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As you may well know, I really hope you can apply my advice on hemming sheer curtains. The apartment I just moved into has a sheer curtain that I put up myself.

As soon as I had them up, I knew they were too long for my liking. The sheer curtains needed to be hemmed, so I’m going to show you how I did it.

Sheer curtains, if you’re not familiar with the term, are just a lighter version of the main curtain. The sheer curtain should allow in as much natural light as possible while still maintaining a high level of privacy when the main curtain is drawn.

Why Should You Hem Your Curtains?

How to Hem Sheer Curtains? 5 Easy and Fast Tips! - Krostrade

Sheer curtains are simply a more transparent variant of the standard curtain. The sheer curtain should let in as much natural light as possible while maintaining a high level of privacy, even while the main curtain is open.

If you intend to wash your curtains frequently, it is recommended that you first examine the label to see if they will shrink. If your curtains shrink when washed, you should measure for their length and hang them after they have been laundered.

Next, iron your curtains to remove any creases or wrinkles.

We have listed the finest methods for hemming curtains, including sewing, no-sewing, and tape.

How to Hem Curtains: Sewing Method

You can easily hem your curtains by following these seven easy steps.

This is everything you’ll need to get started:

  • Yardsticks and tape measures
  • Tools for measuring distances: tape measures and yardsticks
  • Torx fasteners
  • Sewing shears
  • Needles and thread, for use with a sewing machine or by hand
  • Drapery thread in a matching color

Step 1: Hang Curtains

Curtain length is best determined by first hanging the curtains in the window of your choice.

Standard curtain hardware requires nails, screws, measuring, and drilling, which can take a lot of time.

Step 2: Pull Curtains

Curtains may be hung quickly and easily with the help of Kwik-damage-free Hang’s curtain rod brackets, which can be installed in just three simple steps. Kwik-Hang brackets are easy to install; just line them up with the window trim, tap them into position, and slide in your curtain rod and panels to see how much hemming you’ll need to do.

Kwik-damage-free Hang’s brackets for curtain rods make installing them a breeze. Align the Kwik-Hang brackets with the window trim, tap them into place, then insert the curtain rod and panels to determine how much hemming will be required.

Step 3: Pin Curtains

Straight pins can now be used to mark where you want to hem the curtains. Before hanging your curtains, choose whether you want them to float, kiss, or drip on the floor.

  • Hemming the curtains is now as easy as marking the desired location with a straight pin. To hang curtains, first decide if you want them to float, kiss, or drip on the floor.
  • The puddle refers to the floor-length, flared draperies. What a puddle is. The romantic, feminine, and antique qualities of these drapes make them ideal for more formal settings. The best fabrics to choose are a rich velvet or linen.

How wide should the hem of my curtains be? Always double-fold the hem to provide a neat finish. Your finished window coverings will have a more professional appearance because the rough fabric edge won’t be visible.

Drapes, whether long or short, should have matching hem lengths for a unified look.

  • Floor-length curtains often have a hem of three to four inches and an additional double fold of the same size. Make sure your curtains are six to eight inches longer than the space between the floor and the curtain rod.
  • Allowing for a second fold and a two-inch hem on apron-length curtains requires an additional four inches in curtain length.

So, if your window needs 84-inch curtains but you can only find them in 96-inch length, you’ll have to look elsewhere. You can’t just lop off the top and bottom by 12 inches! Determine the following parameters to determine how much to shorten your drapes:

  • Panels that are 72 inches wide
  • To allow for the hem, add three inches.
  • When folding in half lengthwise, take off 3 inches.
  • It’s recommended to twice fold the hem and leave a space of 6 inches.
  • Taking six inches off of 96 inches yields 90 inches as a result.
  • Losing a foot and a half

Consider hemming your curtains rather than cutting them unless they are very long. If you make a mistake or want to use the curtains in a different space, you can just pull off the hem and start over.

Home DIY: Making Simple Sheer Curtain | Easy Sewing - YouTube

Step 4: Measure Length for Sewing

Consider hemming your curtains rather than cutting them unless they are very long. If you make a mistake or want to use the curtains in a different space, you can just pull off the hem and start over.

Unless your curtains are extremely lengthy, you should probably just hem them instead of cutting them. If you decide to use the curtains somewhere else, or if you hem them incorrectly, you may easily re-hem them.

Step 5: Fold and Iron Hem

Iron the fabric twice, one after it has been double-folded. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and secure it with pins. A common mistake is to fold the curtain so that the right side faces out. Press the folds firmly.

When the curtain is folded in half, it’s ready to be hung. The hem should still be fastened with straight pins. If you iron the fold of the hem properly and firmly, it will stick and stay put. After ironing is done, straight pins can be taken out.

Step 6: Sew Curtains

Your drapes’ freshly measured hem can be secured with hand or machine stitches. Follow the folded edge as closely as you can during stitching.

Step 7: Rehang Curtains

It’s important to rehang the finished product after the hem has been sewed. Before rehanging the curtains, give them a quick press with the iron.

How to Hem Curtains: No-Sew Methods

Is there an easy method to hem curtains if you don’t want to sew?

If you don’t have access to a sewing machine or don’t have the time to sew your curtains by hand, you have two options: iron-on fusible bonding web or hem tape and glue. For both methods, it is necessary to repeat steps 1–5.

