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Creating a simple tie is all that’s required to learn how to bustle a wedding dress with a tulle overlay. Tulle-overlay wedding dresses can typically be bustled, but tying them up is still a good idea.

In the succeeding chapters, we’ll delve into this strategy in further detail. Instead, you can learn everything you need to know about mending bridal gowns from our site.

Alterations to wedding dresses, among other things, can be done in the comfort of one’s own home.

What Is a Bustle

It’s a system of buttons and loops that allows you to quickly and easily convert your gorgeous wedding dress into a more manageable maxi length. Once your train has taken its bow, you may secure it so that it is at the same height as your hemline and out of the way. Because not all dresses can be looped up in the same way, there is a broad diversity of bustle styles.

Do You Need a Bustle?

This is another another intriguing inquiry. Dresses with long trains will be stepped on repeatedly if a bustle is not employed. Dresses are typically bustled so that the wearer has more freedom of movement while dancing or otherwise enjoying the evening. Unless your dress is really short or a tea length, you will require one.

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However, bustles are not typically included with wedding dresses because they must be custom made to suit the wearer’s height. Just as there are numerous techniques for creating a bustle, there are as varied looks for this part of the bridal ensemble.

You can use this guide to gown styles as a starting point for your research and to narrow down your options while you shop for the perfect dress.

How To Bustle A Wedding Dress With A Tulle Overlay Easily

Tie up the dress

The tulle-covered wedding dress should have a single tie made outside the natural waist. You may also accomplish this with a short train by tying it around your knees.

Make one tie on the exterior of the wedding dress’s waistband using tulle. This knot can also be wrapped over your knees if the train is particularly short.

Here are a few suggestions for enhancing your wedding gown.

What Was The Purpose Of A Bustle?

Adding a bustle to a wedding dress is a great way to make it more comfortable for the bride to move around in the hours following the ceremony. The design of gowns and dresses with trains will be modified.

When it comes to bustles, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is that you should delegate this responsibility to someone else. After the ceremony, your bridesmaids, maid of honor, or mother may be able to help you bust your dress so that it fits properly and stays in place.

Can You Add A Bustle To A Wedding Dress?

Any dress with a lengthy train, including wedding gowns, can benefit from having a bustle added. It is the dress itself that will dictate the type of bustle you wear.

For mermaid and A-line wedding dresses

If you’re wearing an A-line or mermaid-cut wedding dress, the French or under bustle is the way to go. Dresses with a natural waistline are required for this look because hooks will be used to take up the train and then tuck it under the silhouette.

For detailed wedding dresses

If your wedding dress has a lot of embellishment, an Austrian bustle might be the way to go. The ruching effect is achieved by gathering the fabric in the centre of the dress.

For ball wedding gowns

There are several different ways to bustle a wedding dress, including the ballroom bustle, the American bustle, and the train-flip bustle. A ballroom bustle, made up of several points sewn around the dress’s bodice, makes it easier to fold the fabric.


American bustling is another option; it involves using hooks stitched into the waistline of the dress to raise the train of the bridal gown above the bodice. A train-flip bustle, in which the fabric is flipped under and pinned back into itself, is another option if you want to conceal your dress’s train.

How Do You Bustle A Layered Wedding Dress?

Talk to your seamstress first about what kind of layered wedding dress will look best on you. Here are three creative ways to bustle a multi-layered wedding gown.

Ballroom bustle

Under the dress’s smallest layer, buttons can be utilized to create four points. Without the railway in the way, you can examine the intriguing depths beneath.

American bustle

The American bustle is an option if the layers are made of a fluttery fabric like chiffon. The seamstress will know where on the waist or hips to attach the points in order to push up the train while still keeping the dress’s shape.

French bustle

If the additional ties on your wedding dress don’t make it excessively bulky, your seamstress may construct a French bustle. The bride’s train will be tucked and fastened so that the different layers of her dress can be displayed.

Royal Bustle

Similarly to the American bustle, the loops and buttons of a royal bustle are located on the exterior of the skirt. In this royal variant, the train is fastened to the skirt not just in the centre, but at multiple points. It’s just as effective as a real waterfall, but with more drama. This is an absolute necessity on busy and lengthy trains like the Royal and Cathedral.

Bow Bustle

If you want to bustle your dress in a more feminine manner, you may want to consider wearing a bow or belt around your waist to hide the hook or button you use to attach your train to your dress.

