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For those who don’t know, the answer to this question is a range. Naturally, there are distinctions amongst them, mostly in terms of function, look, and cost.

When we’re in the kitchen or the mall, we’re more likely to become lost. Kitchen appliances get us all confused up and unclear of what we’ve got. For the most part, people don’t know the difference between stove and ring.

As a result, we’re going to offer you some facts about the two so that you may better understand their differences and similarities. Both serve food, but what they can do with that meal is vastly different from what the other can do.

What is a stove?

For all the different ways and interpretations we give to the term “stove,” one thing is clear: it’s not what most people think of when they think of it. Many people mistake it for an oven, rather than a range.

There are so many different sorts and styles, some of them are even enclosed and mistaken for an oven. In the past, stoves were powered by coals and wood, but today they are powered by gas and electricity due of modern technology. However, stovetops can be used to hold culinary appliances, such as pots and pans. In the kitchen, these are known as stoves. It’s where you’ll put the cooking gadget and where the flames will travel through the cooking process.

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What is a range?

Let’s go on to the actual measurement range. Due to the fact that it serves multiple functions, this is not a stove. An oven and stovetop are included. It’s a full-service solution, as you’d expect from industry experts. Despite the fact that it has a stove on top, this is not a furnace because it comes with a range. Because it serves as both a stove and an oven, this is the most typical cooking appliance we see in every home. It is the most popular option because it saves both time and money by combining two individual purchases.

The Difference Between A Stove And A Range

The stove and anger have now been defined. To make their disparities even more evident, let’s go over them one by one. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of them below.

Difference #1. Their purpose

We might begin by comparing the two in terms of their intended audience. That’s all there is to a stove’s ability to deliver heat in various ways. The range, on the other hand, is capable of more. It may cook food simply by retaining heat in the oven.

Difference #2. Appearance

This is the most obvious way to tell them apart. Stove burners are compact and light, making them ideal for use in confined spaces. The majority of stoves have only two burners or cooking surfaces. There are four or more stove burners on top of the range, though.

Ranges would appear to be larger and more imposing. This is due to the fact that it includes a stove and an oven, which makes it heavier. Because of this, it appears to be more complete than a stove. Unlike a furnace, a range has an additional top cover layer made of glass.

Difference #3. The price

The pricing they both have are the third and, I believe, final major difference. Since we’re talking about this third difference, it’s important to grasp what the first two differences are. And those are the approximate prices for each. As a result, we can safely assume that they serve distinct functions. If you have an oven, you can use it to cook directly. A person’s look is more extensive and intricate than that of another. As a result, their pricing could be significantly affected.

As far as price goes, it’s reasonable to assume that one that serves multiple purposes would be more expensive. This is due to the fact that it is more meaningful and necessitates the use of more resources in its production. It’s now possible to buy a stove for a fraction of the price of your range. Remember to save up for the bigger purchase if you’re thinking about getting one.

If you’d want to learn more about the distinctions between ovens, stoves, and ranges, we’ve highlighted many of them. Here’s a nice topic on cleaning a black gas stove if you’d like to learn more about stoves.

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What’s the Difference Between a Range, Stove and Cooktop?

It’s common for individuals to use the terms “range” and “stove.” Ranges and stoves are appliances with a cooktop and an oven that can slide into or be built into a nook between two counters. They can be electric or gas. The term “stove” can also refer to a type of home heating appliance, such as a vintage wood stove. To sear, sauté, and boil food, you use a cooktop, which is a surface equipped with an open flame or an electric burner. Ovens and cooktops are offered separately.

What To Know About Choosing the Right Range for You

Gas or electric?

It’s possible that you won’t be able to pick the type of range you want. You must live in an area with a natural gas line in order to easily install a gas range. Installing an LP tank is a possibility if your home has a yard. It’s possible that an electrician may be needed to make the move to an electric range in your home if you already have a gas one installed. Power requirements of electric ranges are higher than those of a conventional residential outlet.

