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Have you ever wondered how much space a side-by-side fridge takes up? Different brands and models offer a wide range of sizes. Some additional characteristics may cause a change in the measurements. But the typical breadth is between 30 and 36 inches. When looking to buy or sell a refrigerator, it is important to pay close attention to its measurements.

If not, they might not be able to fit in your kitchen. If it’s too tiny, you may not be able to store as much meat and produce. So it turns out that dimension does make a difference. This fridge is exceptional in comparison to others on the market. Then we’ll display them for your inspection. Hold tight for further developments!

Advantages Of A Side-By-Side Fridge

There has been a rise in demand for this refrigerator model in recent years. It’s like having two fridges side by side! Meat and other perishables take up a lot of space in the fridge, but you can store a lot of your grocery haul there. This is the refrigerator for you if you love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If you are curious about the pros and cons of having two refrigerators in a side-by-side configuration, you should keep reading. All right, here comes the fun stuff:

Combined vs side-by-side fridge freezers: how to choose | Candy

Advantage #1. Capacity

Due to its spacious interior, you may store enough food there to last for several weeks, rather than just a couple of days. With all the storage options including shelves, side baskets, and the back, you’ll have no trouble keeping enough food for your household. You don’t have to go grocery shopping as frequently if you already have so many things at home. In addition, this refrigerator is indispensable if you run a food business of any kind.

Simultaneously, both the raw ingredients and the final product can be stored in the fridge. One way to show this is by opening a bakery or cake shop.

Advantage #2. Organization

In the same way that a standard refrigerator has a cooling section and a freezing section, a side-by-side model has as well. As opposed to standard refrigerators, this one has the freezer on one side and the fridge on the other. Freezers in standard refrigerators, on the other hand, can be found either at the very top or the very bottom of the appliance. This is a far better alternative than traditional refrigerators for keeping your food organized.

Both sets of shelves are identical in size, giving you plenty of room to divide and conquer your product assortment. Any perishables stashed in the back are easily accessible and won’t spoil. It’s like having a mental refrigerator, where you may arrange your food whatever you choose in different mental compartments.

Advantage #3. Easy access

The vertically partitioned refrigerator ensures that everyone in the household always has easy access to their preferred foods. Put baby food, like Jell-O and chocolate milk, in the lower part of the fridge. The ice cream might also be placed in the lower part of the freezer for ease of access. This particular fridge type proves its adaptability to users of varying heights and weights.

Advantage #4. Water and ice dispensers

The widened access points are a welcome improvement that will be greatly appreciated by the target audience. The water and ice dispensers on side-by-side refrigerators are located on one door. It’s convenient to have this choice so that you don’t have to go to the refrigerator to fill up your water bottle from a pitcher.

Advantage #5. Less door swing space

A side-by-side refrigerator’s width can be divided in half. There is a 50% reduction in the width of each door in the fridge. However, some folks have only one door in their house.

Disadvantages Of A Side-By-Side Fridge

Disadvantage #1. Sufficient clean water supply

The width of a side-by-side fridge is divisible. Every refrigerator door is narrower by a factor of 50 percent. However, some people have only one door in their houses.

Disadvantage #2. Frequent maintenance

Just as with any other home item, keeping your fridge clean and well maintained is essential. Molds thrive in humid regions of your fridge and can spread to your food, making it unsafe to eat. Maintaining a clean refrigerator is essential for safe food storage. Even though it has water and ice dispensers, this feature is exclusive to this fridge. Cleaning and disinfecting the water tunnel on a regular basis is already a pain, and this feature only makes it worse. Size has a direct correlation with the amount of time and effort required to clean a certain space.

Disadvantage #3. Price

Is the size of your fridge making you wonder how much it would cost to have it professionally installed? This is not the ideal choice if you are trying to save money. It appears that you have been upgraded to the VIP level of food storage. Prices can start at $950 and go up to $2400, depending on the specific model.

The common side by side fridge size

The Best Side-by-Side Refrigerators in 2022

Best Overall: Samsung RS27T5561SR 26.7-Cubic-Foot Family Hub Side by Side Smart Refrigerator

This refrigerator has a capacity of 17.2 cubic feet in the refrigerator and 9.5 cubic feet in the freezer.

Best Budget: Amana ASI2575GR 24.6-Cubic-Foot Side by Side Refrigerator

When it comes to style and technology, there are refrigerators on the market that surpass the wildest dreams of their consumers. If you’d like a refrigerator that’s a little easier on the eyes and has a lot of convenient features, the Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator is a fantastic choice.

This refrigerator has a number of useful features, including a black and stainless steel exterior that is resistant to fingerprints, LED lighting throughout, and an adjustable temperature setting. The refrigerator has a top shelf that can be moved to accommodate different foods. To make the most of the available space in the freezer, an ice maker is also incorporated.

