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Dress appropriately for the Halloween wedding by checking the invitation for the dress code. In this way, you can rest assured that the couple approves of your outfit.

In order to help you make the most of your existing wardrobe, we will also demonstrate how to accessorize a variety of alternative ensembles. What to wear to different types of weddings can be found on our blog.

Advice on what to wear to a Mexican wedding, for instance, is readily available.

What To Wear To A Halloween Wedding As A Guest

Follow the dress code

In case you are at a loss as to what to wear to a Halloween wedding, check the invitation or website for details. If you’re still having trouble, you may always ask the hosts or other guests for guidance on what to wear.

Keep in mind that some Halloween weddings still call for more formal attire. Don’t assume that you can get away with wearing a costume since Halloween is approaching.

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Some couples like to have weddings that aren’t exactly what others might expect. Even though it is not a Halloween party, attendees are nonetheless encouraged to wear the part.

When deciding what to wear, it’s also important to keep in mind proper wedding guest protocol. The bride and groom should still be the center of attention at the wedding reception.


By accessorizing, you can make your outfit more appropriate for a Halloween-themed wedding. Halloween-themed nails or jewelry, for example, can be worn by female attendees.

Accessorizing is the key to looking great at a wedding with a Halloween theme. Women are welcome to wear Halloween-themed nail art or jewelry.

Should I Get Married On Halloween?

There are a number of benefits to having a wedding on Halloween. One of the advantages of this day is that it is less busy than other times of the year, allowing you to take advantage of sales and other discounts that might otherwise be unavailable.

Most couples avoid having their wedding on Halloween because it is the last day of the month and therefore not peak wedding season. In order to acquire discounts from retailers, you have a better probability of doing so because of your status.

In addition to the availability of decorations, getting married on Halloween has another benefit: During this time of year, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of vibrant flowers and foliage for a reasonable price.

Is it bad to have a wedding on Halloween?

The availability of Halloween decorations isn’t the only reason to plan your wedding around that holiday; you can also save money by doing so because of the abundance of fresh, colorful flowers and foliage available at this time of year.

Some brides choose to wear all black, while others like to wear gray, while some grooms prefer to wear suits made of velvet or other nontraditional textiles. Discover the hidden symbolism of the black wedding dress and the world of nontraditional nuptials.

As could be expected, modern couples are increasingly willing to break with convention when it comes to many components of their wedding ceremonies. When it comes to setting the date for the big day, couples are becoming increasingly adventurous.

Therefore, October is a popular month for weddings. Thus, Halloween is no longer as taboo as it once was, despite the fact that it is not the most popular festival.

Now that it’s colder outside, the two of them can have more people over for dinner. They can save money because today isn’t a busy travel day.

How Do I Have A Classy Wedding On Halloween?

One should not automatically label a wedding that takes place on Halloween as corny simply because of the date. Just like any other event, the atmosphere of your wedding will be shaped by the efforts of the persons in charge.

Avoid the conventional cheap Halloween party decorations and gimmicks if you want a classy Halloween wedding. Instead, take cues from the leaves as they change color and use warm tones to decorate.

In addition to letting your guests know that the event will have a semi-formal or formal vibe, you may also add some Halloween flair with understated but edgy accessories. Get in touch with your caterer about creating delicious apple and pumpkin dishes and drinks for your party.

Things to Consider

The right attire may make or break your experience at a Halloween-themed wedding. Here are some of our best recommendations, such as how to dress for the season without seeming like you came straight from a pumpkin patch or a Halloween costume store.

1. Adhere to the dress code.

Even if everyone else is wearing a suit and tie to the Halloween wedding, you should still dress up to avoid appearing like Elle Woods. Be sure to examine the invitations to see what dress code the couple wants from guests, advises Kristen Schnars, head of garment development and marketing at Lulus. If costume participation is required, instructions will be included on the invitation. Make sure to provide any other necessities, like a dress code or color palette. Feel free to ask the two for clarification if you are still unclear. If you really want to dress up like a Harry Potter character for Halloween, you should probably wait until the actual holiday.

2. Don’t go over the top.

Just because their wedding day is on Halloween doesn’t give you license to dress spooky. Remember that today is still the bride and groom’s wedding day, Schnars says. At a Halloween wedding, it’s important not to steal the show from the bride by dressing too extravagantly.

3. Remember to accessorize.

If you’re attending a wedding and there isn’t any Halloween-themed decor, you may still wear the part. As Schnars puts it, “accessorize with similar accessories like jewelry or even your makeup look.” Use a dramatic cat eye, blood red lips, or cute Halloween nails to pay oblique tribute to the upcoming holiday.