What’s the difference between gas and electric ranges?

It’s easy to manage the temperature of a gas burner since it responds quickly when you turn it on or off. It will take longer for a pan to heat up on an electric burner because of the slower response time. If a sauce is boiling over, you’ll have to remove it from the burner until the temperature decreases. When it comes to heating a large pot of water to a rolling boil for pasta, gas will always be faster, but electric will eventually catch up. Today’s gas ovens produce excellent results, despite the fact that electric ovens have a reputation for producing more even baking.

What about dual fuel?

A broad variety of ranges are available with both gas and electric ovens, which are typically considered to provide the greatest cooking experience. It is necessary to have a gas line and a 220-240 volt outlet in order to install a dual-fuel range. These are high-end models.

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about induction. Can you explain what it is?

Electric ranges have smooth glass ceramic cooktops, whereas induction ranges contain coiled copper wires underneath them. Pots and pans can be heated directly without the surface being heated by passing an electric current through the coils. Electric cooktops take longer to heat up than induction cooktops. Aside from being more responsive, it provides the same level of control as a gas range while also allowing for extremely precise temperature control. Furthermore, the most energy-efficient ranges are those using induction technology. Even though induction stoves are pricey, the cost has been decreasing over the last several years

Can I use the same kind of pots and pans on all ranges?

Magnetic cookware is required for induction to work. Induction cooktops operate with any pan that has a magnet attached to the bottom because the magnet attracts the metal of the pan. Magnets can heat up but they need absolutely flat bottoms in order to spread the heat uniformly across the surface of a pot or pan. Place a ruler over the bottom of your cookware once it has been turned upside down. The pan will heat evenly if the edge of the pan hits it evenly throughout the entire area.

For an electric cooktop to function properly, pots and pans must have absolutely flat bottoms that make good contact with the cooking surface.

What is a slide-in range?

To provide a streamlined appearance at a lesser cost than a real built-in model, slide-in ranges are put between cabinets. In addition to lacking backguards, the sides of these shoes are unfinished. Tiles should be installed on the wall behind them to give the room a finished aspect. Top of the stove or front of the appliance, controls are always visible. For a slide-in range, you should expect to pay more.

What Features Should I Look for In Ranges and Stoves

High-output burner At a minimum, every kitchen should have a high-powered burner that can quickly boil water and sear a steak. Power is measured in BTUs on a gas range and in watts on an electric range. At least 15,000 BTUs or 3,000 watts are required.

Burning the bridge to hell. There are electric ranges that have a single, long oval-shaped burner that connects the front and back burners on one side of the range. In some gas ranges, oval burners can be found in the middle. Griddlers and fish poachers love bridge burners. A stove with a griddle burner frequently comes with a griddle as standard equipment.

Oven with a convection system. Cooking will go more quickly and more evenly in this oven because of the use of a fan to move hot air throughout the chamber. A heating element is often found near or surrounding the fan as well. When cooking with convection, the temperature and cooking time are typically reduced. Depending on the model, you may be able to set the oven to do the conversion for you. The outcomes vary from brand to brand, but in general, convection roasting yields better results than baking does when using the technology.

A second oven. At the same time, you can cook a variety of items at different temperatures. A divider can be used to create two separate zones in some ovens, while in others two separate cavities are available.

How We Picked

The choices we’ve made are the result of years of testing in a laboratory and a test kitchen by our writer. This time, we checked the reviews of both professional and amateur chefs, like we always do. Products that have a history of excellent performance and useful features, both in gas and electric and at a variety of price points, were the ones we considered for our research.

