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Put yourself on hold because you don’t know what to write on a brick of donation. To help you find the right message to engrave on your donor brick, we’ve written a guide for you.

Choosing a permanent statement can be difficult, but the first step is to take a deep breath and calm yourself.

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People will read it, and you can be proud of it or share it as a sign of your appreciation for those you care about. If you’d like to leave a lasting legacy, donor bricks can be a terrific method to do it. So, if you’re curious and would like to discover more, keep reading!

What Is A Donation Brick?

There are several different types of donation bricks. Brick fundraisers benefit from the utilization of these unique bricks. For example, a specific area of a public place may require rehabilitation or reconstruction. It’s possible that organizing a brick fundraiser is the most effective way to raise money for such endeavors.

Donors can pay a predetermined amount to have a phrase or phrasebook entry engraved on a single brick that will be utilized in the rebuilding effort. Many people would like to donate, but they also like the thought of being able to leave their mark on a long-term initiative like a fundraising. Those who have a personal connection to a public space will also benefit from this.

Why Consider A Brick Fundraiser?

In order to raise money, many nonprofits organize brick fundraisers. Public parks, museums, schools, churches, and many other sites benefit from the efforts of nonprofit groups. Typically, these funds are used to repair and maintain public spaces where no one is specifically accountable for the damage or upkeep. Through the support of strangers who have an interest in preserving these places, a brick fundraiser can be an efficient way to get started. Using bricks as a fundraising tool has seven distinct advantages.

Reason #1. Affordable donations

A brick fundraiser will only be successful if there is a predetermined price per brick. However, they are reasonably priced for the vast majority of consumers. A laser engraving machine will be used to engrave the message on the brick that you purchase. This post on where to buy donation boxes might be of interest to you.

Reason #2. Sense of inclusivity

You never know how many people have the same passion to help rebuild or renovate a public space as you have. In most cases, only a small group of people are involved in the rebuilding process. Brick fundraisers provide a sense of openness and participation in the community. Those who wish can contribute without getting involved in the actual construction of the building, if they so desire.

Reason #3. People want to join new things

In order to see if they like it, some people are even willing to pay for a customised brick to be made for them. For them, it may be a whole new experience. Some people do it to memorialize a special occasion or to keep a memory of a past relationship alive. Friends who want to remember the good times they had together can use this approach. We can agree that being a part of something that is likely to last a long time is thrilling and something to look forward to.

Reason #4. In memory of

Many people want to honor the memories of loved ones who have passed away by adding their names to this list. They may be familiar with the cause for which the fundraiser is being held. The concept of including the names of one’s children or grandkids in the history of a philanthropic endeavor is appealing to some people.

Bricks can be purchased by members of the nonprofit organization’s family or close friends to commemorate the project or to show their support for the members of the nonprofit organization to whom they are linked.

You might want to learn how to make a memorial donation if that’s something that interests you.

What Messages Are On A Donation Brick

For individuals who have never participated in a brick fundraiser, the task of deciding what to write on a donation brick can be overwhelming. After all, that message will be preserved for the duration of the project, which is likely to be several years long. A family name, a date, a life motto, a person you admire, a teacher or a friend if the funds are for a school, or a message in remembrance of a loved one are all fantastic ideas of what to put on a donor brick. By including an inspirational quote, your brick will stand out from the crowd and aid someone in need.

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The size of the donation brick you purchase should also be taken into account. It’s up to you if you want to write something, use clip art, create a logo, or just take a picture. When it comes to what you can put on your brick donations, each group has its own regulations. Make contact with them to discuss the rules of engagement.

What Is a Brick Fundraiser?

By allowing supporters to sponsor bricks that will be used to construct a wall, patio, walkway, or other construction, a brick fundraiser can raise funds. For a predetermined fee, donors can have a message etched into a brick. In most cases, the bricks will be utilized in the construction of the project for which the fundraising effort is aiming to raise money. There are numerous reasons why brick fundraising efforts are popular with donors.

  • If you don’t have a lot of money to offer but still want to help out, you can do so by sponsoring an individual brick.
  • Donors can leave a lasting impression on the projects they support by purchasing fundraising bricks.
  • Inscribed bricks are a lasting tribute to those who contributed to the effort.
  • The names of contributors and members of their immediate families are often engraved on bricks purchased by the foundations they support.
  • Bricks in the names of children and grandchildren are also purchased by some donors, providing the groundwork for future generations of their family to become part of the history of their favorite philanthropic organizations.
  • To commemorate loved ones who were touched by the philanthropic organization, some people purchase bricks and engrave them with a personal message.