The problem with these no-sew techniques is that they are hard to undo (if not impossible). These hemming techniques can be used over and over again.

Iron-On Fusible Bonding Web and Hem Tape

An iron-on fusible bonding web can be used to hem your curtains without the need for needle and thread (such as Stitch Witchery). If you iron over fusible tape, it will melt and appear like glue.

Curtains should be washed prior to the use of any fusible product. If your curtains are finished with a chemical or are too large, fusible tape may not adhere to them.

Here’s how to hem draperies with hemming tape:

  1. Tape should be applied to the curtain hem halfway up, between the double fold and the top. Using a hot iron, the fusible tape can be melted.
  2. Make sure the tape has completely cooled down so that the fuse is complete. To prevent the tape from melting, iron it between the layers of fabric rather than directly on it.

Fabric Glue and Hot Glue

Glue is a great option for a no-tech hem. You can hem your curtains with either Liquid Stitch or a low-temperature glue gun.

When it comes time to attach the hem to your folded and ironed curtains, rather than sewing, use glue. Remember that after you apply hot glue to your project, it will dry very rapidly. Working in modest increments and pressing to adhere yields the best results.

Hems of sheer curtains should be stitched instead of using a no-sew method. The glue and fusible web used to hang sheer curtains will be visible.

Solve Your Curtain Hassles the Kwik Way

It may be time-consuming to hem your own curtains, but that doesn’t mean you have to hang them by hand.

Kwik-Hang is the easiest and quickest way to hang curtains. Kwik Hang’s elegant rod range includes no-drill curtain rod brackets that make installing curtains a breeze.

The window frame can be made more stable by driving the brackets deeply into the wood with a hammer. Neither measuring nor drilling is required.

Kwik-Hang brackets come in 5/8-inch and 1-inch widths, making them suitable for both common curtain rods and double rods. You can find something that works with your present decor from among the numerous additional color selections.

Using the tap-in brackets from Kwik-simple Hang, you can rest assured that you will have extra time for hemming and designing your curtains.

What Other Techniques can you use to Shorten the Length of a Sheer Curtain?

Shortening is a useful modification that may be applied to many different curtain styles, not just sheers.

Set the sheer drapes in front of the solid ones. As a result of the sheers becoming less opaque and hence allowing more light into the room, our privacy has been compromised.

As a result of their length, they frequently require editing. There are challenges involved in shortening them due to their small weight.

Following the advice in this section will allow you to cut these sheer curtains to a shorter length without damaging the fabric.


Sheer curtains can have their length reduced quickly and easily by just being trimmed. Hang the curtain, then measure and note its length.

The overhanging portion can be lopped off at that point. Leave an extra half-inch at the end when you cut. When folded, the size increases by 1/8 inch.

Helm Tape

Make the necessary alterations to the curtain length by using Helm tape. Post-trimming. Tape the rear of the curtain’s button and fold the aid tape over it. The curtain’s hem looks nice and neat.


This procedure is not limited to hemming and may be used to cut down on the length of sheer curtains as well. After folding them in half again, you will need to sew a 14-inch seam, cut the raw edge with scissors, and sew the seam closed. This procedure is efficient when working with a curtain that isn’t too long.

How To Take Care Of Your Curtains At Home

Read the cleaning instructions

Some materials, such as linen and cotton, can only be cleaned by dry cleaning. If you accidentally throw them in the washing machine, they will likely have shrunk by the time you remove them. Curtains and drapes should not be shrunk as a safety measure since they may be irreparably damaged.

Wash alone

Curtains that can be washed independently should be cleaned regularly. Don’t allow a lone sock turn your crisp white drapes an eye-catching pink. In addition, due to their bulk, thick curtains need a sizable portion of the washing machine’s drum to be immersed in water and thoroughly rinsed. When in doubt about how to clean your curtains, always choose for hand washing them in warm water with mild detergent in the bathtub or sink.

Never tumble dry

Allowing your drapes to dry naturally will extend their useful life. As long as there is sufficient airflow, this can be done either indoors or outside. Tumble drying can cause damage to even the toughest textiles. After squeezing out as much water as possible, set them aside to air-dry. Any remaining wrinkles in more sturdy fabrics might be ironed out with a low setting on the iron. But don’t go lighting them on fire or anything.

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Wash often

For best results, wash your curtains three times a year. It’s simple to keep their fragrance and attractiveness with this strategy. If you want to avoid having a dirty carpet, you should clean it regularly, even if there are no signs of dirt or stains.

Steam cleaning

In addition to the regular hand washing or dry cleaning, curtains might also benefit from a nice steam clean. Thus, it might help your curtains last longer by getting rid of any bacteria or odors that regular cleaning processes left behind. If this is something you’ve never done before, it’s advisable to get some help from the professionals. Any reputable carpet cleaning service will also offer drapery cleaning as part of their services. As always, though, it pays to do your research and hire a seasoned pro.


Curtains are commonly cleaned with steam rather than washed by hand or dried. There are some smells and bacteria that ordinary cleaning just can’t seem to eradicate, but this technique can. If this is something you have never done before, it is best to call in the professionals. Any reputable carpet cleaning service should also be able to clean your curtains, but you should still do your research before deciding on a company.