Best Gas Range Overall: GE Profile Smart 30″ Free-Standing Self Clean Gas Fingerprint Resistant Range with No Preheat Air Fry Model

Everything about this gas range from GE Profile is great. In addition, the stovetop cooking is excellent and the oven cooks evenly. In terms of range, it has everything you could possible want. 21,000 BTUs is one of the two high-powered burners, as well as moderate and low-powered burners; a reversible grill/griddle can be used on top of the reversible grill. There are three racks in the large convection oven. To ensure that each cookie is baked simultaneously, prepare a trio of cookie tins with chocolate chip cookies at the same time. It has an air fry mode that allows you to cook dishes that are particularly crispy without using a lot of oil and taking up a lot of counter space.

Traditional self-cleaning as well as steam cleaning are included on this model. If the oven gets particularly unclean, you can steam clean it to remove the surface debris and then give it a thorough cleaning. Dishwashers and ovens can be used to clean stovetop grates during a self-cleaning cycle. This range can be controlled remotely through mobile device or Alexa or Google Assistant when connected to Wi-Fi. You’ll be notified and able to download new features to your smart range as GE releases them, like as the newly released Turkey Mode. Smudge-resistant stainless steel or black stainless-steel are the two options available for the material’s finish.

Best Budget Gas Range: Whirlpool Gas Range with SpeedHeat Burner

Despite its low price tag, this Whirlpool comes with a slew of excellent options. You can boil a large pot of water in two power burners on the cooktop so that you can get the macaroni on the table quickly. To make moving pots on the stovetop a breeze, there are two huge porcelain-coated cast iron grates. Grate cleaning can be done in the dishwasher despite being too huge to fit in the sink.

When hosting a dinner party or hosting guests who will be arriving late, the oven offers a keep warm mode that will keep food warm until it is time to serve it. It offers a self-cleaning high heat cycle, which is uncommon for ranges at this price point. It’s available in black or white or stainless steel.

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Best Electric Range Overall: GE Profile 30″ Smart Free-Standing Electric Convection Fingerprint Resistant Range with No Preheat Air Fry

Compared to our top gas range, this model is just as capable in the kitchen when it comes to cooking and baking. Instead of burners with grate surfaces, the stovetop has a smooth glass ceramic surface with elements. In addition to a single high-power element, there are three moderate-power elements and one central warming burner. A griddle burner can be created by combining the two parts on the left. There are three racks in the convection oven, and the preheat time is quick, so you can have supper on the table faster when the kids are clamoring. To get in on the air fry craze, you may use the air fry function, which allows you to cook food that is particularly crispy without the need of a lot of oil and without surrendering counter space to a big device.

When it comes to cleaning, you may choose between a high-heat self-cleaning cycle and a steam cleaning one. Steam cycles can be used frequently to avoid baked-on messes or the classic self-clean can be used once or twice a year to remove heavy filth. Use Alexa or Google Assistant to control this range over Wi-Fi if you want to. You’ll also be the first to know about any new downloadable features that GE makes available. In addition to the fingerprint-resistant stainless steel and black stainless steel options, this model is also available.

Best Budget Electric Range: Frigidaire 30” Electric Range

Electric ranges with glass ceramic cooktops and self-cleaning ovens are available without exceeding your spending limit in stunning stainless steel and other metal finishes. For boiling water and searing steaks, the stovetop includes a high-wattage burner, while the lower-wattage burner may keep meals warm or melt chocolate.

At this price, you only get two oven racks, which is a disappointment. Black stainless steel and black and white versions of the Frigidaire range are also available, making it an excellent option if you want your new range to match the other equipment in your kitchen.

Think about installing this gas-to-electric induction range while you’re shopping for a new range. As a result, you’ll receive the quick response and precise control of a gas flame, as well as the ability to adjust the temperature to your liking. You’ll also appreciate how rapidly it heats up: You can bring pasta water to a boil in less than 15 minutes. You won’t have to deal with burnt-on messes because only the pan heats up, not the entire cooktop, making cleaning a breeze. Only use pots and pans with flat bottoms that are magnetic.

