras may serve you well until your pregnant body requires complete coverage again if a maternity bra is not immediately available for purchase. Dresses, which are commonly worn during pregnancy, can be worn while nursing.

You can get more use out of your bras by using an extender. They snap on quickly and cheaply, so you can get more use out of the ones you buy in the beginning of your pregnancy or even earlier.

If you have a friend or sibling who is the same size as you, you may borrow maternity bras from them. This is another frugal tip that can help you save money and get more use out of the latest bra trends.

Which month is best for maternity photoshoot?

Plan your maternity photo shoot for sometime between the seventh and eighth months of your pregnancy. During this time, your tummy will have a flattering round contour that is great for photos. Schedule your appointment for about the 30th week of your pregnancy if you’re keeping track at home.

What time of day is best for maternity photos?

A little over an hour before sunset. As an example, if the sun is expected to set at 8 p.m., a session scheduled for 5 or 6 p.m. will be far more advantageous than one scheduled for 12 p.m.

Is 6 months too early for maternity pictures?

It’s recommended to take maternity pictures between the seventh and eighth month of pregnancy, or at about 30 weeks. The third trimester is when your tummy finally starts to round out and look beautiful in pictures.

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Is 32 weeks too early for maternity photos?

Between 30 and 33 weeks is ideal for a maternity photo shoot. Currently, the baby bump is visible but the due date is still a ways off. When taking pictures before 30 weeks, the expectant mother’s stomach may not look as round as it does later on.

Is 37 weeks too late for maternity photos?

Professional maternity photographers typically advise their clients to schedule their photo shoot for between the 32nd and 37th week of pregnancy. Don’t put off your impromptu photo shoot too long, just in case you go into early labor during the session!

Is it worth getting maternity photos?

Pregnancy is a fleeting time in your life, and you should make the most of it by taking lots of pictures and video. Having photographs taken during your pregnancy will always serve as a poignant memory of the miraculous moment when your unborn child was developing inside of you.

How do you take good pregnancy pictures of your tummy?

Using natural window light will create the most flattering photos. Try taking pictures against a white wall or other neutral background. Select a wardrobe staple that will grow with you during your pregnancy and can be worn in all of your maternity photos. Take the photo together, with a friend, or use a self-timer.

Is 4pm a good time to take photos?

Take your portraits in the hours just after sunrise or just before sunset for the finest results. After the morning golden hour or before the sunset golden hour is the best time to shoot outdoors.

When should I take maternity pictures with twins?

Planning a maternity photo shoot for when you’re expecting twins or even triplets? Do it in the second trimester. If you are carrying more than one kid, you may notice that your baby bump grows more prominently in the second trimester. If you want to take your maternity pictures while still feeling relatively mobile, aim for about the 24-week mark.

What is the purpose of a maternity photoshoot?

An expectant mother’s pregnancy is a perfect time for a picture shoot, or maybe a series of shoots. Sessions taken during pregnancy are a beautiful way to document the transformation of your body and celebrate the bond between you and your unborn child.


Between 28 and 36 weeks is ideal for photographing your baby bulge. This is also the time when you can relax enough to take some adorable belly shots without worrying about being too close to your due date. Focusing on the shape that a woman in her seventh or eighth month is forming is fair game.