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People should learn how to hang scarf curtains. Curtains are an important part of the overall look and feel of a well-executed and finished structure.

In order to ensure the utmost seclusion for its occupants, you should cover all of the windows in the room with drapes.

The purpose of installing curtains in a room goes beyond simply hanging curtains on the walls. The sort of curtains you install in the rooms may do a lot to improve the aesthetics of the space.

The scarf curtain is one such exquisitely crafted curtain. The scarf curtain comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, making it a popular item for both local and international vendors and purchasers.

What are Window Scarves?

Begin with the fundamentals.

It is possible to entirely cover your windows with traditional curtains, which hang along the length of a curtain rod.

In contrast, a window scarf wraps around the curtain rod. Window scarves can be used in conjunction with or in place of other window coverings.

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When used alone, window scarves let in more light, but they also reduce your personal space’s seclusion. Window scarves can be layered on top of curtains, blinds, or shades to increase insulation and light filtering.

In contrast to valances, which cover only the top portion of a window and hide curtain rods, window scarves cover the entire window.

Best Fabrics for Window Scarves

For window scarves, light, sheer fabrics are preferred, but thicker materials can be used for a more dramatic effect.

Window scarves can be made from a variety of materials, including:

  • This popular silk-derived fabric is translucent and has just a hint of gloss. An airy, spongy look can be achieved by using this sumptuous material in almost any room.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, chiffon is a great alternative to organza. The delicate shimmer of this cloth softens the look of a room and provides an air of sophistication.
  • This fine, cotton-based cloth is known as voile. Voile is a sleek, contemporary fabric that looks well in areas with large, open windows.
  • Velvet is a good option if you’re looking for a more luxury, opaque fabric. In terms of weight, velvet lends itself to a more dramatic and regal look. It’s preferable to use velvet in a stately dining room, plush living room, or sumptuous bedroom.

Steps on Draping Scarf Curtains

This can be done in two ways. The curtain rod approach and the hook method are two examples of this. There are a few things you’ll need even before you start looking at any of the methods. The following are some of the tools and supplies you’ll need:

  • Screws of varying diameters
  • Disposable tape measure
  • The window sash bar
  • In this case, the cloth
  • A pencil, a pen, and a piece of paper are required.
  • A practice
  • Assorted hooks and chains

Curtain rod Method

The curtain rod method of hanging window scarves is next on the list.

Measurement is the first step in learning how to drape scarf curtains. Measure and mark the curtain rod’s length, adding 75cm to each side of it, from both edges of the windows. Then, measure and mark the scarf’s end points. Using a pen or pencil, mark a space of 75 cm on either side of the rod where the cloth ends would hang.

Take a tape measure and measure the outer left side of the window frame, then pull the tape across your window frame to get the width measurement.

Step #3: Double the window width you got from the initial measurement to get the cloth length you need for your windows.

Step #4: Use the curtain rod to hang the fabric vertically from both ends. A u-shaped scarf can be attached to a pole by allowing the middle of the fabric to slide down. At the same time, both ends of the fabric would dangle from the windowsills.

Hook Method

Here is the second approach, which is termed the hook method. In this case, the curtain rods are omitted in favor of hooks, which work just as well. According to this method’s procedures:

Please indicate where the hooks should be placed, then measure 5cm above the window frame on each side. Seven centimeters should be measured in both directions on either side of each of the frame’s corners.

These two locations are noted, as well as one in the upper right corner of the window frame.

Using the positions outlined on the window frame, step two is to attach the hooks. The holes in the hook are used to drill and attach the fasteners. To keep them in place, do this.

Measure the length and width of your window using a measuring tape that is placed at the top of your window frame.

You may also take a measurement from the bottom of the side hooks and then draw it down to the desired length for you. You can also measure the width of the window by measuring from the left hook to the right hook.

You must double the initial width measurement and then add it to the length measurement to get the scarf’s correct size fabric.

This means that you’ll need to buy fabric that measures 400cm if you want the sides to hang at a distance of 40cm from the top of the window frame.

Step #5: Finishing the scarf curtain drapery is the final step. Put the scarf on the hooks that are already there. To do this, grab the fabric’s loose end and tuck it under the hook on the left side. In order for this to work, some cloth would be left hanging over to the side.

A u-shape is formed by securing the other end of the cloth to the right-hand hook, and then hanging it along the side of your window frame.

Are Scarf Curtains out of Style?

In order to better meet the needs of its customers, scarf curtains have changed over the years. Interior decorators are constantly coming up with new and more appealing forms and shapes to fulfill the tastes of homeowners, and this can be seen in the scarf curtain’s appearance style.

You may achieve a stylish look for your windows by following the above instructions on how to drape scarf curtains.

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How do you Wrap Curtains Around Curtain Rods?

Using curtain rods to wrap drapes around is an affordable way to decorate a window with curtains. However, when the curtains are properly wrapped around the curtain rods, they can be rather elegant.

Wrapping curtains around curtain rods is easy if you follow the following steps:

  1. Your curtain panels should be positioned so that their colored sides face each other. With their top edges facing each other, lay out the panels horizontally.
  2. Pin the panels together by drawing a straight vertical line 1 inch inside of each panel’s meeting edge.
  3. Tape the seam as far as you can with the tape. The pins would eventually stop you from going any more than a single inch. After that, press and warm the seam with your pressing iron.
  4. Bring your curtain and pull it over the curtain rod to hang it. Pulling one side of the curtain will cause the other to fall in equal lengths on each side of the curtain pole.

Pull one end of your panel up and over the curtain rod, then pull the section that now drapes over the middle of the curtain rod back. It is going to be a swag.

  • Pull one end of your panel up and over the curtain rod’s bracket, and then down the other side, as shown in the illustration.