Additionally, this range has an enormous, three-rack convection oven in addition to its cutting-edge cooktop. To make weekday casseroles get into the oven faster, the microwave oven offers a quick preheat preset. When you bake with convection, the temperature you normally use for cakes and biscuits is automatically converted. Fries and chicken nuggets can be cooked in the air fryer without using any oil. With the Frigidaire’s self-cleaning and steam-cleaning features, you can conduct a fast touch-up once a year and a deep clean once every few months. Stainless steel or black stainless-steel finishes are available.

Best Double Oven Gas Range: LG 6.9 cu. ft. Gas Double Oven Range with ProBake Convection and EasyClean

This stainless-steel range has two ovens that can be used at different temperatures at the same time, making it ideal for cooks and bakers who frequently find themselves unable to roast a chicken while also baking a dessert. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your chiffon cake tasting like the garlic you put on the chicken. You can use the upper oven for baking two sheets of cookies or broiling a pizza. You can cook a Thanksgiving turkey or three snickerdoodle pans at once even though the larger lower oven is smaller than the ovens found in most ranges with only a single oven. It’s important to keep in mind that using the bottom oven requires bending over, and that there is no storage drawer on this range.

In the middle of the stove is a very powerful burner with a high BTU rating. A big and angled burner switch makes it easy to turn the burner on and off. Grates can be securely washed in the dishwasher if necessary. There is a convection setting in the lower oven, which is most commonly used for roasts. There are two self-cleaning modes in each oven: a 10-minute steam cycle and a 30-minute high-heat cycle.

Best Double Oven Electric Range: Samsung 6.3 cu. ft. Smart Freestanding Electric Range with Flex Duo, No-Preheat Air Fry & Griddle in Stainless Steel

Samsung’s Flex Duo series is aptly titled, allowing you to tailor your experience to your needs. Even salmon and butter biscuits can be cooked at different temperatures in the same oven without fear of fishy shortbread. In addition, there is a storage drawer at the bottom of this range. In order to bake two things in one oven, or one in the top and one in the lower, you will receive two oven racks.

Samsung incorporates a nonstick griddle with the smoothtop cooking surface, which has five burners, including a high-power one, a warming zone, and two that form a griddle burner. Convection and air fry modes are available in the oven, which can be used in the upper or lower ovens. Steam cleaning and standard self-cleaning modes are available. It’s possible to use Alexa, Bixby, or Google Assistant to control and pre-heat the oven or modify the temperature from another room using an app on your phone. Choose between a stainless steel finish that resists fingerprints and a black stainless steel finish for the Samsung.

Best Splurge Range: Café 30″ Smart Slide-In, Front-Control, Dual-Fuel Range with Warming Drawer

For a built-in look, the Café slides between cabinets for a commercial-style range. It’s not cheap, but it’s a lot less expensive than other professional-style, dual-fuel motorcycles. In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of your kitchen, this appliance will provide you with top-notch cooking capabilities. Heavy-duty cast iron grates protect the six gas burners with varied powers that sit above the range. A cast-iron griddle is featured, as is a griddle burner made up of two of them. Because it has three racks, the huge electric oven is one of the few that can successfully bake three sheets of cookies at the same time. There includes a temperature probe to ensure that your chicken or turkey is cooked to the correct doneness in convection mode, making it even more convenient to use. You don’t need a large appliance on your kitchen to cook the crispy fries and Brussels sprouts your family craves without using a lot of oil because it features an air fry mode. A warming drawer is located underneath the oven, making it ideal for hosting.

If the oven has a lot of stubborn burnt-on spatters and spills, you can either steam clean it or perform a full self-clean cycle. Remote and voice control are available over Wi-Fi, as as updates about new cooking programs that become available when the Café is connected. The stainless steel finish is standard on a professional range, but you may upgrade the knobs and oven handle to brushed bronze, black, or copper for an additional fee.

How to Determine Which Electric Stove is Best for You


The size of the electric stove you’re interested in should be one of the most important factors when making a purchase. For a new stove, it’s essential that you have exact measurements of the area in your kitchen where the appliance will be installed.