Detailed Reviews of the 7 Best Halloween Wedding Costumes

ZEFOTIM Womens Medieval Dress

Gatherings on Halloween can be enjoyable even if no one dresses up. If you’re still on the fence about your Halloween wedding costume, ZEFOTIM Women’s Medieval Dress has a wide selection for you to choose from. This is one of the best Halloween wedding costumes we’ve seen in a long time, for sure.

Product Highlights

The ZEFOTIM Women’s Medieval Dress is an excellent choice for re-creating a medieval look. The garment’s air of sophistication is heightened by the length of the skirt, which falls to the floor. If you wear this, people will think you’re a bride from the Gothic Renaissance. Additionally, it offers a bonus just for you! You can select one that fits your personal taste from among the 16 available colors and patterns. White (black), black (blue), blue (C), blue (khaki), red (C), purple (A), purple (A), red (C), black (B), green (A), red (B), and green (A) are all options for shirt color (A).

The Good

It’s made up of 95% polyester and 5% cotton. This outfit is great for more than just Halloween parties. This costume accessory is perfect for a real wedding or a wedding-themed party. This combo from the past will have you looking lovely and confident. It’s a fantastic article of clothes. It will last for a long time because it was built using durable materials.

The Bad

This year’s Halloween wedding costume can be worn in a few different ways. A matching headpiece or hair accessory, however, would have finished off the ensemble beautifully. As a corollary, it is also rather costly.


  • There are a plethora of applications for it.
  • Longevity is a defining characteristic.
  • Variety of forms and colors


  • A tad pricey.
  • Fairly expensive, to say the least.

Angelaicos Womens Hand Sewing Leaf Design Layered Costume Dress Party Ball Gown

Do you need some inspiration for a Halloween-themed wedding gown? If you get married in one of the best Halloween wedding costumes, people will think you’re from another planet. With the Angelaicos Womens Hand Sewing Leaf Design Layered Costume Dress Party Ball Gown, you can feel like a real-life fairytale princess on your big day. If you have it, others will envy you.

Product Highlights

Unique product aimed squarely at the adult demographic. This Angelaicos Womens Hand Sewing Leaf Design Layered Costume Dress Party Ball Gown is a fresh take on the classic Princess Tiana ball gown. The exceptional quality of the materials used in its construction guarantees that it will last for a long time.

The Good

It’s a sturdy and beautiful piece of art. You will feel like a real life princess when you wear this. Put this on and you’ll feel more at ease in the ethereal plane. Best of all, it has a matching headgear.


  • It is a gorgeous and functional work of art. You will feel like a real life princess when you wear this costume. If you wear this, the otherworldly environment will feel more familiar. What’s great is that it also has a matching headgear to go with it.
  • The item in question is a hat.
  • It’s sturdy.


  • It’s sturdy.
  • You can count on its durability.

Dress Up America Bride Costume

Does your little girl have an upcoming Halloween party, and you’d like to ensure that she gets the best costume award? Halloween wedding attire is the only option. For the most perfect bridal ensemble for Halloween, go no further than Dress Up America’s Bride Costume.

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Product Highlights

Little girls who play dress up as brides will love this attire. This is the most practical solution for helping them achieve their goal of donning a wedding dress. The designer put a lot of thought into making this costume practical and stylish for its intended audience. From its inception in 2005 till now, our business has consistently provided outstanding service and high-quality costumes.

The Good

The convenient zip at the back allows for quick and simple on and off. It can be utilized for various occasions, from parties to role-playing games. To top off the ensemble, there is a bow at the front of the white satin belt. This clothing is distinctive due to the beautiful lace embroidery that adorns it. In addition, this is a classic that will stand the test of time.

The Bad

There’s no way this Halloween wedding outfit could ever go out of style. The dress appears very different in person than it does in the photo. A greater quantity of tulle is necessary to accomplish the desired volume.


  • There is a hooded cloak provided.
  • To close, a zip was used.
  • Multi-layered tulle


  • This dress has clearly been modified.
  • Insufficient tulle was used for the outfit.

HILEELANG Flower Girl Maxi Dress Princess Lace Tulle

Wearing a top-notch Halloween wedding costume will help you relax and have fun at parties. If you’re looking for the best Halloween wedding costumes for your little ones, go no further than the HILEELANG Flower Girl Maxi Dress Princess Lace Tulle!