How to Organize a Brick Fundraising Campaign

Brick fundraising campaigns for non-profit organizations can be a great way to generate money for your cause, but there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration before launching a campaign. You’ll also need to locate a brick provider. Brick Stone Graphics and Fund Raisers, Ltd. are two companies that provide bricks for fundraising campaigns.

Some nonprofits charge as little as $30 for engraved bricks, while others charge well over $100. All relevant aspects should be considered when selecting how much to charge, including the demographic you’re trying to reach as well as the financial constraints you’re dealing with. It’s a good idea to keep the cost down if you plan to use a lot of bricks in your project. It’s possible to charge a premium if only a small number of bricks are left. In order to get yourself ready for your brick fundraising campaign, you can start with these first steps.

1. Create a Committee

Making a brick-and-mortar fundraising committee within your nonprofit is a crucial first step toward a successful campaign. People that are enthused about the event and have experience in program creation should be your first choice since they will bring the correct attitude and experience to your fundraiser. Nonprofits usually have staff members who specialize in fundraising or donor outreach, and these are the people you should look for to serve on the committee.”

2. Get Financial Estimates

To get an idea of how much money you’ll need to raise for your building project, you’ll need to make an educated guess as to what it will cost. It’s possible to have a local contractor complete this and send it to the fundraising committee, who may then utilize that information when contacting brick engraving businesses to get a preliminary estimate of how many bricks they wish to donate.

3. Establish a Timeframe

The brick fundraising committee needs to set a timetable for the duration of the project once they’ve sorted out their finances. Your nonprofit’s executive board may ask that you present your proposal in writing, and this will allow the engraving company to plan ahead of time so that they can meet your deadline.

4. Contact Brick Engraving Businesses

Inquire about costs and procedures from brick engraving companies ahead of time so that you know exactly what to expect and can choose the best company for your needs. As a general rule, these brick fundraisers don’t sell them for less than $50-$100, but you can set different prices for different levels of brick purchases. Setting the price of one brick at $100 but the price of three bricks at $200, for example can be a motivator for more money being donated to your cause. Here are a couple brick engraving companies to assist you start organizing your brick fundraiser:

  • Decorative Bricks
  • Bricks & Mortar is the place to go if you’
  • Bricks for Charity
  • The Polar Engravings

5. Get the Word Out

Publicity for your campaign is essential, and it will take various forms depending on your group. Social media posts, radio or written news releases and fascinating flyers/brochures can all be used to spread the word about your cause. You can also call out to prior donors to see whether or not they’d be interested in working with your organization again. The more people who know about your brick fundraiser, the more money you’ll raise and the closer you’ll go to your fundraising target.

Ideas for Marketing Your Brick Campaign

To attract donations, you’ll need to sell the bricks you’ve made available at the right price and in the right number. There are a variety of ways to get the word out about your campaign and attract new donors. Marketing your brick fundraiser can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • Publish a news release for your local media to distribute.
  • The event should be advertised on your company’s website.
  • Make a phone call to possible donors.
  • Engraved bricks might be sponsored by corporations.
  • Brochures about the brick campaign should be distributed by neighborhood groups.
  • Speak about the initiative at local civic groups.
  • Spread the word with the help of board members.
  • Send a thank-you note to prior donors. This customizable template can be of use to you. Check out the Adobe Printables Guide if you need help downloading.

Don’t Forget Old-School Fundraising Tactics

Building long-term relationships with donors and generating the most money for one cause can be accomplished most effectively through live fundraising events. In-person campaigning can take many forms, from setting up donation booths at local civic centers or communal spaces to sending representatives to small businesses in the region that could be interested in making a substantial donation. When it comes to donating, don’t be afraid to personalize the process; in the end, individuals are more likely to donate if they know they’re helping someone else.

Lastly, Keep Detailed Procedural Reports

Every company should take the time to analyze the success of any new projects. Don’t be afraid to keep a full record of your fundraiser’s procedure even when it doesn’t go as planned. This will allow you to discover areas for improvement in the future. They can use this data to assess whether or not to allocate extra resources for another fundraising in the future while preparing the budget for that year. Executive board members are particularly interested in this data.

Indulge in Post-Fundraiser Fun

It will be a relief to know that you have raised enough money to complete your project if you sell enough bricks. In order to demonstrate gratitude for the donors’ efforts and disseminate awareness of the positive improvements in your community when the construction has been completed, you can hold a grand opening where you can invite both the media and donors. Brick fundraising is one of many ways you may take advantage of the resources in your neighborhood.


What Brick Fundraising Ideas Can We Suggest That May Be Suitable For You?

When it comes to capital campaigns, there is usually a practical aim, like assisting to improve a building. Brick engraving at Polar Engraving comes with a lifetime warranty and can be used to commemorate an event or a person.

In addition, the “Buy a Brick” fundraising campaign has a lengthy shelf life, which means that even after the pavers are installed, the campaign can continue to earn funds.