When shopping for an electric stove, one of the most critical considerations should be the unit’s size. Unless you plan on rearranging your entire kitchen to fit a new stove, it’s crucial to know exactly how much room the new stove will take up.


It’s critical that you consider the size of the electric stove you’re thinking about purchasing before making a final decision. Accurate kitchen dimensions are essential to ensure that the new stove will fit into your current kitchen layout without requiring you to reorganize your entire kitchen.

Cooking Capability

Stoves now come with a plethora of options and features. If you’re looking for an air fryer, we have one for you. That’s something your stove is capable of. Cooking ranges with induction technology are also an option if you want to ensure that your food is cooked uniformly.

You’ll want to see how much space you have in the oven by looking at the cubic foot capacity. Depending on how much you cook in the oven, the number of racks available can be a significant element in your decision.

Reasons to Buy an Electric Stove


People who use gas stoves may be concerned that a leak may occur or that the pilot light may go out unexpectedly. Electric stoves don’t have that problem, but the burners do tend to stay hot longer, which might be a problem for those who cook with them.

Easy Cleaning

It is easier to clean an electric stove than a gas stove since the burners are more accessible to the user. In comparison to cleaning a gas burner, an electric glass top is a cinch to maintain.

Better Cooking

When it comes to high heat, low heat, baking, and even broiling, Consumer Reports found that electric smoothtop ranges often outperform gas ranges. This is because electric ranges can deliver more consistent cooking and better temperature regulation.


Based on third-party data, the Forbes Home Improvement editorial team evaluated 34 main electric stoves, with each product’s star rating derived by taking into account several characteristics.

  • The cost (25 percent )
  • Ratings by Customers (25 percent )
  • Total Burner Count (15 percent )
  • Does It Clean Itself? (10 percent )
  • (Y/N) Convection Ovens (10 percent )
  • (Yes/No) Broiler (10 percent )
  • Security Lock, Features or Controls (Yes/No) (5 percent )


Why do they call a stove a range?

The word “range,” in the sense of “stove,” first appeared in print in the early 15th century. Originally, early ranges were referred to as “ranges” because they often included more than one oven and at least two cooking areas on top.

Whats the difference between a stove and a range?

Removable stove tops are another common feature of stoves. These can be used to support cooking equipment or to place it on top of the stove while preparing food. A range consists of a stove and an oven powered by gas or electricity. Oven and stove in one? That’s what this is.

Is it called stove or range?

It’s a slang phrase for a range and an oven that’s not used by appliance manufacturers. There are two types of ovens: those that are part of a range and those that are separate appliances. Some people refer to ranges as stoves.

What is considered a range?

A range is a single appliance that includes an oven and a cooktop.

What is a cooktop VS range?

In most American kitchens, you’ll find a range, the most popular kitchen appliance. It has a cooktop and an oven built into it. A cooktop is the flat, open surface on which you sear and fry without an oven below it, but rather into the countertop.

What cooking range means?

A cooking range is a stove that has room for multiple dishes to be cooked at the same time. Cooking ranges are technically limited to the upper section of what the general public refers to as a stove. … Many of today’s stoves are integrated into countertops. There are two types of heating elements on a stove: electric and natural gas.

What is a kitchen without a stove called?

There are many different types of kitchenettes, but the most common feature is a refrigerator and a microwave. Modest refrigerator, microwave oven, and sometimes a sink are found in kitchenettes in some motels and hotels, small residences, college dormitories, and business buildings.

Is range safe the same as oven safe?

According to the company’s website, their glass-ceramic plates are safe to use on the range top. In both a regular oven and a microwave, glass-ceramic or ovenware can be used.

What is a range in the UK?

And here at Leisure, we’re pleased to be one of the top brands in the UK, with over 130 years of range cooking experience. Range cookers are freestanding kitchen appliances featuring multiple ovens of varying sizes, multiple burners for the range and a grill.