Pulling it back through the loop will result in a knot being tied to the rod. To complete the scarf-like and wrapped curtain, try to do the same thing on the other side.


How long should a window scarf be?

It is often recommended that scarves fall at least two-thirds of the window’s length, so that the scarf can be draped over its top with a good, full drape over its entire length.

How do you make a curtain out of a scarf?

Lay out a variety of scarves and other fabrics. Attach pieces of fabric with pins. Trim away any extra material. French your seams (Orly shows how to create a clean finish on both sides of curtains). Allow for a small amount of fabric to hang over the edge of the scarf when sewing it. Use an ironing board to press the scarf.

How do you make curtain swags?

The first step is to hang one end of the swag over the pole. The other end of the swag should be draped over the pole at this point. Allow the middle piece of fabric to hang loosely. The draped fabric in the middle should resemble a standard curtain swag when you’re done.

What are window scarves made of?

It is possible to soften the effect of your window treatment by utilizing sheer materials that allow light to travel through them. The most common sheers for window scarves are organza and chiffon, which may be used in any type room or window. The easygoing and beachy vibe of lightweight gauze is reminiscent of a seaside house.

How do you hang curtains without a rod?

Using upholstery tacks, you may hang stationary curtains without a rod. Curtain Rod Alternatives: 5 Ingenious Ideas tacks for upholstery. tightening ropes. Drapery pins and hook-eye screws Furring strips and staples are used. knobs for cabinet doors.

How wide is a window scarf?

There are 216 inches in length to the average window scarf’s 50-inch width. For curtains or windows, think about how long you want your scarves to hang.

How do you measure a curtain scarf?

Tape a measurement across the window’s top. You can get a good idea of where the scarf will hang by taking a measurement down one side of the window and doubling it. Add 1 1/2 inches to the total after combining the measurements. The length of the scarf is given here.

How do you keep a scarf valance from slipping?

Using two-sided tape, connect the valance to the top of the rod to keep the swag from dangling.

What is a jabot curtain?

A jabot, also known as a cascade or tail, is a pleated vertical window treatment used with festoons or swags on the inside of a structure along the top of a window.

What is a curtain swag?

Windows can be dressed up or down with valances or pelmets, a type of window decoration that can be used alone or in conjunction with other window treatments, such as blinds or curtains. Swag is typically referred to in hanging or bunting form.

How do you wrap a scarf on a curtain rod?

Symmetrical Fold the scarf in half and lay it out on a flat surface. Use a large binder clip or masking tape to secure the scarf to the curtain rod in the middle. Do this numerous times on each side of the curtain clip. Create a swag by lowering the drape on each wrap.

What can I use instead of curtain rods?

Tubing rods. This is a rather typical alternative to the previous one. As an alternative for a curtain rod, many individuals use copper pipes. Copper pipes have a distinctive appearance that appeals to many people, but you can use any type of pipe to get the same results.

Can you install curtains with a screwdriver?

The final few turns can be done using a handheld screwdriver. To hang your curtain rod, you’ll need to attach the wall brackets first. Curtains hang more easily if they are threaded on the rod ahead of time.

How do you make a rosette with a window scarf?

The scarf should be inserted into the scarf holder from the back (nearest the window frame) and poked out of the middle. When you pull the scarf out of the holder, make small folds in the scarf so that it looks like it has been made into a rosettes. Make any necessary adjustments to the fabric rosette until you’re satisfied with the final result.

How do you hang a scarf on the wall?

Hang the scarf in the desired location on the wall. Nail the ribbon in place, then pull the ribbon tight around it. The design of the scarf is constantly visible because the scarf hangs flat. Alternatively, the dowels can be hung from curtain rods or other suitable places.

How do you measure a scarf?

Other methods for determining the length of your scarf include: Hand-to-hand (from wrist to fingertips.) For women, this measures approximately 6.5 inches, whereas for men, it measures approximately 7.5 inches. There are a few different ways to measure how broad you should crochet. You may use your own hand, or your recipient’s hand. Hand span is an additional technique. On one hand, spread your fingers apart.

How do you hang two scarves together?

How can I use two window scarves to cover three windows at the same time? ‘ Splice the scarves lengthwise before folding in half and cutting. In order to produce a curtain-like effect on each side of the windows, either drape over the existing rods or buy new rods and hang them just above them.

How do you drape curtains to one side?

If you have two windows in your room, you could also use a tie-back to draw both panels to one side. Ideally, the second window should be identical to the previous one. Curtain panels should be drawn in the opposite direction of each other. This is a simple example.

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How do you hang swag curtains with knots in corners?

In order to ensure that the curtain and swags are hanging evenly on both sides, adjust them. Grip the curtain carefully where it meets the drapery rod’s end. Knot the hanging end through the loop to produce a slender, yet sturdy, bracelet.

Are sheer curtains out of style 2020?

In 2020, sheers are a must-have accessory. Sheer curtains not only look beautiful, but they also provide a bright and airy sense that is ideal for windows in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Curtains with a variety of colors and textures can give your room a unique look.

What is the purpose of sheer curtains?

In addition to softening your home’s lighting and bringing a dash of flair to any room, sheer curtains are also known as sheers. Sheer curtains provide some privacy, but they also work effectively as part of a multi-tiered window covering.

Do sheer curtains go in front or behind?

When the sheer curtain is placed on top of the blackout curtains, they will cover them. Your windows will be aesthetically attractive if the patterns and colors of the two fabrics complement each other. The sheerness of the upper layer is always noticeable.


It’s interesting to learn how to make scarf curtains to hang in your window. When it comes to curtains, they aren’t just attached to the walls or curtain rods and left without any form. Even a small dose of personality may go a long way. As a result, paying attention to the proper way to drape scarf curtains is essential if you want to elevate the overall look and feel of the space.