Product Highlights

We’re planning on serving up a tulle maxi dress with a wedding gown feel. The HILEELANG Flower Girl Maxi Dress Princess Lace Tulle is incredibly versatile. This outfit is perfect for any occasion, from a Christmas party to a role play. It is made from imported, high-quality materials to ensure your child’s comfort.

The Good

Superior grade, ultra-soft lace is employed throughout its creation. Putting it on is a breeze because of the convenient pull tab. Because of its powerful inducing of perspiration, it is ideal for usage on children. It’s gentle enough for those with the most sensitive skin. You can wear it year-round. This group can handle a wide range of tasks and can be relied upon to deliver consistent results.

The Bad

This Halloween bridal gown is made from opulent lace. This style makes use of a cheap, transparent material. The bow design is not made of satin but rather a synthetic fabric.


  • What a fantastic sensation!
  • This item is suitable for those with allergies.
  • It has multiple applications.


  • That can be seen through it
  • The bow is made of synthetic materials.

Womens 1950s Retro Rockabilly Princess Cosplay Dress

Finding suggestions for a wedding theme costume to wear on Halloween is simple thanks to the internet. To get a more elegant and classic look, however, select your wedding attire from among the best Halloween wedding costume options! This Womens 1950s Retro Rockabilly Princess Cosplay will bring out the best in you.

Product Highlights

This 1950s Retro Rockabilly Princess Cosplay set has garments with intricate patterns and a vintage aesthetic. Certain design details on this outfit are obviously influenced by Audrey Hepburn’s fashion sense. It’s nothing to worry about. There are a wide variety of formal events to which you can wear this outfit. It’s also reasonably priced, which is a plus.

The Good

There are currently four gowns available, all of them are elegant and inspired by Audrey Hepburn. We use only the finest materials in the production of our products so that you can enjoy them for years to come in comfort. It has a timeless design that will never go out of date.

The Bad

The vintage inspiration is obvious in this Halloween bridal ensemble. Free gloves would have been great for achieving an Audrey Hepburn look. Additionally, it is recommended for colder climates because to its lack of absorbency.


  • The retro styling is very stunning.
  • Pull-on style of fastening.
  • It’s a fair price for what you get.


  • If you want a free pair of gloves, you won’t be getting any.
  • There is no absorption of moisture

Xiao Maomi King Joffrey Cosplay Costumes

Do you want to give up because you can’t seem to find the perfect Halloween wedding costumes? For the best Halloween royal wedding costumes, look no further than Xiao Maomi’s King Joffrey Cosplay Costumes. This suit, with its superb construction and polish, will help you look like a winner everywhere you go.

Product Highlights

Adding a crown on them makes them look even more royal. They were modeled after King Joffrey’s clothes. You get a long coat, leggings, a belt, and a strapped crown. Wearing it is a breeze thanks to the mix of soft cotton, luxurious satin, and durable polyester in its construction.

The Good

There is a special archival design that keeps all the pictures safe. It can hold up to 200 different pictures. You can rest assured that it is harmless because it lacks acid, lignin, and PVC. Each page can hold up to two photographs. It has a simple, yet stylish, stitched leatherette cover.

The Bad

That’s a fantastic outfit for a wedding on Halloween. However, it’s not exactly cheap. Furthermore, there are no complimentary care recommendations for washing and maintaining its quality.


  • It’s appealing in a visual sense.
  • Special flair
  • This place is quite comfortable, indeed.


  • It’s not possible to get free recommendations on how to clean clothes.
  • It’s a bit costly, to say the least.

Forplay Women’s Beetle Bride

Feeling stumped on what to wear to your Halloween wedding? Puts the sizzle and sass in your appearance. Forplay’s Women’s Beetle Bride is a simple way to nail the perfect bridesmaid outfit for Halloween. The unique style of the dress is guaranteed to turn heads.

Product Highlights

This is a multi-purpose costume, perfect for cosplay, RPGs, Halloween, and more! It’s worth noting that imports are necessary when a product’s raw materials aren’t locally available. As a result, it ought to hold up better over time. If you want to feel and look beautiful on your wedding day, this is the dress for you.

The Good

Use it as part of your ensemble for a role play, a wedding, or a costume party. It stands out visually and fascinates anybody who sees it. More specifically, it’s made of 65% cotton and 35% spandex.

The Bad

You’ll look sexy in this Halloween wedding costume. The lace, on the other hand, irritates the skin. It’s also see-through because the cloth is extremely thin.


