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There are three distinct functions for wedding invites. This page provides inspiration for those in need of sentimental card wording or creative ideas.

We’ll also discuss how to keep your invitations safe and where to send your RSVP cards. Our blog also features extensive wedding-related content.

The special meaning of the wedding card

Provide detailed information about the wedding

The purpose of a wedding invitation is to give the invitee as much relevant information as possible. The date, time, and place of the ceremony will all be included on a single card.

Such information is crucial and should ideally be printed on the wedding invitations themselves. Expression of feelings can be difficult for the couple getting married.

What To Do With Wedding Cards: Try These 3 Ideas - Krostrade

When information is only presented verbally, it is easy to forget. Cards for weddings are convenient because the receiver can refer back to them later if they happen to forget any of the information.

Show respect to the inviter

This adorable wedding invitation is a thoughtful token of your appreciation for the bride and groom. The card is sufficient if you do not wish to use excessive language.

Show the seriousness of the wedding ceremony

The invitation to a wedding is a symbol of the importance of the occasion itself. It’s possible that guests will be baffled by a joke invitation. A wedding card full of personal touches can give guests a deeper appreciation for the couple’s dedication.

Beautiful anniversary gift

It is the couple’s intention that the wedding card they give to their loved ones on their wedding day also function as an anniversary present for those people. Modern wedding invites are expected to be elaborate, eye-catching works of art.

Therefore, it is taken as a sign of respect and admiration for the newlyweds. The card can be kept and used as home decor. Every time you look at that card, you’ll be reminded of the joy of the wedding you attended.

What To Do With Wedding Cards After The Wedding

Store the wedding cards

The safekeeping of wedding cards is a recommended practice. This technique of commemoration will allow you to always remember your friends’ and family’s weddings.

Invitations to weddings can be filed away in a binder. The most important thing is that your wedding invitations fit in a secure location.

There’s no need for anything fancy to house your wedding cards. Adding some finishing touches to the outside of the storage unit and labeling it so you know which wedding each one has items from is a smart idea as well.

Display the wedding cards

Wedding cards are often works of art in their own right, making them perfect for framing and displaying. Frame the card and hang it up somewhere nice to show it off.

Like a scrapbook page, the layout should center on the card. This is a fantastic idea for a wedding keepsake.

Have you held on to anything else from the wedding? The bouquet flowers can be crushed and used as decorations for the wedding card table.

Make artwork with the wedding cards

Wedding cards, like any other paper product, can be reused in creative endeavors. You can use the card’s layout as inspiration for other DIY invites and presents, as well as for scrapbooking and collages.

Paper can be used for many different types of decorations, including invitations and wedding favors. When making wedding-themed crafts, it’s fine to repurpose multiple elements from different cards to make a single product.

How to design a wedding invitation from scratch

Reusing your wedding card could be a sweet gesture for your husband’s anniversary. The wedding invitation card could be kept in a locket or keychain and viewed whenever the couple so chooses.

What Do You Do With RSVP Cards?

A bit of awkwardness can arise if you receive an RSVP card and aren’t sure how to respond. This handy guide of RSVP manners has been compiled for your benefit:

  1. Guests, including yourself and a plus one, should be listed on the “M” of the answer card.
  2. If you can’t make it to the wedding, please fill out the spot next to the “M” and let the happy couple know.
  3. Do not bring a guest until specifically encouraged to do so, even if the invitation envelope suggests otherwise.
  4. Your children are not welcome if their names are not listed on the invitation.
  5. Make sure your handwriting is legible for the happy couple.
  6. If you have any food allergies, please let the server know when you order from the entrée menu.
  7. Please answer to the RSVP card as soon as possible.

How Do I Turn My Wedding Card Into A Book?

  1. A cover for your album of wedding cards can be made from anything from an old book to a planner.
  2. Take the booklet apart, leaving just the cover, and use the inside pages as dividers for other mementos from the wedding.
  3. Wedding cards should be sorted by size to ensure they all fit in the album.
  4. Hole punching the paper allows the invites to be bound together with ribbon.
  5. Be sure the ribbon isn’t too loose or your book will get ruined.
  6. Put the card pages in the book and decorate the cover.
  7. The pages and cover of the wedding card book may also be connected with the aid of binding rings.

How Do You Keepsake Cards?

  1. To help you decide what to do with your greeting cards when they arrive, we recommend sorting them by year, occasion, and how you feel.
  2. Standard playing cards are disposable and can be discarded to make room in your home.
  3. Create a photo album with the old cards you can’t bear to throw away because of their emotional value.
  4. Framing or arranging cards as displays is possible depending on the design and sentimentality of the card.

6 Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Invitation


Depending on the style and significance of the card, they can be framed or displayed in other ways.

Decoupage Plate

Glenda Perrett of Marye-Kelley Decoupage says that brides sometimes bring us their wedding invites to be decoupaged as a thank you and a remembrance of the big day for their parents and new in-laws. The in-house design team will use your invitation and envelope lining to make a truly one-of-a-kind plate.


To celebrate the start of your new life together, consider having your wedding invitations engraved on a sterling silver or pewter tray. This one-of-a-kind heirloom can be enjoyed in the kitchen or dining room for many years to come. It might one day be proudly displayed in your kid’s home.

Keepsake Box

Linda Daoud of Bazaar Glass LLC designed a glass remembrance box for wedding invitations that can be used from either the top or bottom. Daoud claims that an invitation is often placed on the exterior of the box, with other items like maps, reception cards, or even photos hidden within. Having a keepsake box prominently displayed in your house is a wonderful way to relive the joy of your wedding day.

Eco-Friendly Display

Plywerk uses only solar power to generate all of its products responsibly. Send one of your wedding invites to be mounted on a piece of eco-friendly wood, or scan your invitation and have it printed and mounted for you by the service.

Christmas Ornament

Plywerk uses only solar power to generate all of its products responsibly. Send one of your wedding invites to be mounted on a piece of eco-friendly wood, or scan your invitation and have it printed and mounted for you by the service.

All of Plywerk’s products are ethically made using only solar energy. You can either send one of your wedding invitations to be mounted on sustainable wood, or scan your invitation to have it printed and mounted for you.

  • Embellishment for a Huge Planet
  • A Wedding Invitation
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter
  • Paper cutter with a trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Pen

Begin by slicing the invitation into 1-inch long by 1/4-inch wide strips. Wind the strips around a pen to create a curl. Insert a strip of paper inside the globe. While this is happening, shake your ornament to make room for more tissue. Light bulbs need to be glitzed up now! It’s time to replace the globe’s cover. Simply finish up with a bow made from the ribbon. You won’t find another Christmas decoration quite like this one.

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That settles it! In today’s article, we learned a better use for wedding cards than throwing them away.

Save them for posterity by filing them away or hang them up in a classy way to recollect the good times. You can even make something else out of the cards, such as an anniversary present for your spouse.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further queries after reading this guide.