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Interested in learning more about Samsung fridge filter replacement? We’ll lead you through the process of how to complete this task, which isn’t that difficult. After reading this article, you’ll understand why changing the filter on your air conditioner on a six-monthly basis is so important.

There are ice and water dispensers in most Samsung refrigerators. To ensure that the water is safe to consume, water filters play an important role. Filtration removes all traces of dirt and debris.

These filters, however, have a limited lifespan due to the fact that dirt can block them. Changing the filters on a regular basis is necessary to keep the water flowing efficiently. Get down to business and begin our chat.

Do I Really Need to Change the Water Filter in my Samsung Fridge?

There is no universal recommendation for how often to replace a refrigerator filter; but, based on our experience and other manufacturers’ recommendations, we suggest swapping out your fridge filter every six months. In order to ensure that your water is constantly pure and that your fridge filter is working at its optimum, you should change the filter twice a year. Mechanical problems can occur if the filter is not changed frequently enough. The refrigerator water filter will begin to leak chemicals, sediment, and germs into your drinking water as soon as it reaches its maximum capacity.

How to replace the water filter of your Samsung refrigerator | Samsung Canada

Identifying your Samsung refrigerator model type is the first step to obtaining the right water filter for your appliance. In order to get the proper replacement for your Samsung refrigerator water filter, know your current model number. Find out where your water filter is located before you can install a new one.

You can simply identify the type of Samsung filter you have by watching the video below. After a few minutes, you’ll have all the information you need to start looking for a suitable replacement.

How Often Should You Change the Water Filter in Your Samsung Refrigerator?

Individuals who consume less than 10 liters of water each day should follow the six-month suggestion. More filtered water that tastes like tap water will be produced if the water filter’s capacity is exceeded. In spite of the fact that it might not pose a health risk, there are a number of pollutants and particles that you should avoid drinking.

The water filter indicator light on your Samsung refrigerator will turn red when it needs to be replaced. To help you keep track of how old your Samsung water filter is and when it needs to be replaced, each filter has a month label attached to the cartridge. To ensure you don’t forget to change the filter, we recommend setting a reminder for six months. The refrigerator filter light can automatically reset for another six months if the fridge loses power for any reason. Whenever you place an order with us, you’ll be given the option of signing up for a reminder that will send you an email when it is time to replace your refrigerator filters. It’s time to update your Samsung water filter if the indication light on your device has turned red.

When compared to other types of filtration technology, refrigerator water filters have a short lifespan. Everyday use is fine, but refrigerator filters need to be replaced frequently to keep your water supply clean and fresh. If you detect a chlorine taste or a peculiar smell in your water, you probably have an old Samsung water filter that is no longer able to efficiently remove particles and chemicals from the water.

The Dreaded Dead Water Filter

Your Samsung refrigerator’s exquisite face is marred by the dreadful “dead filter” indication. You don’t have to worry about it; it won’t do any harm to the fridge. However, who knows what might be lurking in that clumsy filter?

Because it’s like a chipped tooth, you can’t just walk away from the problem. In my case, I was a little apprehensive about the process of changing my filter. Do not be alarmed. I’ll walk you through it.

These instructions are specific to the Samsung RS265TDRS. So, if you have a different model, the specifics may be slightly different for you. There are a few things that are universally true, such as initially turning off the water supply to the device.

How to Replace a Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

  1. Make sure you have a spare filter on hand at all times.
  2. You’ll most likely find the water shutoff valve under your kitchen sink.
  3. The filter compartment can be found in the door’s inside, at the lower right corner.
  4. If removing the veggie bin is required, do so.
  5. The ridge on the outside of the filter can be used to remove the old one. If it’s not vertical or locked, it’s not right.
  6. Pull out one-quarter turn counter-clockwise.
  7. To secure the new filter, insert it into the slot and clockwise rotate it one quarter of a turn.
  8. Allow at least 30 seconds of water flow before turning it off to ensure that all contaminants have been removed.
  9. Hold the water selector switch down for three seconds to reset the filter light.

Replace the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator

Have a Replacement Filter Handy

The first step is to get a new filter. Your local home improvement store may be the best place to look. However, you won’t get the best offer there.” The replacements may take a few days if you follow my advice, but I saved approximately 40% by ordering online. Although I believe that the best pricing can be found on niche websites, Amazon.com was straightforward to use and nearly as affordable. I was able to save more money by purchasing a three-pack.

