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Did you ever wonder how to make a cheap wood stove? Due to many people buying wood stoves in the market, demands have been rising day by day, leading to a price hike, which means some people cannot afford one. Though they want it, it is out of their budget to buy one. It’s a good thing the internet is always available; and with that, let us learns how to make one.

Since the prices of some stoves depend on the brand, most of them are sold at a high price which means only those with enough money can purchase them.

But what happens to those who don’t have one? Well, the answer is simple, and today, we will learn how to make a cheap wood stove of our own at home.

It is simple and easy, all you need is some cooperation and you can the job was done in no time. Also, priority is our number one safety here so, don’t forget to wear your mask, gloves, and other safety gear when doing this. It may involve the use of machinery here. Regardless, let us continue to learn more terms and some tips.

The Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves

1. It Cuts Heating Costs

There are several ways a wood stove can cut down on your overall heating costs.

First, you have the option of chopping your own firewood. Second, if supplying your own firewood isn’t a viable course of action, you’ll be happy to learn that purchasing the wood is still more cost-effective than paying for oil or gas. Third, you can choose to just warm up the rooms that have wood stoves while allowing the other rooms to remain a cooler temperature.

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2. It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

Not only do wood stoves offer a decorative focal point for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, but they also appeal to your senses. Your ears will enjoy the crackle of the fire, your eyes the wonderful shades of the orange and red flames as they rise off the wood, and your body the warmth the fire emits.

There are many different types of wood stoves to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that is aesthetically pleasing while also fitting the style of your home.

3. It Promotes Exercise

Owning a wood burning stove can actually help you reach your exercise goals without you ever having to step foot in a gym or pay for an expensive gym membership. You can get a nice walk in while gathering kindling to get your fire going or work your arms while chopping and stacking the wood you’ll need to get you through the winter.

4. It’s Environmentally Friendly

The Balance reports that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a certification program for wood stoves to ensure they burn cleanly. They list the catalytic wood stove as one of the best since it doesn’t emit more than 4.1 grams of particulate per hour. A pellet stove is another eco-friendly choice, as it features a controlled combustion chamber that also produces fewer emissions.

5. Freedom From Big Utility Companies

Heating your home with wood means you’ll be free from big utility companies and any monopolies they have in your area. You won’t be subject to their price hikes and you won’t have to watch the meter to make sure you don’t run out of fuel.

Wood prices, if you’re not cutting down your own trees to avoid paying anything for your heat, remain pretty constant. That also makes it easier for you to create a budget and stick to it.

6. It Works Even When You Lose Electricity

Losing power during the summer months isn’t too much of a problem, but when the electricity goes out in the middle of winter during an intense snowstorm, you have a problem. Fortunately, homeowners who heat their house with a wood stove will still have the luxury of heat even if a gust of wind knocks the power out.

Depending on the stove you purchase, you may even be able to heat a kettle of tea or a pot of soup on the top of the wood stove.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a wood stove would work in your home, contact River City Fireplace and Barbeque for a complimentary in-home consultation. Our company also has a line of fireplaces, gas barbecue grills, and fire pits.

Steps To Make A Cheap Wood Stove At Home

Whether you are looking to making or purchasing one, it doesn’t matter. However, there are some guidelines and considerations that you’ll always have to put to use when it comes to these, and today; we are going to tackle making a DIY one for you:

Step #1. Preparing the materials for the DIY  wood stove

When it comes to choosing materials for a wood stove, it is no joke since you only have a tight budget, yet you’ll have to ensure that it works and fits perfectly to carry out its usage; otherwise, it might cause harm and damage if not made properly.

For this, you’ll have to purchase a gas tank. No matter the size, it’ll work the same. Now, you will want to clean all the contents up using some water, ensuring that no flammables are present when used later on. Let it stay for minutes and when it’s done, flip and let all the water out. For more DIY wood stove ideas, read on homemade woodstoves and heaters plans and ideas.

Step #2. Grinding and removing

Since the gas tank has been exposed to water, you should dry it up before moving to our next step. Use a damp cloth or anything soft to get rid of the wetness present around the tank. Once done, prepare your grinder for its job that is going to be done after a while.

Now that it is all set up remove all the outer support pieces from the top and the bottom of the gas tank. And with the grinder, finish the rough surfaces by sanding it thoroughly so that it doesn’t have bumps present and will lay flatly on the surface when used for later.

Once all the smoothing has been done, it is now time to make a hole for the door’s opening. To do this, put some tape around the area, making sure that it is marked accurate as it will serve as a guide for your wood stove door. Then prepare some metal pieces that you will wield for later within the hole.