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Religious Fundraisers Ideas:

A religious institution, such a church, temple, or mosque, may utilize these types of brick fundraisers to commemorate someone, raise money for a cause, or memorialize a loved one. Sponsors can choose to donate to a “Buy a Brick” program by way of a customized donor website, in which case church brick fundraiser ideas might be promoted.

School/education Institution Fundraisers Ideas:

Many schools begin a brick campaign to help students from low-income families stay in school; it’s also used to improve school infrastructure, purchase new uniforms, and more. Fundraising ideas for schools that have a clear purpose are fairly common, and they often have great success.

Military, And War Veterans:

When it comes to generating money, this sort of fundraising is frequently used to honor veterans, the sacrifices they have given to keep us safe or remember our current and deceased soldiers and army employees. Ideas for commemorative bricks or memorial inscriptions might be etched into bricks or tiles.

Animal Rescues Ideas, Sanctuaries, National Parks:

You can use brick engraving as a terrific way to collect money for animal-related businesses, whether it’s for the improvement of animal shelters, the acquisition of necessary materials for sanctuaries, parks and the long-term sustenance and care of an animal population. Again, you can make advantage of our laser engraving and engraved brick suggestions.

Which Brick Engraving Ideas For Fundraising Are The Best, Depending On Whom The Customers Are?

We urge our customers to experiment with new ideas, such as having a special message etched into a brick that will last for generations. The best part of the brick project is that it contributes to a program that is based on the goals and ambitions of the foundation…

Symbols and clip art can also be added, and you can browse our wide collection. Your own logo, whether it’s a statement, an image, or a piece of art, can be engraved and preserved for all time. The message you wish to send will have a significant impact on the type of text you use on bricks or pavers, but you can always use our brick inscription samples or brick paver inscription ideas as a starting point for your own custom work.

Using brick engraving to raise money for charitable causes is a frequent practice, and brick programs should make it clear to contributors how their money will be used after the engraving is complete. People want to know where their money is going, therefore transparency is essential for a successful campaign.

Which Ideas Are Good For Long-term Projects That Require Funding Over Time?

There are two basic reasons why brick fundraising persist: either the goal has not been met or the project is long-term and hence requires funding for upkeep.

While it is common for blank bricks to serve as placeholders for contributors and sponsors who purchase engraved pavers, it is also common for the blanks to be replaced with the engraved pavers after they are in place. A fundraising campaign that is kept running allows groups to continue generating money for their goals.

Numerous engraved brick ideas are being employed to raise funds and exposure for institutions like colleges and zoos as well as other non-profits in the neighborhood. This is a terrific approach to start raising money since you can see precisely where your money is going.

When it comes to making a lasting impression on the world, there’s nothing better than pavers engraved with your initials or a special message.

If you’re interested in learning more about our brick designs, please contact Polar Engraving.

What do you write on a legacy brick?

A family name, alumnus or alumna, teacher or staff member, business or organization could be engraved on your memorial brick. You can dedicate a brick in honor of a special person or in memory of a lost loved one.

How do you write on bricks?

Sakura Solid Markers are the best choice for Brick and Stone because they are solidified paint markers. In a lipstick-like barrel, these crayons are comprised of hardened paint. Concrete is a great fit for these. In the face of time and nature, the mark will be visible forever.

Can you laser engrave a brick?

Red Clay LaserGrade (Bricks/Paver) Permanent and long-lasting, etched bricks are an excellent investment. When a laser beam melts the clay and other additives to the brick into glass, it creates a material that is more durable than brick itself. When it comes to laser engraving, it’s a natural and “Green” technique.

Do Sharpies work on brick?

You may write on practically any brick surface with the permanent marker, and it won’t fade under any circumstances. Use the marker on brickwork without removing the dust or cleaning the surface.

Will permanent marker stay on brick?

Make a 50/50 solution of baking soda and water for permanent marker on masonry. With a soft-bristle brush, work the permanent marker stain into the surface. Let it rest for a few minutes before moving on. Using a garden hose, hose off the brickwork.

What is the brick campaign?

In order to help Eastern Washington University and leave a lasting legacy, you can purchase a brick to be placed on a historic route. Alumni and students came together in 1915 to build a gateway to the university.

Can you carve brick?

The brittle nature of bricks necessitates the employment of razor-sharp carving tools. The safe paring of the brick to generate the sculpture is made possible by using sharp instruments. After edging in, standard sculptural tools and techniques are employed.

It’s A Wrap!

If you’ve read this far, you’ve learned how to personalize a donation brick message. We sincerely hope that you would use your donor brick to support a worthy charity, as this will undoubtedly contribute to the betterment of your community. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I wish you a pleasant day!