The part number is essential. Filter DA29-00020B is required for the RS265TDRS refrigerator model.

With the door open, you’re staring at the bottom of the right-hand section of the unit. By now, you should be staring at a filter that is facing downwards to your lower right, its veggie bin removed. The object is kept in there.

Shut Off the Water Source to Your Refrigerator

Ensure the water supply is turned off. In the shot above, the blobby, hazy thing in the centre is a shut-off valve. Look for the one that belongs to you. A lot of people like to put things like this under their kitchen sinks. However, keep an eye out for possible suspects, switch them off, and see if the water dispenser is still working. Otherwise, you are ready to go.

In the worst-case scenario, you have the option of turning off the water at the meter. This is simple, however it may necessitate the use of a certain tool.

Locate the Filter

A filter may be removed in a jiffy, as the kids put it. Take hold of the ridge on the outside of the object. The ‘locked’ position is vertical, therefore it should be there. Pull it out after giving it a quarter-turn the other way (so that the top goes to the left).

Using hard water may cause the filter to be difficult to spin or remove, according to the instruction manual. The advised cure is to increase the amount of force you use. Really! To reinstall the new filter, simply reverse the order of the old one.

Run the Water Before Use

There’s only one significant step left after you’ve installed the new filter (and replaced the vegetable bin). Run the water dispenser for at least 30 seconds to flush out any air or contaminants that may have gotten into the system. When I first started using the dispenser, I was sprayed with water because there was a lot of air in there. Instead of the dinner guest, how about you?

What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter?

Customers may wonder if they need to change their water filters as frequently as manufacturers recommend. We’ve heard this before. When you first look at the price, a refrigerator filter may seem out of reach, especially if you’re on a strict budget. There is no expiration date on a refrigerator filter, so buying in bulk from Discount Fridge Filters will save you money on Samsung water filters. There’s a chance you won’t even miss your Samsung refrigerator’s built-in filter if your tap water is good enough to drink. If you don’t maintain and replace your fridge water filter on a regular basis, you’re putting yourself and your family at risk of exposure to a wide range of nasty substances that can have a negative affect on your water supply and possibly put your health at risk.

To ensure that you get the purest drinking water possible, all refrigerator filters are constructed. Chlorine, heavy metals, and other chemicals can be reduced in your water supply and water dispenser with Samsung filters since they use a high-grade carbon block.

The water from your refrigerator’s water dispenser and ice maker will be more densely packed with particles due to mineral buildup or scaling when your fridge filters are dirty or clogged. If you don’t change your Samsung refrigerator’s water filters regularly, you risk producing water with a bad taste, smell, or odor, as well as a slower flow rate. Water supply lines and ice makers can also become clogged with scale and buildup if you don’t change your refrigerator water filter regularly. You can avoid pricey repair bills by replacing the filter on a regular basis and disposing of your old filter.

What Type of Samsung Refrigerator Filter Do I Need?

There are a wide variety of Samsung refrigerator filters on the market, including authentic and non-genuine Samsung refrigerator filters. You can get them directly from the manufacturer, but doing so will cost you. As a cost-cutting measure, you can save money by choosing a refrigerator water filter that is compatible with your refrigerator but may not be of the same brand.

The correct filter replacement or alternative can be suggested after the model number is known. As long as your fridge model is compatible with the filter, you have a wide variety of possibilities.

Samsung 6-Month Push-In Refrigerator Water Filter in the Refrigerator Water Filters department at Lowes.com

The only way to ensure that your drinking water is filtered and treated the way it should be and to assure contaminant reduction is to follow Samsung refrigerator models requirements for water filter installation when you change your water filter. We’re here to help if you’re overwhelmed by the possibilities or don’t know where to begin.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our tutorial on how to replace the Samsung fridge filter. Replace your water filter at least twice a year to ensure that you are getting the best water possible. In order to keep your refrigerator’s dispenser working properly, it is necessary to replace the water filter on a regular basis. How to clean the Frigidaire air conditioner filter might be of interest to you. Thank you for taking the time to read this!