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If your fridge is non-magnetic, you’ll need to come up with creative ways to place reminders for the day if you want to keep track of them. Now that you’ve seen the options and made a decision about which one to use, we’ll continue to provide you with useful information and advice on the subject.

You may not know what to do, but here are some suggestions. However, the stainless steel that is utilized in the construction of refrigerators has a negative, and that is due to the materials. Because of the nickel component in the steel, it is frequently touched and does not hold magnets.

If you’re going to buy one of these fridges, do it with caution. If ever that happens to you, then we have here an article readied for you that may help in the situation you are in.

Regardless, keep reading to learn more about what we’re talking about today’s subject. You’ll get a better idea of what’s going on.

Ways To Hang Things On Non-Magnetic Fridge

If you buy a fridge without doing your research, you’ll be disappointed and you’ll have to return it. These methods for hanging items on a non-magnetic fridge are necessary, especially if you possess a stainless steel refrigerator:

How to Hang Things on a Non-Magnetic Fridge | Sears Hometown Stores

Method #1. Using hanging accessories that have suction cups

If you’ve given up on sticking or hanging things on your fridge because you don’t know how, try this. When you search for cures on the internet, this is likely to be the first thing that comes up.

Why? One way suction cups (sometimes called suckers) hold onto whatever they’re attached to is by drawing in air pressure. Since the force exerted is what makes their binding stronger, they can hold light to medium-sized objects. They’re easy to find at your local hardware shop, and they’re inexpensive.

As a result, the very first step you should take is to go out and buy the supplies you’ll need. Purchase a suction-cup hanger or a suction-cup magnetic board if you see one if you’re in the mood to do so.

Make sure the surfaces where you’ll be putting the objects are clean before you do so. As a result, the suction will get stronger. You can then apply the most pressure you can bear to the spot until it becomes impossible to remove. Then it will hold and last for a long time. Whenever feasible, switch them out when they lose their stickiness.

Method #2. Using magnetic paint

We’re aware that not everyone knows this. Magnetic paint is, in fact, a thing. Despite the fact that they appear to be conventional paint, the insides contain particles of iron dust that will interact with things in the future.

They can be purchased at your local hardware shop, but it’s rare to come across one because they can cost significantly more than conventional paints. If you do chance to come upon one, congrats! If you can’t find any, try searching for them online. You may come across one.

They are applied in the same manner as any other paint. To dry it, brush it in one direction, then wait a few minutes. After that, you can experiment by sticking on various objects to check if the paint adheres to them well. It’s always possible to add another coat if you don’t like how it’s adhering to the surface.

Method #3. Double-sided tape method

If you’re in a rush to put some food in your fridge, this method will always work. Because it’s so simple, you should be able to use it anytime you need it. Now that we know how to do it, let’s go on to the next step.

Helps a lot, even though it’s just a piece of tape. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything when you had this at home.

However, it can only bear a certain amount of weight. Make sure the weight of the objects you stick is appropriate.

Peel the tape’s cover off and cut it to the appropriate length. Afterwards, stick your object on the opposite side of the film and make sure you’ve placed the other side just next to the thing you intend to hang. Refrigeration and flattening will help the mixture stick better after it has been assembled.

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How to Hang Pictures on a Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Removable Hooks

There are a variety of adhesive hooks that can be used to connect to slick surfaces and then be removed without leaving any trace. Using the provided double-sided tape, attach the hook to the refrigerator. If you want to hang a photograph, you can punch holes in the picture and then add paper grommets, or you can use lightweight frames or plastic protector pockets and hang them from the holes.

Suction Cups

All over the fridge, suction cups can be moved without leaving any marks. To hang photographs and artwork, look for those with a small metal hook attached. Place the suction cups on a clean stainless steel surface to ensure a secure hold.

Mounting Putty

Museums, art galleries, and stores frequently utilize sticky mounting putty to keep artwork in place without destroying the picture or the surface of the refrigerator. Make four balls of clay the size of a pea by kneading each piece into a spherical shape. Put one on each corner of the image and push it against the refrigerator door to secure it in place.

Magnetic Board

Attach a small magnetic board or framed piece of sheet metal to the front of the refrigerator using suction cups or removable hooks. A magnetic surface is ideal for securing artwork and photographs. A magnetic board can be made out of any flat metallic object that can be magnetized.

Removable Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape, like the kind used to affix removable sticky hooks, can be used to adhere images to the fridge. A paper picture or design may be damaged if it is ripped away from the stainless steel.

Extra Protection

Picture frames, magnetic boards, and other items that could scratch the stainless steel finish should have felt or felt dots attached to the backs to avoid scratching. Even if the items are hung on the refrigerator’s side, keep in mind that they will sway and move when the door is opened and closed.


How can I make my refrigerator door magnetic?

Purchase a suction-cup-mounted magnetic board to place on the front of your fridge. Magnetic surfaces can be made to hold reminders, messages or schoolwork and artwork for children. Double-sided tape is used to secure some magnetic boards.

Can you put command strips on a fridge?

Rated 5 out of 5 by IRDS from Excellent Adhesive For Your Fridge These stainless fridge hooks are the best thing since sliced bread. They don’t scratch and they don’t move around much. On our fridge, we have a plethora of notes and photos.

Is a mini fridge magnetic?

Yes! My mini-front fridge’s and sides are both magnetic.

How do you hang a calendar in a kitchen?

The north, north-east, east, and west walls of the house are the best places to place a calendar. They should never be hung in the south, where they could do harm to family members’ health or bring them ill luck.

What is the proper way to hang a calendar?

Press the tack firmly into the flat surface with one hand while keeping the calendar in place with the other. A nail will work just fine, but you should only hammer it in about half way, so that it sticks out about half an inch from the wall.

How can I hang a calendar on the wall without damaging it?

  • Use hooks and a special glue on them.
  • This beautiful ribbon is one of a kind.
  • You can display your artwork with the help of clothespins.
  • To hang your prized possessions, a little putty goes a long way.
  • Use a hooked monitor instead.
  • Stickers can be used to decorate.
  • Make use of paint that is magnetic.
  • Mr. CEO. / Managing Director.

Do suction cups work on fridges?

You know those suction caddies you place to the shower wall to keep your shampoo and soap organized? In the fridge, they’re just as effective (which I definitely use more frequently than my shower, just saying). Everything that doesn’t have a place in your house can be stored in one of them.

Do fridge magnets stick to stainless steel?

Refrigerators: Stainless steel refrigerators from 2017 and newer can be magnetized. Our recommendation is to test older models or models not listed here with a magnet while you’re out shopping. Except for the Cafe model, all bottom freezer and French door refrigerators can be equipped with a magnet.

Can you hang magnets on stainless steel?

Do I think so? Some stainless-steel surfaces can be magnetized by the magnets. A lower nickel concentration in the steel is more likely to cause magnets to cling to it. Although steel is magnetic, no magnet will adhere to it, as nickel is an exception.

How do you keep a magnet from sliding?

A simple technique to increase the gripping power of your magnets is to use traction pads. On most surfaces, they have excellent friction properties thanks to the black silicon they are constructed of. Using a strong 3M adhesive backing, traction pads are affixed to magnetic surfaces.

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It’s A Wrap!

When it comes to non-magnetic fridges, you now know how to hang things. To avoid later regret, it’s critical to know exactly what you’re purchasing up front. But first, let us congratulate you on finding and reading this article all the way through. As a result, you have the option of learning on your own or hiring a professional to assist you.

If your fridge is magnetic, you might want to check out this tutorial on how to make photo fridge magnets.