What is a kitchen range in England?

At least one oven is commonly included in the definition of a range, which is a big built-in appliance that can be used to cook food. Most of these today use wood or coal as fuel. The Aga can be included in the range, however they are more commonly referred to as Agas.

What does range mean in apartments?

Big investments like ranges—which combine an oven and cooktop into a single appliance—have a profound effect on the day-to-day usage of your kitchen.

What is the difference between a stove and a hob?

There are two types of stoves: electric and gas. When it comes to broiling, grilling, simmering, steaming, and other kitchen tasks, either the stovetop or the hob are suitable options. Hob is slang for stovetop in British English. In the world of cuisine, it’s a word that’s only a few decades old. The term’stove,’ in American English, refers to a kitchen equipment with a stove top and an even burner.

What is the range in a house?

The kitchen’s most flexible appliance is the stove. It’s a stove and oven in one, allowing you to fry, boil, broil, and bake all of your favorite foods.

How does a range work?

An oven and cooktop are the main components of a range. Both have been neatly packaged for your convenience. The distinction is that each of these sections might be various sizes and have different specifications or characteristics. In certain cases, a range may be 30 inches broad, while in others it may be 36 or 48 inches wide, depending on the manufacturer.

Are wall ovens better than ranges?

Wall ovens, on the other hand, have a more understated aesthetic (unless you want a French door wall oven). Ranges provide greater design options if you’re trying to bring a modern and more industrial flavor to your kitchen.

The Best Gas Stoves and Ranges for 2022 | Reviews by Wirecutter

Can a stove be next to a wall?

A gas or electric freestanding range does not need any space between it and the wall. A minimum of twelve inches should separate any style range from the nearest walls. There are a few more things to think about when it comes to the distance between the range and the adjacent walls in the kitchen.

What is the best electric stove?

GE, Amana, KitchenAid, Samsung, LG, and Frigidaire are among the greatest electric stoves on the market, as well as others. All that matters is how well your demands are met by an electric cooktop.

How do I choose an electric stove?

Choosing a stove is an exercise in personal preference. More racks in the oven and fewer burners may be desirable if you like to bake. More burners may be more convenient if you frequently cook with a skillet. For those who prefer to cook in two ovens, certain types are available.

An electric stove’s size might also be influenced by the available kitchen space. Depending on the dimensions of your kitchen, a large stove may not be viable.

It’s time to think about style when all the practical considerations have been taken into account. Stoves come in a wide variety of styles, so you’re sure to find one that matches your kitchen’s design.

Are electric stoves safe?

Unlike gas stoves, electric stoves don’t have to be concerned about gas leaks or problems with the gas line. Electric stoves, on the other hand, can be hazardous as they cool. Some electric ranges may not glow but remain hot as they cool down, or a smoothtop range may remain hot even after it is turned off.

Is an electric stove better than a gas stove?

Electric stoves are often more expensive than gas stoves, however they are better for everyday cooking than gas stoves. Temperature control on an electric range and stove can be a little more difficult than on a gas range and stove, however. Electric ranges heat up more quickly but cool down more slowly.

Smoothtop electric stoves cannot accommodate cast iron cookware. When there is a power outage, unlike electric appliances, gas ovens and ranges will usually continue to operate normally. Electric stoves are popular because they are easier to clean, safer than gas burners, and more attractive.

How long does an electric stove last?

According to the National Association of Home Builders, an electric stove typically lasts 13 years. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the coils and checking the oven door seal, can extend the life of an electric stove. Always check the oven’s owner’s manual for instructions on how to use the oven’s self-clean mode, and be sure to clean the drip pans.


For those who don’t know, the answer to this question is a range. Finally, we’ve concluded our discussion of the subject at hand. You no longer have to worry about being confused or having mixed feelings when you look at both. You’ll also want to check out this article on how many watts a stove uses.