Step #3. Creating holes for exhaustion & a stand

For this step, you’ll also need to have a layout as a guide for making the top and bottom holes of the gas tank. Firstly, it should be big enough for the top as it will serve as an exhaust pipe wherein all the smoke will come out when used. It will also serve as a hole for putting in more coals.

As for the bottom part, use a smaller cylinder and weld it into the bottom part of the gas tank. From there, you can use a cover just simply to let out all the ashes after every usage.

From there on, you can already move on and make a door using some sheet metal. Measure it to the size of the door earlier and connect it with hinges. Finally, for the stand, you’ll need to have a long rod of metal cut into four exact measured parts as they will act as the stand of your wood stove. Wield it into the bottom part afterward to see if they need some adjustments. If nothing is wrong, then you’re good; continue.

Step #4. Painting

Now that all the necessary holes and stuff have been made, we need to paint it.  Choose a color of your choice along with the coating and primer. First, spray the primer, and then move on to your color. Make sure to spread it all around the surface area. Finally, to have that shine, spray it with the coating. To help you, know how to paint a stove.

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25 DIY Wood Stove

1. Minion Styled Log Burner

If you have kids at home or if you simply love minions, this DIY wood stove is your top bet! This one is all about the scorching fire, flickering flames, and everything in between. The wood burner is solid and almost tailored for all kinds of patios. The best part, all you will basically need is an obsolete gas container or any other bottle to do the job. Simply follow the guidelines and bam! You’re left with one of the prettiest wood burners ever! So, if you are unafraid to show off some quirkiness, this wood burner is a must-have!

2. Get The Rocket

This is yet another excellent way to use wood in your everyday cooking. These stoves work extremely well, and their defining goal is to get the wood super warm and scorching. All that you need to do is get the fire insulated and then start directing the heat to the appropriate point. Well, that, and you’re done!

3. Barrel Wood Stove

This is yet another ingenious way to transform a regular barrel into a fully functional wooden stove. The key takeaway? It’s super simple and equally affordable to start and complete this project. Your two major pieces of equipment would be a barrel, some quality barbecue paint, and a proper stove kit. Barrel plate kits and grates (preferably made of cast iron) are optional.

4. Pot Belly Wooden Stove

If you’re looking to stay warm and cozy during the chilly winter months, this is one wood stove that won’t disappoint you. Involving simple stuff like butane tanks, mesh, cement, etc. to build this stove is no hassle at all! The best part, unlike some DIY wood stoves, this one doesn’t look ghastly. On the contrary, it’s compact and sleek.

5. Basic Wood Stove

As evident from the name itself, the Basic Wood Stove works best for anyone who’s looking for a no-frill wood stove. This stove is made of steel and it requires only basic materials. The welding work is minimal and thanks to the guidelines provided in this tutorial, setting up your stove is easier than you thought!

6. Backpacker’s Wooden Stove

Backpackers are probably the most in need of a quality wooden stove. However, since most stoves tend to be heavy, carrying them outdoors is a task. But we have a solution! Yes, you can now build a portable backpacker’s DIY wood stove with just a couple of tin cans, can openers, and knives. Check out this tutorial to learn more.

7. Thermal Stoves

Made from a thermal mass rocket, these stoves are an excellent option for a budding DIY wood stove building enthusiast. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge and the task is simpler than you’d think. The thermal mass-powered design ensures that heat is released extensively and the product is extremely cheap to come up with.

8. Water Heater Wood Stove

If you have old junk at home, fret not! That is because you can easily double them up as a DIY wooden stove. These stoves are inexpensive and in this specific tutorial, you learn to build them for under $50. The best part, you can keep it anywhere including your outbuilding, patio, garage, etc.

9. In-Built DIY Stove

This is an excellent way to add the right kind of warmth and coziness to your abode. Perfect for Christmas and the entire holidays, this stove is both functional and beautiful. Check out this tutorial to learn more about building it from simple stuff lying around at home.

10. DIY Small Stove

Portable and compact stoves are a great alternative for people struggling with space. All you will practically need is a small propane cylinder to start the project. Note that before using the cylinder, it is crucial to snip out the valve. The overall project will cost you less than $20 and it’s super simple to set it up.

11. DIY Wood Stove in Mobile Home

Suited for their mobile or any modern home, this stove is classy and sophisticated. This design does take some time to build, as there are more than one video but, if you’ve got a small indoor space you need to heat, then is might be worth the time. The stove isn’t too bulky and looks quite chic too.