The features that elevate this refrigerator to the level of ultra-comfortability set it apart from the competition. With a capacity of 26.7 cubic feet, this top-of-the-line refrigerator is connected with Bixby through its Family Hub, so you can keep track of your daily routines and even meals. Spotify music may also be streamed, and a function will remind you when certain foods will spoil if you don’t eat them soon enough. Shoppers can also peek inside their own refrigerators. The elegant look of this fridge conceals a lot of functionality.

Best Budget: Amana ASI2575GR 24.6-Cubic-Foot Side by Side Refrigerator

This refrigerator stands out from the crowd because of its ultra-convenient features. This top-of-the-line fridge has a 26.7-cubic-foot capacity and is linked to Bixby through its Family Hub, so you can keep track of your daily routines and even your meals. Spotify music can also be streamed, and a spoilage reminder can be set for perishable items in the fridge. Consumers have the option of taking a look inside their own fridges. This stylish refrigerator has many useful features that are not immediately apparent.

This Whirlpool refrigerator has LED illumination and an easy-to-scoop ice maker built right into the door. An odor-eliminating filter (even more effective than baking soda), gallon door bins that can be adjusted, and frameless glass shelves allow even more space organization possibilities.

Best Counter-Depth: KitchenAid KRSC703HPS 22.6-Cubic-Foot Side by Side Refrigerator

It has a capacity of 13.6 cubic feet in the fridge and 9 cubic feet in the freezer and measures 29.5 x 35.75 x 71.4 inches.

Some homes need a counter-depth refrigerator since life without a good fridge is too inconvenient. This KitchenAid side-by-side fridge comes in two stainless steel finishes, normal and fingerprint-resistant black stainless steel, and has a counter-depth design.

The Preserva Food Care System has a 22.6 cubic foot capacity and features two separate cooling systems, an air filter, and a produce preserver. This fridge has sufficient capacity for storing food, with two fully enclosed drawers in the freezer and three regular drawers in the fridge, plus a small wine rack.

In addition to the expected features such as LED lighting and a water filtration system, this model also includes an electronic display that can be set to automatically dispense water in predetermined amounts of ounces, cups, or liters. An indoor ice system can be added to increase storage space in a freezer.

Best Large Capacity: Whirlpool WRS588FIHZ 28 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator

Dimensions (height x breadth x capacity): 68.9 x 34.9 x 10.9 in (fridge) x 10.9 x 10.6 (freezer) inches

This Whirlpool 28-cubic-foot fridge should be large enough for your family if our best-in-class 26.7-cubic-foot fridge isn’t. Despite its massive size, the device doesn’t scrimp on other features. The state-of-the-art equipment in the fridge can keep food at the right temperature, and an air filter can keep it smelling fresh. Even if you don’t use the two humidity-controlled crispers, the bananas won’t all go into the depths of your fridge thanks to the LED lights.

What to Look for When Buying a Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Exterior Size

If you find that our top-of-the-line 26.7-cubic-foot refrigerator is too small for your needs, this Whirlpool model should be just right. This smartphone doesn’t skimp on functionality because of its huge form factor. The state-of-the-art technology in the fridge can keep food at the right temperature, and an air filter keeps it smelling fresh. If you don’t use the two humidity-controlled crispers, the LED lighting will prevent you from losing a bunch of bananas to the back of the fridge.


The size of the space within your fridge is crucial. A refrigerator that is too small might make it difficult to keep food, while a refrigerator that is too large can increase monthly electricity bills. Most of the items on our list have around the same total storage capacity, however there is a wide range of difference amongst the various compartments. If your kitchen is spacious, a larger fridge or freezer may be a good investment.


Keep in mind that many modern refrigerator models provide a wide range of convenient amenities, so it’s important to carefully assess your needs before making a purchase. Purified water and ice dispensers with precise temperature regulation are becoming increasingly commonplace in modern households. In addition to these necessities, you should think about adding features like smart displays, adjustable shelves, door-in-door compartments, and storage drawers.

SRS673DMB 635L Side by Side Refrigerator | Samsung Australia


Do side-by-side fridges have less room?

To your surprise, the answer is probably not! Katy Gespass, an appliance buyer for P.C. Richard & Son and an expert in refrigerators, says that side-by-sides have greater interior space than other models. You can better arrange your frozen foods on the shelves if there are more of them, and these shelves can go up and down.

How should you organize the freezer in a side-by-side refrigerator?

Gespass suggests keeping “short-term, everyday commodities” on the top shelf and “long-term frozen things” on the bottom. Also, remember that the door of the fridge or freezer is the warmest part of the appliance, so food stored there may be more prone to freezer burn. Therefore, these spaces are ideal for putting away items that will be needed quickly. Labeling and storing products in containers that are like one another is preferred. When hosting a date, it’s best to put the long-distance products or dishes in the back of the room to keep them at a consistent temperature.

Wrapping Up

The question, “how wide is a side-by-side refrigerator?” has been answered. As with any appliance, there are pros and cons to the side-by-side fridge’s footprint. Bear all of this in mind as you deliberate. To find the perfect fridge for your home, we wish you the best of luck. For more details about the width of a pickup truck bed, please see this page. Thanks for coming today; I’ve enjoyed our time together.