  • This Halloween wedding costume will make you look hot. However, the lace causes skin irritation. In addition to being transparent, the fabric is also exceedingly thin.
  • This Halloween wedding costume is perfect for you. Unfortunately, the lace causes skin irritation. The exceedingly thin fabric also makes it transparent.
  • There are a plethora of applications for it.


  • An offensive-smelling fabric
  • That can be seen through it

20 Creative Ways to Pull Off a Halloween-Inspired Wedding

Choose the Right Venue

There is widespread consensus that picking a suitable venue is essential for the success of the event. Find a place with a natural or overgrown landscape if you want to feel transported back in time. Tucked away in the Hollywood Hills lies the Hollywood Castle, the perfect venue for a somber celebration. Also, this real wedding is a great example of taking a theme to the next level; it isn’t related to Halloween, but the decorations and guest gifts are all inspired by Harry Potter.

Consider Alternative Attire

Why not go all out gothic for your wedding day attire? A dark gown, a black birdcage veil, or even tulle in deep tones of gray can help you achieve a romantic look.

Make Some Pretty Puns

Rather than a subtle nod to the gothic aesthetic, why not go all out? Tulle in deep grays or blacks, or a black birdcage veil, might add to the romance of an otherwise gothic outfit.

Kimmy Scotti and Adam Metzger's Halloween Wedding - Inside The Most Epic Halloween Wedding

Dress Your Squad in Cheetah Print

Do something different for your wedding party and wear cheetah print! The pattern mixing is perfect for an October wedding. Moreover, your attendants will want to keep wearing them after the wedding.

Build a Pumpkin Backdrop

You can’t have Halloween without pumpkins, and we mean that literally. People love taking pictures next to pumpkin displays like this one because it gives them the chance to show off their Halloween spirit. This wall sculpture was part of the pumpkin patch at the Highland Springs Ranch & Inn, where the couple were married.

Play With Props

There’s no reason why jack-o’-lanterns can’t be incorporated into your wedding decor in some form or another. Use them as props for a guest photo booth or even for a couple of shots during your photos.

Use Fall Foliage

There’s no reason why jack-o’-lanterns can’t be incorporated into your wedding decor in some form or another. Use them as props for a guest photo booth or even for a couple of shots during your photos.

Make It Glamorous

You can use jack-o’-lanterns in your wedding decorations in whatever way you like. Put them to good use as props in a photo booth for your guests or in a few of your own images.

Take a Seat

Is anyone interested in chilling out on some hay bales? Invitingly chic, this lounge seating for a party is inspired by autumn hayrides. It’s the perfect way to kick off a weekend full of festivities in honor of the bride and groom in October!

Have Fun With Favors

When most people think of Halloween, they immediately picture themselves decked out in a costume. A wedding doesn’t need a full-on masquerade to be fun and festive. Lavender & Rose Weddings has set up a hat bar so that guests can select their own festive headwear in honor of the season.

Serve a Spooky Cocktail

It’s important to remember the cocktail hour! The Halloween season is the ideal time to serve your guests a special drink in honor of the holiday. Several of our go-to drinks for the season, including bourbon, scotch, and apple brandy, feature seasonal flavors like apple, cinnamon, and maple.

Bring On the Drama (Skulls Included)

Black linens and dismal florals are great choices if you want to add a hauntingly perfect touch of drama. This stunning floral arrangement is a study in dark design, with its merlot, black, and deep green hues creating a mood that will keep your visitors entranced.

Consider Black Candles

Candles are an essential part of any elegant tablescape. Black taper candles are a surprising and spooky addition to any Halloween-themed decor.

Put Pumpkins Front and Center

When your guests come to pumpkin-decorated tables, they won’t be able to ignore the source of your inspiration. Play up the vivid color with a black-and-white color scheme, modern chargers, and gold accents. This is an illustration of the correct procedure. When it comes to finishing touches, glassware is crucial. Amber wine glasses are the finishing touch for Fancy Tables.

Don’t Forget to Look Up

Spanish moss, a perennial favorite, has an otherworldly quality that can make even the most straightforward lobby design look like a work of art due to its hypnotic effect. A mystical ambience is created by a hanging moss arrangement, lanterns, and string lights.

Take Your Photos to the Next Level

Are you sad that Halloween is over on the 31st? The photographs from Blythe Eland Photography are an excellent starting point. Using orange, black, or even white smoke bombs will give your photographs a spooky, dramatic quality.

Toss the Traditional White Cake

You can never go wrong with geode-inspired desserts for Halloween parties, and this one is no exception. The design might be improved by using a seasonal taste, such as pumpkin spice, in the dish.