12. Steel Barrel Wood Stove

As you can probably guess, these stoves are made by simply removing the head of a steel barrel. Even though it does need some moderate welding and technical tasks, the instructions are quite clear. However, given the amount of equipment needed we still recommend this stove to only experienced carpenters.

13. Hot Tent DIY Stove

Another excellent option for backpackers, this stove too uses a bunch of cheap stuff that is easily available at all leading hardware outlets. The whole project will cost you less than $50 and all of the required equipment is listed in the video itself. Along with step by step directions from start to completion of the wood burning stove.

14. Smoke-Free Wood Stove

Ever wanted to make a smoke-free wooden stove? Well, now you have it. Check out the attached video to learn how to make this simple stove with no smoke. This one may take a few more materials and time to complete but, the construction is a rather simple design anyone can duplicate.

15. Mini Wood Stove

Perfect for tiny tents or small spaces that don’t need too much heat. They are also extremely easy to build. If you’re wondering, the stove produces imminent heat by warming up tealights. This is a great tutorial that walks you through each step of the process with word and visual instructions that are easy to follow along with.

16. Pyramid DIY Wood Stove

If you’re an outdoor person, you would love this DIY wooden stove. With that said, you will need to be an expert at metalwork to complete this project. Typically, it will take you one day to get this done.

17. Piglet Wood Stove

Just like the minion stove, this is yet another cute stove that can be built in a jiffy. You will need a couple of metalworking tools and an old metal gas container to complete this project.

18. Wood Stove for Your Garden

If you want to build a stove for your patio, this one might be the one to start with. This stove features a chimney crafted from sand and cement. It also uses a large bucket (at least five gallons) as well as, another bucket to create the mold. The design is sturdy and well constructed however, this design takes multiple steps and time for setting since you’re working with concrete. Although, if you spend the time constructing your DIY wood stove it’ll be worth it! Plus, these materials are relatively inexpensive yet, very durable.

19. BBQ DIY Wood Stove

Portable and nifty, you can build this BBQ DIY stove from high-quality metal. Thanks to the metal alone, it will effectively bear the intense flames exuded from burning wood. Also, with this design it’ll create hot heat quickly for cooking. You’ll be able to heat 1 liter of cold water to a boil in approximately 2.5 minutes. Another benefit of this design is that it’s on the small end so it heats up quickly and if you don’t continually feed the fire it will not burn for hours at a time, just long enough to cook with, The device is efficient, and it is also quite simple to build.

20. Halloween Wood Stove

If you’re a little too fond of the holiday season, this DIY wood stove is the way to go. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also involves minimal materials. With that said, it does take you some time, and you need to be patient while following the instructions.

21. Space Shuttle Stove

This is another great stove with rocket styled design and solid wood scorching capacities. It uses vibrant colors and is fairly easy to build as long as you’re familiar with working with metal and have the correct tools. This design is simple and there are visual and written directions so, this may be a good beginner design for meatal working.

22. Frontier Stove

You can make this stove right from a gas bottle and given its size and portability, it would make an excellent accessory when you go hiking or camping. While the instructions are simple, please follow all safety guidelines while crafting this stove. This design is more of an advanced metal working design but, the design does include detailed description of each step, with a visual. As well as, a material list and tools required.

23. Darth Vader Stove

Styled after the iconic Darth Vader, this stove can be built from an empty bottle. You would also need some old iron and paint to deck it up. Please note, converting LPG cylinders are dangerous and could result in legal action too. You can buy an empty LPG cylinder that has not been filled with LPG. This design will require more artistic ability then others but, the end result is stunning!

25 DIY Wood Stove Ideas in 2022

24. The Rocket Mass Heater

Rocket mass heaters are extremely efficient and can easily heat an entire room with just a few pieces of wood. The best part about these stoves is that they are very easy to build. All you need is a metal can, some insulation, and a few other materials that can be easily found at your local hardware store.

25. The Masonry Stove

Masonry stoves are slightly more complex to build than rocket mass heaters, but they are still relatively easy to do. These stoves work by using bricks or stone to create an enclosed space. The heat from the fire radiates through the walls of the stove and into the room. Masonry stoves are highly efficient and can easily heat an entire home with just a few pieces of wood.

It’s A Wrap!

Having an idea about how to make a cheap wood stove of your own saves you some money. With that being said, I hope you put this into use as it might be helpful in the future, whether it is for business or yourself. For more stove articles, read on how to make a wood stove look new. Again, I hope that this article has helped you.