How Do You Bustle A Dress Without Sewing?

  1. The wedding gown should be laid down with the train facing outward.
  2. Spread out the train’s layers and line up their seams to ensure proper operation.
  3. These locations are where the bustle will be attached, so marking them on the dress with pins is a good way to visualize where they will go.
  4. Thread the pin back through the dress, making sure to slide it through as close to the original hole as possible.
  5. Proceed in the same manner with the remaining pins.
  6. Put some medical tape on the pin’s head to keep it in place.
  7. Wrapping each pin with a ribbon that complements the garment can make the bustle look more polished.

When to Bustle a Wedding Dress

Take a few minutes to bustle your dress in the time between the ceremony and the reception. If you’re having a cocktail hour, you’ll have plenty of time to bustle your dress before you make your appearance. Here is a checklist to help you decide when it’s time to bustle your wedding dress.

How Easy Is It to Walk In?

If you’re caught in traffic and your train won’t move without a group of flower girls lugging it about, you might want to consider bustling it. You’ll feel much more at ease if you have to drag your dress through the mud or need the help of your bridesmaids to get around.

When Are You Taking Photos?

How much do you want your unique character to be reflected in the design of your clothing? Keeping your wedding dress’s train in place for photographs after the ceremony is a lovely idea. ‘ If you plan on taking most of your wedding photos before the ceremony, you may want to bustle your dress and put it in a safe place right thereafter to avoid having your guests tramp all over it. To get the best photographs of the sunset, you should leave the reception as early as possible and board a nearly empty train.

A basic one-loop design on your bridal gown bustle will make it easier to raise and lower your train. You can give it a little ruffle for the big entrance and first dance, and then let it shine for the sunset snaps. Hustling requires time and energy, so schedule it in.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Time at a wedding will go by quickly if you are able to say “I Do” repeatedly. There will be little time to catch your breath as you go from one place to the next. Dress bustling can be done at any time during the evening, not only after the reception or right before making an appearance. After you’ve exchanged your vows, or before you make your first public appearance as a married couple, you may choose to bustle your gown.

Tips for Bustling Your Dress

You’ll be ready for your wedding day now that you know about the many types of wedding dress bustles. No need to panic though; this isn’t the final chapter.

1. Someone (Not You) Will Need to Learn How to Bustle Wedding Dresses

You can’t put the bustle in place after you’ve put on your wedding dress. Someone else will need to take care of it. You can ask a close friend, bridesmaid, mother-in-law, or maid-of-honor to help you out. Whoever you pick, they’ll have to come along to the final dress fitting so the seamstress can show you how to do the bustle. It doesn’t matter if they’ve ever bustled a dress before or not; every wedding dress and bustle is different. And that’s why they need to take lessons from the pro when it comes to bustling a bridal gown.

2. Bustles Can Break

Even if your bustle was expertly sewn, it still runs the risk of coming undone. For the dress to stay in place while you’re strolling, dancing, and socializing, a few subtle bustle points are required. Can we get around this? Keep some safety pins, a needle, and some clear fishing line in the bridal room just in case. If your bridal dress was bustled with ribbons, your maid of honor can use the fishing line to reattach a stray ribbon. If the damage is more extensive, you can repair the broken bustle by pinning the garment together with a giant safety pin.

3. Don’t Forget to Budget for the Bustle

Wedding dress bustles are not cheap, either. The final price will be established by the number of bustle points and the type of bustle needed. When deciding how much you can afford to spend on your wedding dress, don’t forget to add in money for a bustle.



When should I bustle my wedding dress?

A bride may choose not to bustle her dress during the first dance. When your train is getting in the way of your movement, it’s time to get it bustled.

How long does it take to bustle a wedding dress?

Depending on the skill of your assistant, bustling a wedding dress shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. It’s crucial that your attendants come to at least one fitting with you so that there are no surprises on the big day.

Is it difficult to walk or sit in a bustled wedding dress?

Bustles shouldn’t get in the way of your ease of movement and comfort. If you get your bustle done by a professional, it should fit as snugly as the silhouette of your wedding dress.


All of that can be summed up in that one sentence! You now know how to bustle a wedding dress with a tulle overlay by simply tying one extra ribbon around your waist.

Your seamstress will choose the bustle style that best complements your garment. Likewise, you get to choose the bustle style that best suits you.